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Most Wanted Survival Games C16.6
Most Wanted Survival Games contribute to beingan exciting game where you have to save yourself from foes who wantto hunt you down.In the game, you should make your way through dangerous landscapesthat can be challenging to the reflexes and wit. You should beusing fierce weapons which can be an ultimate first person shooterexperience. It is a minigun game that explodes with extensiveadventures.This is a first person shooter game that comes with variouschallenges. The game also comes with powers, pickups, specialeffects and weapons.You can watch a video at the beginning of thegame for earning power up. The game is known to have intense levelswhich will test your skills. The first level will be unlocked.After the completion of each level, the next one becomes unlockedand so on till you cross all the levels.Features:• Precision aimingThis game requires you to shoot at your foes for survival. Thisfeature of the game helps in shooting with the right aim.• Beat the timers to earn perksTimers help in calculating the time, you take for crossing eachlevel of the game. There is a specified time which is beingallocated to cross each level. As you beat the timers andaccomplish the levels before time, you can earn perks.• Retro-styled pixel-art graphicsThis helps in modifying certain settings of the game.• Face aggressive mobsWith this feature, you will be facing fierce and aggressive mobsthat assist in making the game more interesting.• Wield epic weaponsAs you cross each level of the game, you will be facing challengingand fierce foes. The feature helps you in earning wild and epicweapons by which you can fight the deadly enemies with ease.• Three vast maps to exploreThese maps help in exploring various paths across the game.
Cube of Duty: Ghost Blocks C17.3
It is a run and shooter action game where youare the only survivor after a disastrous plane crashThis is a run and shooter action game where you are the onlysurvivor after a disastrous plane crash and you comprehend that theaccident was the outcome of war casualty. The game becomes moreinteresting as death is awaiting at every terminal of the enemyterritory. In this game, it is a requisite that you should beprepared for facing challenges and deadly enemies.Your survivalmoves, wits, and spontaneous reflexes are indispensable for winningthe game.The game initiates as you find your path amidst the wreckage of theplane and you sense the danger. After fighting with the deadlyenemies, you come to a private beach where you are the onlyinhabitant apart from an unbeatable mob. If you are able to surviveafter defeating the fierce foes, you will come to a deserted islandwhere the game becomes more intense.Features:• Beat the Mission Time to Unlock Permanent WeaponsThe mission time aids in calculating the time, you took forcompleting each level of the game. It is a must that you shouldcomplete the level before the time finishes. As you complete thelevel before the scheduled mission time, various permanent weaponsget unlocked which will be of great help for fighting the deadlyenemies.• Earn Permanent Power-Ups such as Double Damage and BodyArmourThis first person shooter game is a highly interesting game and youhave to fight constantly for defeating the enemies. As youaccomplish certain levels of the game, you will earn permanentPower-Ups which include Body Armour , Double Damage for fightingthose fierce enemies.• Difficulty SettingsIf you want to enjoy playing the advanced levels of the game, thisfeature is for you. It helps you to play the difficult levels ofthe game.Some other features of the game include:Sensitivity SettingsEasier Player ControlOption to Display Frames per SecondMission Selection Map
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter C18
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter is a FirstShooter person game where you run, shoot and duck forcovering.In the game, you are equipped with a gun for preparing for fierceFPS action. You go for navigating in the 3D pixel world. In thisgame, there is a user-friendly play-style, which comes along withsimple and pad-based controls for fighting with fluidity andchoosing between the weapons. As you accomplish each level of thegame, you can earn modern day weapon for fighting the deadlyenemies.This game is known to be jam-packed along with massive landscapesand fierce fighting action. It may, however, take a little moretime for loading the games. You will encounter a challenging map,breathtaking sceneries, and fierce foes while playing thegame.Features:• Entity mapIt is an interesting feature of the game that helps you in findingand exploring from where your enemies are coming. To be precise,you can keep an eye on your enemies with the aid of this map.• Varied and powerful weaponsIn this game, you need to face deadly enemies. As you accomplisheach level in the game, you will be equipped with various powerfulweapons that help in fighting the fierce foes.• Simple, touch screen game controlsThe screen game controls are counted to be an integral part of thegame. This aids in making the game much easier.• Progressive difficulty game-playEvery game has various easy and harder levels. You can play theadvanced levels of the game with the aid of Progressive difficultygame play feature.• Three unique combat scenariosThis is another feature of Dead Cubes Monster Encounter thatenhances the excitement of the game.Other features of the game are inclusive of:Aggressive combatInteractive surroundingsChoosing the health and ammo pickups 3D FPS pixel worlds
