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US Military Pay Calc 2.42
This application calculates numerous pays for US military members.Pays updated for 2019. Functionality: - Base Pay: + Calculates basepay based on 1) Years in the Service 2) Pay Grade. + Forreservists, it calculates the estimated yearly pay based on # ofdrills and AT/ADT/ADSW days entered. - Incentive/Special PaysIncluded: + Hostile Fire Pay + Aviation Career Incentive Pay +Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay + Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay(Flying) [AWACS not included at this time] + Hazardous DutyIncentive Pay (Other Than Flight) + Diving Incentive Pay + CareerSea Pay + Special Duty Assignment Pay + Submarine Duty IncentivePay - Allowances: + Basic Allowance for Subsistence + FamilySeparation Allowance + Basic Allowance for Housing + CONUS COLA +OCONUS COLA (**-See below notes on OCONUS COLA/OHA) + OverseasHousing Allowance (**-See below notes on OCONUS COLA/OHA) +Personal Money Allowance - Medical Officer Pays: + Includes allpays from DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 5- User can email the results to save this information for later use[Incentive/medical pays not included at this time]. ** BAH forReservists: - BAH is calculated based on your zip code and is not"BAH RC/T" which is the type of BAH applicable for active dutyperiods under 30 days.  See(*** OCONUS COLA/OHA: - Actual OCONUS COLA received is based on the# of days in the month being paid, so it varies slightly per month.- Some OCONUS COLA and OHA location data is updated monthly by theDTMO, and this app will not be updated each time. On each appupdate for other reasons, the latest OCONUS COLA and OHA data willbe incorporated. As always, feedback on suggested improvements orpossible issues are greatly appreciated.
US Military Reserve Retirement 1.25
This app will calculate the expected retirement pay for US militaryreserve/guard service members. It also calculates expected RC-SBP(Survivor Benefits Program) premiums. Note that currently this appDOES NOT calculate Blended Retirement System (BRS) potentialbenefits. For Retirement Pay user inputs are: - Current Number ofPoints - Current Number Of Qualifying Years - Year of Retirement -Pay Grade At Retirement - Qualifying Years To Retirement - ExpectedPoints For Each Future Qualifying Year - Expected Annual Pay RaiseCalculates Monthly Retirement for First Year of Retirement andAllows the User to Email all Details of the Calculation In additionit also calculates RC-SBP (Spouse option) for the expectedretirement pay and user inputs. Assumptions: - Service Member FallsUnder the High-3 Retirement System (Service Entry Date >=08SEP1980) - Service Member Will Be At The Inputted Pay Grade ForThe Last Three Years Before Retirement - Service Member WillTransfer to The Retired Reserve At The Inputted Year Of RetirementLet the developer know of requests for functionality updates andpossible changes.
Decoder Plus for US Navy 1.26
*** Neither the United States Navy nor any other component of theDepartment of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized thisproduct . *** Full search capability! NECs added! This app is aquick reference guide to many US Navy personnel and other codes.Instead of spending the time to find the correct reference and lookup the information, this app will allow one to quickly get to theanswer. The main focus currently is on personnel related codes thatwill be found in manning documents such as RUADs and AMDs. Currentitems decoded: - Enlisted Rating Codes - IMS Codes - MAS Codes -Navy Reserve Activity Codes - Navy Enlisted Classification Codes -NOBC Codes - Officer Billet Codes - Officer Designators - OfficerPaygrade Codes - RBSC Billet Codes - Reserve Unit IdentificationCodes - RFAS Codes - Subspeciality Codes
Fitness Calc-Coast Guard 2.16
*** Neither the United States Coast Guard nor any other componentof the Department of Defense or Homeland Security has approved,endorsed, or authorized this product . *** Application to determinecompliance with US Coast Guard Body Fat and Fitness Standards. -Determine if current weight and estimated body fat percentage arewithin standards per COMDTINST M1020.8H - Boat crew fitnessstandards per COMDTINST M16114.9D Work still in progress: - Morecorrectly handle very large and small body fat percentages.Feedback from users (preferred via email) concerning issues orimprovements is HIGHLY appreciated.
US Military Pay Calc Free 2.33
This application will calculate pay for US military members.Updated for estimated 2018 base pay (2.4% raise) and 2018 BAH.Current Functionality: - Calculates base pay based on 1) Years inthe Service 2) Pay Grade - For reservists, calculates the estimatedyearly pay based on # of drills and active duty days - CalculatesBAH based on 1) Zip Code 2) Pay Grade 3) Dependent status -Included BAS - User can email the results to save this informationfor later use ** Note for reservists: BAH is calculated based onyour zip code and is not "BAH RC/T" which is the type of BAHapplicable for active duty periods under 30 days. See(***
Navy PFA Calc 3.20
*** Neither the United States Navy nor any other component of theDepartment of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized thisproduct . *** Best and most fully featured US Navy Physical FitnessAssessment(PFA) / Physical Readiness Test(PRT) / Body CompositionAssessment (BCA) Android application. Only BCA calculator thatsupporting measurements to the 1/4 inch with proper roundingperformed per the CFL guide and OPNAV. Full cardio option support(swim, bike, and elliptical)! Goal seek: See individual event PRTresults needed to make a specific score! Updated for latest PFAinstruction (OPNAVINST 6110.1J) and Physical Readiness ProgramNewsletters. Calculates: -Height/weight Body CompositionAssessment(BCA) results. -BCA taping results. -PRT results for allofficially supported ellipticals and bikes. -Individual eventscores to make a user selected score. -Can easily share calculatoroutput via Menu->Share feature *** Not to be used for officialBFA/PRT scoring ***
com.crashtestdummylimited.navydecoder 1.46
*** Neither the United States Navy nor any other component of theDepartment of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized thisproduct . *** This app is a quick reference guide to many US Navypersonnel and other codes. Instead of spending the time to find thecorrect reference and look up the information, this app will allowone to quickly get to the answer. The main focus currently is onpersonnel related codes that will be found in manning documentssuch as RUADs and AMDs. Current items decoded: - Enlisted RatingCodes - IMS Codes - MAS Codes - Officer Billet Codes - OfficerDesignators - Officer Paygrade Codes - Navy Reserve Activity Codes- NOBC Codes - RBSC Billet Codes - Reserve Program Codes - ReserveUnit Identification Codes - RFAS Codes - Subspeciality Codes