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Quiz for the Terminator Movies 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger promised he would beback - now he is back in Terminator 5: Genisys! And in our new quizgame you can show your knowledge not only about Terminator 5:Genisys but also about all the other Terminator-movies. We includedquestions about the James Cameron Terminator movies 1 and 2(Judgement Day), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator4 Salvation. Our Terminator Quiz is a fan quiz - from fans for fansof the epic science fiction movies. Here are some examples of ourquestions:What did Sarah Connor work as before the Terminator arrived fromthe future?- Waitress- Cook- Police Officer- TeacherTerminator 4: The machines of 2018 are focusing their efforts ona new target, whom they successfully capture: Kyle Reese. Why isKyle Reese of such vital importance in the war?- He is John Connor's father.- John Connor is his brother.- He will lead the humans to defeat the machines.- He will travel back in time and create Skynet.Terminator 5 - Genisys: It was decided, instead of CGI to makeSchwarzenegger look 30 years younger, that it should be writteninto the screenplay, that the Terminator can age like normalhumans.- True- FalseWe hope you have as much fun playing the game as we did creatingit. Enjoy!
Quiz App for Star Wars 1.2
The Star Wars Saga is legendary. And thelegend continues with Disney and J.J. Abrams and the Episodes VII,VIII and IX. And if you are a fan as big as we are, this quiz mightbe right for you. A Star Wars quiz from fans for fans. Here aresome examples what you can expect from the game:In which battle did Luke Skywalker fly for the Rebel Alliance inan X-Wing, and destroy the Empire's superweapon, the DeathStar?- Battle of Coruscant- Battle of Naboo- Battle of Endor- Battle of YavinIn which "Star Wars" movie does Liam Neeson play Qui-GonJinn?- Episode II: Attack Of The Clones- Episode I: The Phantom Menace- None of them- Episode VI: Return Of The JediEpisode VII - The Force Awakens: What does Han Solo say at theend of the second trailer for the new movie?- "Chewie, let's make a party"- "I told you, I will be back"- "Chewie, we're home"- "I love you"Have fun! :)
Quiz for Batman and Superman 1.01
You are a fan of Batman and Superman? Youknowwhich Kryptonite colour is bad for Superman? You know whichactorplayed Batman how often? You can guess if Ben Affleck was thefirstchoice for Batman v Superman? The villains of Batman andSupermanare no challenge for you and you know which movie washowsuccessful? You read the comics and are aware of all the datesofdifferent TV series and movies? Christopher Nolan was thedirectorof which films? Show your knowledge of Batman andSupermanincluding the actual movie with Ben Affleck and HenryCavill.Have fun!
Quiz App for Game of Thrones 1.01
You are a fan of Game of Thrones? You knowthebooks by George R. R. Martin? You know Westeros better thanyourown home? Then join us on our journey to the seven kingdoms.OurTrivia Quiz App for Game of Thrones is a classical multiplechoicequiz. Each round you have to answer ten questions. The fasteryouare the better your score. Wanna know what you are up to? Herearesome questions of our game:Season 1: Daenerys Targaryen is supposed to wed the leader ofatribe of Nomads. Can you name the leader of the Nomads?- Tywin Lannister- Jory Cassel- Tyrion Lannister- Khal DrogoWhat is the Lannister family's sigil?- Fish- Lion- Kraken- DragonSeason 2: For which of these men did Arya serve as Cup BeareratHarrenhal?- Tywin Lannister- Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)- Joffrey Baratheon- Theon GreyjoyYou know the answers? Great! Enjoy our game and have lotsoffun!SPOILER-WARNING: Our game is about the seasons 1-4. Ifyouhaven't seen all seasons, it might be possible that somequestionswill spoil little parts of the story to you.
Movie Quotes Game - Quiz App 2
You love movies as much as we do? You love togo to the cinema? You are a fan of chilling evenings in front ofthe TV? You know all films of Netflix? Your BluRay collection isbigger than the shoe collection of your girl friend? Then thechances are good that you will master our great Movie Quiz game!In this quiz you will be asked ten questions each round. Eachquestions is a famous line or dialogue from a movie. Choose theright film from the given answers. The faster you are the higheryour score at the end of each round. Here are some examples:"He has a knife." "That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife."- Crocodile Dundee- Mack the Knife- The Lords of Flatbush- Crime Story"Open the pod bay doors, HAL." "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid Ican't do that."- Apollo 13- Lost in Space- 2001: A Space Odyssey- Blade Runner"William Wallace is seven feet tall." "Yes, I've heard. Killsmen by the hundreds."- Braveheart- Henry VIII- How Green was My Valley- Rob RoyDo you know the answers? Hundreds of quotes await you!Enjoy!
