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Best place to share and find recipes made and shared by home cookslike you. Cookpad provides a unique social and safe environment forpeople to search for and save recipes, publish recipes and photos,or share privately with friends and family in our new chat. Cookingis no longer lonely with Cookpad *Looking for a recipe?* Cookpadhas tons to choose from, including main dishes, appetizers, drinks,side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and dietrecipes. Recipes for everyday cooking and recipes for specialoccasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Search by ingredients youhave at home or dish you want to make and start cooking at home!When you make the recipe, you can share the photo of your dish withthe recipe author and so recommend it to other Cookpad users.*Cooking diary*. If you give Cookpad access to your phone pics,you'll see your cooking photos from the past 3 years in the App,next to your saved and published recipes. You can see what youcooked this time in previous years, share the photo with family orfriends on the chat and plan what to make this week!! *Publishrecipes*. Users can publish their own recipes on Cookpad.Therecipes themselves don't need to be anything fancy, and that’sanother reason why Cookpad is unique. Recipes are published by realpeople cooking at home with clear steps and helpful photos.*Private recipes*. Always have your recipes at hand. If you don’twant to publish your recipes but do want to have them all in oneplace, that’s fine. Just click save, but not publish. You’ll beable to share with friends and family on the Cookpad chat. Butother Cookpad users won’t see them. *Chat and share*. Cookpad takesthe loneliness out of cooking. You can share recipes, cookingmoments, memories, photos, advice and questions in real time onCookpad Chat. Chat one-to-one or create a group. Your private spaceto talk about cooking. Cookpad is the World's largest homemaderecipe-sharing app and is currently available in English, Español,Indonesia, العربية, Việt Nam, ไทย. Choose your preferred languagethe first time you start the app. When you want to switch languagesand explore homemade dishes from other countries, go to settings,log out, choose another language and repeat registration process.We have helped many people to live healthier and discover the tasteof real food. Join us! App Features: - Publish and share recipes inpublic or private - Search for recipes by title, ingredients,meal-type or other - Share my recipe photo with the recipe authorafter preparing it - Chat with family and friends about what’scooking or what to cook - Have all my cooking photos in one place -cooking diary - Timeline to see what my friends are cooking andsharing. - Bookmark recipes for quick access. - Find seasonalrecipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Contactus at [email protected]
كوكباد - وصفات طبخ شهية ومجربة
نحن نجمع كل محبي الطبخ من حول العالم ليتبادلوا الوصفات ويتساعدوالتحضير أشهى الأطباق لسفرة كل يوم كوكباد هو اكبر موسوعة طبخ تجد فيهااي وصفة بيتية ومضمونة وتستوحي منها أحلى الأفكار لسفرة منوّعة بأطباقشهية من الفطور حتى العشاء مع أطيب المأكولات والمشروبات والحلويات.زيّن سفرتك بأطباق لأشهى الأكلات من مختلف العالم العربي ثمّ حضّرأشهى الحلويات الشرقية الأصيلة من القطايف والعوامات والكنافة وكافةالوصفات السهلة والسريعة! سواء كنت تريد تعلم الطبخ او كنت طباخمحترف، ستجد في تطبيقنا الذ واسهل الوصفات لاكلات وطبخات لذيذة تجهزهافي مطبخك وتفرح بها اسرتك في جمعتكم. إختصر الطريق وحمّل التطبيقليكون صديقك في المطبخ في كل الاوقات. ميزات تطبيق كوكباد: إبحث عنوصفة واسأل طبّاخها عن مكوّناتها وطريقة تحضيرها من خلال ميزةالدردشة؛ أضف صورة الاطباق التي تجرّبها لتخبر طباخها عن النتيجة؛إحفظ وصفاتك المفضلة "Bookmark" في صفحة واحدة لتعود اليها متى تريد؛أضف وصفاتك الخاصة وشاركها مع آلاف المتابعين؛ تصفّح قائمة الوصفاتبحسب التصنيفات: أطباق وحلويات سهلة وسريعة، وصفات للريجيم ووصفاتصحية ودايت، وصفات سهلة وسريعة، مقبلات وشوربات، سلطات، حلى وحلوياتباردة، وصفات اقتصادية، معجنات، والكثير غيرها لسفرة غنية. شارك ايوصفة مع الاهل والاصدقاء عبر مواقع التواصل مثل Facebook وWhatsApp وTwitter… اكتب المقادير في خانة البحث لتجد اي وصفة مناسبة لك محضّرةبعدّة طرق لتختار أكثر طريقة مناسبة لك. ستكون كل من المشرفة لينوليندا ورولا ورينا بانتظارك لمساعدتك متى تريد كما يمكنك مراسلتناعلى [email protected] :) We bring together all cooking loversfrom around the world to exchange recipes and help prepare the bestdishes for a day trip Cookbad is the largest cooking encyclopediato find any home recipe and guaranteed and inspired by the sweetestideas for a variety of delicious dishes from breakfast to dinnerwith the best food, beverages and sweets. Decorate your travel withdelicious dishes from all over the Arab world and then attend theauthentic Eastern sweets from Qatayef, buoys, coffees and allrecipes, easy and fast! Whether you want to learn cooking or youare a professional cook, you will find in our application theeasiest recipes for delicious dishes and cooking in your kitchenand rejoice by your family in your collection. Shorten the way andcarry the app to be your friend in the kitchen at all times.Cookpad application features: Find a recipe and ask the cook aboutits ingredients and how to prepare it through chat feature; Add apicture of the dishes you try to tell your cook about the result;Bookmark your favorites in one page to get back to them when youwant; Add your own recipes and share them with thousands offollowers; Browse recipe list by category: fast and easy dishes andpastries, recipes for healthy and healthy recipes and recipes,quick and easy recipes, entrees and soups, salads, chocolates, coldcakes, economic recipes, pastries and much more for a rich meal.Share any recipe with family and friends via Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter ... Type the ingredients in the search box to find anyrecipe suitable for you prepared in several ways to choose the mostappropriate way for you. Lina, Linda, Rola and Rina will be waitingfor you whenever you want. You can also email us [email protected] :)