Cops Vs Robber Survival Gun 3D C18
A law enforcement robot, programmed tore-activate after a number of centuries by a prophetic scientistwho predicted the fall of mankind and civilization. It doesn't knowwhat has transpired in the wake of the fall or why the world hasbecome so rowdy and violent, all it knows is it hasn't made anarrest in 1230 years and it's got some catching up to do. As ittakes in the sheer number of people rioting the earth, the copbot'scloning activates and as he travels beyond the borders of hisrebirth, his clones spawn and reign their strict laws over thetown. As one of the world's last remaining superheroes, working adesk job at the local precinct, when a mob of copbots storm thedistrict, taking out citizens left and right, he knows he must takea stand and classes from this menace.Cops Vs Robbers - Survival Craft is a thrilling first personshooter adventure where you can enjoy real time battle with friendsand foes from all over the globe. With over 40 weapons to create,equip and use including guns, rockets, grenades, bows, swords andgems, you'll be ready to blow past enemies with stunning finesse.Take out enemies creating or utilizing a plethora of uniquestrategies or even shoot through walls when you see oncomingenemies approaching on the areal entity map. Collect your dailyreward by viewing short video ads, then select your difficultylevel and begin fighting. In this initial map, you will be fightingagainst the clock in order to earn a powerful permanent weapon tocarry with you throughout the game. The level will instruct you inthe number of enemies you'll need to defeat and the time you'll begiven to perform this feat. If you don't succeed the first time,you'll be offered another chance, or you can move on to the nextlevel without this bonus weapon. When you reach level six you willunlock the multiplayer option. Happy shooting!Top Game Features:>>>Loading Screen Tips>>>Lock and Load Aim>>>Daily Rewards>>>Multiplayer>>>Game timers>>>Cool pixel graphicsGame Levels:Level 1: PrisonLevel 2: City StreetLevel 3: Forest ArenaLevel 4: Deserted TownLevel 5: Futuristic cityLevel 6: Nuclear-reactor facility
Hide And Seek: War Games C17.3
Survive intense shootouts, discover hiddentreasures and explore treacherous terrains in Hide and Seek: WarGames. This cool running and shooting action adventure game is afun mixture of retro styled pixel game graphics and modern mobiletechnology boasting user-friendly pad based controls and easy touse interface. Seize glory in this dynamic first person shooter warstrategy game where quick thinking and fast reflexes could mean thedifference between life and death.★ ★★PLOT SUMMARY★ ★ ★At the end of the universe, there's a citadel among the wastes,hidden from society. Within is a library cataloguing the entirehistory of everything and in it lies the very fabric of timeitself. So precious and delicate are these files, their safety isheavily guarded by an artillery of trained mechanical militia. Whenyou stumble into this protected atmosphere, something unusualhappens...As the column of mechanical troops marched by, everyone fellsilent. The almost ethereal citizens watched in awe and respect astheir guardians marched by, keeping safe the entire history, and inturn, the future, of mankind. It was until the first gun blast thatcaught an entire row did panic set in. No one had ever breeched thebastion of this restricted corner of the world. In the mayhem thatensues, a soldier pins you with the barrel of his rifle. "You," hesnarls. "You are not of this realm. You have reduced our defensesto nothing by your arrival, heralding the End Times. You areresponsible for the fate of this land and the entire rest of theworld. This cannot go unpunished. You will pay." As if in slowmotion, the trigger was enacted, and before a single excuse or pleacould fall from your lips, the soldier's arm swept dramatically tothe side, shooting off a blast that ricocheted off a fallen wall,creating sparks that showered over you both in a rainfall of red.The solder's body collapses, narrowly missing you in his descent.With a sideways skip, you dash down the alleyway, and away fromimminent death. Your breath is heavy as adrenaline pumps throughyour veins so fiercely, you can actually hear the excited thrumcreate a symphony in your ears. You never meant to disrupt thebalance of time and place, but the delicate fabric had been rentasunder, and it is you whom they pin the blame. You cannot leave,not with the fate of the world resting heavily upon your shoulders.It's time to clear your name and return society back to what itwas... before the Decline.Features:-Hidden melee & firearm weapon variety-Collect ammo and HP-Enemies increase as game progresses/Pickups decrease throughoutgame play-Score slow and mega speed pickups-Run, jump and crouch-Overhead views of enemies assist in the mission's success-Choose weapons easily or battle hand-to-hand-Game timers with pause feature-Expansive 3D pixel worlds
Clan Outlaw: Gun Craft 3D C18