Quiz for Ghostbusters Movies 1.01
This spooky quiz game is all aboutthelegendary Ghostbusters movies. The game features Ghostbusters1(1984), Ghostbusters 2 (1989) and the Ghostbusters rebootfrom2016. You know everything about Egon, Ray, Winston and Venkman?Youknow that Slimer is no special ice cream? You know who GozerandVigo are? And you think that four woman can do as great thanthelegends from the 80s? Fantastic! It seems that you are asbigGhostbusters fans as we are.- All about the three movies- Get interesting insights behind the scenes- All about the stories- Guess who said the most famous quotesWe wish you a lot of fun!
Election 2016: Trump v Clinton 1.01
This quiz game is all about thepresidentialelection 2016 in the USA. This game features facts andquotes fromthe major candidates from the Democrats and theRepublicans: 2016is all about Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz vs HillaryClinton vs BernieSanders. Do you know who won the primaries in whatstate? Do youknow the legendary quotes from all candidates -especially thecontroversial ones of Donald Trump? How good is yourknowledgeabout the different political positions of the candidates?And whatdo you know about the election in general and the formerUSPresidents? Have fun and educate yourself!Features:- Facts about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz andBernieSanders- Guess the quotes- Questions about political positions- General trivia about the history of the US Presidents- Educational quiz game
Quiz for Finding Dory & Nemo 1.01
This quiz game is all about two greatmovies:The legendary classic Finding Nemo and the animation movieof 2016Finding Dory. Enjoy hundreds of questions regarding thestory, thevoice actors and the production itself. Here are someexamples.Finding Dory: Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of Dory- True- FalseFinding Dory: The film is actually set 13 years afteritspredecessor- True- FalseFinding Nemo: None of the crew ever saw the Great BarrierRieffor real.- True- FalseEnjoy!
Jurassic Quiz - Movies & Dinos 1
You are a true dinosaur expert and a fan ofthemost famous dinosaur movies? Great, then take a look at our newquizgame. We included questions about all movies of theJP-series,including the newest "World"-part. Enjoy countlessinterestingfacts and show your detailed knowledge about the storiesand twistsof the films. Furthermore we included lots of questionsaboutdinosaurs in generell.
Wizardry Quiz for Harry Potter 1.0.12
This Wizardry Quiz is from fans for fans.Thegame includes hundreds of questions about the most famous wizardofthe world: Harry Potter. Enjoy a wonderful quiz design withgreatmultiple choice questions.Features of the Wizardry Quiz:- Hundreds of questions- Including all seven books- Questions about the story, the characters, the spells, thehouses& more- Multiple choice questions- Google Play leaderboards- Multiplayer rankings via Google Play
American Football Quiz for NFL 1.0.02
This is is a Quiz Game about theAmericanFootball Championship. You love the sport? You know alltheplayers? You know all the records? You know all about thehistoryof American Football? You know when the NFL has beenfounded?Fantastic! Than this quiz might be just for you!Answer hundreds of questions about this fantastic sport. Ineachround you have to answer eight questions. Show your skills inthemultiplayer scores via GameCenter. Have fun!
Karneval & Fasching Quiz App 1.0.02
Ein jeckes Spiel für die närrische Zeit!DasKarneval & Fasching Quiz bietet hunderte von Fragen rund umdenKölner und Düsseldorfer Karneval bzw den Faschingimdeutschsprachigen Raum. Einige Fragen beschäftigen sich auchmitder internationalen Ausbreitung des Karnevals.Kleiner Vorgeschmack gefällig?- Was sind die Karnevels-Hochburgen in Deutschland?- Von welcher Band stammt das Lied "Superjeilezick"?- Warum ließ man früher in der Rhein-Gegend am AbenddesRosenmontags einige Fenster des Hauses offen?- Was ist im Karneval ein Schwellkopp?- Wie lautet das Motto des Kölner Karnevals 2014?- Wann fand der Rosenmontagszug in Köln das erste Mal statt?Features des Spiels:- Hunderte Fragen rund um Fasching und Karneval- Multiple Choice Fragen- Wahr & Falsch Fragen- 8 Fragen pro Runde- Gamecenter Ranking-Listen- Multiplayer-Runden via Gamecenter- Modernes Quiz-DesignViel Spaß!A Jeckes game forthefoolish time! The Carnival Quiz offers hundreds ofquestionsrelating to the Cologne and Düsseldorf carnival or thecarnival inGermany. Some questions also deal with the internationalspread ofthe carnival.Taster complacent?- What are the Karnevels strongholds in Germany?- From what band comes the song "Superjeilezick"?- Why was allowed earlier in the Rhine area on the evening ofShroveMonday some windows of the house open?- What is a Schwellkopp in carnival?- What is the motto of the Cologne Carnival 2014?- When the Rose Monday for the first time took placeinCologne?Features of the game:- Hundreds of questions about Carnival and Carnival- Multiple Choice Questions- True & False questions- 8 questions per round- Gamecenter ranking lists- Multiplayer rounds via Game Center- Modern Design quizHave fun!