Continuum Apps

CBT Diary
With CBT Diary you can:- record events, thoughts, emotions and behaviors- track emotions on charts- list, edit, delete notes you have wrote- generate reports about events, thoughts and emotions and send itto your therapist- customize list of emotions you want to track.If you are in cognitive behavioral therapy this applicationdefinitely is for you. CBT Diary helps you in your CBT therapyevery day, day by day. With this application you can record events,your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, analyse them on charts andsend reports to your therapist. Because the CBT Diary is on yourmobile, you have your diary always with you. You will never forgetto take. You can take notes anywhere, any time.CBT therapy is effective for a variety of conditions, includingmood, anxiety, personality, eating, addiction, dependence, tic, andpsychotic disorders.For an amount of time all features of the applications areavailable and ads don't appear. After this time some features willbe disabled and ads appear. To enable back all features and stopshowing ads you can buy a license for 3 months, 1 year or 99years.
Phone Benchmark 1.03
With Phone Benchmark you can:- examine how fast is your device- rate display, sound, camera, battery and look and fill ofyourdevice- share your opinion- compare your device with other devices- find details of hardware and software of your devicePhone Benchmark collects anonymous info about speed of deviceandsends it to external database. If you rate your deviceyouranonymous ratings are also sent.
Random Number Series Generator 1.2.2
With the application you can generate random a number by numberorseveral numbers at a time. The application can be used to: -Lottosimulation - running the lottery - prize draw for a group ofpeople- simulation of a coin toss - drawing numbers 0 and 1, drawnwith 0means a tail, 1 means head - dice simulation - draw numbersfromrange 1 to 6 - creating a tournament ladder at sportcompetitions -determining the order of testing the students
Schema Therapy Diary 3.18
Application Schema Therapy Diary helps you in your SchemaTherapyevery day, day by day. With this application you can recordyouremotions, analyze them in charts and send a report toyourtherapist. Because the Schema Therapy Diary app is on yourmobile,you have your emotions diary always with you. You can takenotesanywhere, anytime. With this app you can: - Note your thoughtsandemotions you have during this thoughts - Note events whichhappensand emotions you have during this events - Note youremotions youhave during day, you can do this periodically forexample 4 times aday - Track your emotions on charts - List, edit,delete notes youhave wrote - Generate reports about your emotionsand send them viae-mail, for example to your therapist - Exportdata from one deviceand import on another - Protect applicationwith password For anamount of time all features of the applicationsare available andno ads appears. After this time ads will appearand some featureswill be disabled. To enable back all features andstop showing adsyou can buy a license for 3 months, 1 year or 99years.