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Design Decorate New House 9.0.0
After Maria had her wonderful wedding, shewent for a dream honeymoon and when she returned, she had animportant task to do. She now has to design her new house andcreate a cozy environment. Help her with the house.Right after Maria had her fantastic wedding ceremony, she wentfor a dream honeymoon and once she returned, she had an essentialjob to do. She now has to design her brand-new house and create acozy environment. Help her with the house.Maria is trying to decorate her own home now. She has differentfurniture and color options. She desires to impress her friendswith the amazing decoration. What are suggesting her fordecoration?
Astonishing Stylish Makeover 7
Your very own celebrity hair and fashion salon is at your disposal.With your professional makeover you turn any model into a star.Choose any hairstyle, use the tools, and give her an astonishingbeautiful new look.A magic hair salon can make you be a model and star. You canchoose any hairstyles of stars and tell your hairdresser. He or shewill do a great job for you!You work in a barber shop, you come up with the girl and she needsurgent help, it's late on a date but no time to make yourself ahaircut, help this girl make unusual hairstyle, the main thing thatwas stylish hairstyle! Play free games " Astonishing StylishMakeover”Have some fun in this great makeover game in which you are runninga fashion stars beauty salon. The models and stars are coming toyou asking for a great hairstyle. Make sure you have them leavehappy!You have to help Leva. She has a hair fashion studio. I think itlooks great. But she wants her customers to know she has the besthair studio in town. She wants to earn a five star ranking for hershop. Can you help her? You have to give Leva's customers the hairfashion they want. If you do it right, you can earn the stars forLeva. You can also play "free model". You cannot earn stars forEva, but you can style the hair of the model any way you want.
Swing Books to Top Block 7
To make the highest tower of the book click onthe table. 3 or more books on top of the game if you fail you needto play from the start.Welcome to Build The Tower Game- Swing Books to Top Block! Hereyou can construct your own book tower. In this skill game, you willsee books hung by a hand, and what you need to do is to release theblock when it flies over the position you want it to land. You’dbetter build your building as tall as possible within 3 minutes sothat you can get higher scores. If you miss too many blocks, youwill lose your game.Who knew that building an entire city could be so easy? Stack upblocks to make the highest skyscrapers possible and give theumbrella peeps a home.In this game you need to build a tower that is as tall aspossible. Blocks will swing from the top, and when you click themouse button, the block will drop down. If it fails to land on theblock beneath, then you lose a block. When you loses three blocks,the game will be over. If you manage to drop the block perfectly onthe block beneath, then you get extra bonus scores. As the towergets taller, it will start to shake. The taller it gets, the widerit shakes, making the dropping of new blocks more difficult.
Cooking Chicken Murg Makhani 9.0.0
An Indian dish, popular in countries all overthe world. The origins of butter chicken can be traced back toDelhi, during the period of Mughal EmpireButter Chicken is among the best known Indian foods all over theworld. Its gravy can be made as hot or mild as you like so it suitsmost palates. Also commonly known as Murg Makhani, Butter Chickentastes great with Kaali Daal (black lentils), Naans and a greensalad. This is my recipe for Butter Chicken and it is the realdeal! It has been tried and tested numerous times and is loved byeverybody that has eaten it. I hope you will like it too.Along with Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken is without adoubt one of the most well known Indian dishes around the world.But unlike Chicken Tikka Masala, which is sometimes claimed as anational dish of the UK, Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani) isdecidedly of North Indian provenance.Maybe it’s the name (can you think of a more decadent soundingname?), or perhaps it has a flavor profile that appeals acrosscultures. Whatever the reason, butter chicken has managed to findits way around the globe, showing up on menus from Toronto to Tokyoto Turin.Ingredients:250 gm of boneless chicken, cubed2 onions, minced1 tomato, pureed1 tbsp of tomato paste or sauce1 tbsp of butter, ghee, or oil1 tsp of minced garlic1 tsp of minced ginger2 tsp of coriander powder1 tsp of chilli powder (use Kashmiri chilli powder for betterresults)1 tsp of garam masala or chicken masala1 large pinch of kasuri methi / dried fenugreek leaves1 cup of milk3 tbsp of cream or pureed cashew paste (soak and grind cashewnuts)1-2 tsp salt (adjust to taste)1/4 tsp of turmeric powder1 small bunch of coriander leaves / cilantro, for ganishHow to Make Butter Chicken:Heat the butter in a pan and add the minced onions. Fry untilgolden brownAdd the ginger, garlic, coriander, chilli powder, turmeric, andsalt. Fry for a minute until fragrantAdd the pureed tomato and tomato paste and cook for 3-4 minsuntil the mixture bubbles uniformlyThrown in the kasuri methi, milk, and the cubed chicken. Cookcovered for 8-10 mins until the chicken is soft. The chicken willlet out more water, just check once or twice in between and givethe curry a stir. Keep the flame on simWhen the chicken is cooked soft, open the lid and cook for afurther minute or two. If the gravy is too thick, add some water atthis stageWhen done, add the garam masala or chicken masala and the cream orcashew paste. Give it a good stir, but don't boilAdjust salt, garnish with the coriander leaves, and remove fromfireServe hot with tawa naan, vegetable pulao, or jeera rice
Stop Zombies show no mercy 7
Stop the zombies from destroying your fortressin “Stop Zombies show no mercy”, a FREE action game.The Zombies are on the march and want to destroy your castle.Repel their advance and survive to fight another day. Be carefulhowever, because one wrong shot can spell doom.Shoot from the top of your fortress and stop the Zombies fromreaching your gate. The longer you hold down your fire button, themore powerful and farther your attack will grow. Be quick about it,because the Zombies will show no mercy.
