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org.mobileappsforce.qrandroid 1.9
QR Code and Bar Code Scanner! Scans content and create with fast& easy! Quick Scan, Import, create, use, and share data in amatter of taps. Download this QR Code Scanner and Bar Code Scannerthat SCANS multiple bar code formats and QR codes to automaticdecode their contents fast and easy. QR Android is very fast andeasy to use. You can DECODE text, urls, ISBN, email, contactsinformation, calendar events and much more with a single clickusing your smartphone camera, image files, online codes. Afterdecoding you will be redirected to webpage links, books review,multimedia and calendar online information. You can CREATE YOUR OWNQR Codes and Barcodes very fast and easy! SHARE them with yourfriends through apps, social networks, email, text messages, savethem for later use or print. Take a look at our app screenshots andfeel free to share this app with your friends. Download this appand transform your Android smartphone or tablet in a powerful QRCode scanning station. Features: SCAN QR CODES AND BARCODES from -CAMERA - IMAGE FILES - URLS CREATE your own QR CODES encoding: -EMAIL ADDRESSES - PHONE NUMBERS - CONTACTS INFORMATIONS - SIMPLETEXT - WEBSITES
com.bizappforce.notelite 1.2
Note That Can make your daily life effective and productive. Easyand simple to record whatever important message. 5 Notes Categoriesfor you to store Absolutely free No upgrade of storage require
Empowering Mind 1.7
Empower your mind with positive quote, books, articles andmotivation video. Stay motivated throughout the journey to successis a key element in every successful people. In this apps include:Book Summary FREE Summary Book of Think and Grow Rich By NapoleonHill. A Personal Development book and Self-Improvement book. Agreat book and life time must read book for all people. FREESummary Book Rich Dad Poor Dad! By The Best Selling Author: RobertT. Kiyosaki FREE Summary of the Book Principles By Ray Dalio FREESummary of the Book Secret of Millionaire Mind FREE Summary of theBook Think and Grow rich Complete set of Secrets of the MillionaireMindset Blueprint Transformation Cards. This daily affirmation cardwill transform your money blue print. Sophisticated Investor portalwhereby you will learn the way to become millionaire or financiallyfree. (Tools and resources included) Share Motivational Quotes thatyou would share to empower your friend! Download it now!
旅游商机 1.0
你喜欢旅游吗?你曾经有梦想过要环游世界吗?不过这对很多人来说真的就只是梦想!因为太多数人不是没有足够的时间就是没有足够的钱!如果有个方式可以让你免费环游世界又赚钱,是不是很好?来吧!期待与您一起环游世界!Do you like totravel?Have you ever dreamed of going to travel around the world?But for many people, this is really just a dream!Because too few people are not not enough time is not enoughmoney!If there is a way that lets you travel the world for free andprofitable, is not very good?Come on! Look forward to work with you around the world!
A - Fitness 1.9
A-Fitness Complete guide on how to be fit and slim by working out.Follow on the proper work out for muscle group which candrastically speed up yet effectively transform your body. The focusmuscle group as below: - Abs - Arm - Back and Shoulder - Leg -Weight - Cardio In this app also provide you with how to eat properto replenish your body needs. Other than Workout and Diet, DoingYoga exercise also give your strength and flexibility. Mostimportantly is to constantly monitor your progress with Body MassIndex (BMI). A-Fitness suit for young teens, athletes, middle-agedmoms, older gentlemen, and even fitness buffs and body builders. Asdifferent category of articles Carter for different group. Use thisapp to help you achieve the desire dream body and health.
SG HIV Care 1.3
HIV Singapore Care provides information on the importance ofanonymous information such as: - HIV testing - HIV symptoms -Anonymous Testing venues in Singapore Get this apps now for moreinformation
Network Marketing Pro 1.8
In this apps include the most useful reading and learning materialsas such: - Lead Generation - 7 things to avoid in MLM business -Selecting the right MLM company - Simplicity & Duplication -MLM training Material Play An Important Role - Watch NetworkMarketing Pro Video - Learn How Networker Build System - ConstantlyUpdate of Personal Development Articles And More - Summary Book OfThink And Grow Rich - Summary Book Of Rich Dad Poor Dad - TheBusiness Of 21st Century for Network Marketing - Ask the businessbuilder about network marketing industry
SG MY Job Search 1.3
The most comprehensive search engine for Singapore and Malaysiajobs. This app offers free access to million of jobs from thousandsof company websites and job boards. And we know that the biggesthurdle to getting a job is the interview. This app has success tipsto help you improve your interview techniques. Make a free, careertest online. Find out what professions fit your personality. Forquestions like- what is the right job for me? The career test isthe optimal assistance in helping you make your decision. Besides,this app provide you with the latest news and statistic that mayhelp you successful to get a job. Go on share these advantages ofthis app to your love one.
How To Swim 1.1
An Apps that kick start your learning about how to swim and how toswim professionally. Learning How to Slim is not a difficult Task.With Step by step video guide, it is easy to learn swimming. Thisapp provide various style of swim style and it is good for beginneror expert. It is easy to watch video while learning on how toswimming. This apps include all the style and play it in your apps
Puppy Hike 1.2
How high can your Puppy Hike? Journey of going up a building tosky, jumping from one platform to the next higher one, picking upcoins, avoiding trap, and merging booster arrow up. Celebrate thejoy when the puppy score the highest score of your achievement. Bewarned: this game is insanely addictive! How to play: - Tab leftand right for movement - Collect coins to increase your score -Don't fall into trap - Avoid falling of vase - Power up boost for 5Sec Enjoy and have fun !!!!
Traderpedia 1.7
This guide you through trading strategy with Japanese Candlestickprice action for trader either is the beginner or the expert.Trading Forex, Stock, Index, or any asset class can be categoriesinto fundamental, technical or both. This is the apps that help yougot the latest information, economy calendar, news from varioussource, live chart, and video source with have the concentration ofinformation. Free for forex, cryptocurrency, stock, index andBitcoin! This apps include: - Price Action Strategy - JapaneseCandle Stick Pattern - Forex News - Forex Calendar - Forex Rate -Fundamental Analysis - Technical Analysis - Trading Chat Room -Forex Education - Video News -Sophisticated Investor MethodDownload Traderpedia Now! ***Content is all right reserved to thecontent owner.
Malaysia News Portal 1.5
Make Your News reading experience easy to Read From DifferentSources and Languages (English, Malay & Mandarin ) For MalaysiaNews 拥有一个三种语言的APP 来看新闻,华语新闻 News From: *The Sun Daily *The EdgeMalaysia *The Star News *The Malaysian Insider *The News StraightTimes *Berita Harian *Harian Metro *星洲日报 *光明日报 *光华日报 Enjoy Readingand Definitely find you more attractive to continue reading.
QR Code Scanner Pro 1.5
The most sensitive detection QR Scanner in the market. Quick Scan,Import, create, use, and share data in a matter of taps. Downloadthis QR Code Scanner and Bar Code Scanner that SCANS multiplebarcode formats and QR codes to automatic decode their contentsfast and easy. QR Barcode Scanner is very fast and easy to use. Youcan DECODE text, urls, ISBN, email, contacts information, calendarevents and much more with a single click using your smartphonecamera, image files, online codes. After decoding you will beredirected to webpage links, books review, multimedia and calendaronline informations. You can CREATE YOUR OWN QR Codes and Barcodesvery fast! SHARE them with your friends through apps, socialnetworks, email, text messages, save them for later use or print.Take a look at our app screenshots and feel free to share this appwith your friends. Download this app and transform your Androidsmartphone or tablet in a powerful QR Code scanning station. FullScreen Scanning with Sensitive Detection Function. Features: - SCANQR CODES AND BARCODES from > CAMERA > IMAGE FILES > URLSCREATE your own QR CODES encoding: > EMAIL ADDRESSES > PHONENUMBERS > CONTACTS INFORMATIONS > SIMPLE TEXT > WEBSITES
QR Code Scanner 1.6
Change your smartphone into a powerful QR Code, and Data Matrixscanning utility. Import, create, use, and share data in a matterof taps. This intuitive, full-featured and multi-language QR coddewill change the way you interact with QR Codes and their smartaction for you. Key Features: * Simple * Easy * Sensitive Scan *Quick Interpretation * Record History Of Scan * Direct Link up toBrowse * Full Screen Detection * Wide Angle Detection * Share,Email, Send on the same App The Best App For QR Scanner
Memory Challenge 1.3
Let your kids play these memory games and help improve their memorywhile enjoying fun learning activities here. Picture Matching GameFind the matching pairs using as few moves as possible. Rememberwhere the objects are so you can easily find them again later.Jigsaw puzzles Jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic tool for engagingshort-term memory, since your brain has to sort through a series ofcolors and shapes in order to assemble a visual picture. ThrowingThrow to destroy the tower!
Cool Apps Creation 1.4
Provide Solution For Mobile Application with your own customisationof Apps to suit your needs.Creating Apps For Business is nowadaysmost of the effective way in following up the market trends. It isundeniable that everyone's hands will hold on the phone playingaround whenever, wherever they are. Make additional income bycreating mobile application. Make money in mobile application.Appsdefinitely helps in bring customer loyalty by constantly updatecustomer with news and promotion. Apps gives customer fullinformation, review and update.Want to make more money? JointVenture with CoolAppsCreation for creating more passive income foryour life. Join us now by downloading this apps.
Easy Note 1.6
This app is a simple note app together with calendar. It give you aquick and simple notepad editing experience when you write note,email, message, shopping lists and todo lists. this app makestaking a note easier than any other notepad apps. ***Features*** -Easy Set up note - Easy to add Multimedia (Image/photo) - Checklistfor ToDo & Shopping list - Keep Your Note on Cloud - SeparateNote by Colour - Calendar Easy and Quick
Slim Kit 3.3
Find out how to slim down and look fit. When we look better we feelbetter. 100 Weight loss tips which really do work and which don't.This Application is designed for guaranteed weight loss tips thatwill set your weight straight, and help you adopt some reallyhealthy, weight-friendly habits for life. This application alsohelp those serious and believe they can slim down easily and to getstarted. How to eat correctly and live a healthier we can see fromthese tips. Here's what you'll find in this Weight Loss App: - BodyMass Index Calculator (BMI) - Daily Motivation tips - 100 WeightLoss Tips - 34 Diet & Weight Loss Advices - Easy of way Slim -Weight loss tips that work / easy to follow - Basic weight losstips for reducing fat in your diet - Weight loss tips to maintainour ideal weight - Work Out Video for Your Guide - Weight LossVideo Many times we have heard the phrase "I'm on a diet" by peoplewho want to lose weight. But what is an effective diet for weightloss? Hunger is definitely not the right solution for this! To feelenergetic throughout the day our body needs the nutrients we getfrom food. However, these nutrients are bad for the body when inexcess. When not used these nutrients are stored in the body in theform of fatty deposits. They become visible when our weight issignificantly increased and damage our health.
Berita Malaysia 1.3
Comprehensive application that give you a quick, easy and clearreading and watching video news on the latest news from major Malaynewspaper and English News in Malaysia! TOP 10 Malaysian FavouriteNews channel! Available Portal: - Bernama - Berita Harian - mStar -Utusan - Harian Metro - Kosmo ! - The Star - Borneo Post - TheMalay Mail - Berita Straight Times - Astro Awani - The Edge Market- Yahoo News ***All rights reserved to the content's respectiveowners.
Yoga & BMI 1.3
Yoga can create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mindand body!Practice Yoga daily to loss weight and lessen chronicpain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpaltunnel syndrome.You can monitor and calculate your BMI (Body MassIndex) with this app to find your ideal weight based on age andgender.It is simple and easy to use. It can also be used to findyour healthy weight if you want to lose weight or are on diet.• BMICalculation for everyone.• Metric and imperial systems aresupported.This app provide useful Yoga Video and also Tips onbecoming healthier and fit.Straight to the point with with Yoga& BMI apps and let it help you to obtain the desire body andhealth for yourself. Info:• BMI - Body Mass Index: is defined asthe body weight divided by the square of the height. It provides arough guide since the BMI doesn't take into account a persons buildor the composition of the body weight.
Funny Jokes 1.6
Be the joke story teller to cheer the people around you. Thousandof funny story and joke in this app in all categories. Fill yourlife with thousands of funny jokes story! The most UPDATED Bestjokes ever! This is one of the most popular free apps on theAndroid market. Funny video is just break your stomach! The greathumor you will get from this app rubs off on you! Thousands of FreeFunny Jokes in many categories: - Chuck Norris Jokes - Yo MamaJokes - Lightbulb Jokes - Bar Jokes - Business Jokes - AirplaneJokes - Animal Jokes - College Jokes - Computer Jokes - DoctorJokes - Entertainment Jokes - Farmer Jokes - Golf Jokes - IdiotJokes - Lawyer Jokes - Marriage Jokes - One Liner Jokes - Pick UpJokes - Political Jokes - Teacher Jokes - Work Jokes - Sports Jokes- Scifi Jokes - Police Jokes - Military Jokes - Men vs Women Jokes- Judges Jokes - Gender Jokes - Male Jokes - Female Jokes - GenieJokes - Family Jokes - Education Jokes - Elderly Jokes - CannibalJokes - Baby Jokes
Health Tracker 1.6
Health Tracker Monitor Your : ~ BMI (Body Mass Index) ~ Body Fat ~Lean Body Mass ~ Celander ~ Diet Articles ~ Slimming Tips ~ FitnessAticles ~ Cardio and Tabata Workout Video All in one apps Monitoryour health by tracking Few Major Factor In this Apps
Space Fighter 1.0
Space fighter to protect our earth from invasion.Fighter got totravel to space to fight with the Squadron. Your goal will bechallenged as you will have to save the earth from the invader.Onboard your spacecraft, you will have to get shoot down largenumber of enemies while avoiding their attacks.You have equip with3 "Space Craft" and have 3 chance to survive, there are largenumber of projectiles and invader space craft. Be the Hero, Be theFighter!BahasaTempur angkasa untuk melindungi bumi kita dari invasi.Fighter harus melakukan perjalanan ke ruang angkasa untuk melawandengan Skuadron . Tujuan Anda akan ditantang demi menyelamatkanbumi dari penyerang .Naik pesawat ruang angkasa Anda , Anda akanharus mendapatkan menembak jatuh sejumlah besar musuh sambilmenghindari serangan mereka .Anda telah melengkapi dengan 3 "Angkasa Pesawat " dan memiliki 3 kesempatan untuk bertahan hidup ,ada sejumlah besar proyektil dan pesawat ruang angkasa penyerbu.Menjadi pahlawan , menjadi Space Fighter !
com.fulfillment.beritaindonesiaterkini 1.6
All in one application to get the latest Indonesia news inmultilingual. Simple and Easy to navigate. DISCLAIMER: All the infoin this app belongs to the respective news channel. We do not haveany affiliation. We built simple app (Only link to respective newswebsite) that make it easier for you to view all the news fromvarious newspapers / magazines in Indonesia easily.
New Tycoon 1.0
New Tycoon Learning is an app that enableyouto Learn. You now can learn whatever you wish just byonlinereading. It can be free or you can pay to learn. How to earn?Dropus a message and we will show you a way to earn extra incomebytelling people it is important to learn!The team believe that by education can change people life andtobe a new tycoon of this century! Because of technology, itispossible.
Convert PDF 1.6
Convert your picture document to become PDF format and Edit yourPDF file in a single app. Not only can you scan and edit your PDF,you also can keep you signature file in the app for easy use ofattachment. Download this simple app and keep it in your phone foryour daily use.
com.coolappscreation.malaysiacalendar 1.6
The Classic Malaysia Calendar 2019 comes with important publicholiday date for Malaysians. Celebrations and events of Multiracialfestive dates. Do not miss an important date for your vacationplanning. Classic Calendar Malaysia offers public holidays, stateholidays and school holidays. Key features as below: - Calendarwith traditional - Chinese lunar affiliation, Indian lunisolarcalendar (Tamil) and Islamic lunar calendar - Malaysian publicholidays, states and schools (school holidays) - Main PublicHoliday - Create your own event and set an alarm - Zoom in fordetails - Easy and Easy to use Malaysia Calendar Public Holiday,Chinese Lunar Calendar, Calendar Hijri, lunisolar calendar,Malaysia School Holiday [DISCLAIMER OF CONTENT] The developer doesnot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of theinformation contained in this application. If you find anyviolation of the law or violation of rights whether the developeris emailing to remove the content.
Latest Vietnam News 1.5
Comprehensive application that give you a quick, easy and clearreading on the latest news from major English News in Vietnam!Available Portal: > Tuoi Tre News > Vietnamnet > VNExpress International > VOV The Voice Of Vietnam > Nhan Dan> Viet Nam News ***All rights reserved to the content'srespective owners.
Simple Voice Recorder 1.0
Simple Voice Recorder is design to be simple and Easy to Use.ThisApp won't take up the space of your phone so that you can use thespace for recording more useful information.Basic function :-Record- Send to friend via Email,Drive and Messaging Tools and Etc-Play Back on DeviceThats simple!
com.asiabestonlineoffer.sgpromocode 1.3
Never miss the promotional code from your favourite online shoppingsite, ride sharing app or online store! Here is the compilation ofthe website available that collect the data from the dailyapplication that you going to use! Check the code here before youuse! Never miss a single promo code! This app is create for theconvenient of the user to find the promotional code in 1 place.Disclaimer: This app will link to difference website that providethe promotional code, the developer does not own anything contentnor copyright from the website. If you are owner of the website anddo not wish to be display on this app please contact developer andwe will do so immediately.
家庭美食 Home Cooking Recipe 1.4
家常饭菜和美味的中西式佳肴烹饪食谱及视频合集.非常适合初级者,美食家或馋嘴的你照着简单做法一步一步的指示,为家人和朋友来个美味的家常便饭。家常饭菜指的是在家里制作和食用的饭菜。你经常因为下一顿饭做什么而感到沮丧?现在,你可以快速的参考这个“家庭美食”应用程序。应用程序亮点 : *清楚列出所需的成分,腌料和调料的种类和数量 *附有详细的图片和方向,易于理解,引导你一步一步完成你的烹饪*种类繁多的流行食谱,让您和您的家人每天都可以尝试新的口味 *此应用程序将持续更新,敬请期待。 Collection of Homecooked meals and Delicious Chinese + Western cuisine cookingrecipes. This apps is Ideal for Beginners, Gourmet, or Foodie tofollow the simple step-by-step instructions so you can prepare adelicious home-cooked meal for family and friends. Home cookedmeals means meals that are made and eaten at home. Do you often getfrustrated with what to cook for the next meal? Whenever you runout of ideas, you can quickly refer to this "Home-Cooked MealsRecipes" app. Highlights of "Home-Cooked Meals Recipes" app: *Clearly listed the required types and amount of ingredients,marinade and seasoning * Comes with detailed pictures anddirections, easy to understand, guiding you step by step tocomplete your cooking * Lots of variety recipes included, so thatyou and your family can try new tastes of food every day * This appwill be updated consistently with NEW recipes, stay tuned.Home-cooked meals and delicious Chinese and Western cuisine cookingrecipes and video collection. Very suitable for beginners, gourmetor greedy you follow the simple practice step by step instructions,for family and friends to a delicious order of the day. Home cookedmeals means that food production and consumption at home. Oftenbecause of what you do next meal frustrated? Now, you can quicklyrefer to this "family food" application. Application highlights: * Clearly required to list the ingredients, the type andquantity of the marinade and spices * With detailed pictures anddirections, easy to understand and guide you step by step tocomplete your cooking * A wide variety of popular recipes, so youand your family can try new flavors every day * This applicationwill be continually updated, so stay tuned. Collection of Homecooked meals and Delicious Chinese + Western cuisine cookingrecipes. This apps is Ideal for Beginners, Gourmet, or Foodie tofollow the simple step-by-step instructions so you can prepare adelicious home-cooked meal for family and friends. Home cookedmeals means meals that are made and eaten at home. Do you often getfrustrated with what to cook for the next meal? Whenever you runout of ideas, you can quickly refer to this "Home-Cooked MealsRecipes" app. Highlights of "Home-Cooked Meals Recipes" app: *Clearly listed the required types and amount of ingredients,marinade and seasoning * Comes with detailed pictures anddirections, easy to understand, guiding you step by step tocomplete your cooking * Lots of variety recipes included, so thatyou and your family can try new tastes of food every day * This appwill be updated consistently with NEW recipes, stay tuned.
Earn Dream Vacation 1.5
A Travel app that let you earn you dream vacation through sharingtravel experience in membership club. With this app can help you todecide which place to travel, tips on traveling, record down yourtravel journey with interactive note. The Travel Note probably isthe most versatile digital notebook, and for good reason. It’ssimple enough to capture quick notes on the go, and still powerfulenough to organize your day to day. You can add text, images, andvideo files to your notes. The Travel Note makes it easy to captureinspiration wherever and however it strikes. This is an Travel Appthat let you: - Create Your Bucket List - Record Your TravelJournal - Plan Your Travel in Calendar - Way to Earn your TravelLets Travel and See the World
Escape RUN 1.3
This is a game to challenge your flexibility and also reaction toavoid the falling anchor. Challenge your finger and mindcoordination. Maximise your reaction time to respond and score thehighest point. It is fun and blood pumping to hit the highestscore! A game for all level of people whether you are adult orkids. Get yourself ready for this!
二维码扫描仪 1.0
com.coolappscreation.jommasak 1.3
The collection of Malay cuisine recipes containing over more than50 recipes consisting of Fried, Soup, Kuah, Spices, And Others in:- Chicken Cooking Menu - Beef Cooking Menu - Seafood Cuisine menu -Rice Cuisine Menu - Mee Cuisine Menu - Vegetable Cooking Menu -Sweet Menu (Cake, Cake, Fried Lop, Raya Cake and Assorted Types)The App Jom Masak will be updated and adding more recipes from timeto time to diversify your cooking for you to serve your loved ones.Applications can be used offline and online. Please share this freeapp with your friends and family in social media. Worrying aboutwhat to cook? Now the Recipes are just at your fingertips! #JomMasak!
Cara Langsing 1.2
Mendapatkan tubuh lebih langsing dengan bantuan Aplikasi CaraLangsing. Dalam Aplikasi ini termasuk: - Video latihan untukmerampingkan badan - Artikel program diet yang berhasil LebihCepat. - Kalkulator BMI - Kalendar untuk rancangan Video Senam adaberbagai macam, diantaranya senam lantai, senam hamil, senamaerobik, senam pramuka, Senam Kesegaran Jasmani (SKJ), senam zumba,senam poco-poco, senam panama, senam naik turun, senam baby shark,dll. Biasanya di sekolah dasar, guru-guru mengajarkan senam-senamyang mudah dicerna oleh murid, seperti SKJ dan senam pramuka. Namunketika beranjak remaja, banyak orang melakukan senam aerobik,ataupun senam lain termasuk meditasi atau yoga untuk menenangkandiri. Jenis-jenis senam : - senam artistik (artistic gymnastic) -senam ritmik sportif(sportive rhythmic gymnastics) - senamakrobatik (acrobatic gymnastic) - senam aerobic sport (sportaerobics) - senam trampoline (trampolining), dan - senam umum(general gymnastic) Disclaimer : Semua konten dalam aplikasi inibukan merek dagang kami. Kami hanya mendapatkan konten dari searchengine dan website. Hak cipta semua konten dalam aplikasi inisepenuhnya dimiliki oleh pencipta, musisi dan label musik. JikaAnda adalah pemegang hak cipta lagu /video yang ada dalam aplikasiini dan berkenan untuk ditampilkan, silakan hubungi kami melaluiemail. Download Aplikasi ini dan dapatkan Perut Lebih ramping &hidup lebih sehat, Getting slimmer body with the help ofApplications How to Slim. In this application include: - Videoexercise to streamline the agency - Articles successful dietprogram Faster. - BMI Calculator - Calendar to draft VideoGymnastics there are various, including floor exercises, pregnancyexercise, aerobics, gymnastics scouts, Gymnastics PhysicalFreshness (SKJ), zumba gymnastics, gymnastics poco-poco, panamagymnastics, gymnastics up and down, gymnastics baby shark, etc.Usually, in elementary school, teachers teach gymnastics-gymnasticsis easily digested by the students, such as gymnastics SKJ andscout. But when the teenagers, a lot of people doing aerobics,gymnastics or another including meditation or yoga to cool down.The types of exercises: - artistic gymnastics (artistic gymnastics)- rhythmic sportive gymnastics (rhythmic sportive gymnastics) -acrobatic gymnastics (acrobatic gymnastics) - aerobic gymnasticsport (sports aerobics) - gymnastics trampoline (trampolining), and- general gymnastics (general gymnastics) Disclaimer: All contentin this application is not our trademark. We only get the contentfrom the search engines and websites. Copyright all content in thisapplication is fully owned by the creators, musicians and musiclabels. If you are the copyright holder of the song / videocontained in this application and are pleased to be displayed,please contact us via email. Download this app and get TummySlimmer and healthier lives,
Merry Christmas 1.0
Merry Christmas is an app for festive event Christmas to sharejoyand happiness during this season month. Send MerryChristmasGreeting to your Friends, family and relatives easily byusing thisapp and find idea to send. Send Christmas greetings bytext orbeautiful design christmas card. This App have the featuresasbelow: - Beautiful Greeting Card Designs - Count Down -ChristmasSong - Puzzle Games - Question Survey - Christmas PhotoEffect -Set Goal Tracker - Christmas Karaoke Best App Design of theyear,definitely you will find it very useful to use andentertaining.
com.blogspot.coolappscreation.lucky2018 1.3
这个新年APP 富含了你新年所需要的: - 相机拍照含有新年卡的图 - 阅读预知运程 - 算命大全 - 风水命相 - 新年贺岁歌-发祝福语点子 这个APP会让你好运当头! This New Year New Year APP rich you need: -New Year card from your camera contains a map of the - Read foreseefortune - telling Daquan - Feng Shui fortune-telling - New Year NewYear song - send greetings ideas This APP will make you good luck!
Inspiring Entrepreneur 1.5
In this app have pick the most greatest stories that can inspireindividual to spark the fire burning inside to once again feel thepossibilities to be successful entrepreneur. Great EntreprenuerStories of : - Steve Job - Elon Musk - Jack Ma - Susan Wojcicki -Mark Zuckerberg - Richard Branson - Uber Founder Million DollarTweet - Latest innovation company that disrupt the industry Stayconnected with the app and be in the group of like minded peopleDownload now and start your journey