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connectappzone.electromusicdrum 1.5
Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Game Electro Music DrumPads: Real Drums Music Game is a free virtual drum kit simulatorapp that holds all types of drums required by a true drummer! Bass,snare, percussion instruments, electric pad and more! Everyprofessional drummer knows that practicing drums regularly is a wayto success.  Applications Electronic Drum Beat Pad 10 works tocreate music and songs in different styles. A unique soundtrack andsound design style is different. Electro Music Drum Pads: RealDrums Music Game interpretation will make your music sound as aproducer of popular EDM! This is a beat app for drum pads, EDMpads. Playing on the road with signs of professional studio andcollaborate with friends! Now you can record your rhythms created.Here you can make music in beat maker go where beats app in makingmusic with music pad to launch pad. Electronic Drum Beat Pad 24Applications has option allows you to discover your sound designstyle.  Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music GameFeatures:  ✔ With different types of high-quality samples. ✔Make your own music tracks, train your finger drumming skills . ✔Mix many sounds and melodies in real time. ✔ Record the music youcreated. ✔ Support share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook andGoogle+ ✔ Totally 48 pads. New Feature of Electro Music Drum Pads:Real Drums Music Game ✔ Volume control, to diversify your music. ✔Electro Drum Pads works even offline. ✔ You can adjust all soundswith different volume as you like. ✔ Fade-in & fade-outeffects, to make professional beats. ✔ Save all your beats &music with fading effects. ✔ Electro Music Drum Pads is free todownload. ✔ Support share tracks on social network. ✔ Share beats,share music, share fun! ✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Pads app forandroid. All new Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music GameMake beats and music with fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitcheffect to make your beats even better! Watch tutorials from DrumPads 24 Crew in the Video and Tutorials section! Simply make beatsand music by tapping colorful pads, even though beginners aboutmusic theory can create something sounds like a popular EDM productwith their own hands. In addition, we provide many melodies, whichmakes this drum machine full of strong play ability and endlesspossibility.  To play, simply tap your fingers on the drum.And drum sounds are played simultaneously. Choose a weight heavyvolume as needed. It sounds like real drums. Electro Music DrumPads: Real Drums Music Game music styles * Dubstep * drums * Trap *Hip Hop * Electro * Techno * Jazz * Drum * Bass * Loop * Synth *Percussion * Melodic * Lead * Vocal Electro Music Drum Pads: RealDrums Music Game is made by musicians and is aimed to help abeginner drummer learn to play drums as well as to help a mastereddrum player keep everyday practicing when he is away from his musicinstrument.  Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Gamehigh quality studio sound. This option allows you to discover yoursound design like professional studio sound. There is a number ofpopular songs that you can play along with to improve your beat.Just pick one of your favorite drum sets, choose a song and startplaying.  Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Game tohelp you design and imagination. Sound design or music. Ideal forthose who begin to design sound. It can be easy to use and allowsyou to evolve in terms of design and style of music. Download andbecome a music maker. Thank You………!!
Remote for All TV Model : Universal Remote Control 1.7
Remote for All TV Model : Universal Remote Control Remote ControlFor All TV is a free application to control your Televisionfunctions through easy functionality of this app. Remote Controlfor All TV is the best tv remote app that will help you to controlyour smart tv fast and easily. Have you ever feel frustrated whenyou want to watch your favourite tv show or sport game program onyour Smart tv but cannot find your tv remote controller?  TVRemote For All Tv is really easy to configure for your televisionand is really easy-to-use. The Tv Remote For All Tv app allows youto experience a real TV remote like experience while using the app.Our app supports most TV brands and models. Whether you have aSamsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV or any other branded TV, you can alwaysconvert your android device to a remote for your TV. Remote Controlfor All TV is a free application to control your Televisionfunctions through easy functionality of this app. Remote For AllTV, easily convert your Android phone or tablet into a universalremote for your television. It's simple and easy to set up and use,the mode of operation is exactly the same as the TV remote controlThe Remote Control works best on smart phones equipped with anInfra-Red (IR) blaster. For phones with no IR, such as SamsungGalaxy S7 and Note 5, you can use Broad link Wi-Fi-to-IR converterfor the full functionality. Using WiFi, you can control numeroussmart television and media streamers, such as, Samsung, LG,Android, Roku, Panasonic, Kodi, and Toshiba television. Thisapplication is compatible with: + Remote control for Samsung SmartTV + Remote for Dish Smart television + Remote Control for SonySmart TV + Remote control for LG Smart TV + Remote control forSharp Smart television + Remote Control for Panasonic Smarttelevision + RemoteControl for Toshiba Smart TV => Features : •Power ON / OFF Control. • AV / TV. • Mute / Un-mute. • ChannelDigits buttons. • Channel index and lists. • Volume Up Control. •Volume Down Control. • Channel Up Control. • Channel Down Control.• Menu Button with up / down and left / right Controls. • Red /Green / Blue / Yellow (Multiple purpose soft keys). AwesomeFeatures of Remote Control for Tv :  - Power On / Off control- Volume Up / Down control - Channel Up / Down control - MenuButton with Up / Down and Left / Right controls. This applicationis compatible with: • Remote control for Sony TV. • Remote controlfor TV LG. • Remote control for TV Philips. • Remote control forSamsung TV. • Remote control for TV Thomson. • Remote control forTV FUNAI. • Remote control for TV Hitachi. • Remote control for TVAiwa. • Remote control for TV hisense. • Remote control for TVPanasonic. • Remote control for Vizio TV • Remote control for TVAkai. How to Configure TV Remote Control for all - Select TV modelfrom Tv List - Select Connection type from IP, IR Port or WIFI forremote connection - Wait for a second till your connection donesuccessful with TV remote Make sure TV and device is connected tothe same network to work Universal TV Remote Control. Remotecontrol will only work if phone and TV are on same wirelessnetwork. Disclaimer: It is IR based remote controller, you shouldhave a built-in IR transmitter or external infrared to control theTV. Note: Remote Control For All TV is a prank application, justfor fun and it does not work in real. Thank you & Enjoy.. wantto fun prank with your friends than Tv remote control will bethere. remote for Dish TV exactly the same as the TV remotecontrol. Try this amazing Universal TV Remote Control for havingfun. Remote control for Hitachi TV Remote control for Philips Nowyou don't need to change batteries in remote! Your phone can beused instead of normal remote controller! Control your TV setremotely! Compatible with models like Samsung TV, LG Phillips TV orTV among many lesser known but popular television market. ThankYou……………!!
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator 1.10
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator Now you just have to speakand Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what you say.Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keys tocalculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculator willautomatically calculate what you say. Ever wanted to tell acalculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wanted tolisten to the calculation to make sure you have entered the correctcalculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that for you!  Youcan perform simple as well as complicated calculation by justspeaking. Just keep in mind that you have to speak all the equationat one time and not splitting the equation.  You can carry outlong calculations too.  Instantly enter numbers andmathematical expressions using an ergonomic on-screen keyboard andvoice input (currently supports English, Chinese, Croatian, French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese). Just press the mic button andspeak the expression (for example, 75 plus 12 times 5 = 75 + 12 × 5= 135): it will appear on screen and the result will be calculatedimmediately! Make two or more calculations simultaneously. To dothis, you can switch editing screens with a horizontal swipe alongthe top edge. You can give names to screens by tapping the screennumber. Ever wanted to tell a calculator to do a calculation withjust your voice? or wanted to listen to the calculation to makesure you have entered the correct calculation? Speak n TalkCalculator can do that for you!  Usage: To do 1+1 say: oneplus one To do 1-1 say: one minus one To do 1x1 say: one times oneTo do 1/1 say: one divided by one You can perform simple as well ascomplicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep in mind thatyou have to speak all the equation at one time and not splittingthe equation.  You can carry out long calculations too. It'svery easy to use and very quick to calculate. You can performfaster calculation then typing or pressing keys. Calculator (voice)in addition to achieving common calculator functions, but also hasa unique voice sound technology that helps speed up the calculationtime required, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation ofthe proof, without having to worry about pressing the wrongnumber.  It's very easy to use and very quick tocalculate.  You can perform faster calculation then typing orpressing keys. IF you like our app then don’t forget to rate it.Thank you & Enjoy.
Recover Deleted All Files, Video Photo and Contact 1.8
Recover Deleted All Files, Video Photo and Contacts Have you everdeleted an important photo by mistake? Now Restore and Recover YourDeleted All Files, Photos and Videos with This App Ever deletedphotos by accident? The Photo Recovery App attempts to recover alllost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. No root required.Biggest issue for use is recovering deleted data on android! Nowresolve this issue by Phone Recovery App which will recover photosof your phone if it is reset. Our unique and exclusive SmartRecover Android apps completes those impossible data recovery tasksthat other apps cannot touch -- this data recovery app quicklylocates and restores files that other recovery apps could neverfind. Recover Deleted All Files,Video Photo And Contacts: Thisapplication helps you to recover deleted Contacts, photos, andFiles from your phone storage or from external storage, and restorethem to your gallery. Today you can retrieve most of your deletedphotos in just a few minutes without the need of ROOT! PhotoRecovery application allow you to Recover your deleted photos nowwith this simple android deleted photo recovery for free! deletedphoto recovery can undelete and recover lost photos and images fromyour memory card or internal memory it so similar to disk diggerphoto recovery. This Free Photo Recovery App includes many featuressuch as difference recovery steps, advanced file browsing,recovered image recycle file uploading and transfer. No rootingnecessary, whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or evenreformatted your memory card, Data recovery app powerful datarecovery features can find your lost pictures and let you Recover Deleted All Files,Video Photo And Contacts:Contact Recoverycan restore your deleted contacts from your internal phone databaseand restore them in the original Contact thread, without any priorbackup, no PC needed. Whether you accidentally deleted a contact,or even restore your phone to the factory default settings, thisapp will help you rescue your contacts effectively FEATURES: -Restore deleted files from any type of volume - internal storage,SD card - Recover documents, pictures, music, archives, eBooks andbinaries - Scan for deleted contacts - Save restored files directlyto Dropbox and Google Drive - recovery app for deleted photo - recovery app for deleted photo from internal memory - recoveryapp for deleted video - recovery app for deleted photo and video sdcard - This application can restore all your MANUALLY deletedContacts. - Restore Contact without any prior backup. - Can Restoreone by one or all at once. - Can Search Deleted Contacts - Alsosynchronize your all contacts. Deleted Photo Recovery: - With thisPhoto & Video Restore or Photo Video Recovery you can do ImageRecovery or Photo Recovery with ease. Image Restore or PhotoRecovery has never been this easy and user friendly. Video Recoveryor Video Restore: - With this Photo & Video Restore or PhotoVideo Recovery app one can Restore Deleted Videos WITHOUT ROOT.This app allows you to take a backup of all your videos and RestoreVideo from the Backup in case you delete them. PLEASE NOTE THATONLY THE BACKED-UP VIDEOS CAN BE RESTORED!. Contact Recovery: -This Photo & Video Restore or Photo Video Recovery or ContactRecovery App helps you Restore Contacts or Recover Deleted Contactsfor Free and WITHOUT ROOT. Contact Recovery or Restore Contactshave never been this ease with the all new Contacts Recovery App.Note: This app may show some pictures even if they are not deletedyet. That’s because there is already an occurrence of this files inhidden folders scanned by this app. Just keep looking and you willfind photos you are looking for. This is not a recycle bin, it astandalone app that can recover pictures even ones that have beendeleted before the app was installed. Thank You………!!
Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller ID 1.4
Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller IDDo you like to seewhile playing a video on incoming call screen?Do you want to setdifferent videos on different contacts?Do you want to see amazingthemes on caller screen?Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: VideoCaller ID is the latest and most amazing feature that has come upon play store for those who got bored by old traditional incomingpatterns, now with Video ringtone setting incoming call is amazingto change your mood according to your selected set up video byvideo ringtone maker which is according to user's choice.Now youcan place a video as an incoming caller id instead of simple callscreen / caller tones. You can place your own videos as incomingvideo caller id with full screen caller id. It will replace yourold caller id and mobile ringtone to caller id with your selectedvideo and video ringtone. It will change the look of your incomingcalls.Place your favorite videos as a caller Id so that your canalways see it when you get a incoming call. You can set videosspecifically assigned for each separate contacts too creatingindividual video id as their caller id. So when you meet yourfriend, shoot a small video of his and assign it to his contact.Every time he calls your you'll see his video along with hisvoice. This Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller IDis best application to demonstration you the Caller ID Informationon full screen for incoming call or outgoing calls. The VideoRingtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller ID is a replacement of oldsmall caller screen for your phone. Instead of old caller ID screenyou now have a different option for Caller ID notification and theoption to see it on Full Screen. Video Ringtone for IncomingCall: Video Caller ID is the best contact photo app to set contactphotos. App features : - Full screen Video Incoming CallingScreeen- Full screen Photo Outgoing Calling Screen.- You canactivate both or any incoming and outgoing call screen.- Setdifferent videos as your incoming caller ID.- customize thebackground of your calling screen by selecting from given defaultbackgrounds in the app or select your photos from mobile gallery ascalling screen background. - Select from different themeanswer and reject buttons. - Displays profile photo of everysaved contacts. - It's a full screen HD calling screen withboth incoming and outgoing call screens. - Call confirm, callwaiting, call hold, mute and conference calling available. -Easy UI and different beautiful themes available. - Update tolatest version for latest calling screen themes.Everyone has theirown personal style. So Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: VideoCaller ID is helping to all that change old caller screen and usenew featured Video Caller Screen.Thank You….!!
Who Touched My Phone 1.0
Who Touched My PhoneApplication allows you to find out, who tookyour phone without permission. You can easily able to know who hadtried to touch your honeEver wanted to know who tried snooping intoyour phone while you were away. Your friends or family member mighthave tried to unlock your phone.Best Security Apps Find Who isTrying to Unlock Your Phone. a camera for thief who tried to unlockthe phone.see who is trying to unlock my phone. catch the thief whotry open your phone lock.Ever suspected someone of trying to unlockyour phone while you’re away, but haven’t been able to proveanything? One of these apps might come in handy. They take apicture with the front-facing camera when someone enters the wrongPIN.How To Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phonethis app will capture a photo of the intruder each time he/shetries to unlock your device. Use This app and catch all the mobilesnoopers with ease. Third Eye app will ease your task of catchingyour friends and family while they try to access your mobile.Yourfriends or family member might have tried to unlock your phone.Hidden Eye is a simple app with no frills that will photograph theperson when they try to unlock your phone.  Snap Photos ofPerson Who is Entering Wrong Unlock Password or PIN on your Androider tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge. Lockwatchtake a picture of someone who tries to unlock your phone.Who TouchMy Phone is a simple app with no frills that will photographthe person when they try to unlock yourphone.Features:►stealthiness — after taking a photo, applicationsilently goes to the background►password protection;►photomanager;►share function;Once you unlock your phone, you will beshown the photographs of the people who tried unlocking your phonein your absence. Sounds interesting! Try it and let us know if youhave any suggestion to improve it further.Thank You……………!!
How to Get Call Detail any Number: Call History 1.7
How to Get Call Detail any Number: Call History CompleteInformation about how to check call history other number bydownloading our app how to Get Call Detail any Number: Call HistoryQuick and intuitive application that helps you to Know call historyor other details How to get call details of any number applicationhelps the Indian prepaid telecom users to find the numbers forspecific operations like Recharge, Main, Message, Net Balanceenquiry, Finding own number and Customer care number. As of now appsupports telecom operators like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone,Uninor, Tat Docomo, BSNL and Reliance. Now you can use this app tofind from which state/telecom operator a mobile number belongs to.It shows caller info like Telecom Location/Provider during incomingcall. You can also view the details of mobile number in the calllog.  Thank You…………….!!
My Name Meaning : Apne Name Ka Meaning Jane 1.0
My Name Meaning : Apne Name Ka Meaning JaneMy Name Meaning : ApneName Ka Meaning Jane Application help you to check what is behindyour name and make a picture with your name meaning.The informationin your name can reveal your destiny.Find out your Name Meaningtoday! You can also find out the Name Meanings for your favoriteartists, singers, actors, BFF's and celebrities.Take the namemeaning test and show the results of the test with friends. Namemeaning is a great app to play with your BFF's and family. Worksfor both boys and girls.Now you can share your name meanings justby clicking the share button. Name Meaning allows you to share withyour friends and followers through and any social network, sharingapp or texting app you have on your phone!My Name Meaning : ApneName Ka Meaning Jane help you to know about you by your name andthe character prediction by name first letter in Hindi. The firstLetter in your Name predicts your Character and many other thingsabout your love life, money, and life.❦ Name On Meaning CardMeaningName Photo MakerMy Name Meaning Photo EditorMy Name on Pic WithMeaningPhoto Pe Name LikheName on Photo+ How to use My Name Meaning: Apne Name Ka Meaning Jane ? - Just Start app and insert yourname to generate My Name Meaning - Select amazing backgroundsfrom our app - Customize text size, color & fonts that suitesyou the best. - Click on refresh button to generate newmeanings of your name. - Click on save & you aredone!!! - Share your awesome meaning with socialmedia. Key Features: - Attractive Backgrounds, gradientand colors & more. - Image can be added as background fromgallery or Camera. - Text colors can easilycustomizable. - choose font size as you like from our range ofavailable fonts. - Just create your meaning name photo withina minutes. - App is Efficient and easy to use - Generatebeautiful meaningful Names This app brings you the best toenhance your creativity. Simply add your name and click on generatethe next screen will give you the superb meanings of your namecharacters. My Name Meaning : Apne Name Ka Meaning Jane withcool Name Animations as your live wallpaper. Name Animations onyour screen for wallpaper.Easy to useHD Graphics.Check MultipleMeanings.You can also save generated meanings.You can check yourname abbrivation can share it with friends in facebook,whatsapp, etc.My Name Meaning : Apne Name Ka Meaning JaneApplication help you to check what is behind your name and make apicture with your name meaning.The information in your name canreveal your destiny.You can type also your friends name and sendimage to your friends on social media. Check Multiple Meanings.Youcan also save generated meanings.Thank You…………….!!
SD Card Data Recovery 1.6
SD Card Data Recovery SD Card Data Recovery is a very powerfulapplication that can backup or restore all applications and a fewother things on your phone installed. You can do it with a SD CardData Recovery put your MMS, SMS , bookmarks , call logs, systemsettings, alarm clock, all access points and applications arebacked up. Speed ​​Save your work very fast and easy, you justpress a few buttons , it will start working. SD Card Data RecoverySoftware adviser for common memory card Data Loss cases from alltype Speed and class of SD cards. Most Common SD card Data LossCases. SD cards Recovery new fast and easy to use application thatyou use on your cell phone. Within seconds the application readsthe technical details from your SD card repair and displays theinformation in an easy to understand format. Features: - Backupapps to SD card - Batch backup - Restore apps from SD card - Quickuninstalling - Auto backup - Show storage usage How to use RecoverySD Card 2018 - Select folder - Select the images - Tap button torestore  Sometimes it happens when you delete accidently aphoto from your phone, and start looking for a good tool that canrestore it for you can bring you a headache. To solve this problemall what you have to do is the download recover data recovery forandroid and let it Scan all your phone’s internal and externalmemory. Backup and restore apps. SMS, MMS, call logs, calendars,bookmarks, dictionaries and contacts found on your Android phone tocreate a backup to SD card to create backups manually or scheduleautomatic backups. You can save space of your phone by backup andremove some apps that are not frequently used. SD card Recoveryapplication help you to Recovery data on SD Card. When you haveproblem on any memory card data loss, like SD card, Compact Flashcard, Memory Stick, Multi Media card, Secure Digital Card, SmartMedia, SD card Recovery application had prepared for you. Allfree.  SD card SD card recovery, Compact Flash card, MemoryStick, Multi Media card, Secure Digital Card, Smart Media, SD cardRecovery application had prepared for you, and Transfer yourphotos, videos, and other downloads from your device to the SDcard.  Thank You…………….!!
Update Software for Android 2018 1.3
Update Software for Android 2018 Software can be updated on aregular basis and accordingly new software and be installed. For aslong as smart phones has been around there has always been updatesto their software.  To get the best performance from yourAndroid phone or tablet you should make sure you're running thelatest software. Have you ever had issues with System Update orSystem Software Update? Or have you wanted an easy way for AppUpdate or and App Uninstaller? Apps & System Software Update orApp Uninstaller and System Update app is your answer to yourissues. Now Update App or Update System Software and Uninstall Appwith easy via this Apps & System Software Update or AppUninstaller and System Update app. Software Update will helpyou to update your downloaded apps, system apps & Android OS atregular bases. You can choose the latest software according to userreviews and know which is the best and suitable for you. SystemUpdate application provides OS updates for Smartphone devices andcheck if you can App upgrade or update your device to a new versionof Android, all latest Android operating system (OS)versions.  For as long as smart phones has been around therehas always been updates to their software.As a consequence thephones will almost always be put out for sale before the quirks anderrors has been taken out of the system.  Update Software AppFeatures: ✦ Check Downloaded Application updates. ✦ Latest VersionSoftware Updater for Android ✦ Firmware Updates, Upgrades andDrivers ✦ Software Updates, Drivers & Other Android Upgrades ✦Check System Application updates. ✦ Check Android OS versionUpdates. ✦ Uninstall Application ✦ Current version of the app ✦Update version of the app ✦ Smooth User Interface ✦ Time Consume ✦Easy to Use  The app displays following essentialinformation  ☞Current version of the app ☞ Update version ofthe app ☞ Package id of the app ☞ App title ☞ Installation date ofthe app Update helps you update to and from the following Androidfirmware versions - Gingerbread, Honeycomb (3.0, 3.1, 3.2), IceCream Sandwich ICS (4.0), Jellybean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), Kitkat (4.4),Lollipop (5.0) ,Marshmallow (6.0) and Nougat (7.0). ☞ SIMILAR WORD:- System Update pro 2017 Update Software Software Update Apps &System Software Update Update Apps & System Software Update& Share APK Software Update 2017 Update Software Latest Updatefor Old Versions Software Update Latest Update Software for AndroidYour Phone might have 50+ Apps Installed and you will always wantto have all those apps up to date on your device, for this youdon’t need to check multiple times for apps update on play store.You can simply get all the list of new updated apps using PendingUpdates feature. So, what are you waiting for? Download Update foryour smartphone right now to stay on top of the latest softwareAndroid version updates for Samsung devices and all Android OSfirmware versions. If you like this free App, say thanks by ratingus 5 stars, if you encounter any problem or have any question thenplease contact us! Thank You...!!!!
Color Flash Light Call SMS: LED Torch Flash 1.5
Color Flash Light Call SMS: LED Torch FlashGet a flashlight forevery text message alert with a color flash light alert forFacebook messenger sms gmail notification and any app you choose ,it’s already works for I phone flash alert , now available forandroid It’s a fast blinking flash alert, is possible today aflash alert on call if you don’t like to listen your cell phoneringing and color flash alert can gave you a flash alert textmessage in a flash time .Get color flash alert to make sure aboutcall or sms on your cell phone ,and with that multicolor flashalert on call and sms and notification , you choose your color forevery activity to know what notification enter in your cell phonelike I phone example, so you can customize for every applicationIt’s properly color and blinking flash time .FEATURES :*FastBlinking Flash Alert,*Torch LED color Flash alert for allnotification,*Color Flash alert on call,*color flashlight alertwhen you get a text message,*Disable / Enable Color Flash Alert inany time you want with a simple click.*Cool colors flashalert,*Battery Friendly,*Easy to use the flashlightapplication,*Set a blink frequency for each contact. How touse:1-Install Color flashlight Call and SMS (Torch LED Flash)application for android,2-Open the app,3-Activate the Colorflashlight app,4-Manage the app to get color lights flashing youwant! Phone color alert free to get now easily to impress yourfamily with color flash.You can set multiple flash color and colorlights for different apps in screen with LED notification, we have5 color lights to set, Red light, Blue, Yellow, White and Greenlight, when choosing color you can then get notified in flash textnotification with colored flashlight alert on calling and texts.HOWIT WORKS1 - Open the app,2 - Choose the app you want to get colorflashlight alert,3 - Enjoy with your friends!Get our free phonecolor alert now! and impress your friends with colorflash.Disclaimer:this Color Flash Light Call & SMS: Torch LEDFlash app does not change your phone back flash light color, itgave you front LED color notificationsThis Color Flashlight Calland SMS: Torch LED Flash app does not change your phone back flashlight color, it gave you front LED color notificationsEnjoy andhave fun with best flash light alert application!
