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Unturned game - Craft game 1.2
Have you ever imagined that you are policeofficer, fireman or rescuer. Play this game and try to be one ofthem. You can explore the world and the cities. You will findrescuers helping people and doing their job. Police officers haveto chase robbers and thieves. Fire-fighters have to extinguishevery fire in the city. They also help people with many otherthings. They are here because of safety and helping to others. Youcan improve this mini game world by helping them. Exploration ofthe whole world takes some time, but gives you many experiences.You will be city builder and you can help to make the city a betterplace. Game gives you opportunities like in real free world.Building new houses is very easy thanks to block craft. Everyworker has unique visage, which depends on his or her employment.Don´t waste time and try to create new things or improve existing.Free craft is the main advantage of this master piece game.
Block Craft game - Emergency 1.0
Imagine that you will be a policeman. Thisemergency simulator will bring you to the epic game. Try to exploreyour city and build a new parts of it. You can build block city,whoch looks very nice. During walks through the city, you will seepolice officers, firemans, soldiers and many citizens. There arealso robbers and thieves. You can build a prison for convicts.There is a section, where are army units and their uniquetechnique. Also you can find a neighberhood with houses. There arealso interesting shops in the city. Not to miss police station andfire station. Emergency units have their cars in the streets. Tryto build a new part of the city thanks to new craft blocks, whichhave great graphics. Your dreams come true in this game and you canbe builder, police officer, fireman or a soldier. Police games willbring you a lot of fun. So don´t hesitate and try this craft gameon your device.✔ Unique emergency environment✔ Awesome graphics✔ Great ingame possibilities✔ Tremendous experience
Craft games-Aircraft simulator 1.0
Do you like airplanes and airportsurroundings? In that case is this game perfectly made for you.Your first job is exploration of the airport. Look around, becauseyou have to see this unique world. You have many possibilities howto transform practically everything. If you want to enlarge wholearea, then do it. Another option is creation of new buildings.Airport is living organism and you have to take care of it.Passengers want only the best service and you can give it to them.Enlarge runway for bigger airplanes or improve buildings. You canbuild entirely new structures, which are limited only by yourimagination. The result can be airport city or the biggest airportterminal ever created. Employ every type of material, which isavailable, because the mini game airport of yours will be awesome.Move yourself through free world and build your virtual reality.Enjoy free craft options to change everything.★ Unique 3D free world★ Best airport animation★ Boundless possibilities★ Free craft game
Craft Games Airport simulator 1.0
This crafting game is made totally for you, ifyou like planes, helicopters and actually a whole life at theairport and its surroundings. First, you can explore the airport.Look carefully, there are many really unique machines, which youcan transform as you wish, of course. If you miss something, youcan build other starting platforms, many planes etc. The visitorsof the airport expect only the best services and you can provide itto them. Next to the airport is a big shopping and bussiness area,where you can find malls, smaller stores, a hospital, drugstore anda video shop, for example. Once again, if you miss something, youcan build it, or rebuild temporary buildings. You can become a realcity builder, while you are limited only by your imagination.Airport city life is neverendless and anything is still happeningduring the day and also at night. Enjoy this really cool craftingand build spectacular and remarkable place.★ One and only 3D free world★ Endless possibilities★ Free crafting game★ Great Airport simulator
Ssundee minecraft game 1.0
Do you know Dubai and similarly rich cities inthe desert? In Ssundee minecraft you can look how the life goeshere and what does it mean to live in the really rich city in themiddle of desert.★★★ SSUNDEE GAME ★★★The first thing you will encounter is a big shopping area, whereyou can find a big shopping mall, many kinds of stores like drugstore, video store, coffee shop etc. The citizens and visitors ofthis city are truly demanding, that is why you should not missplaces, where you can experience a lot of fun. Except of buildinglike cinema you build many other places according your imagination.As you surely know, you can not live in this city without makingsome bussiness. This city builder offers you to build skyscrapers,highrise towers and offices. Across the town you can find theliving zone with spectacular city beach, where people go when theywant to cool themselves. This "sand game" offers you really manyoptions. Can you handle survive in the desert?Excellent game based on the famous game free minecraft.The game is designed for both kids and adults. Crafting is thebasis minecraft games, in this game, but find something else. Thisis an unofficial minecraft game. In the game does not use theCraft. The game is perhaps similar to the block on minecraftlauncher but in fact it is a simple game.★ Limitless 3D world★ Awesome graphics★ Free crafting game★ Survival game★ Unique surroundings★ For kids and adults★ Craft games free★ Perfect gameplay★ Lovely graphics★ Action game based on the bg ghost ops★ Fun and Easy★ Similar Hunger Games minecraft★ Game for free and play★ Game has no multiplayer★ Only for free★ Offline and free game★★★SSUNDEE MINECRAFT GAME HOW TO PLAY★★★- Explore the desert city- Try many possibilitiess of the game- Build different buildings- Craft unique blocksMagazine "exploration lite" wrote:"A simple game that entertained :). Graphically, based on the playminecraft."Magazine "exploration minecraft lite" wrote:"Try and see."
FreeCraft, survival a creative 1.1
Unlimited free world gives you big opportunityto create something. The world is stony and relentless, but givesyou many possibilities, how to change it. Exploration of the worldtakes some time, but you will learn something about survival in thewilderness. Crafted materials can be used to creation of newthings. But first you have to find them adn craft them. Build newhouses and buildings, which are limited only by your imagination.That is how to be a city builder and founder of a new community.Game is based on cubes and you´ll become a block builder 3D. Thanksto that, creation and construction will be easy and you can buildnew things very quickly. But it is conditional to quantity ofresources. If you are out of it, then go and free craft everythingyou need in the outside world. Choose between exploration, survivaland building. As you can see, even it´s a mini game, gives you manychances to expres yourself.✔ Build unique world✔ Explore mysteries✔ Try your survival skills✔ Games for kids and adults
Smashy Road: Busted 1.0
✪✪✪ Smashy Road: Busted criminal ✪✪✪Have you ever tried driving service in Minecraft games? Itbrings you hours and hours fun and excitement! Anyway, the gametakes place in the city full of many types of cars. You can findhere for example classic cars, old cars, jeeps, limos etc. Butbeware, it is clear, that for road pirates are waiting police carsor even SWAT! If something happens, there are available some firetrucks and ambulances. The city is really perfect for racing! Thereare long and wide roads for drags with traffic lights or manycorners for classic races through the city. The rest is up to you!You can craft and build other roads, even the bridges, springboardsets. It is all up to your imagination!✪ Many models of cars✪ Amazing graphics✪ Great ingame possibilities✪ Unique surroundings✪ Police and fire workers✪✪✪ How To play ✪✪✪- Choose your car!- Explore the city!- Try to avoid the police!- Don´t cause any crashes!