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Busuioc 1.0.3
Gata cu vizitele repetate la biserică şi mirosul apăsător detămâie! Prin simpla agitare, Busuioc Automat 3000 emană particulede har concentrat care nu omoară dracii, dar îi deranjează, iaraceştia îţi vor părăsi locuinţa, maşina, barca sau elicopterulaproape instantaneu. Pe măsură ce alungii dracii sfinţind persoanesau obiecte, poţi creşte în rang! Aplicaţia noastră vine astfel înajutorul celor care iau în calcul o carieră de exorcist full-time.Atenţie: Busuioc Automat 3000 este realizat de cercetătoriindependenţi şi nu este afiliat niciunui cult religios real saufictiv. Nu este recomandat persoanelor alergice la busuioc. Poatealunga sau nu dracii în funcţie de câtă încredere ai în capacitatealui de a alunga dracii. Producătorii nu sunt responsabili pentrueventualele păcate rezultate din utilizarea Busuiocului Automat3000. Concept:
Transport Urban 3.5.1
Available cities and transit agencies: Alba Iulia (STP), Brasov(RATBv), Bucharest (RATB & Metrorex), Cluj-Napoca (CTP),Constanta (RATC), Craiova (RAT), Iasi (RATP), Oradea (OTL),Ploiesti (TCE), Sibiu (TurSib), Timisoara (RATT) Whether you are astudent, a tourist or a local, Transport Urban is the perfectjourney planner kit: map, stops, routes, directions and everythingelse you might need, all wrapped up in a smooth interface. Planyour routes in seconds, share them with your friends or save themfor later viewing, buy tickets & subscriptions*. Features: -clean and easy to use interface; - map with bus / tram / subwaystations; - easy to understand, step-by-step directions; -estimated distances, times and journey costs; - visual feedback:view / explore your route on the map; - search: streets &relevant points of interest; - gps: set your current location asdeparture / arrival point; - advanced planning options; - Romanian& English languages; - always up to date. * tickets and/orsubscriptions are currently available only in selected cities.PERMISSIONS Why all the extra permissions? - read / edit / receive/ send SMS - we use this permission to send, receive and displaytickets and subscriptions; see cities list for availability - otherpermissions are used for checking network connectivity, GPSlocation, caching maps and data on your SD card, push notificationsetc. Note: Internet connection required - no offline mode (yet). Toensure fast and up to date results, route calculations areperformed by our web server. Visit our full-featured web app
Citylink Romania 1.8.549
Experience a new lifestyle with Citylink, the urban mobilityplatform providing you the largest Car and Bicycle Sharing servicesbased in Bucharest and available all over Romania. The serviceallows you to choose from our 150 brand new hybrid Toyota Yaris andCorolla cars, automatic and environmental friendly, and our 350free-float urban bicycles, to use and keep them, for all the hoursor even days necessary. With the fair charging system based on bothtrip duration and trip distance, with an innovative features likeLock & Keep, allowing you to keep the transportation method foras long as you need and our fuel-included policy, you can alwayschoose Citylink either for short distance trips or long onesoutside the city. In addition, Bucharest parking is free for allCitylink cars, regardless of parking duration, in all themunicipality-run Capital car parks, while the bicycles are easy topark at any public corner or near public transportation stations.For parents using the cars for their children, every one in theCitylink fleet has, as a standard feature, a lifting car seat forchildren.