EMI Calculator 1.0
EMI CalculatorEMI Calculator provides the best way to calculateEMIand other important details related to a loan. This is simpleloancalculation app. It helps user to quickly Calculate EMI andviewpayment schedule. You can choose to share this informationviae-mail, SMS or any other messagingapp.EMI LoanCalculator provides the BEST Simple way tocalculate EMI andother important details related to a loan.This issimple loancalculation tool. The tool helps user toquickly CalculateEMI and view paymentschedule. Download the app and enterthe followinginformation:- Principal Loan Amount (rupees)- LoanTenure (months oryears)- Rate of Interest (percentage)- Fees &Charges (rupees) -Optional- EMI Scheme (EMI in arrears or EMI inadvance) - Optional-Start Date (month & year) - Optional-Extra Payments /Prepayments - OptionalYou are presented withpayment summary withbreak-up of principal and interest components,payment schedule andchart for the loan details entered. You canchoose to share thisinformation via e-mail, SMS or any othermessaging app. You can alsoshare the results to your favouritenote taking app.WHERE TO USE:-Bank Loan- Home Loan- Car Loan-Personal Loan- Property Loan-Mortgage LoanYou can calculate theEMI (Equated Monthly Instalment)for Personnel loan, Home loan, Carloan etc. by entering the detailslike Loan Amount, Rate ofInterest (per anum) and Loan tenure periodin years.-CalculateTenure - Here you need to enter principalamount, EMI (%), andinterest. The app will show you the tenure inmonths, you need topay EMI.-Calculate Interest - You will enterprincipal amount, EMI(%), and Tenure in months/years. The app willshow you interestrates (%) for that amount.-Compare Loan - Here youcan compare loanbetween two different banks. You need to enterPrincipal Amount,Rate of Interest (%), and Tenure. The app willshow you comparisonbetween loan provided by two different loanproviders.Thanks foryour support
Mobile Number Location Tracker -मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन 1.0
Mobile Number Location Tracker (मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन )Youdon'tknow how to find, trace a current location of your find lostphoneor how to track a cell phone or to find phone location, don'tworryour GPS tracker by phone number with track phone app will helpyouto resolve this problem.मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन इस प्रकार का ऐप हैजोहमेशा सेल फोन में रखने के लिए उपयोगी होता है, आखिरकार, आपको कभीभीयह नहीं पता कि यह कब आवश्यक हो सकता है।Mobile NumberLocationTracker (मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन ) Our application helpsyou totrack any phone number from India. You can search for anymobilenumber to find the contact name and the location. The cityarea,state, country and service operator of the phone number willbedisplayed and the geographic location will be shown onthemaps.मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन के साथ आसानी से नंबर के द्वारा अपने फोनऔरअपने परिवार के फोन को ट्रैक करें।Mobile Number LocationTracker(मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन ) App for the lost & stolenphone ofthe people, find your lost phone by GPS cell phonelocatoraccurately and quickly. Now, you will not have to spend alot oftime on find lost phone location. Just download this app totracklost phone tracking app by phone number we'll do everythingforyou. Mobile Number Location Tracker (मोबाइल नंबरलोकेशन )lets you to reverse lookup and locate any mobilenumber or phonenumber from anywhere in the World. These numberswill be searchedfor information including Name, Address, Countryand geographicTrack caller details before attending the call, havecaller detailson screen during incoming call with our Caller IDlocator. Howto Use:1. Open "My location tracker" iconandSwitch ON the Service.2. App automatically tracks allthelocations you have visited.3. You can find all thetrackedlocations in "Location History".4. If you don't want totracklocations, simply Switch OFF the serviceMobileNumberLocation Tracker (मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन )  ReverseLookup isa reverse phone lookup app works for cell phone,landline,toll-free, Call Blocker.Features of Mobile LocationTracker★ Findyour current mobile location★ Save important mobilelocations asfavorite locations★ Find route to your favoritelocations anytime.★ Easily share your mobile location to friendsand family.★Find nearby atm, bank, hospital, pharmacy etc, theredistance andtravel time.★ See all your mobile location history anytime datewise.★ If you want to track your family members orfriendslocation, Simply install this app in there mobile. laterchecklocation history in there mobile.★ Send your mobile locationtofamily during emergency.★ This app works like Gps Route finderandmobile gps location tracker.Mobile Number Location Tracker(मोबाइलनंबर लोकेशन ) can track almost every mobile number fromalmostevery service provider in India. Mobile number trackeralsodisplays the information about the incoming calls on thecallingscreen.Thank You……………….!!
Computer Launcher for Win 10 1.0
Computer Launcher for Win 10No wait now. win 10 launcher is herefor you. win 10 launcher Customize your phone with unique look andfeel with the fast, clean and energy efficient Launcher. win 8computer launcher Surprise your friends with new look of your win 8computer launcher Android and also share it with your lovedones.win10 launcher This app is also designed for tablet users aswell, win 8 computer launcher just go to grid setting and customizethis app according to your home screen size. win 10 launcherWin 10Launcher For Android is the best launcher with metro UI of Win 10 for android tablet It's easy to use, simple, beautiful andpowerful for any of phone, win 8 computer launcher tablet and TVbox. win 10 for android tablet windows 10 launcherAre you lookingfor the computer launcher style windows launcher for your androidphone? You love the new style of win 10 launcher? Are you gettingbored with Android's User Interface and want to enjoy Win launcheron your Android phone? Win 10 launcher is here for you. Win 10launcher Customize your phone with unique look and feel with thefast, clean and energy efficient Launcher. Win 8 computer launcherSurprise your friends with new look of your windows 8 computerlauncher Android and also share it with your loved ones.WindowsSharing files and foldersShare your files and folders with otherusers of computer launcher over Wifi network. Access your fileseverywhere over FTP/LAN.Theme pack is specially designed forandroid low end devices is a very cool Quad HD resolution readylauncher for your Android Smart Phones. This theme pack include lotof wallpapers to chose from.★How to install Best 2017 Launcher ForAndroid ★★Download this fantastic Launcher theme★Open the specialLauncher theme and swipe to begin the activation;Select 'Set ActiveTheme';★ We have more sensational Launcher themes just for you! ★Ifyou want more Launchers, you can visit our developer page! We havehundreds of amazing Launcher themes for Android! ★What you canget when you download our themed Launchers★• Personalized fantasticicons;• Includes free icon masks;• Change the font and colors!KeyFeatures of Launcher:★ Smooth icon animations★ Custom icon pack formany apps★ WQHD wallpapers - Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate yourscreen★ Simulates sci-fi phone★ Power efficient- win 10 launcherfor android free- win 10 lock screen- win 10 wallpaper - temade wind 10 - win 10 for android tablet - computerlauncher- win 7 for android- win 8 metro launcher- win live tilesfor android - Designed for tablet and phones- Simple launcher,easy to use and fastest launcher- Customize by long pressing on anyicon or tile.- Folder feature - add or remove apps in folder-Combination of small and big tiles- Lock screenThis Theme isspecifically for computer launcher also contains most fabulouswallpapers. Most types of themes you like, system, abstract, pets& animals, tech, cartoon, love, nature, sport, auto &vehicle, festival & holiday, landscape and so on. Anything youdream of can be put into your phone. This PC Launcher theme is thebest computer launcher theme on Google play.If you like app thendon’t forget to rate it with 5 star.Thank You & Enjoy…
Photo to Video Maker : Image to Video Maker 1.8
Photo to Video Maker: Image to Video Here you can create awesomeanimated image to video by various effects…. Create a video inslide show style with your photos, music and animation. CreateVideo Stories from images and music with this app incredibly easyto use, yet highly powerful and has many options to customize andmake it personal. Arrange the photos in order with the perfectbackground, music and animation to create a video of your own.Photo Video Maker: Image to Video can help you create video. Createyour own Photo Video - slideshow video from images and music withlatest added features and theme. Photo Video Maker: Image to Videoapp helps you to make videos with you and your loved one photo withadding a song and convert them into a beautiful video. Create yourown greetings with beautiful and lovely themes that are availablein this app to integrate it with multiple photos and share it withyour loved ones. Photo Video Maker: Image to Video app have lots ofstunning 2D & 3D animations for creating professional videos.To create movie photo slideshow with music supports variousanimations, like - Diamond Out - Open Door - Close Door - Eclipse -Circle Right Bottom - Skew Left Close - Circle Left Up ♥♥♥♥ CREATEPROFESSIONAL-LOOK VIDEOS ♥♥♥♥ Just Select Photos form gallery + Addmusic = your video is ready. ♥♥♥♥ FASTEST VIDEO MAKING ♥♥♥♥ You canapply animation & create video fast and smoothly. ♥♥♥♥ INSTANTVIDEO PREVIEW ♥♥♥♥ You can see preview of slideshow with musicbefore creating video. ♥♥♥♥ ADD YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC TRACK ♥♥♥♥Photo slideshow with music provides a trimming option forparticular audio track. So you can add your loved one music trackto video slideshow.  Features of Photo Video Maker: Image toVideo => Make video from Adding Music, New Photos, Frames,Effects to make Holi Photo Video Maker. => Add Many VideoFilters & Effects. => Set Blur Effect in video frames. =>Add Photos from gallery as many as you can, Select each and everyPhotos individually so that you can leave unwanted Photos. =>Edit each and every Photo with Amazing Filter Effects, Blur Effectsand photo Editing Tools. => Pick up Holi Frame from largecollection given here. => Choose Lovely Music for your photoVideo. => Set the Speed of the video as fast/slow as you want.=> Show Instant preview of your video, so if you show previewfor your video. => Just save it and enjoy your beautiful lifewith Photo Video Maker. => Show All Videos in your SD card Shareyour video to social networks. => uploading some slideshow videoon social media like Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, hike & manymore. Photo Video Maker: Image to Video is a free video editingapp, movie maker free and the best choice to make video withpictures and music and share your sweet memories! With this PhotoVideo Maker: Image to Video , you can create amazing videos, asbirthday/wedding surprises or for other special occasions,celebrations, and festivals. You can also share your movies easilyto your Social media app account with our 15-second themesspecially designed for the popular social platform, or save anunfinished project in My Drafts if you want to edit or finish itlater. -Share video to your favorite apps with your friends andfamilies instantly. If you like this app than don’t forget to giverate it, review it and share with your friends and family.  Ifyou like this app than don’t forget to give rate & review also…Thank You & Enjoy...
HD Camera : 4K Ultra Camera 1.0
HD Camera : 4K Ultra CameraIf you want to take HD quality photo orvideo for better look, then by using our application HD camera youcan take HD quality photo or videoHD camera application gives you amaximum quality of your phone or tablet. You take photos and videoswith greater quality. It is completely free. It works without theInternet.HD Camera application allows you to make excellentpictures very fast and simply, utilizing all advantage of yourphone. Best camera application designed with superior performance.With this program you can take good quality pictures. Createhigh-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photos and videosdesigned for videos and videos.You can take top quality photos withprofessional camera which is prepared with attention to usersatisfaction.You can take top quality photos with professionalcamera which is prepared with attention to usersatisfaction.Designed for high-resolution photos and videos in HDquality is an excellent camera, create photos with differenteffects. The easiest way to take pictures in perfect resolution HDcamera. With excellent design, and provides a clearer opportunityto take photos in high resolution.HD Camera : 4K Ultra Camera Fullfeatured and completely free Camera app for Android phonesDesignedperfectly for Android devices. Everyone wants to take goodpictures. All that's needed is a high-quality program. Camera freefor Android. This application offers all the features you need. Youcan find the pictures taken in the gallery folder. Produced in aconvenient way. In the menu, you can select the features you want.The HDR camera offers you the best service you need.Features:* Manyinfluences.* Optical zoom* It can be a photo magnification.* Goodfocus.* Clear image.* high quality.* A talent for lighting work.*The images are saved in the gallery.* free!* Different colorsettings* Front and rear camera switching* Color effects* Exposurefeature* Image size adjustment feature* Video capture* Quick photocapture* Whiteness balance* TimerFeatures:-- Many influences.-Optical zoom- It can be a photo magnification.- Good focus and highquality.- Clear image.- A talent for lighting work.- The images aresaved in the gallery.- Different color settings- Front and rearcamera switching- Color effects- Exposure feature- Image sizeadjustment feature- Video capture- Quick photo capture- Whitenessbalance- Timer-Editing activity like brightness, filter, edit textand stickers.-Share on social media like facebook, whatsapp,instangram etc…Excellent features such as a handy free and safeapplication, experience the difference with HD Camera : 4K UltraCamera.Download and enjoy this app with your friends and yourfamily and send us Feedback, Thanks.Thank You!!
