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Ninja Snap 1.2
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We all have that douchebag friend who likes to casually invade ourprivacy.You try and show them a photo on your phone and they justswipe away through your whole album uninvited.Open Ninja Snap:-choose a few photos from your device with the help of a Gallerylike screen- give it to your victim- they're gonna start to strollaway through your album like it ain't no thang- they'll be randomlygreeted with photos of themselves that were stealthily taken whilethey were abusing your phone- ??- profitFeatures/Settings include:-infinite gallery mode, which keeps on snapping photos of yourvictim catching him in the act- exit the app on back press so hewon't see the app main screen- add k anye flavourI recommendchoosing several photos (10+). You can choose a whole album in onetap! The stealth selfies will be placed randomly between the photosyou chose and will serveto better fool the victim.*Note that theapp saves those stealth photos in a a directory called NinjaSnap.You will see it appear in your Gallery app or whatever you use toolook at photos. I made this decision thinking maybe users wouldlike to keep potentially funny photos of their victims.They areimmediately available so you can see/delete them.**Shout out toreddit user /u/dane006 from whom I got the ideaLogo design &other stuff by