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Make Joke Of Creator. Find Your Love @ Date MJO 1.26
Make Joke Of Creator is an App for making unlimited MJO videos.Along with Finding your real Love at Date MJO. Here along with thecreator you get various other features such as you can BUY MJOproducts , Along with this you can EARN Rs. 100 daily. Play LiveQuiz & Earn Everyday Real Cash. You can watch other Funny MJOlike videos. Here you can visit our MJO official FB page. Herealong with these features you can watch the Make Joke of Videosanytime anywhere. MJO is a youtube channel in which one can findfunny animated videos made on social topics. Make Joke Of creatoris an App in which you can get all types of sections where you canhave unlimited fun. MJO creator is an App where you can create allMJO characters as per your wish . You can design their appearancetheir beard mustaches, googles, eyes and many more. you cananimated the hand movements and leg movements ,its body movements,you can change the camera view for the videos you will make. Youcan add your voice you can add different backgrounds. Here you cando anything and everything you need to make for a MJO video. Soenjoy this Make Joke Of creator App. Plz share your valuablefeedbacks and reviews.Here you get Live notification of the new MJOvideos. Even you can suggest your own designs and ideas under thecomment section in buy MJO items section this App. This is reallyan interesting app .you will definitely love it just install andyou get an option to entertain yourself. Please provide yourvaluable reviews. We will keep on enhancing our features so werequest you to please suggest some tips on how to add more value tothis App.Stay tuned & Thankyou for showing your love towardsMJO!
MyKabadi 1.0
Now no more waiting for the traditional kabadiwala's in ordertosell you scraps. is here to provide you a hasslefreeonline solution for all your scraps. Just place a pick up orderandwe will reach you. Our features:-* we arrive at the timeyouschedule according to your convenience* we weight your scrapswithan electronic weighing machine thus providing high accuracy*weprovide you the highest rates for your scraps* you can callus,visit our website or use our mobile app to place a pickuprequest* we provide you instant money via cash or in any ofyourpreferred e-walletsThus MyKabadi is there to solve all yourscrapsproblems and thus help in the waste management which is theutmostimportant step to help make our society-city-state-country&ultimately our Motherland clean.Thus we encourage the SwachhBharatAbhiyanThus we help making our nation CLEAN &GREEN!Currentlywe are operating in the city of Hazaribag in theJharkhand state.weare expanding our services very soon.
Crazy BITians 1.1
This App is dedicated to the Students of BIT Sindri.Everybranchmember of their particular Branch will be notifiedautomaticallybefore the deadline of any assignment or ProjectSubmission.Thisapp builds the bridge between theSenior and Juniorwhich waspractically impossible before. Whenever we enter a newworld wehave lots of queries to be answered but due some reasonsofimproper communication our queries are never answered andareburied deep inside our soul. It provides an effectiveplatformwhere you can interact with any Expert who had eitheralready facedthis issue or has enough experience to guide you tothe rightpath.This App updates you with the Latest News of BITunder thesection of BIT News. The little Entrepreneurs who have aYoutubeChannel,a website, or a Startup can gain popularity via thisAppunder the Section Startups. Users are Offered various LatestandModern Offers under the Offers Section. Video Lectures which weallsearch for when we try to understand any concept,will beprovidedunder Videos Section in this App. In case you want to sellyour oldcommodity which is of no use to you now ,for that just postyouritemand get your buyers have a deal and done.When fund israised tohelp the needy or to meet some unforeseen circumstances,properdischarge of the donated fund to the right candidate orauthorityis the major concern. Have you ever thought before givingyourMoney that will the person in need get the exact amount thatyouare donating for his/her welfare ? Your Money passesmanyintermediate levels before it gets into the hands of thesufferer.So, Now no need to worry,with this App under the Donatesection youcan directly donate your desired amount to theSufferer's Account.For this all you need to