Garden Photo Editor - Garden Photo Frames 1.0
Garden Photo Editor - Garden Photo FramesWel-come to Garden PhotoEditor & Garden Photo FrameCool photo frame with greenbackground garden photo editor.Nature Photo Editor frame is niceapp that lets you customize your photos. Choose a photo from yourgallery or take it with the camera of your device, select a frameand generate your photo.Now we develop Garden photo frames todecorate your photos with natural garden photo frames and to getfeel we are in Pleasant atmosphere.We develop these garden photoframes for pictures with most beautiful flowers and natural sceneryplaces.Select any photo from Gallery and embed the photo of yourchoice into Garden Photo like. You can use two finger gestures toenter the photo in right place in the famous frames.This frames ismost blur and cute images add to this app. Garden Photo Frame saveyour special moments with fantastic Garden photo editor and enjoybeautiful colors of your favorite season.Garden Photo Editor appfeatures:✤ Select photos from gallery or capture new photo fromcamera.✤ Select garden photo frame from the collection.✤ Adjustphoto on garden photo frames.✤ Apply photo filter.✤ Add beautifulstickers.✤ Add text on frame.✤ Brightness feature are alsoavailable.✤ Set edited photo as wallpaper.✤ Two Finger Gestures toZOOM your photo and adjust in the garden photo frame.✤ Save andshare garden photo editor app with your friends or family membersvia social media.Create your own beautiful and lovely Garden photoframe and share it to your loved ones or set it as your devicewallpaper.If you are interesting photography to make photo betterwithout you are going to garden you can create amazing garden photowith these garden photo editor app.Beautify your pictures withdifferent category sticker collections. Garden photo editor has200+ amazing stickers.You can apply them on your photos to make thephotos more attractive. The sticker sizes can be resized,rotatedand moved over the device screen.This garden photo editor has flipoption which you can apply on your pictures and stickers. The finalimage can be saved and set as a wall paper of your device.AwesomeFilters:-• We give you 50+ best filter effect for your photo.•There are lots up filter that you try like: Lomo, Hefe, Toaster,Earlybird, Hudsun, etc.• Make your image stylish by many filtereffect.Stylish Text:-• Add cool and stylish font to your Downloadthis photo editor app to find more features and lots • ofready made Nature Photo Frame..• Give your text to Color, Shadow,metal background etc.Sticker & Emoji:-• Doggy Face for switchyour face for free and create smiley Doggy Face.• Flower CrownStickers.• Emoji smiles will make your photos more fun.• AnimeCartoon - cute rabbit - ears - nose stickers to make your funnyframe.This app has a collection of wonderful nature photobackgrounds.By using these backgrounds you will get natural effectin your photos.A collection of Romantic garden photo backgroundsare available in this photo editor app. These photo frames givenatural effect to your pictures.In this garden photo frame, you canalso get a collection of awesome water photo backgrounds. Photowith water effect will be very nice.Thank You………..!
Video Live Wallpaper 2018 1.3
Video Live Wallpaper 2018 Now Select the video from the inbuiltFile manager, you can choose any video stored on your device andset as live wallpaper. Set your own video as live wallpaper! App toown your own live wallpaper. Video Live Wallpaper 2018 app is anempty container for your videos as a live wallpaper that allows youto set your own video as a live wallpaper animation!  VideoLive Wallpaper 2018 is a tool that allow you to set your memorialvideo or any video as Live Wallpaper Video Live Wallpaper 2018offers great, free HD videos. Easy to view and easy to set as yourwallpaper! Video Live Wallpaper 2018 is blank live wallpaper thatallows you to set your own video as a live wallpaper animation! Doyou have that perfect homemade video of your loved one that you'dlove to see on your Android device's home screen? How about a musicvideo? Or why not an entire movie? Benefits:- ★ Hundreds of HDvideos for free instant use!  ★ Awesome high quality720p+ resolution videos with lots of fun. ★ A collectionof videos that keeps on growing. ★ Various categories includingAbstract, Animal, Animation, Dance, Game, Movie, Nature, Technologyand Vehicles. ★ Quick loading and previews that only use tinyamounts of data. ★ Minimal system resource and battery usage! ★Fast and easy to set your own videos as your wallpapers! Features:-• Set your own video as a live wallpaper! • App to own your ownlive wallpaper. • Enable or disable audio. • Fit with screen. •This app is optimized for minimum battery usage. Download thousandsof video from the internet and choose your personal video as livewallpaper. Not all devices can run all videos, best you can do istest your video with default player available on your device. Thereare some restrictions based on your device. Not all videos aresupported, but almost all videos which your device can play aresupported. Thank You……!
Junk Photo & Video Remover: Phone Cleaner 1.0
Junk Photo & Video Remover: Phone CleanerAre you facing lowspace problems in your mobile memory? Is your mobile gallery filledwith junk photos and videos from social apps and chatting apps?Thisapp is just for you. The app will help you manage your photos andvideos and delete junk from your mobile. Unable to Click morePhotos? Not having enough space on your phone because of WhatsAppphotos? Whatsapp Useless Image Cleaner or Junk Cleaner - Stashoutstanding AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engine automatically findout the junk forwarded waste images. Now cleaning your phone isjust a tap away.App Features: - Detect junk photos and videosfrom mobile. - Delete junk media files from mobile. -Detect and delete Junk photos and video from social media apps,chatting app and photos click by mobile camera.- Keep backup ofphotos in trash. Auto clean of trash after desired period ofday. App Functionality: - Detect junk photos and videos basedon factors like : low quality, multiple duplicate photos, socialforwarded photos and videos etc. - Delete junk from whatsapp,instagram, messenger and gallery. - Keep junk in trash folderfor stipulated time then auto delete the trash.Quick Analyzing•Quickly suggests Useless photos from Whatsapp forwarded photos•Super Fast Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology• During scanninggives option to deselect usefull photos saving time Boost PhoneItalso have the super awesome power of boosting phone as more thephotos are deleted a lot of space gets saved and phone runs superfast.JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES)Clean Boost helps free up yourstorage space by removing junk, residual and cache files whichslows down your phone.With our professional cleaner, you can alsofree up much more space from cleaning cache data from social appssuch as Facebook, WhatsApp, without worrying about deleting thewrong files. BOOST MOBILE1 Tap Boost helps speed up phone byfreeing up RAM. Reduce overall power consumption.After boostingyour mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster itis.BATTERY SAVERClean Boost helps to save battery power and extendbattery life by hibernating running apps. So WHY MANUALLY findUSELESS PHOTOS when you can just DELETE them in 1 Tap and IncreaseStorage Space. Install best Junk Cleaning App 🎉🎉Thank You……….!!
Train Live Location -Train PNR Status 1.4
Train Live Location -Train PNR Status Train Live Location -TrainPNR Status is the Fastest, simplest and a very light application tofind every necessary information about Indian Railways with coolnative interface. You can get the train status regarding currentdelays and position at any point of time while in or before journeyplus you can get info like availability and schedule. Train LiveLocation -Train PNR Status , time tables, station status, PNRenquiry, a unique berth & seat calc, and reservation date calcfor Indian Railways. Train Running Status Live & PNRStatus  Indian Railway Train Running Location spot train livetrain running location train status live train running status livetrain status Train PNR Status  - Train Live Location - FindTrain  - Train between Station - Train station - Konsi Trainkaha hai Train Status, Offline Running Status & Train EnquiryCheck live train status to know if the train is running timely orlate. Passengers when sitting inside train can also check trainrunning status offline for which no internet & GPS is needed!This saves battery usage also. Know all trains arriving ordeparting at any station in next 4 hours with live station status.This feature is an extension to train running status in internetmode. Also check railway time table, historical platform number andaverage delay of any train at all its stops. Train Timetable &Schedule Know train schedule and route of train with halt durationat its stops. You can also check all the intermediate stationsbetween any 2 stops while checking the live train status. Thisalong with pnr enquiry prediction is one of the unique features ofthis train app. This app provides  1. Real-time train trackingfor all trains of India 2. Know the trains coming to your requiredstation  3. Train Schedule 4. Trains between Stations 5.Cancelled Trains 6. Diverted Trains 7. Rescheduled Trains 8. PNRStatus Live running train status, time tables, station status, PNRenquiry, a unique berth & seat calc, and reservation date calcfor Indian Railways. Amaze your co travellers by telling them"Hmmmm.. we are running twenty minutes late", without lookingoutside! You can also add home screen widgets & quick★marks forultra-quick, one-touch access to train, station & PNR statusand time tables, and even search trains by voice with with "TrainMic", in app & new widget. DISCLAIMER  This Application isnot affiliated with CRIS, NTES, IRCTC, The Ministry of Railways,Government of India. It does not store or send its database to anyIndian Railways’ websites. We’re trying our best to make sure thatnothing undesirable happens with your usage, still you areappreciated to put some constructive words as review. ThankYou………….!!
Family Tree Photo Collage 1.5
Family Tree Photo Collage Family Tree Photo Collage is latest andcreative family tree maker and photo editor for your photos! Withthis app you can combine ordinary photos into fabulous ancestry.Its help to syndicate all your family memory in one place withunique family tree and adore via photo filters effects.  Youbored of photo grid effects? With family Photo Frames you cancreate family tree with our wonderful instant unique treeframes.  Family Tree Photo Collage is a simple and easy to useapp, just select the family images, add the pictures and get anancestry. So much collection of the tree frames. The awesome familycollage maker that makes you photos with beautiful and amazing 3DCollage.  Family Tree Photo Collage is the most fun andcreative Photo Collage Maker & Photo Editor for your photos!With Tree Pic collage Maker. Combine multiple photos with classical,funny layouts and Photo Grids into a beautiful pictures. WithFamily Tree Photo Collage you can combine ordinary photos intofabulous & amazing photo collages. you can decorate your pic byfantastic 3D effect and frames, adding cool text with colourfulfonts & stickers, and then you can share your work to AllSocial Media App. How to Make your Photo Collage? => Select Yourphoto from gallery. => Select layout from application whichsuitable or you like to apply. => Apply photo effects on photos.=> For making more beautiful you put stickers also write anytext on it. => Save that photo and also you can share thatcollage photo with your friends and family on social media. TheFamily Tree Photo Collage option enables us, to create photocollages, with some stunning 3D effects. Family Tree Photo Collageis a simple and easy-to-use app, just select the frame and pictureand get a whole new 3D Picture. Also you can create 1, 2 or 3Images 3D tree collage on the go. Family Tree Photo Collageeditor's features: Key features:- -Adjust your pic colour, selecteffects, photo frames, sticker  -Curves interface and managethe Ration -Painting Art Effect powerful tools - Apply text, imagesor shapes - Easy to zoom in zoom out ,rotation, crop or resize ofphotos - Use photos from your gallery and camera and SD card - Saveimages with Many Different type image like JPEG, PNG, GIF, Web... -Created pic set as wallpaper, or on your SD card - Share photos viae-mail and Social Site and App. Stylish Filter :: *We give you bestfilter effect for you photo frame. *Choose your favorite filtereffect for your photos frame and make them unique. *There are someof the filter that you try like Early bird, Hefe, Hudsun, Lomo,Toaster etc. Stylish Text :: *Add your own text to your photo framewith stylish text font. *Give your text to Shadow, alignment,color, text background etc. *We give your different text backgroundlike candy, metal, colorful etc. Frame Category :: *Select yourfavorite Photo frame according to your wish. *Edit photo frame withdifferent custom tools. Family Photo Frames create new memorieswith your family, capture them with your cameras and start addingframes and effects we made especially for you! Feedback` We hopeyou enjoy this lovely Family Tree Photo Collage and encourage usfor further apps. If you like this app please rates us with 5 starand give positive review. If  you encounter any technicalissue in the app please mail us or comment us with the issue. Have fun with your family, they are precious. Thanks you.
