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Universal Love - Coaching & Life Guidance 1.0
Receive Spiritual based Coaching to increase your energy levels,feel vibrant health, gain wisdom and understanding, learn how tomeditate and sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routinesin your life. Guided meditations and how to videos can be startedat any time.Reach any of your emotional balance and spiritualgrowth by following a step-by-step program.Just use Universal Loveto coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to be strongerintuitively, be more balanced and centered, Sleep Better, havingSelf Love and Stay Motivated by installing simple healthy livinghabits that will make you change your pattern of thinking fromworry, doubt, anxiety and stress. While letting go of fatigue andlow-energy. This is not just another meditation app. Universal Loveis a holistic approach, it's your own love guidance.Start yourdesire to change on the right foot with this spiritual basedcoach.▌TOP 7 REASONS TO USE UNIVERSAL LOVE★ Do you struggle withSelf Love? ★ Looking for the right tips to maximize your energy?★Struggling with Fatigue and find yourself tired by mid-day? ★ Wantto build an indestructible Morning Routine?★ Do you want to feelstrong with your decision making?★ Can’t sleep at night because youhave too much on your mind?★ Can't concentrate on a single taskwith worrying, doubt and anxiety?▌INTEGRATED COACHINGHere you willfind your WHY, and understand on a spirit level how things affectyou on a physical level. To identify your signals to strengthenyour intuition and trusting it more.You will start by setting yourmorning routine and working through your mindset to unlearn, let goof pain and gain emotional maturity.▌HOW UNIVERSAL LOVE WORKS★Smart-targeted spiritual advice for healthy living★ ScientificallyGrounded approach to instill healthy habits and mindfulness intoyour life★ Meditations Infused with Energy so you can feel and beMind, Body Aware★ Your own personal 1:1 human coach that will helpyou identify your energetic blocks and coach you through breakingthem and strengthening you from the core.★ Integrated Program toMeditate, Have Positive Thoughts, Pray and Take Action for yourdeepest desires★ If you can't sleep, the app will help get closerto source and here you will find peace★ Start by installing amorning routine and then break past other barriers in your mind▌GETIN TOUCH!We're always happy to talk with you. Whatever comes toyour mind, we want to hear it. Having some problems installing ahabit in your life? Want a feature to be added? Something notworking as you expected?Shoot us an email atsupport@keshiamartin.comJoin our group at: