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Argentinean truco 4.7
Truco is a variant of Truc and a popular trick-taking card gameoriginally from Valencia and Balearic Islands (Spain) and played inBrazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Italy (in Piemonte, in Lomellina, anda particular variant in the towns Porto San Giorgio, Sirolo,Numana, Porto Recanati, Potenza Picena (Marche) and Paulilatino(Sardegna) ), Uruguay, southern Chile and Venezuela. It is playedusing a Spanish deck, by two, four or six players.... ach player isdealt three cards from a subset of the deck consisting of thenumbers 1 to 7 and figures sota in Spanish or valete in Portuguese(jack, worth 10), caballo in Spanish or dama in Portuguese(equivalent to a queen, worth 11) and rey in Spanish or rei inPortuguese (king, worth 12). The game is played until a teamfinishes a game with 15/30 points or more. The 30 points arecommonly split into two halves, the lower half called malas inSpanish or ruins in Portuguese (bad) and the higher half calledbuenas in Spanish or boas in Portuguese (good). Therefore a teamwith 8 points would be ocho malas or oito ruins (8 bad ones), and ateam with 21 points would be seis buenas or seis boas (6 goodones). However, because both teams can score points in one round,it is possible (but very rare) for both teams to go over 30 pointsin one round. Usually as soon as one team goes over 30 points, thegame is ended, to stop there being a tie situation. However,sometimes the winner is the one with more points, otherwise anotherhand is played, until the tie is broken. The popular appeal of thegame comes from the exciting bidding process. Each type of scoringcan be bid on to score your team more points. Bids can be accepted,rejected or upped. Bluffing and deception are also fundamental tothe game. Structure of the game: Players can earn points in threedifferent ways. These will be further developed below in specialsections for each one. Truco: points can be earned by winning inthe playing of the cards (the "tricks"). Envido: points can beearned by having the best combination of two cards of the same suitor a single card. Flor: points may be earned by having all threecards of the same suit. The score won by a player is added to histeam's score (when playing in teams). Any bet, win, loss, orsurrender by a player also affects his partner/s. For this reason,partnerships are usually formed by mutual arrangement between twoplayers who know each other very well. As in bridge, it is not rarefor partners to share information using preestablished signs andgestures. Communication is usually performed by a standard set ofgestures (see señas). Arranging a secret set of gestures is thusfrowned upon.
Truco Uruguayo 🏆 3.5
¡El primer y único Truco Uruguayo para Android llegó a Google Play!Juega al famoso juego Rioplatense en su versión uruguaya: Con cartade muestra y con el reglamento típico de la versión jugada enUruguay. Compite contra tu celu/tablet en 3 niveles de juego.Compite contra otros "charrúas" y chatea con ellos, a la vez quesumas puntos para el ranking mensual! NOTA: El juego aún está endesarrollo, por lo cual si encuentras un error por favor agradeceréme envíes un e-mail a través de la aplicación para que puedacorregirlo. Por favor no calificar negativo hasta tenerlo 100%funcional :) - El juego es completamente compatible para personasno videntes ya que se incluyen características de accesibilidadpara usar aplicativos de lectura como TalkBack. The first and onlyAndroid Truco Uruguayo came to Google Play! Play the famous gameRioplatense its Uruguayan version: With sample letter and thetypical rules of the version played in Uruguay. Compete againstyour celu / tablet in 3 levels of play. Compete against other"Charruas" and chat with them while sums points for the monthlyranking! NOTE: The game is still in development, so if you find anerror please send thank me an e-mail through the application so youcan correct it. Please do not rate negative to have it 100%functional :) - The game is fully compatible for blind peoplebecause accessibility features include reading to use applicationslike TalkBack.