Delete Empty Folders & Recover Deleted Files 1.2
Delete Empty Folders & Recover Deleted Files This app will helpyou scan and delete empty folders in your mobile memory. Many timeswhen you uninstall any application from your mobile, the app leavesbehind empty folder occupying unnecessary space. Empty foldersare no use to you so it should be deleted to keep your mobileclean. Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your filemanager? Use this app.With a just one click all the empty folderswill be deleted. You are also provided with multiple options todelete empty foldersThe app scans and allows you to delete theempty folder. You can delete all the folder at one time or selectfolders to delete one by one.Wanna clean your Empty Folders by justone click ? Now this is available with Empty Folder cleaner Apps.This is a simple and cleaner app for deleting unnecessary and autoAndroid System generated Folders. This App also provides externalsd card empty folders cleaning functionality.Key Features1)Optionto delete all empty folders at once2)Delete empty folders frominternal storage(No root required)3)Delete empty folders fromexternal storage/memory card(Root required for this featureonly)4)No advertisement★ FEATURES ★✓ Scan hidden folders - Deepscan function help get more folder✓ Scan ANDROID created folders✓Show progress - get the progress of which file is being checked forempty foldersRecover Deleted Files Have you ever deleted animportant photo by mistake?!Sometimes it happens when you deleteaccidently a photo from your phone, and start looking for a goodtool that can restore it for you can bring you a headache. To solvethis problem all what you have to do is the download recovers datarecovery for android and let it scan your entire phone’s internaland external memory. FEATURES:- Restore deleted files from any typeof volume - internal storage, SD card- Recover documents, pictures,music, archives, eBooks and binaries- Scan for deleted contacts-Save restored files directly to Dropbox and Google Drive- recoveryapp for deleted photo - recovery app for deleted photo frominternal memory- recovery app for deleted video- recovery app fordeleted photo and video sd card- This application can restore allyour MANUALLY deleted Contacts.- Restore Contact without any priorbackup.- Can Restore one by one or all at once.- Can Search DeletedContacts- Also synchronize your all contacts.This app will help youto restore your all deleted contacts, photos, and other files. Thisapp is Very useful one to restore all your data.If you find veryuseful app then don’t forget to rate it, review it and share withyour friends & Family.Thank you & Enjoy..
Music Player - Mp3 Player 1.0
Music Player - Mp3 PlayerMusic Player - Mp3 Player is not onlybased on artists or albums, but also based on the folder structure.Music Player will guide you find all the music files in seconds,and supports you quick search relative online music videos/MVthrough artist or track.Replaceable background skin/theme makes theMusic Player extraordinarily brilliant.The unique equalizer makesyour music sounds more professional. You are free to control themusic style and enjoy your musical.Stylish Powerful and Fast MusicPlayer with elegant design . Music Player lets you manage all yourmusic files quickly and easily .This audio player supports almostall types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audioformats . Easily browse and play music songs by genres , albums ,artists , songs and folder .Features:- support for google castapps- Plays all audio files- 5 band graphical equalizer withpresets- Bass and 3D effect- MP3 editor support- Play , next orprevious playback by shake - Sleep timer- Color theme selectoption- Plays song by folder- Queue with play list reorder- Supportfor play list- Change album art- Tag editor support- Attractivewidget and android 4.2 lock screen playback- Library scanKeyFeatures :- Plays OGG , WAV , AIFF , MIDI , AAC , MP3 ,OTA, MP2 ,S3M , MOD , MTM , UMX , MP1 , XM , MO3 , M4A files- 5 band graphicequalizer- Browse and play your music by albums , artists , genres, songs , folders and playlists- Play or shuffle by albums ,artists , genres , songs , folders and playlists- Built in mp3cutter- Sleep timer- Create and edit playlist- Lock screen play- 6home screen widgets - Music search- Bass and treble equalizeradjustment☆ Support all weird audio formats.This MP3 Playersupports all popular sound formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC,FLACetc.☆ Quick search all music files.You can browse and play yourmusic by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders. And you canalso search your music.☆ Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost &Virtualizer effectWith professional audio decoding technology, themusic booster will improve your sound quality to let you enjoy thebest music.★ Powerful Music Equalizer - Music BoosterControl yourmusic style and boost your bass, build your own music paradise.★Notification - music status & controlProvide "Play/Pause","Next track" and "previous track" controls.Display music title,artist and album artwork.★ Headset controlEasily control the musicby headset, no need to pick up phone.★ Sleep TimerSet sleep time topause the music.★ Support popular audio FormatsMusic Player - Mp3Player supports mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav,ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff etc.Disclaimer: Music Player - Mp3 Playeris a free music player. It can only play local music, which meansit doesn't provide music download function. Please be noted.ThankYou………………!!
Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer 1.4
Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone DialerVoice Call Dialer: Voice PhoneDialer is easy and smart contacts dialer who helps in voice dialingand making calls. Voice Call / Dialer are a simple app whichenables voice dialing / calls on Android Smartphone. VoiceCall Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer is easy and smart contacts dialerwhich helps in voice dialing and making calls.It is very helpfulvoice assistant, especially in situations when we want to callsomeone from phone contact list but our hands are busy, for examplewhile driving a car.With Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialerhands-free calls are easy to make, all you have to do is speakcontact name aloud.It is very helpful voice assistant, especiallyin situations when we want to call someone from phone contact listbut our hands are busy, for example while driving a car. With voicedialer hands-free calls are easy to make, all you have to do isspeak contact name aloud. Features:-No need to search yourcontact manually.-No need of keyboard to type number.-Simply sayyour contact name to make a call.-You can directly send a messageor add a number to contacts.-You can search contacts.-A normal 3Ddial is also available.-Provides more call log information withcall duration.- Automatically pick first voice search result andmake call.- Access to all and favorite contacts.- Possibility tocontrol voice search results.- Nice and simple UI to perform bestuser experience.- Many configuration options.- Support speaker’smode.Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer is easy and smart calldialer which help in voice dialing and making makes yourcalling very easy. With Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialerhands-free calls are easy to make, all you have to do is speakcontact name aloud. Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer willrecognize contact and automatically make call for you. Here you canchange setting as your requirement like after searching call in1,2...5 seconds.Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer is a callingand text messaging application. It lets you dial a phone number bysaying the name of the Contact, and send a Text Message by justspeaking to the phone! No more dialing manually to call yourfriends, or typing to send a text message to your family! Itmakes your calling very easy. With Voice Call Dialer hands-freecalls are easy to make, all you have to do is speak contact namealoud. Thank You…….!!
Recover All Deleted Contact & Sync 1.1
Recover All Deleted Contact & SyncHave you ever deleted animportant contact by mistake? Sometimes it happens when you deleteaccidently a Contacts from your phone, and start looking for a goodtool that can restore it for you can bring you a headache. To solvethis problem all what you have to do is the download recovers datarecovery for android and let it scan your entire phone’s internaland external memory.This application helps you to recover deletedContacts and Files from your phone storage or from externalstorage, and restore them to your gallery.Recover Deleted Contactscan be restored manually deleted contacts.-Contact without anyprior restoration backup.-Sim card restore.-Restore my phonecontacts.-Recover lost phone contacts.-Sim card contacts.-Recoversim card data.-Restore contacts directly from your phone.-Can berestored one at a time or all at the same time.What can you do withApp?- Bulk Back-up & Restore contact that are notused frequently to save more space . - Batch Back-up &receive & Restore your apps to enhance data security.-Customize Back-up & Restore contacts- Recover deletedcontacts by using water from the tap or click contacts deleted, youcan restore your contacts.- You can restore the contacts deletedall app menu up button on the right.- Easy to use this application,restore your contacts.- Restore the contact display in the fraud ofthe device.- Recover deleted contacts.- Your address book is safeand secure. Access, does not save the contact.- Use the contactsdeleted, you can restore the contacts of your friends.- You can usethe restoration of contacts deleted from your contact with thefamily.- You can use the deleted contacts restore contacts for yourcompany.- Easy to contact use e-mail client, transfer, only Androiddevices and iPhone.- Features via the USB cable to the computer ofthe backup copies of the files.- sim card contact recovery.sim carddata recovery Recover Deleted Contact scan restore your deletedcontacts from your internal - phone database and restore them inthe original Contact.The fastest data backup and restore tool onAndroid phones! You can backup applications, contacts, textmessages, call history, bookmarks, calendars to your SD card,Gmail, or Google DriveThank you & Enjoy...
Find Phone by Clapping: Phone Finder 1.1
Find Phone by Clapping: Phone Finder It detects sound ofclapping and run loud alarm. Then you will easily find mobilephone. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check where yourphone is.Do you lose your phone regularly at home/office?Do youwaste a lot of time in finding it?When you don't know where is yourphone - use 'find phone by clapping'. This is a useful tool whichwill run the alarm when phone will detect sound of clapping. Youcan easily find lost phone, no matter where it is! It will run loudalarm, turn on the vibrations and flashlight.Find Phone byClapping: Phone Finder  is a professional app which helps youfinding lost phone in your room/office. It detects sound ofclapping and run loud alarm. Then you will easily find mobilephone. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check whereyour phone is.Forget about searching for a torch and forget aboutturning on your flashlight, just clap from nearby and see yourflashlight glowing and Phone Ringing. When there is a dark inyour home or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch orFlashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’sflashlight will turn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t itamazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your phone’sflashlight by clapping. Features:- Get Started : Customize theproperties in App and Get Started- Different Modes :Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes- Set Ringtone and Volume :Customization ringtone & volume- Instant Applicable : In notime after which the alert plays- Auto Start : Auto start app whenphone is put on silent- On Off Service : Pause clap detection whennot needed e.g.: in office hours- Auto adjusts sensitivity based onAndroid device- Sensors : Customization sensitivity- Widget foreasy enabling/disablingBenefits:-> Quickly clap 3 times toconfigure and get started.-> Sound/Vibrate/Flash alertmodes.-> Customizable ringtone & volume.-> Customizabletime for which the alert plays.->Auto start app when phone isput on silent.-> Pause clap detection when not needed eg: inoffice hours.-> Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Androiddevice.-> Customizable sensitivity.-> Widget for easyenabling/disabling.-> Low battery usage.How does it work?- itdetects sounds of clapping hands- it runs the alarm. You can choosethe alarm sound and volume. You can choose if phone has to vibrate,turns on flashlight or blinks by screen. Alarm is fullycustomizable.Clap your hands and always find your lost mobile phonewith flashlight enabled ! Application may be called Clap PhoneFinder, Clap To Find Phone, Clap Hands Phone Finder.Note: Pleasetry to understand the functionality of the app. It will only workif phone is in sleep mode and screen is off and your claps arereally loud high pitch for three or more times continuously. Noneof the pitch of the claps should be low in between threeclaps.Thank You...!!!
Disco Light : Color Flashlight 1.0
Disco Light : Color FlashlightDisco Light : Color Flashlight willmake your Mobile screen into disco effect light that would beBeautiful colors.Just enjoy the app. Feel like a real disco partyat home.Click on the setting button at above right side. Than itwill appears a bar that would be Delay Bar, Blink Speed Bar, andBrightness Bar and adjust it.Left Option OFF button is for yourMobile Flash Screen, and Right Option OFF Button is for BackgroundColors, which will create a disco light. Click on the settingButton at above right side and will appears a screen bar and youcan again click on that setting button to invisible the baroptions.This application is specially design for your party. Soinstall it and Entertain your friend in a party. The app has manymodes like; Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe light, Shake-itand Police lights.Disco Light : Color Flashlight is a strobe lightthat catches the music beat by microphone and blinking in colourfulscreen flash. Disco Light : Color Flashlight is a free flashlightapplication with lot of flashlight features.Disco light Modes:Strobe, Disco, Christmas Party, romantic, love, Crazy, birthdayParty, Police and more. Using this disco Flashlight you get goinganywhere and anytime in a day.Turn your phone into a colorfulflashlight, police light, disco light and sos emergency light.Bestdisco light app with a stylish powerful button for on offlight. Blinking disco light features so you don't need to getany special blinking disco light.Some amazing And Unique Featuresof Disco Light : Color Flashlight1= unique,Beautiful and attractiveinterface available2=Disco Flashlight with multiple colourflashlight feature available..3=SOS and emergency functionavailable4=unique Amazing led strobe light als availale5=Blinkingdisco light in multiple coloures6=Police light with police hooterpicture sound available7=Love flash light of this app afteruse.8=Strobe Light unique.9=Multi-color with maximum brightness onthis app.* Disco Light : Color Flashlight mode will turn your flashLED on and off with the surrounding sound. Your phone will become agraphical equalizer.* Strobe light mode works like a stroboscope.The Strobe light speed can be set in the settings menu. *Brightest flashlightThank You……….!