If you are looking for a first person shooterthat actually challenges you with exciting maps, intelligentenemies with high health and damage, the ability to earn amazingpower ups, and collect cool modern weapons, then Clan Outlaw: GunCraft 3D is the game you've been looking for!►GAME STORY◄A new law allows people to literally bet their lives. If they lose,the casino legally owns them. In league with an outlaw gang,determined to overthrow a government that had long oppressed theirtribes. This was the place where the lives procured are sent intobattle where they are trained to kill and trained to die. I wassuch a victim, but my life was indirectly bid, sold through afamily debt that could not be fulfilled in any other way thanthrough my enslavement...►GAME PLAY◄Claim your free daily reward and start off this game with a bang!The game starts off with a challenge to beat the clock. If you areable to beat the preset timer and conquer all your enemies, you'llbe rewarded with a cool permanent weapon. Don't worry if you aren'table to beat the clock. You can still advance through the level,but without the goods. Remain focused and jump, crouch, run, sprintand collect important perks as you run through the maps and killenemy mobs. While you'll be able to collect ammo and HP in yourjourney, you might find yourself shooting blanks or run low onhealth. At any stage in the game you can choose to watch shortvideos to earn the ammunition or points you need to keep fighting.Conquer the terrains and proceed through the levels, unlocking mapsas you go. Battle it out across an old shanty town where overgrownbush and towering trees are the only thing between you and yourenemies, then battle it out underground where the darkness may ormay not be to your advantage. Two pirate ships will challenge youto fight it out, either hand-to-hand or with a range of powerfulweapons.Features:►FPS fighting skills►Pixilated weapon selection►Power-ups►Time challenge►Loading screen game play tips►3D play screen
Block City Clan Wars C17.2.2
An exciting first person shooter game whereyou come across several minds blowing challenges and thrillingtwists. The exquisite landscapes and epic pixel graphics play anindispensable role in enhancing the interest of the game. Todaywhere the human being is making considerable improvements ineveryday life, dark shadows still persist who aims to defeat thehuman race. These clutching souls do not stop for anything forachieving the desired success. The latest technology in the gamewill let people digitalize the memories.A renowned scientist has been working really on the project. Justbefore the release of the breakthrough technology, the scientistwas murdered, the lab was destroyed and the device got stolen. Theincident gets uploaded to your mind and as you aim to report toyour seniors, you find yourself in danger as the brutal enemiesdetermine to kill you to ensure that his identity does not getrevealed.You leave no stone unturned for unmasking the brutal murder andsurviving the attacks. You navigate through the dangerous seriesand accomplish each level. As you complete each level, you continueto face deadlier enemies with the most fierce weapons.Features:• Entity mapThis map helps you to find all the possible directions from whichthe foes may attack you.• Power-upsAs you accomplish each level in the game, you win power-ups withwhich you can fight the deadly enemies at much ease.• Blocky weaponsThese weapons are available after completing certain stages of thegame. These weapons are of great use in fighting the enemies.• Beat the clockThere is a specific time duration within which you need to completethe different levels of the game. As you accomplish the levelbefore the specified time, you will win various weapons that helpyou to fight the enemies.Other features include:Touchpad game controlsMap-style level selectWeapon pickupsFPS action
Alien Attack on Block Street C10.2.2
Alien Attack on Block Street is your sourcefor thrilling futuristic FPS action! Go head-to-head againstmerciless enemies as you race against the clock to claim ultimatevictory.~STORY~It is the year zero. Researching history is forbidden. The land isgoverned by a single entity that descended from space and time atthe hour of the apocalypse to bring a new rule and save the worldfrom total destruction from each other. That is the onlyinformation given to the subjects of this single-realm universe.Living in this sterile world with strict rules and no past has gonelike clockwork, with everyone assigned their rightful position inthe workings of society. It is then, during a routine drilling forthe metropolis trade center, Mega City-1 is uncovered, and thesubhuman rebel slaves are liberated. No one has known of thesebeings before today, but as they spread through the realm, thepopulace realizes these rebel slaves hold the coveted answers tothe planet's clandestine past.~GAME PLAY~You, the player, are one of the rebel slaves encountering thisbleak new world for the first time since the master dictator ofthis realm drove your clan of rebels underground as punishment foryour disobedience and unyielding tenacity. You must defend theblock world from the alien foot soldiers as you use all availablemeans to survive and escape. This exciting first person shooterexperience will leave you eager for more! Download for FREE andcollect a playable reward instantly! All you have to do to collectthis free power up is watch a brief video clip. The power-up you'llreceive will be yours until you die. Make the most of it. As youenter your first map, you'll discover this world is set withnumerous challenges. You'll be given a number of enemies to defeatand a time you must accomplish this task within. Succeed, andyou'll be rewarded with a mega permanent weapon to wield throughoutthe game. Fail, and you may continue to the next level, but at adisadvantage. Collect blocky weapons and perks as you fight acrossdevastating pixilated 3D landscapes. If anytime during your missionyou find yourself low on health or ammunition and there are none tobe found in your surroundings, you may opt to watch a brief videoad to gain the supplies you need to keep fighting. The time is now.Strike hard and fast for the win!Game Features:-Game timers-Power ups-Blocky weapon pickup-Hand-to-hand combat-Entity map-FPS combat fighting-Loading screen game tips-Map style level select-Intuitive user interfaceLevels:Futuristic CitySmall City BlockCity with busy streetsEnemies to Watch Out For:AliensOut-worldly beingsMonstersWeapons:PistolMachine GunsShotgunsSniper Rifles