do is just enter yourdebit\credit carddetails or be comfortable with your preferablemode of Transactionby a Highly Secure Payment Gateway. Donate andbe Blessed. Get allthe Previous Year Question Papers, Notes, Pdf ofBooks and StudyMaterials under the Section of Study Materials. Staytuned with theLatest News about this App by Liking our FaceBookPage, CrazyBItians directly from the App under the Section FB pageWatch theMap of BIT along with the whole World in Normal view aswell asSatellite view under the Section Maps. Now the biggestquestion iswhy would i reply to anyone's query or why would i helpothers bywasting my time. Then the solution to this is for Money.When youengage yourself posting queries or genuinely replying tothe askedquestion and much more, this app track your activities andrewardsyou. Thus you can generate a good income. This App is aresult ofMy Passion which I followed 24*7 since March 2017. As I amaStudent of Production Engineering I hardly knew the languagetobuild this App but my undeviated focus and passion to dosomethingwhich I genuinely love has boosted me to present this Appin frontof you. Please shower your appreciation towards this appand doshare your reviews or ideas regarding this app on theFaceBook Pageor directly through the Contact Us Section. At Last Iwant tomotivate my batchmates and my juniors to always follow yourpassioneven if the subject of interest does not fall into thecategory ofyour engineering course which you are currently pursuingbecauseyour Engineering Degree will not be the actual measure ofyourworth, rather doing what you Love will be the real reflectionofyour Potential.Rahul SuxsenaOfficially- RahulKumar2k14BatchProduction EngineerB.I.T Sindri
Learx 1.3
Learx, an App where you can really Earn Real Cash. In Today's Eratwo most devastating things are Unemployment and Money. So herecomes the Learx App to solve the second problem. So stay tuned formore new features.
Learx Gamma 1.2
Earn Everyday with Learx Gamma. Its an entertainment App.Newfeatures coming soon so stay tuned.
Learx Alpha 1.2
Learx Aplha, is an App where you can have Full Entertainment andyoucan even earn via this App. new features coming soon.
Crazy Sound 1.0
Just Imagine that you have to call someone or your family members.Its very Urgent situation. Its a do or die situation to haveaconversation with that guy. But the thing is that particularpersonis unaware of your Calls because he/she has put the phone onSilentMode. So via this app you can remotely control the ringingvolumeof your dear ones in a critical Situation even if the personis inmeeting but you need to have an urgent information to bedeliveredto that Person. Just install this app "Crazy Sound" andcontrol theRinging Volume of the other person in a criticalsituation. Thisapp can prove to be a Life Saver so just use thisapp and saveLives. Rahul Kumar officially- Rahul Kumar 2k14 BatchProductionEngineer B.I.T Sindri
Learx Riva 1.1
Learx Riva is an Entertainment App where you can Earn Everyday.Muchmore features coming soon. So saty tuned!
Lucky Number 1.1
Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationshipbetween a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also thestudy of the numerical value of the letters in words, names andideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongsideastrology and similar divinatory arts. This App helps you attainyour Lucky Number for Everyday which is being calculated withrespect to your Full Name, Your Date, month, Year and Day of Birthalong with the current day and date. Use this to change yourdestiny. Share with your friends and family to help them aswell. Assharing is caring. We will soon implement some more features. sostay tuned!
Learx Pro 1.3
An Entertainment App where you can Earn Everyday.
Date BITians 1.1
Date BITians is a dating App for the college students. JustLike,anyone and if the same person also likes you then Hurrey..!"It's amatch. You can't know who liked you it's really amazing toget amatch and thus fix a date at your own college. Once matchedyou geta notification and you can start your chat. No need to finda matchon other dating sites if its available specifically for yourowncollege. just find it and plan your future. This is the veryfirstversion and thus may have some flaws so if you showinteresttowards this app's concept it will be soon updated. Pleaseprovideyour valuable reviews and enjoy. Now know each of yourcollegemates via this App and enjoy Dating.