Video Filters and Effects: Video Editor 1.6
Video Filters and Effects: Video Editor Apply Beautiful Filters andEffects to Your Video Video Filters and Effects: Video Editor,which enables, you to add some mesmerizing effects to your videowith numerous options in store.Choose a video of your choice and avideo duration, explore various bokeh effects and other effectslike blur, negative, sharp, vignette,glitch art,vintage filteretc., to make your video appealing, using this video effectscreator.Also, explore various video filters options, so as to makeyour video worth shareable among your friends.Want to make yourvideo special, by adding some stunning video effects and videofilters to it? Then video effects app is the ideal video editor todo so.Make beautiful video,This is one of the best video editingapps,add music to video,beautiful video,glitch art,cool videoeffects. • Ultimate effects for your video • Video Filters andEffects: Video Editoris the powerful video editor which can edit,apply filters and share your videos. You can easily edit your videostory, create cool effects with multiple option of amazing filters.You can add more than 20 effects such as sepia, vintage, oil paint,posterize, circle, pixelate, emboss etc. You can trim, extract,flip and rotate video after editing. It is a fun and easy way toedit video and share with apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter,and many more.  App Benefits: • More than 20 effects in total:Invert, Sepia, Vintage, Black & White, Cross Process,Posterize, Swap UV, Channel Mix, Snow, Oil Paint, Emboss, Solarize,Circle, Pixelate, Bump and others • Adjust Brightness, Contrast,Sharpness and Saturation of video • Built-in camera for easyshooting the video and seamless editing  • Support for backand frontal camera • Open video directly from your video album •Add special effects after recording your video • Built-in player towatch video after applying filters • Export to Media Gallery in mp4format • Save final video to the video album, or send them tofriends via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail • Best video editor appwith amazing and creative fx filter effects • Fully adjustableframes with video editor • Share video multiple time with yourfriends, family and social sites Video Filter: 1. Real-time filter:the effect is applied to the movie during recording, no need to dopost-processing after film created. So, it is very simple to use,just like adding filters to a photo, so easy!  2. Lots offilters: more than 40 amazing filters for you to choose, such asSkin Beauty filters and Instagram Filters: 1977, RISE, HUDSON,VALENCIA, SIERRA, HEFE, NASHVILLE. 3. Smaller file size: the sizeof video file is smaller than other video apps, consume less memorystorage of SD card. Video effects is the best video editor foradding effects and video filters to a video. Download this topvideo effects creator, and add some amazing video effects and videofilters to your video, all for free. Features of Video Filters andEffects: Video Editor 🎬 Choose a video from the phones galleryusing this video effects creator. 🎬 Set the video length, for thevideo to be edited using this video editor. 🎬 numerous bokeh andother effects like color swing, blur, vignette etc. for your video.🎬 various video filters options for editing your video. 🎬 Previewthe video before sharing or saving using this video effectscreator. 🎬 Save the edited video using this video effects creator.🎬 Share the edited video through platforms like Gmail, YouTube,Whatsapp and so much more, using this video editor. 🎬 CompletelyFREE! Shoot colorful videos and play with colors!  Thank you…
Water Photo Reflection Effect 1.0
Water Photo Reflection EffectGet realistic water reflection effectsto your photos!!! You can choose photos either from gallery or youfrom camera.With this Water Reflection or Mirror Image app, you canchoose a photo from your gallery or capture one using your camerato generate the mirror photo with water rippleeffects. Realistic water reflection effects on your photos.With this you can create various reflection style photos like wavefor your pictures.You can apply liquid water mirror effect to yourphotos and give it a complete makeover.Make your photo or selfieperfect with Amazing water mirror reflection effects and withawesome and heart touching filters effect.Get water reflectioneffects to your photos!!! You can choose photos either from galleryor you from camera.Application Features- Select photo from Galleryor Camera, the mirror photo will be generated automatic.- Choosedifferent and variety of Water Reflection theme.- The water rippletexture is adjustable.- Sharpen and blur photos.- High resolution,high quality output.- Simple and easy to use nice interface in thiswater reflection photo effect.- You can apply various colour onwater reflected mirror image.- Add text overlay on the photo,adjust text size, colour, and font.- Add cute stickers to pictures– a collection of over 30 stickers.- Multiple effects you can applyto your images like lomo, oil, sketch and much more.- Save yourwater reflection photo to gallery or also store in album.- Sharewater mirror reflection images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Whats app and social networking platformsThis is the simplest imagemirror photo editor to generate realistic water ripple effects onyour photos. With such a user-friendly design and easy-to-usefunctionality, you can start running a photo studio at yourfingertips right away!Make your photo or selfie perfect withAmazing water mirror reflection effects and with awesome and hearttouching filters effect.This is the simplest image mirror photoeditor to generate realistic water ripple effects on your photos.With such a user-friendly design and easy-to-use functionality, youcan start running a photo studio at your fingertips rightaway!Thank You………..!!
Live Earth Map: Satellite View, GPS Tracker 1.4
Live Earth Map: Satellite View, GPS Tracker Live Earth Map:Satellite View, GPS Tracker use global positioning system to findbest route. Find your home with satellite view 3D map. You caneasily search or find nearby places or locations like hospital,gym, bus station, airport, casino, and train station or yourfavorite food point and club, ATM banks with many other placeswhile enjoying the voyager view. street view are a part of Googlemaps and when combine with live map data enable users gain powerfulinsights to their location(s) of choice. Google earth enables arealistic display of what an actual satellite captures and can beused as a powerful tool. Live Earth Tracking is a route plannerApplication through which you can find easy and shortest way fromyour current location to desired destination location in a liveenvironment. live street map Live Earth Map: Satellite View, GPSTracker has the ability to give you or find shortest and easy routefrom your current location or make path between two locations. ThisLive Earth Map: Satellite View, GPS Tracker has the three view ofearth like satellite view, street view and earth view to give you abetter understanding of the places. Best nearby places locator forandroid smart phones and tablets. You need to enable locationservices and internet connection for best results in Live Earth Map2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker. Explore world wonders with liveearth camera view app. Plan your journey with real time satellitenavigation.  GPS Nearby - Around me places  Quicklyidentifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank,Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, TAMS, Airports, Post Office, Clubs,Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, Movie Theater, Restaurant,Supermarket, Theater and Taxi. GPS Based Current addresses A newand unique option, GPS Based Current address. When we click on “Mylocation” or “Get My Location” Button on a Map to pin our locationas a start point, GPS will get your location and marks as a startpoint.  Live Earth Map: Satellite View, GPS Tracker Features:Available all local languages Find your accurate driving andwalking route Available free on play store Up to date gps liveearth map Speaking and written distance, time instructionsSatellite view – Enjoy the view from the space 24/7 Maps, TravelingRoutes, Navigation, current location & Directions uses and OpenStreet clear Map Driving routes for Car, Bike, Bus and hill areatourist’s - Get Live Maps and Street live View on Your device. -See a Real Time ive satellites views map of your home andneighborhood• map. - View Someone's House or other places ViaSatellite. - See Live Satellite karta gps Map Views - Small size,and Friendly interface - Search by building name or street name orcity name. - Word suggestion when you search . - View any point inworld from your place. Download now and get news of every singlestreet from worldwide…!!! Find Route and Map Live geo route plannermap application developed for those peoples, whose mostly time intraveling. You no need to ask from third person and no need toworry.  Driving Route Map Route Map is most prominent anduseful feature of Live Street View & Driving Route Maps,actually for every GPS Rote Map application, the Route finderoption is a key. But when it comes with the Driving Navigation, itbehaves like a “GPS Car / Vehicle Navigation System”. Turn by turnnavigation guidance along the route to the destination.  GPSLive Earth Map is the most extraordinary and World’s most fastest,running, easier and advanced earth map is on android platform, thisapp provide multiple map types and information about all the worldplaces, location in any countries. This GPS Live Earth Map issupported for all types of Android system devices especially fortablets and galaxy smart phones. Earth Map Route Tracking allowsyou to explore the whole world wise location with a swipe of justyour thumb in less than time. Thank You……….!
Fast Charging - Battery Life Saver Master 1.0
Fast Charging - Battery Life Saver MasterDo you know whenthebattery is charging, applications running underground, turningonthe 3G network connection, wifi, bluetooth, ... on your phoneisthe main reason why the battery charge time is much longer.Theonly solution to this problem and charger faster istoturn off applications running underground andunnecessaryconnections on your phone to save energy, which willhelp toprocess faster than normal.Fast Charging - Battery LifeSaverMaster gives you an excellent solution to optimize yourdevicefor fast chargerautomatically!★Fast Charging - BatteryLifeSaver Master- Phone CoolerThe cool down feature worksbysystematically monitoring, managing, and disablingCPU-intensiveapps in order to protect your hardware;★ Battery Saver&Battery MonitorMonitor all apps that drain power while not inuseand remind user about high consumption apps. Indicates howmuchbattery power will be extended if you use 1-tap saving. Monitorallrunning-apps' power consumption and list you the detail toappmanager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of batterylifeand usage;★ Convenient Power-Saving WidgetOur "Task Killer"widgetwill optimize your power consumption conveniently. The 4x1widgetmakes it easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness, etc, andsetpower saving modes;KEY FEATURES: 🚀 OPTIMIZE WITH 1CLICK✓Automatic RAM cleanup - Turn off running applicationsunderground✓Automatically reduce screen brightness to lowest✓AutomaticallyTurn off Wifi✓ Automatically turn off Bluetooth✓Automatically turnoff the screen rotation✓ Display charging statusat the lockscreen.🚀 AUTOMATIC SMART CHARGING MODE✓ Automaticrun whenplug charging✓ You only need to plug the battery into thephonethen fast charger battery will optimize andautomaticallyaccelerate the quick charge battery without anyadditionaloperations. You go to SETTING to customize applicationlaunchmode.✓ Fast charging, speed chargingand fastcharger battery your device✓ Supports manydifferent types ofdevices: Fast charge for samsung and samsung fastcharging 2017.1click optimize⚡ Turn off Wi-Fi (Automatic)⚡ Turn offData Sync(Automatic)⚡ Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic)⚡ Clean RAM –Killbackground applications and running services (Automatic)⚡Superlite lock screen with charging status (Automatic)⚡Automaticallyreduce screen brightness to lowest⚡ Boostchargingspeed on Android devices (Automatic)⚡ Turn off Screenautorotation (Automatic)Smart ChargeDisplay charge status in realtime,accurately estimating remaining charge time.★ FastChargingMODEBattery Fast Charge regulates the manner in which yourdeviceis charged with a Unique 3 Stage Charging system to ensureyou getthe most out of your battery and reminds you not to overcharge. Italso has features that can monitor and regulate powerconsumption.★Memory BoostClean up memory (RAM) and optimize phonespeed byremoving redundant background tasks.Stop auto-start Appstoincrease boot speed and reduce memory usage.1-tap memorycleanerand booster widget makes it easy to clean your phonedirectly fromthe home screen.Fast Charging - Battery Life SaverMaster is morethan a power optimizer app, which does not needonline connectivityto perform tasks. Works best on even non rootAndroid phones. Sojust leave the idea to replace your installedbattery to get extracharging. Go extend battery life with deepsleep mode when yourphone is not in use. Thank You………………!!
Ration Card Online Services 1.0
Ration Card Online Services Ration Cards issued by FCS andfooddepartments in one app Both APL and BPL Ration Card listincludingNFSA PDS ration card. This Ration Card Online Services Apphelpsyou to apply Ration Card online in India. ***Keyword :- ***rationcard, ration card online, ration card apps, Ration Card-AllStates, ration card list 2018 new States Covered- - AndhraPradesh(आंध्र प्रदेश) - Assam (असम) - Bihar (बिहार) -Chhattisgarh(छत्तीसगढ़) - Delhi (दिल्ली) - Goa (गोवा) - Haryana(हरियाणा) -Jammu & kashmir (जम्मू और कश्मीर) - Jharkhand(झारखंड) -Karnataka (कर्नाटक) - Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र) - Odisha(उड़ीसा) -Punjab (पंजाब) - Rajasthan (राजस्थान) - Uttar Pradesh(उत्तरप्रदेश) - West Bengal (पश्चिम बंगाल) Ration Card Statusapplicationhelps you to check your ration card status by statewise. This appallows you to online search of details in ration cardacrossmultiple states. You may search for details via, State,District,Sub-district, Village level and even in fair price shopslevel.They are an important subsistence tool for the poor,providingproof of identity and a connection with governmentdatabases.India's public distribution system (PDS) is based on therationcard, which it uses to establish identity, eligibility,andentitlement. Ration cards are voluntary in India; they areneededto obtain subsidized food and fuel. Eligibility for theAntyodaya,BPL and APL ration cards are based on the economic statusof thefamily. App Features - 1. Search your name in the PDS RationCardHolders list 2. Complete list with names of Ration Card HoldersinUttar Pradesh 3. Search and download NFSA Ration cards issuedbyFCS Uttar Pradesh 4. Register your Mobile Number for SMS Service5.All other PDS services They are an important subsistence toolforthe poor, providing proof of identity and a connectionwithgovernment databases. India's public distribution system (PDS)isbased on the ration card, which it uses to establishidentity,eligibility, and entitlement. Ration cards are voluntaryin India;they are needed to obtain subsidized food and fuel.Eligibility forthe Antyodaya, BPL and APL ration cards are based onthe economicstatus of the family.  This app have all statesration carddata access option. Use this app and have a all in onesolutionwith our app. Note:--Please note that this is not aofficial app orsite of govt of india or any states.You can visitdirectly fromrespective states websites or Govt official websitefor the same..Thank You…………!!
Beard Photo Editor: Hairstyles Mustache Changer 1.0
Beard Photo Editor: Hairstyles Mustache ChangerMakeover yourphotosby editing beard, hairstyles and mustacheBeard yourself onchooseyour own photos with best style photo collection.Select YourBeardcatalogue and make your choice among various Beardpatternsdesigns.=> Here You can having more variety of Beardstickersfor your best face photos.=> You can pick a best Beardstickerfrom the Beard list, and Beard of all shapes, sizes andcolorsaccording to your requirement.=> You can having optionsuch asCrazy Beard, Stylish Beard, Small Beard.=> You can alsoselectany one Beard which you like to add in your face photo anddrag andyou can also change the size of that Beard with fingertouch.=>You can share your Beard pictures with your friends onFacebook orTwitter.=> You can save the photo in your "BeardPhoto Editor"in your sd card.Beard Photo Editor: HairstylesMustache Changer appis fun face Photo editor app with differentBeard, Mustaches andHair styles.Using Beard, Hair Styles PhotoEditor you can changeyour complete look by wearing different HairStyles, Beard Stylesand different Mustaches in trendy designs.Edityour picture usingBeard, Hair Styles Photo Editor app and shareyour saved pic withyour friends and family via social networks andhave fun.So usethis Beard Booth and look like real beard on yourface and real itwill look amazing.Beard Photo Editor: HairstylesMustache Changerwill help you to give a dashing and cool look. Adddifferent typesof beard style and check by yourself, you could finda proper beardstyle which suits to your face.You can also selectany one Beardwhich you like to add in your face photo and drag andyou can alsochange the size of that Beard with finger touch.BeardPhoto Editor:Hairstyles Mustache Changer will give you latest andtrendy look toyour photo, you will look handsome using thisbeautiful Beard PhotoEditor. Beard Photo Editor: Add beard toyour photos now!Don't wait beard for grow. Make your photo withbeard - Many beardstyles with short beards and long beardsinstantly!Hairstyle: Sometime boys are unhappy after haircutbecause some haircutare not suitable to them but now this appstands to give afacilities to that peoples who wants to see howthey will lookafter haircut using this Boy Photo EditorNew.Mustache StyleStylish mustache plays a very important role in aman's life.Change your mustache style in few seconds by using ourMen beardphoto editor Mustache .How To Use Beard Photo Editor:HairstylesMustache Changer :Choice your picture from gallery ortake picturefrom cameraCrop the picture to any size you want.Choiceyour adoredbeard, mustache, hair and sunglasses.Drag it to theright place andthen Multi touch to resize or switch it to fit yourface.You canmodify the pigment or color of the hairstyle.Featuresof Boys BeardPhoto Editor: Hairstyles Mustache Changer: • BoysBeard PhotoEditor Man hairstyle mustache app takes a photo fromgalleryor directly from the camera.• Selecting photo can becropimage option with by pass and cropping filterwithinyour selected photo in hairstyle photo face swap app.•Autobeard photo editor having more than 25+ HD hairstyles, beardstylesand mustaches styles also this beard photo maker apphasgorgeous goggles.• The photo can zoom in, Zoom Out to OrCombineFor All-in-one Fit.Beard Photo Editor: Hairstyles MustacheChangeris a complete Beard Salon with the most latest, trendingandrealistic beard styles. Its an InstaBeard app for you toimpresseveryone with the latest dashing beard and Man MustacheBeard. Itis fun Mustache Beard Changer app to instantly applyrealisticbeards on your faceThank You….!!
Couple Photo Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit 1.6
Couple Photo Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit Couple Photo Suit: LoveCouple Photo Suit app is just an app which lets you try ondifferent suits along with awesome background. Couple Photo Suit:Love Couple Photo Suit and get a virtual wardrobe that complementsyour individual style. If you fascinating to each day life vogueand picture suit, couple photo suit camera app offer facility tooffline camera result and largest frames for you.  CouplePhoto Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit is like different suit incostume style and here you can get custom suit .You cannot purchaseany suit given by us it’s a free to used and apply in your face............How to use.......... - Take photos using the phone'scamera. - Select Wide range of styles and different category forLove Couple photo suit picture. - Set your face on particular suitby zoom in/out option - Add Photo Color Effect On Your Photo. - AddOpacity In your Photo. - Add Text and Stickers on your photo - Saveyour Photo and share with your friend using different social media.Couple Photo Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit and get a virtualwardrobe that complements your individual style. If you fascinatingto each day life vogue and picture suit, couple photo suit cameraapp offer facility to offline camera result and largest frames foryou.  Couple Photo Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit is likedifferent suit in costume style and here you can get custom suit.You cannot purchase any suit given by us it’s a free to used andapply in your face. This Couple Photo Wedding Suit is made for bothmen and ladies. No compelling reason to buy the clothing everythingis prepared in this application for you. Couple Photo Suit: LoveCouple Photo Suit is where you can get charming photo suits for thebeautiful pictures that you want to frame with your partner. You are Just a single click away to try different kind of suits tocheck on yourself. Couple Photo Suit: Love Couple Photo Suit app isjust an excellent app which lets you try on different suits alongwith awesome background. You no need to buy an expensive dresses inOder to has wonderful moments with your girlfriend or boyfriend................Feature............ - Take photos using the phone'scamera and also select for Gallery. - Wide range of styles anddifferent category for Couple photo suit picture. - Share yourcreations via any other social networks. - Easy to use: Creation in1 step only. - Add Photo Color Effect On Your Photo. - Set thecreated photo as device Wallpaper. - All picture directly view inthe folder. - Well dressed nice looking photos Category. Downloadit today and Enhance your photo with our amazing couple photo suitapps... If you like this app then rate it and review it and sharethis with your love one If you have any other idea for adding anyother features in our app then please give your precious feedbackus and please rate us. Thank you for downloading our app &Enjoy…..
Auto Cut Paste Photo: Background Removal 1.1
Auto Cut Paste Photo: Background Removal This is best cut pasteAppfor Photos, with which you can create your wonderful customphotoby cutting the image from one image and pasting it to theothercustom image. You can cutting a section or whole object andpasteit to the other images. Background Removal Erase photobackgroundto transparent and add different beautiful backgrounds,edit itwith so many options like stickers, text font, text shadow,textcolor, duplicate your cut out and more. Cut out has more than60different HD beautiful backgrounds for you as road, beach,forest,autumn, sunset, ... Addition you can choose your photo fromyourgallery and set as new background. Want to swap faces ?? Wantto Remove People from Photos? Want to Remove or ReplacePhotoBackground? Want to do prank with your friends? Createcustomphotos by cutting from photos and paste the content(People,Animals, whatever object you want in your photos) in otherphotos.Create new photos with content. Want to Swap Faces? Cut onefaceand Paste it on the Other. Want to Remove Photo Background? Cutthepeople out and put them on another background. Want toRemovePeople from Photos? This is the App for you. Features:- -selectphoto from gallery or from camera - crop your photo andresize yourphoto by zoom in /out tool -cut your photo or your face-past yourphoto or face where you want to set -adjust brightness,contrast,and opacity of your photo -add different types of filter,effects,stickers, and text on your photo -Save your photo and sharewithyour friends on different social media like facebook,whatsapp,ect…. How to use:- - Select photo either from gallery orfromcamera. -Crop and Resize your photo by zoom in /out tools.-cutyour whole photo and past it on other place where you want toset.-adjust brightness, contrast, and opacity of your photo-adddifferent types of filter, effect and stickers on your photo-addtext on your photo and Save your photo. -Share your photo withyourfriends on different social media like facebook,whatsapp,instagram, ect…. Functionality Used Tools with Auto CutPastePhoto: Background Removal - Auto Erase - Manual Erase -ExtractEraser  - Restore - Undo, Redo & Zoom -Smooth  -Photo Background Changer - Picture Selection - EraseTools -Accurate Result Tools - Feather Tools - Backgrounds - SaveOptions- Share Options Cut out is the best background remover,backgroundchanger app / photo background editor with HD qualitybackground(bg) collections . If you want to change background ofphoto to avery attractive and beautiful background , then use cutout . Cutout includes HD quality background images which will makeyourphoto more beautiful and stunning .  Don't likeunwantedobjects in your photo background? Do you want to changephotobackground? Then check our best features of background removerappcut out. This app is very easy and can change photo backgroundto abeautiful background .Cut Photos where you want to cut a partofPhoto or Extract a person from Photo Background.  Idealfor:Cut Paste Photos, Face Swap, Photo Editing, PhotoBackgroundChanger, Photo Background Eraser, Copy Paste Photos. Cutone faceand Paste it on the other. Or Cut the people out and putthem onanother background.  Share your custom photo with yourfriendson social networks like whatsapp, facebook etc. If you likethisapp then rate it and review it and share this with your loveoneThank you…
Sunkar English Bolna Sikhe: Learn English 1.1
Sunkar english bolna sikhe : Learn English सुनकर अँग्रेज़ीबोलनासीखे This is an English speaking course for learning Englisheasilyin HINDI. This is an English Speaking tutorial which usesgradualteaching methodology with interactive audio sessions foreach ofthe six specific chapters. Sunkar English Bolna Sikhe:LearnEnglish s the easy yet very interesting English Learningapp.Moreover, it has 30 days free English-speaking course inHindi.This app teaches you English in easy Hindi language. Itisspecially made for Hindi users. * Learn Spoken English andGrammarfrom Hindi. Fluently Angreji Bolna Sikhe.  * LearnEnglishSpeaking is an easy and simple English Speaking Course meantforteaching you simple English speaking.  * This is anEnglishSpeaking tutorial which uses gradual teaching methodologywithinteractive audio sessions for each of the sixspecificchapters.  Sometimes the difficult thing about talkinginEnglish So that's why 30 Days Me Sunkar English Bolna SikheApphelp to improve your understanding of Speak English in just30days. Sunkar english bolna sikhe Spoken english app sunkarenglishsikhe, Sunkar english bolna sikhe app sunkar english day1-5Feature : अंग्रेजी बोलना Sunkar English sikhe Spoken EnglishAppsunkar english sikhe sunkar english bolna sikhe app sunkarenglishsikhe  sunkar english sikhe app sunkar english bolnasikhesunkar english bolna sikhe app sunkar english bolna sikheofflinesunkar english bole * You are coached to get more commandoverEnglish language with every lesson that you take. * FluentEnglishspeaking becomes simple and easy as you are providedfacility toeven record your own exercise session in your own voicefor eachlesson and save it for future reference. * This is aspeakingenglish book free which are completely interactive innature,coaching you throughout to gain more knowledge as you learnEnglishlanguage. * Every English learning chapter is sufficientlyprovidedwith information to ensure that your speaking fluency getsfurtherenhanced - learn hindi to english and english to hindi.Speakenglish daily offline. This app features sunkar english bolnasikhe, english bolna aur likhna sikhe, english bolna sikhe englishbolnasikhe apps , english bolna , ebglish bolna shikhna , englishshikhe, english shikhe app , angreji bolna shikhe , angreji sikhe,angreji bolna sikhe app , एंग्लिश एंग्लिश स्पीकिंग कौरसे,अँग्रेज़ी बोलना सीखे This application will help you tolearnEnglish easily to improve your English with betterpronunciation.Now a days English is most important everywhere inour life. If youare not good in English, do not worry. Use this appto learnEnglish easily. This app will help you to learn Englishbylistening the words and will tell you the meaning in bothenglishand Hindi. English speaking course app for spoken English,grammar,and vocabulary building. 30 Days Me Sunkar English BolnaSikhe appteaches you English in the Hindi language. This app hasall withthe feature of listening the things. So you do not worry.Justlisten and learn easily English. Thanks....