Blocklands Survival Games C10.2.2
In Blocklands Survival Games, you enter adifferent world which is comprised of deadly weapons includingSniper Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, and AK47. You may go for exploringthe forest or following the road that leads to the city. You canachieve success in the game with the aid of Sharpshooter hunting.The 3D graphics of superior quality helps in enhancing the interestof the game. There are different elements for those who are fond ofmine craft type game and those who enjoy adventure, hunting, andsurvival. You can look for high scores or go for finding all theflags.Some of the exciting features of this game are inclusive of:• 4 different weapons to use with plenty of ammoThe game is highly challenging and you need to have powerfulweapons for fighting the enemies. Thus, this feature lets you have4 different weapons along with plenty of ammo with the aid of whichyou can fight the fierce foes with ease.• Gun types include a shotgun, AK47, Sniper rifle, andpistolAs mentioned earlier, you will be facing deadly enemies who do notstop for anything. It is a requisite to have powerful weapons forfighting the foes. Some of the gun types which you avail in thisgame include a pistol, Sniper rifle, AK47, and shotgun.• Find all 5 flags to complete the game goalYou can find the five flags for completing various goals of thegame.• Dynamic spawningYou will get a different game every time when you play the same.None of the games will be similar. You will be spawning in adifferent location before you restart the game.• Excitement at every turnThere are several enemies that you will encounter while playing thegame. Some of the enemies are a blocky wolf, crazy hunters. Youhave to go for hunting everything that comes in your path in theblock craft world.
Star Force: Battlefront Blocks C16.6
You are agent Kessler, a skilled andbattle-hardened Star Force operative. You mission is to defeat StarForce’s enemies and preserve peace throughout the galaxy. After ashort period of prosperity, a new threat has emerged! Intelbelieves the Hrgathians, the most dangerous species in the galaxy,are developing a pathogen at a hidden research station. Radars showincreased activity of their ships and carriers, and Star Forcecommanders fear that they are planning to unleash a new kind ofbiological warfare. Your mission is to infiltrate the Hrgathiancarrier "Maelstrom", eliminate the captain and the guards so theHackTeam can hijack the ship, and uncover the Hrgathian plot. AgentKessler, the fate of the whole galaxy is in your hands!Infiltrate exciting blocky space environments and fight your waythrough the Hrgathian forces. Eliminate many different kinds ofenemies like Star Fighters, Fighter Techs, Sentries or Bodyguards.Keep an eye out for precious ammo or health packs to stay alive,try to avoid the exploding mine bots and complete your missions intime to gain awesome permanent weapons. Utilize strategically theexploding barrels you find, and navigate the amazing sci-fi levels.This game features non-stop action, so use your aiming, guts andreflexes to stay alive and defeat your enemies. You are thegalaxy’s last hope, Star Force must prevail!Features:Six unique sci-fi mapsMany different random enemiesSimple virtual touch pad controlsProgressive difficulty game play3D pixel graphicsExciting effectsInteractive enviroment
Rescue Robots Block Heroes C18
Rescue Robots Block Heroes is a pixel-stylefirst person shooting game where you complete intense missions andannihilate enemies as you navigate vast and fearsometerrains.One of the most interesting first person shooter games. You willeradicate foes and challenging missions as you proceed. In thisgame, you will get hands on ultimate fighting turmoil. Be ready toget indulge in a cosmos of fierce foes with high intellect andmassive destruction. You have to strike at a faster rate forkilling your enemies.Your aim in the game is to eradicate every enemy that comes in yourway. Some of the enemies will attack you upfront whereas some arehidden and looking forward to a chance to attack you. At each andevery level, you will have a certain number of enemies and it is aprerequisite to destroy all of them for moving to the next level.The first level of the game is highly challenging and you have alimited time for killing them. A specific time interval isconferred to you which enables to win a permanent weapon with highpower. You can also gather useful perks and massive power backupsthroughout the game. There are 6 advanced levels in the game. Thegame tends to become more exciting at each level.Features of the game:• You can select from a wide collection of deadly weapons or BlockyMelee.• You can compile health pickups and ammo for fighting the deadlyenemies.• You can earn health pickups by watching short video clips.• You will be preparing yourself for intense war as you cross eachlevel.• Unified game timers that come with the rewards of permanentweapons.• Precision aiming that helps you shoot at your foes in the mostaccurate way.• Modified screen settings that ease the battles.• Loading Screen Game Tips.• Entity map that helps you keep a notice on the upcomingenemies.