Cake imagination decoration 11.0.0
Play this fun cooking game for girls and makea creative cake for your BFF! Your best friend's birthday is comingand you want to make a creative and special cake for her. Pleasefollow the instructions and make the best cake ever!Play this fun Cake imagination decoration game and learn how tomake a princess cake, a guitar cake and a purse cake! It may soundhard, but you will find the process easy and fun! Just let yourimagination and decoration skills guide you and you'll be so proudof what will come out of your hands. Enjoy playing this cooking anddecoration game for girls.A funny cake game, pick one of the five delicious cakes and tryto reproduce them by using the correct ingredients. Or just try oneof the other cake cooking games over hereMake 5 different delicious cakes in this cooking girl game. Thekitchen has been loaded with all needed tools and requiredingredients. Now it's up to you to play the game and put the cakescorrectly together.Game InstructionsAdd and use ingredients or tools by clicking on them using yourleft mouse button.Cake imagination decoration. If your dream is to become a famouspastry chef, it is in this game you can get some good advice. Foryou, the game offers three completely different cake. Choose any ofthem and decorate as you like. You can choose a ready jewelry, andyou can create your own.
Heroic Shot Out of Cannon 7
Heroic Shot Out of Cannon try to see how fardistance you can shoot Hero in this very addicting funny game Youraim is to get Heroic Shot Out of Cannon deep behind enemy lines ,you can upgrade through the shop and win achievements on theway.Move the cannon just by touching at the correct angle. Hold downclick for power release at the highest point. Use WASD to controlyou while in the air. Keep an eye out for thing to land on and beaware of things that might stop you. Click on item to use it.Collect cash and buy some stuff at the shop. The shop keeper has afamily to feed. The action game Heroic Shot Out of Cannon is freeThe storyline of the game is set in the distant war years, andtell us about the heroic feat of old Hero. Our hero is asked tocommand a shot out of a cannon, to quickly get to the enemy baseand start the destruction inside the military base. As for the GUI,here performed all at the highest level.After the war in the field of allied forces alone, Hero and nowhe has to get out of the encirclement of enemies. He found anunusual way to get to his. He climbed into the cannon and wants youfired her. Help Hero get to your destination, after the shot, tryto be careful not to fall into the clutches of the enemy. Duringthe flight, you'll be able to shoot from the enemies.Weird, why are people ever trying weird ways to fly even thoughplanes are already invented!? Meet our Hero, a lovely crazy andtraditional guy! (Yeah, since he uses the traditional cannon torealize his superman dream…) First hold the mouse to adjust thepower and then release it to send our Hero to the beautiful bluesky! When he is in the air, you can use the touch screen to helphim fly further! To fly even further, don’t forget to buy someequipment in the shop! (There is a shop for helping those crazymen!? Yeah…) This extremely fun game Heroic Shot Out of Cannon isbrought to you with great pleasure! Stay tuned! We always havesurprises for you!
Recipe Strawberry Family Cake 7
Strawberry Family Cake is a dessert formed ofa topping made with soft, fresh cheese upon a base made frombiscuit, pastry or sponge. The topping is frequently sweetened withsugar and flavored or topped with a puree or compote of fruit.Grab an apron and get ready for Sara’s newest recipe. Follow herinstructions to make a tasty berry cheesecake! She’ll use herexpert cooking skills to guide you through each step as you makethe crust and whip together all the ingredients. If you're quickand follow her directions carefully, you get bonus points!Laura and her friends are having fun creating their ownstrawberry cheesecakes. If you want you can join the fun and createyour own cupcakes. It is recommended to use only fresh strawberriesfor the best results. Use the mouse to play this girl game.Do you like cheesecakes? I do so I make at least one cheesecakeevery week. Recently I have found this excellent recipe ofstrawberry cheesecake and since then this is my family s favoritedessert. You should try it because it is easy to make and it doesnot require much time. Even if it is not the cherries season youcan find them at the market so this should not stop you from makingit. Make now the strawberry cheesecake because it has the bestflavor from all cheesecakes I have ever made. Use the mouse to playthis game.