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VR Theater for Cardboard 0.12.9
=== CAPTATIO BENEVOLENTIAE There is no company or money of sortsbehind this app: it's something I do in my spare time. If you likeit, consider leaving a review or at least rating it. Riccardo ===SALES PITCH Are you waiting for the perfect media player in properVR? Give this one a try, while you keep waiting! Sporting greatfeatures, like: • plenty of bugs • sub-par graphics • incompleteand out of date instructions • clumsy controls • limited features •embarrassing User Interface • limited movie formats compatibility=== SUPPORT Couch Games Software' on Google+: Theater on Facebook: === LONGER SALES PITCH Enjoy your own2D and 3D movies in a virtual cinema, for free (it also supportspanoramic 360° and 180° movies)! Full Virtual Reality: turn yourhead around and watch the environment. 2 (honestly bare) 3Denvironments, and dozens of photographic ones to choose from. Workswith all mp4 files (and with a bit of luck other formats...), canplay movies from the web and other applications. Supports many 3Dmovie formats, like SBS, Over/Under and Red-Cyan anaglyph, butplays normal 2D movies as well. No ads, no in-app payments orstatistics gathering: 100% free for personal use! Doesn't requirebuttons on the headset to work. Make yourself at home: check the"Options" menu and configure the theater as you like! The movierepresented on the virtual screen ("Elephants Dream" (c) copyright2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute /, can be freely downloaded in both SBS andover/under version at the URL:
Power / Lift VR 0.6.1
WARNING: VR googles (Cardobard, Homido, GearVR, ecc) and a game-padare required to play!---Find and switch on all fuse-boxes in theroom, then find your way out. Look for the last platform that willtransport you to safety, and get there as fast as possible!Thereare a lot of shortcuts on the way out: find them to get the bestpossible time.The game is an early version, and needs lots of workand optimization: we look forward for your feedback.We hope torelease future updates that will not only contain new levels, butalso new features, like a global high-score with Google Playintegration, graphic settings, and more.Enjoy!---Design andGraphic: Marcin KowalskiCoding & Publishing: Riccardo Di Meo