Video Me Se Ringtone Banaye 1.1
Video Me Se Ringtone Banaye Video Me Se Ringtone Banaye appallowsyou to make ringtone from video song. Make mobile ringtonefrom anyvideo song. This app supports all video formats and playallvideos.  Easily extract audio from your video files.Extracthigh quality mp3 songs using this powerful application. Makeyourown unique free ringtones is fast and easy. You can setthestarting and ending notes by sliding arrows along the timeline,bypressing Start and End to record the point, or by typing intimestamps. Ringtone Maker is a very compact and practicalringtoneproduction tool., Cut the best part of your audio song andsave itas your Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone. Makeunlimitedfree ringtones with the music on your Android device orrecord newones on the fly! All of this is totally FREE RingtoneMaker is freeapp creates ringtone, alarms, notifications andcontact ringtone.Key features: - Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR andmost other musicformats. - Record an audio/music for editing. -Easy to preview andplay all the output ringtone list. - Free tomanage your ringtonefiles. Delete, Edit, set asringtone/Alarm/Notification Tone. -View a scrollable waveformrepresentation of the audio file at 4zoom levels. - Set start &end for the audio clip, using anoptional touch interface. - Tapanywhere on the wave & thebuilt-in Music player starts playingat that position. - Option toName the new cut clip while saving itasRingtone/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone. - Set the new clipasdefault ringtone or assign ringtone to contacts, usingthisringtone editor. - Share your audio files Video Me SeRingtoneBanaye is the latest and most amazing feature that has comeup onplay store for those who got bored by old traditionalincomingpatterns, now with Video ringtone setting incoming call isamazingto change your mood according to your selected set up videobyvideo ringtone maker which is according to user's choice. Makeyourown unique free ringtones is fast and easy. You can setthestarting and ending notes by sliding arrows along the timeline,bypressing Start and End to record the point, or by typing intimestamps. Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter is a very compactandpractical ringtone production tool., Cut the best part ofyouraudio song and save it as yourRingtone/Alarm/MusicFile/Notification Tone.Mp3 Cutter &Ringtone Maker, Video ganeki ringtone banaye, video gaane me seringtone banaye, video toringtone maker, video to mp3 converter,mp3 extractor, MP3 Ringtonemaker, video ringtone maker. This VideoMe Se Ringtone Banaye apphas inbuilt: - Mp3 Player - Mp3 Cutter -Audio Recorder - Ringtones2018  - Song 2018 - Mp3 editorSupports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR andmost other music formats. This appis also a music editor/alarmtone maker/ ringtone cutter andnotification tone creator. Thanksfor using this app, leave us yourfeedback and give review we willconsider them for future updates!THANK YOU...
Computer Shortcut Keys: Software Shortcut Keys 1.1
Computer Shortcut Keys: Software Shortcut Keys ComputerShortcutKeys is educational application provide different manyshortcutstricks so that you can increase your work speed. This appavailablein English and Hindi Language! Our app provides differentshortcutkeys for various application in the computer. With the helpof thisapp you can save your time while using various applicationin thecomputer. You can use Keyboard Shortcuts instead of mouse.Keyboardshortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computerandsaving you time. More than 50+ all software shortcut keys wereinthis app. mainly focused for the computer users to avoid usingtheMouse. Most of engineering software also was inclusive. The Aimofthis Computer - All Shortcut Keys App is to education appforMotivate Computer using Students and Professionals across theWorldinto Learning All Important Concepts of Shortcut Keys.Categoriesof Shortcut Keys…. - Basic Shortcut Keys - Windows -Basic ShortcutKeys for Mac OS - NotePad++ - Tally - MS Word - MSPaint - MS Excel- MS Access - MS Power Point - MS Outlook - MS DOS- Chrome -Firefox - Internet Explorer - Adobe PhotoShop - PhotoshopMAC OS -Adobe Illustrator - Illustrator MAC OS - Adobe Dreamweaver- AdobeFlash - Adobe Corel Draw - Adobe Page Maker - Color code -ChatSymbol - Ascii code If You can read this Computer shortcut keysappyou can avoid using the Mouse on computer. its helps to answertheComputer interview question also. It is small hand book forthecomputer user when using the all software's. Thank You………….!
Total Video Converter: Video converter 1.1
Total Video Converter: Video converterTotal Video Converter orVideoconverter as a professional Video converter, Any VideoConverterPerforms its excellence in video converting and VideoEditing.Easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, loadeduseful featuresare all integrated.If your video is not supportingin any player youcan convert that format to your requiredformat.Total VideoConverter: Video converter is a simple and easyto used to justselect video and you just press on video formatsthat you like toconvert file from that and you get easilyconverted on that formatwith simple click on convert. Total VideoConverter or VideoConverter or Video Cutter is the best converterapplication from oneform to other different forms.Total Videoconverter is the bestconverter application from one form to otherdifferent forms..... Byusing this application we can convert ourvideos in differentformats easily....... those formatsare.mp4,.3gp,.mkv,.avi,.flv,.mov...Total Video Converter:Videoconverter Android is the bestTotal video converters on AndroidforAndroid. With the background ffmpeg library support,Videoconverter for Android can convert almost any video formats tompeg4and h264 videos, including asf, avi, divx, flv, m2v, m4v,mjpeg,mkv, mov, mpg, ogg, ogv, rm, rmvb, webm, wmv, dv4 etc.TotalVideoConverter: Video converter Features:- Total VideoConverterapp/Video Editor in video and audio information display.-TotalVideo Converter app/Video Editor in Scan entire devices forvideofiles for conversion.- Total Video Converter app/Video EditorinExtract part of a video by specifying the start time and endtime.-Total Video Converter app/Video Editor in sExtract mp3 fromvideo,extract aac from video, convert to mp3 or aac from mp4 andothervideo formats.- Cut Selected Part in Video Cutter:Trimmer. -Optimized for many devices and architectures.-SupportsVIDEO_FORMATS ='3gp','3gpp','flv','avi','vob' etc.-VideoConverting Speed is Very Fast.- Cut video with selectedtimeintervals with same video.- Video Cutter app is very fast andeasyto use with user friendly UI.- Latest and SmoothMaterialDesign. - Supports many video formats to trimyourvideo - Save your video to sdcard folder in yourphone.-Supports all ARM(CPU) devices.☆ Free, no duration limitTotalVideoConverter app is completely free, and exported videos won’thaveduration limit, which is unique on the market.☆ All in oneWeareengaging to build an all-in-one video editor for those who needagood tool to make, cut, crop, merge, convert on their phones.Theapp contains useful tools such as video trimming,cropping,compressing, reversing, resizing, MP3 converting.☆Toolboxfeatures- Powerful video trimmer/video cutter: cut or croptheunnecessary parts of your video.- Video compressing: reduceyourvideo size.- Video to Mp3: turn the soundtrack of your videointomp3 file.☆ Video Trimmer : Trim your videos to removeunwantedparts☆ Video & Audio Mixer : Add music to your videos.Adjustvideo and music Cutter (Trim your favorite part).☆ MergeVideo :Merge multiple videos into one file which is just awesome.☆VideoFormat Converter: Video Converter converts your video invariousformats in a single step.Video converter as a professionalVideoconverter, Any Video Converter Performs its excellence invideoconverting and Video Editing. Easy-to-use interface,fastconverting speed, loaded useful features are all integrated.Ifyourvideo is not supporting in any player you can convert thatformatto your required format.If you Like this app than Don’tForget togive Rate & Review for further improvement…Thank you&Enjoy…
Speak to Torch Light : Flashlight 1.2
Speak to Torch Light : FlashlightSpeak to Torch Light :Flashlightapplication through you gets any time flash light justyou speakone word and flash light is on. This application use foryou findyour phone in evening any place and you speak your wordflash lightis automatically blinked.You must need the camera flashlight to onthe flash light also your device has gesture sensor youspeak yourword and flash light is start.Speak to Torch Light :Flashlightapplication through you gets any time flash light justyou speakone word and flash light is on. You must need the cameraflashlight to on the flash light also your device has gesturesensor youspeak your word and flash light is start.Thisapplication usefor you find your phone in evening any place and youspeak yourword flash light is automatically blinked.You set theword in yourSpeak to Torch Light application also any time youchange thisword. Also Enable or Disable this application. In caseof emergencyand when you need your mobile's flashlight on, justspeak, shout ormake voice to ON your mobile's flashlight, speakagain to off yourflashlight. A easy and quick way to accessyour phone'sflashlight. You don't need to search the ON button tostart yourflashlight in case of emergency, all you need to do isjust speaknear on your phone and your flashlight will ONautomatically.It's afun and play app as well as very useful tothose who frequentlyuses flashlight of your mobilecamera. Steps to use app:1. Youneed to start the app1st. 2. When the app is on, on speakingor shouting near yourmobile the flashlight will start. 3.Very quick and easy way toaccess your mobile'sflashlight.Copyright Disclaimer:Speak to TorchLight application isnot endorsed by or affiliated with anyagency.Speak to Torch Lightapplication is not endorsed by oraffiliated with any social app,names, trademarks, and other aspectsof the app trademarked andowned by their respectiveowners.Disclaimer :To use Flashlight onVoice Smart your mobile mustneed the camera flash light to turn onthe flash light also yourdevice should have gesture sensorThankYou…………!!
HD Video Player - Free Videos & Music 1.1
HD Video Player - Free Videos & MusicHD Video Player app is afree Multimedia player for the Android.Full HD Video Player is aneasy& powerful video decoding capability video player. This appcontains video player and folders.HD video player plays andsupports all type of videos like AVI, 3GP, MKV, TS, MPG , M4V, MOV,MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV.  You use this App and click on videos andall videos in your mobile organized quickly.HD Video Player playsall types of videos and play all length of videos. This is alsowork like 1080p video player.You can adjust volume and brightnessby using touch.You can also see the List of Videos in the App whileVideo is playing and in HD Video Player there is option of crop andzoom also. Thanks for using this HD Video Player.High QualityVideo Player We ensure that your file is played in theoriginal resolution, through the optimization of the encodingformat file playback speed and effectiveness to achieve the bestresults.Enjoy high quality videos plays smoothly HD VideoPlayer with the device default decoder for decoding, thus ensuringthe speed and effectiveness of the video for you to enjoy smootherbetter quality videos.Application Features :- Plays all formatvideos.- Support all video formats like flv, avi, mp4, mp3, f4v,m3u, m4v, vob, and other formats.- You can access all your videofiles within the app.- Supports most of popular video and audiofile formats.- Support multiple subtitle formats and videostreaming.- Easy screen brightness and volume control.- SupportsAuto Rotation and Pinch video zoom pan options (aspect, full,custom)- Full featured music player with powerful 10 bandequalizer.- Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videoswith the help of new HW+ decoder.- You can also delete files,rename, and play pause Operation.- You can use lots of shortcuts,conveniences, and configurations like A-B repeat, On-screen clock,timer, and battery meter.- Supports all video and audio playbackformats in this video player.- Easy video sharing with anyone andsocial media.Outstanding sound effects HD Video Player withthe equalizer, bass booster, and stereo surround sound effect, Makeyou feel like being in the Formats Video playersupports almost all video formats including AVI , MP4 , WMV , RMVB, MKV , 3GP , M4V , MOV , TS , MPG , FLV etc, just depends on yourdevice decoder.Easy and convenient control Sliding the videoscreen to control the volume, screen brightness and theprogress.PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN - Easily zoom in and out bypinching and swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan is alsoavailable by option.HARDWARE ACCELERATION - Hardware accelerationcan be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+decoder.SUBTITLE GESTURES - Scroll forward/backward to move tonext/previous text, Up/down to move text up and down, Zoom in/outto change text size.HD Video Player for the Android operatingsystem which allows you to watch all popular video formats on yourphone or tablet with hardware acceleration for faster and smootherHD playback with unparalleled ease and comfort.HD Video Player isperfect and very simple and fast application to playback movies andother video files.Thank you. .
Girls Mobile Number for Whatssapp Prank 1.0
App Discloser for their functionality : This App is developForEntertainment Purpose Only . App doesn't provide any realmobilenumber of girls for chatting on social media in whatsappalso. Thisis prank app. Thank You.......!!!!!!!!