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Lion Hunter 2017 1.0.2
Lion hunter 2017 and other jungleanimalshunting is fun when one is a professional hunter as anamateur willendanger his life in trying to kill furiousbeasts.Lion Hunter 2017 game is a brand new real hunting andsnipershooting experience which you might not been able to get inyourreal life in three different places including winter hunting,greenmountains hunting and rocky jungle hunting.Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animals and wanttohunt animals in jungle or Africa safari can enjoy realhuntingexperience by playing this game names as "Lion Hunter 2017". Thereare five assault rifles to shooting beast animals.You are hunter with a special precise sniper gun and assaultriflesto shoot furious wild animals. For the time being you havethreeplaces and five weapons , you can kill lion,Cheetah, Tiger,gazelleand wolf but in next levels you will be able to kill fastanimalslike cougar Elephant etc.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegetsinto it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhisbreath and be patient. While hunting lion and wolf be aware,theywill become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattackon you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will takenotime to kill you and the game will be over.While gazelle and camels run away hearing firing sound. Thetargetof sniping running animals is a little challenging. So useyourarmy sniper shooting skills to kill these animals beforetheyattack or run away.You have to unlock different environmentwithcoins you collect buy shooting wild animals in HuntingAnimalWinter.Good luck!!!Lion Hunter 2017 Features:1-) An ultimate Hunting action.2-) Game play is simple yet entertaining.3-) Efficient Assault and Sniper Gun Control withsmoothaiming.4-) True to life hunting experience.5-) High quality cool graphics.6-) Three Different Place to hunt in "Lion Hunter 2017"
Cargo Truck Drive: Water 1.2
Water Supplier Truck 3D is created tobringrealistic desert pickup Suv 3D experience on mobiledevices.Simulator comes best red Suv Pick Up to serve water togypsiesliving in the desert,Experience the helping of humanity in the Sahara Desert tomakeyourself feel proud to be a helping human,What to do:You have to go to River and Pick up Water jars filled withcleanwater and go to your destination home within given timewithoutdropping jars in the way levels will be completed.Game Will be over if u drop even one water jarEnjoy Desert Drive of Water Supplier Truck 3D Pick Up havingalltrue physics, professional Vehicle control system!How to Play:Water Supplier Truck 3D game has two button to move forwardandbackward,Steering to turn left and right,Try to avoid from too steep place so that jars not beingdroppedotherwise game will be overRemain at road and low slop placesTarget places can be seen at map so keep eyes at map to remainatright pathThanks.
Deer Hunting Challenge 1.0.0
If you want to know the hunting thrillinjungle, Green mountains and snow then must play this game"DeerHunter 2017" for Winter season.Deer Hunter 2017 have more than 30 thrilling and challenginglevelswith different strategies to Hunt deer, as you play moreDeerHunter 2017 game, you enjoy more and get new weapons forhunting inSafari Jungle, Snow and Green Mountains.In this game "Deer Hunter 2017" the graphic used for yourchildrenentertainment in safaris.Deer Hunter 2017 is a free android game, to focus on themostbeautiful and addictive hobby of hunting deer in differentarenalike snow, jungle and green mountains. If you have ever beenahunter, or you have been shooter, then you should play DeerHunter2017,it will really relax your mind.There are different kinds of deer in the world, and, most deeraresimilar in shape, size and gender. The simple deer game i meanDeerHunter 2017, we are offering in Deer Hunter 2017 to shoot andhuntthe deer in three different place with high quality graphics,thedeer will move around when you come near to them they willstartrunning so you have to shoot them from distance in this gamenamedas Deer Hunter 2017 in snow and jungle.First time user can hunt the deer in different environment inagame like forest snow and mountains in 3D scenes.You have to shoot more, collect them and count the most scoreyouhave been hunting in Deer Hunter 2017 in Snow, Africa SafariJungleand Green Mountains.Deer Hunter 2017 have more than 30 thrilling andchallenginglevels with different strategies to Hunt deer, as youplay moreDeer Hunter 2017, you enjoy more and get new weapons forhunting inSafari Jungle and Snow and Green Mountains.Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for the improvementandaddition of near features time to time for improvement ofDeerhunter 2017.FEATURES:1. Best ever graphics and background2. Multiple backgrounds with jungle, snow and greenmountains.3. The natural sounds of deer and bullet.4. High score and present score display on the top.5. Easy to download, and small in size.6. No connectivity required while playing.7. Addictive, and kids loving.8. Five assault riflesHow to play:* Hunting the deer you got 50 point on each deer hitting.* Each deer will die with three hits at first hit deer starrunningfast here and there* When you finish the first level then you unlock the nextadventuremission.* After ten level unlocking you will be awarded with new scenelikewhen you complete ten level of snowthen jungle will be available for you to hunt deerLike and Follow us on:Facebook:
