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NowConfer Enterprise 2.0.1
NowConfer brings simplicity to enterpriseconferencing and collaboration, thereby dramatically increasing thevelocity of communication - reducing time to market and increasingproductivity.NowConfer is the next-generation enterprise solution designedfor Mobility, enabling enterprise teams to connect internally andexternally using any smart, connected device for theircollaboration & conferencing needs.NowConfer is also designed for Flexibility, which enables usersto connect from any available network, from any location worldwide-be it data or voice, to organize or participate in conferencecallsFEATURESHYBRID CALLINGRemoving the hurdles from the way of your communication. Thisexclusive feature allows anyone to connect to the conference viaboth voice and data channel.VIDEO CALLINGAllows you to perform 1-1 video call without the need of anyexpensive hardware or software.PLATFORM FLEXIBILITYGet empowered to instantly connect and collaborate from anywhere,at any time, from any device. Experience the hassle freeawesomeness today!DIAL OUTBring serendipity to your meetings. How? Schedule a ConferenceCall, and the platform automatically dials out to all participantsand brings them onto the Conference.MISSED CALLMaximize the participation and make your conference moreproductive. Any participant, who gets dropped in mid of the callcan give a missed call and the platform will dial them back.CALL MENowConfer will astound you with the engagement and interaction youget! You can now be looped back to a call anytime you get dropped,by a single click. Enjoy the brilliance!DIRECTORYNowConfer makes it simpler for you to create, access, manage andcustomize the contacts by adding participants and so on, to get theentire company directory available at one place.RECURRING CONFERENCESNowConfer is here to take away those extra tasks from you which arerepetitive and consumes your valuable time. With NowConfer, youhave the option of accessing a recurring conference.CALENDAR SYNCNo need to set alarms to remind you for a meeting. Streamline yourworkflow and organize all your tasks and day’s schedule withNowConfer. All your Conferences are synced to your Email.
NowConfer - Conference Calls 4.1
NowConfer - Optimize your conferencing experience with NowConferintegrations NowConfer is enterprise ready. Easily integrate withall your most commonly used enterprise systems like CRM,Collaboration suite, Corporate Intranet, Project management toolsetc. It offers Ubiquitous access across a wide variety of devices(Mobile, Laptop, Desktop) seamlessly. NowConfer Enterprise alsocomes with sophisticated admin, audit, integration, and securityfeatures. 1. LDAP integration: Easily integrate your LDAP or othercorporate directory so that employees can locate each other easily.2. Bulk Import of Enterprise Users: Import all your Enterprisecontact details into NowConfer using the automated Bulk importfeature. 3. Enterprise Directory: Now schedule conference callswith Users from your Enterprises with one click. The wholeEnterprise Directory is available to you for easy scheduling 4.Outlook Integration: The Outlook and NowConfer integration providesan ability to sync your audio conferences with your Outlookcalendar. 5. Google Calendar integration: The Google calendar andNowConfer integration provides an ability to sync your audioconferences with your Google calendar. 6. Dropbox Integration: TheDropbox and NowConfer integration allows you to store your audiorecordings onto Dropbox. Store forever. Store your audio recordingsonto your Dropbox account for perennial access from anywhere. 7.Google Drive Integration: The Google Drive and NowConferintegration allows you to store your audio recordings onto GoogleDrive. Store forever. Store your audio recordings onto your GoogleDrive account for perennial access from anywhere. 8. One Driveintegration: The One Drive and NowConfer integration allows you tostore your audio recordings onto One Drive. Store forever. Storeyour audio recordings onto your One Drive account for perennialaccess from anywhere. 9. Business vs Personal Calls: Allow youremployees the freedom to make personal calls using the sameplatform where they pay for it while allowing them the ability tomake business calls paid for by the company. 10. Enterprise wallet:Maintain a wallet at the enterprise level. This allows youremployees to make calls and charge it to the enterprise wallet.Have full control of who can use this capability with completeaccess to call records (including participant details). 11. HideBalance: Hide the balance of the corporate wallet from youremployees. 12. Usage tracking and reporting: Get detailed reportson usage of the system and associated invoicing for better control.13. Admin Module: Manage all aspects of your wallet, users andaccess rights through an intuitive admin module.