Dead Blocks Operation Survival C10.2.2
Dead Blocks Operation Survival invites youtonavigate treacherous confines, with each step potentiallybeingyour last. Heart-pounding missions with no guarantee ofsuccessmake this the ultimate FPS experience. Crush enemies in epiccombatcampaigns and test your skills to the limit. This is do ordie!THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... IS A LIE.Humans settle on a planet and build a civilization. Thousandsofyears later, the planet begins to leave its orbit and traveltoanother solar system. Humans discover that the planet isaconscious and powerful being, and the most dangerous weapon intheuniverse. Taking on its own free will, the planet now seeksrevengeon the intruders who believe they own they built on. As theplanetshakes in fury, silent warriors have appeared from themists,summoned from the core of this mighty beast. As Defender oftheSector, it was your duty to rise above the mayhem and protectthecitizens of the planet as evacuations were enacted, but thenyouwere presumed lost in battle, and left behind. Now you mustfightthe bloodthirsty minions of the planet as you try and find ameansof escape on this desolate land.~BECOME A MASTER MARKSMAN~Your goal is to eliminate all threats, but in addition tothesespecific missions, you also must beat the clock! An integratedgametimer will start ticking away the time you have to defeat agivennumber of enemies from the moment you enter map one. Chargeforwardand speed through the mission in a set amount of time toearn amega permanent weapon you can wield throughout the game. Gaintheupper hand by collecting a power-up upon launch of this gamewhenyou watch a brief video clip. These videos will be helpful toyoumore than once as you will also be given the opportunity toearnammo and health as needed as you play. Blocky melee andfirearmsweapons can be collected as you navigate levels. Enemieswill boasthigh intelligence, damage and health, so be on guard andaware ofyour surroundings. These warriors come at you from everyangle,high and low. This is your mission... if you choose toacceptit.Features:✗Explosive Weapon Variety✗Mine Resources From Among Hidden Locations✗Extract Revenge On Your Enemies✗High-End, Immersive Gameplay✗Smooth, Intuitive Touch Screen Controls✗Survival Arena✗Battle To The Death In Hand To Hand Combat✗ Amazing Maps, Each With Their Own Exciting Challenges✗Collect Power-Ups✗Game Timer✗Loading Screen Game Tips✗ Setting ScreenLevels:-Doom Station-Doom Spacecraft-Doom Basement
American Blocky Street Race 1.0
Become the number one racer is thesedangerousstreets full of fearless enemies that will test yourabilities andskills to the limit. Be careful for powerups that willgive you abetter chance to win the race and move on to the nextone.Your car a bit slow? Look for the power ups that will boostyourspeed for a limited time and pedal to the metal. How about arocketthat you can equip and fire to disable your opponent’s car?,that’sfair play.Win these street races in 12 different, engaging andchallenginglevels where you can show why you will be the best racerin thisblocky world and get in first place no matter what.Having difficulties beating a level? get a faster car thatwillincrease your speed and chances to get to the finish line infirstplace. Incoming missile?, equip your car with a shield thatwillprotect you from the enemy fire and a magnet to easily collectallthe coins in the track.
Cube Gear Rider Pursuit 1.0
Get your gear ready and jump in thisdangerouschampionship. Dominate the streets and fearless opponentsthat willtest you abilities and skills to the limit. Look for powerups thatcan improve your chances to win the race and move to thenextone.Need more power Don’t worry, look for the power ups that willboostyour car speed for a limited time. Get rid of your opponentswith adestructive rocket that you can equip and fire to disable thecarahead of you.Get first place in 12 different, engaging and dangerous trackswhereyou can show why you are the best racer and win thischampionship,it is not going to be easy.You can’t win a level with your standard car, get a faster carthatwill increase your speed and chances to win the race. Tiredofbeing shot at, equip your car with a shield that will protectyoufrom incoming fire and a magnet to collect all the coinsspreadalong the track.