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Cooltra: electric scooter and bicycle rental 4.3.0
Cooltra motosharing and rental, a single app to move around yourcity by bicycle and/or motorcycle whenever you want and for as longyou need: minutes, days, months or years. Rent a motorcycle on amonthly or daily basis if it suits you better. After 15 yearsoffering motorcycle and bicycle rental services, we know best howimportant it is for you to move around easily and safely. Downloadour app to start enjoying our affordable, cheap and flexible ridingoptions, rent an electric motorcycle near you. What services doesthe Cooltra app offer? 1. Shared electric motorcycle and bikerentals by the minute, hour and day in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia,Lisbon, Rome and Milan. 2. Rent an electric vehicle by the day, orenjoy a monthly motorcycle rental in our more than 50 shopsthroughout Europe. 3. Shared electric bicycle rental in Barcelona.At Cooltra, we provide wallet-friendly mobility and rentalsolutions: ● Registration is free and, if you bring your friendsover, we'll give you free credit for your electric scooter or ebikerides. ● Get our Packs: a pre-payment method where we will addextra credits for free. The more you pre-pay, the more we give youback. The ideal way to keep track of the money you spend and reduceyour bills as much as possible. ● We have created the PASS mode:you pay to use any Cooltra shared vehicle (motorcycles andbicycles) for a certain period of time. With a 24-hour or 48-hourPASS, you can change bicycles and/or motorcycles as many times asyou want. Ideal for business trips, for days when you have to runendless errands, when your own bicycle is being repaired, or forsightseeing in any of the cities in which Cooltra operates. ● Weare constantly posting offers and promotions on our socialnetworks. Follow us on Instagram at @cooltra_es and activatenotifications to be the first to know. Advantages of using Cooltraelectric motorcycles and bikes √ Enjoy motosharing and bikesharingsolutions or rental in-store. From rental by the minute to monthlyrental. √ No other electric motorcycle rental app offers you asmany nearby rental points as Cooltra does. √ With more than 16,000motorcycles, Cooltra has Europe´s largest motorbike fleet. √Insurance included covering you and your passenger. How doeselectric motorcycle and bikesharing work? 1) Locate the nearestmotorcycle on the Cooltra map and click on the “Book” button. 2)Once you are in front of the vehicle, you can "slide to start" yourride. For your own safety and the safety of your passenger, all ourmotorcycles are equipped with two certified and safe helmets, sizesM and L. 3) Time to start: press the START button on the right handside of the motorcyle’s handlebars or under the handlebars,depending on the motorcycle model and start riding. Please respectall safety measures and respect the other people and vehicles youshare the road with. 4) Once you arrive at your destination, parkcorrectly and make sure to follow the city's regulations at alltimes. 5) Put the helmet away and "Swipe to finish" in the app. Atthis point, you will be asked to take a photo of the motorcyclecorrectly parked. You can rent and ride Cooltra electricmotorcycles whenever you need to. If you have any questions orcomments about the app, send an email to *Registration on the app requires proof of a valid driving licensevia photo. ** Rental vehicles is subject to the conditions of useand the offer available at the time of the ride.
Cooltra Prime 1.3
Do you like high-end motorbikes? And electric ones? What abouttheliberty of using a high-end electric motorbike whenever youneedit, just for the time you need it, without having to worryaboutmaintenance or parking costs? That is Cooltra Prime. Withthisservice you can locate and reserve a premium electricmotorbikefrom the app and pick it up at the available parking hubsinBarcelona, the airport and other nearby locations . If youalreadyknow eCooltra, you can’t miss trying this service. It is theonlyapp in the world that offers high-end and 100% electricscooterrentals. Welcome to the revolution of motosharing 2.0,wherevehicle sharing is useful, sustainable and Prime. WithCooltraPrime you can move around Barcelona, Sabadell, Sant Cugat,and evenreach the airport. You can do all of that in a 125ccvehicle with 4different driving modes, a maximum autonomy of 100kilometers and aspeed up to 120 km/h. The motorbike includes twohelmets, heatingfor your hands, a wireless support/charger for yourphone, reversegear, and a unique sporty design... How does the appwork? 1)Reserve your scooter. Select your vehicle in the nearestparkingand reserve it. You have 15 minutes to pick it up. Tip: youcan getmore parking info by clicking on its icon. 2) Find yourmotorbike.Look in the app for the license plate number and match itto ascooter. 3) Start the ride. Press Start Ride in the app,unplugyour scooter and look for the helmet inside the seat. If youneedthe second helmet, take the key and open the top case. 4) Howtoopen the top case? Under the seat there is a key. Place it inthetop case lock, turn it 45º to the right and push it in. Putyourhand in the hole behind the lever and pull towards you. 5) Howtoclose the top case? To close it, lower the top case lid, turnthekey again and put the key back under the seat. 6) Get onyourmotorcycle! Press the POWER button to unlock the handlebar.Nowpress the same button again to turn on the motorcycle andthescreen. Brakes, red START button, and enjoy the ride! 7) Wheredo Ipark the motorbike? Search for one of the Cooltra Primeparkinghubs through the app. Get close to the ticket machine, waita fewseconds and the barrier will open by itself. Now head totheCooltra Prime area, plug in your motorcycle using thenearestcharger and end the ride. App Advantages √ Pay only when youusethe scooter. √ Third party insurance included and fullriskinsurance available for an additional price. √ Forgetaboutmaintenance and electricity costs, we only ask you to plugthemotorcycle in the Cooltra Prime charging point at the end oftheride. √ Enjoy the first fleet of high-end shared motorcycles.√Goodbye to eternal traffic jams, parking problems, orthinkingabout motorcycle insurance. √ If you really believe in abetter andmore sustainable world, join the electric mobility familyand helpus to continue saving tons of C02 per year. When canCooltra Primebe useful? It will be useful if you have a validdriving licenseand you are over 25 years old*. Didn't you knowmotosharing orcarsharing yet? Instead of maintaining the expensesassociated witha motorcycle or your own car, why not share anelectric scooterwith other citizens from your city**? Go with ascooter to work, tosporadic meetings, to dinner with your partner,to the airport foran express trip, or whenever you feel like it***.If you have anyquestions or comments about the registrationprocess, how to find amotorcycle, how the motosharing serviceworks, or any otherconcerns write to*Registration in the apprequires the proof, via photo, of a validdriver's license. **Fornow, Cooltra Prime operates only inBarcelona. ***The rental ofelectric motorcycles is subject to theconditions of use and theoffer of vehicles on the map.