Corredor Apps

Simple LED Flashlight 1.5
Simple LED Flashlight is a simple and easy application which turnsyour camera's LED as a flashlight, turn on and off with no moremysteries and saturate the application with more features. If yourcell has no flashlight function and want something simple, this isyour application. Download Simple LED Flashlight for free.
Conectic 1.4
Conectic is a variant of the classic game of the 3 in a row with aclear interface, clean and minimalist in which you must bind threeparts followed in horizontal, vertical or diagonal to win.You canplay the 3 in a row in 3 x 3 boards and 5 x 5, Conectic allows youto play against the machine or against another player.
com.runner.fartstorm 1.7
Fart Storm is the ultimate fart app !. A symphony of sounds ofdifferent duration and cataloged features labeled by name andintensity. Smile with Fart sounds by sending Whatsapp , mail , your friends and family or just spend endless jokes with thisapplication. In addition to the different options you can spendFart Storm unexpected jokes, from the menu you can access : - FartBomb: Leave the mobile in some hidden place activates the pump ,stay away and laugh !! - Random Sound : Listen all the sounds ofthe application randomly touch of a button. - Sound Pocket: Putyour cell phone in your pocket , lifting the leg sounded a randomsound. - Finger Strip : Plays the sounds pulling the finger. -Record your Sound ( New) : Record your sounds and share them , alsocan add your audios manually into this section .
Carreras (2020) 1.20.01
Calendario de Carreras 2020, donde podras consultar en cualquiermomento la fecha y los horarios de las diferentes carreras deformula, motos y rallyes. Al abrir la aplicacion podras ver si haycarreras o no, ademas podras activar notificaciones para que losviernes te avise del evento indicando si el fin de semana haycarreras. Con el nuevo agregador de enlaces Rss podras añadir tusfeeds de noticias para leerlos en la misma aplicacion. Comparte lasfechas y horarios de los eventos con tus amigos. La aplicacion notiene datos en directo, solamente informacion sobre de las fechas yhorarios de los proximos eventos a modo de calendario. Laaplicacion no obtiene datos en directo de ningun evento deportivo.Esta aplicacion no es oficial y no esta asociada de ninguna maneraal grupo de empresas de F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONEWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX, FORMULA ONE PADDOCK CLUB, PADDOCKCLUB, y otras marcas comerciales que son propiedad de Formula OneLicensing BV. Tampoco forma parte del grupo de empresas de DornaSports SL ni de FIA World Rally Championship. Race Calendar 2020,where you can check at any time the date and times of the differentformula races, motorcycles and rallies. When you open theapplication you can see if there are races or not, you can alsoactivate notifications so that on Fridays you will be notified ofthe event indicating if there are races on the weekend. With thenew Rss link aggregator you can add your news feeds to read them inthe same application. Share the dates and times of the events withyour friends. The application has no live data, only informationabout the dates and times of upcoming events as a calendar. Theapplication does not obtain live data from any sporting event. Thisapplication is not official and is not associated in any way withthe group of companies of F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULAONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX, FORMULA ONE PADDOCK CLUB,PADDOCK CLUB, and other trademarks owned by Formula One LicensingBV. Nor is it part of the Dorna Sports SL group of companies or theFIA ​​World Rally Championship.
Panereta Films 2.4
Si et varen agradar els doblatges al mallorqui i vols riure un poc,ara podras dur els dialegs amb les veus i acudits dels diferentspersonatges al movil o tablet. Pots posar les frases com a cridada,notificacio i alarma, aixi com compartir-los amb els teus amics,simplement deixa pitjat damunt la frase i sel.lecciona la opcio.Crea la teva propia llista de Favoritos amb les frases que mest'agradin, amb el nou sistema de Notificacions l'aplicacio et dirafrases aleatories els dies i la hora que tu li diguis. Si t'agradaaquesta aplicacio, comenta al Foro o al nostre grup del Facebook,les idees i proposicions per a futures versions seran benvingudes.Nota: A partir de la versio 1.6 ja no son compatibles elsdispositius amb android 2.2. If you are going to like the doublesto the mallorqui i vols riure a poc, ara podras dur els dialegs ambles veus i lleits dels diferents personatges to the mobile ortablet. Pots pose the phrases com a cridada, notificacio i alarm,aixi com share-the amb els teus amics, simplement deixa pitjatdamunt the phrase i sel.lecciona the option. Create your own listof favorites with the phrases that month t'agradin, with the nousystem of notifications l'aplicacio et dira aleatory phrases elsdies i the time that your li diguis. If you treat this application,comment to the Forum or to the Facebook group, the ideas andproposals for future versions will be beneficial. Note: As ofversion 1.6 ja, the dispositios amb android 2.2 are not compatible.