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Home Improvement
Browse among thousands of home improvement projects. Participate,by recording your own projects, in the most enthusiastic communityof home improvement. Record your moments and keep them forever!Join and post your creations with a vibrant community that lovesthe home improvement. Features: - Easiest way to post your homeimprovement projects. - Fastest way to take multiple photostogether for sharing what you've created. - Collaborate withfriends to edit same home improvement projects. - Collaborate withfriends to create a list of favorites that you can discuss abouthome improvement items. - Get inspiration from other people in thehomepage. - Support for translating your home improvement projectsto multiple languages. Find photos, videos, tips and ideas for yourhome and garden. Do it yourself home improvement and DIY repairhome improvement projects, home repair, kitchen remodeling,plumbing, electrical, painting, real estate, and decorating.Whether it is kitchen remodeling, living room make over, bedroomideas or plumbing, this app provides the how-to knowledge for homeimprovement and home renovation projects. App has been designed byCraft Inc , . Home ImprovementENGLISH - UNITED STATES
Browse among thousands of woodwork projects from the community.Post your creations to a dedicated community that loves woodwork.Features: - Easily post your projects with photos and videos. -It's faster than camera photo app. - Get inspiration from otherpeople. The woodwork app is a dedicated space to find and post anywoodworking projects you might encounter. Woodshop projects, woodcraftsmanship, homemade crafts, carpentry projects apps, diyrecycled. App has been designed by Craft Inc , Woodworking ENGLISH - UNITED STATES
Sewing and Patterns
Browse among thousands of sewing projects. Participate, byrecording your own projects, in the most enthusiastic sewingcommunity. It's as easy as taking a couple of photos. Join and postyour creations to a dedicated community that loves the art ofsewing, embroidery, quilting, knitting and crocheting. Submit andfind projects that use the sewing machine as well as sew by hand.Download the app and join for free. Features: - Easily post yourown embroidery, sewing, sewing patterns, quilting, knitting andcrochet projects. - Take save multiple photos together. -Collaborate with friends to edit same sewing projects. -Collaborate with friends on favorite sewing items and tutorials. -Get inspiration from other fashionable people on the homepage, withhighlighted projects of embroidery, sewing, quilting, knitting andcrochet. - Get support for translating your own sewing, embroidery,quilting, knitting and crochet projects to multiple languages. -Search for projects about embroidery, sewing, quilting, knittingand crochet. App has been designed by Craft Inc , Sewing and Patterns ENGLISH - UNITED STATES
🏆 Craftlog Recipes - daily cooking helper
Search among millions of free recipes in one place. Save all ofyour favorite recipes from the whole internet in one place. Getrecommendation from featured bloggers and best sites. ★★★★★ Searchby Ingredient 🚀 ↳ Millions of recipes all in one place. 😋 ★★★★★ Thecookbook of the modern family 📖 ↳ Save and organize your favoriterecipes. All in one place and it's 100% free. ★★★★★ Personalize🍍+🔥=🌟 ↳ Recipes are personalized according to your tastes. ★★★★★Publish and store your own recipes 😎 ↳ Your recipes can be easilyshared with friends and family. How it works? 🍲🍲🍲🍲 - Searchmillions of recipes across the entire web. - When you write yourown recipes, the app creates a video for you. - Ask questions to acommunity of people who love cooking. Try the most fun way to sharesimple recipes with friends and family. Everyone can participate bysubmitting their own simple and tasty recipes. 😍 Main features: -Pick your favorite dishes and the app will give you a personalizedlist of recipes. - Our search is fast and scans millions of thebest recipes from the entire web. - Collaborate to save recipeswith other people and keep them available offline. - Keep yourfamily recipes saved forever and with quick offline access. 👵👴 -Great ideas for home made recipes on christmas, thanksgiving andramadan. - Simple and clear interface, no ads to disturb you.Popular categories on Craftlog: Cake and dessert recipes. Chickenand pork recipes. Vegetarian and vegan recipes. Thermomix and bimbyrecipes. Healthy, fitness and organic recipes. Soup and dietrecipes. Gluten-free and paleo recipes. Quick and easy recipes.Low-carb and simple recipes. Pasta, vegetables and light recipes.Millions of tasty and free recipes. International recipes andcuisines: italian recipes, spanish recipes, french recipes,japanese recipes, chinese recipes, brazilian recipes, americanrecipes, indian recipes, russian recipes, portuguese recipes,mexican recipes, hindi recipes, indonesian recipes, malaysianrecipes, lebanese recipes, british recipes, vietnamese recipes,iraqui recipes, peruvian recipes, argentinean recipes, egyptianrecipes, german recipes, greek recipes, korean recipes, arabrecipes and thai recipes. We're hiring! Designed by Craft Inc inCalifornia, 🏆 Craftlog Recipes -daily cooking helper ENGLISH - UNITED STATES