Toy Truck Rally Drive 1.0.0
This game lets you drive the fun of controlling a tiny toy truck,Hummer, Monster Jeep, helicopter, tank and many other toy vehiclesand it is best toy truck rally 2. There are 11 different vehiclesare available in toy truck rally 3d.There are three modes of gamesto play with Tiny toy Truck Rally Drive1- Free Mode Drive2- Highwaymode Drive.3- Arena fight mode.In Free mode you have to collect asmany coins as you can in given time and health in toy truck rally.Drive toy truck rally, Hummer, ford Raptor and helicopter in toytruck rally and collect coins to buy further simulation jeep andcars for competition in this game "Toy Truck Rally" in beautifultoy scene.If you are crazy about toy truck race games then hurry upplay this toy truck race game best among kids free games. It havemany beautiful features for free to entertain kids in toy truckrace.In Highway mode of toy truck rally to you have to drive toytruck rally jeep,toy trucks and ford raptor to collect coins andsave yourself from other jeeps and toy trucks at highway in toytruck rally to. if you collide with other jeep or toy truck yourrally then games will be over.So select Highway mode and show yourdriving skills at this toy truck rally to game.In area mode otherjeeps and toy truck rally 3d will attack you to win and you have todrop them all form area and collect trophy to earn coins so thatyou can buy other jeeps, trucks and helicopter in toy truck rally3d.if you are a kid gamer then enjoy this toy truck rally 3d gameand have fun in arena mode. toy truck rally 3d is best simulationgame for crazy kid gamers with smooth controllingVehiclesinclude:1-Police car2-Mini Car3-Jeep4-SUV Truck5-Hummer6-Off RoadTruck7-Ambulance8-Bulldozer9-Fire Truck10-Monster Truck11-FordRaptor12-Helicopter13-TankThe coins that you will collect in allthe above mentioned game modes can be used to buy new vehiclesThegame toy truck rally 3d is suitable for any age.The game features 3types of controls to steer the truck:- by tilting your device;-virtual steering wheel;- on screen touch pads.
Leopard Hunter 1.0
In the world of Leopard hunting games youcanhunt big cats( Cheetah, Cougar and Jaguar) of you ownchoice.In world of the Leopard king shooting or hunting gamesthisbeautifully designed Leopard hunting or shooting game.Experience the thrill of being an real LeopardHunter.Leopardhunting is real thrill and fun for huntinggames.Big cats( Cheetah, Cougar and Jaguar) are very deadly anddangerouscreation.So try to shoot it before it deadly attackyou.For better shooting thrill we have added different types ofassaultweapons and all of them are free for full and real adventureofLeopard shooting in African world.Big cats( Cheetah, Cougar and Jaguar) hunting is done withfivetypes of assault rifles in beautiful safari mountain worldwithgreen plants.Feel Real Leopard hunter in this the LeopardHuntergame if you are crazy about big cats( Cheetah, Cougar andJaguar)hunting games.If you are real hunter and like Leopard hunting games then itisbest hunting game for you to show your hunting or shootingskillsfree in beautiful environmentThere are different Leopard and Cougar noises in this game tomakeyou feel real mountains Leopard hunting.Keep in the mind the big cats( Cheetah, Cougar and Jaguar)aredeadly dangerous and attack you and you have to shoot them assoonas possible.If you try to shoot them with on bullet they will not be killedsoyou have to shoot them at least 3 bullets.if you are a real hunter they go in the mountains safaripickassault rifle of you choice and start hunting.Features:• Actual thrill of Leopard chases and deadly Leopard attackandshooting• Amazing graphics and Greenland safari mountains• Many thrilling waves with different number ofLeopardshooting.• Awesome game play with attacking animations anddeadlysounds.• Choose big cats( Cheetah, Cougar and Jaguar) of your choiceforhunting or shooting.• Seven Assault Weapons and all of them are free for fullshootingadventure.• Easy and Smooth First person shooter controller.HOW TO PLAY:Right side buttons are for shoot, zoomLeft side button are for movement and whole screen isforaiming,