Creation Game Studio Apps

X Drifting 2.1.0
Download X Drift to Meet Your Realistic Car Drift Dreams andbecomethe drift legend king !Super realistic 3D game screen givesyou theperfect car drifting visual impact of drift!Turn thesteering wheeland finish your drift legend at the corner! 🚗Gamefeatures:※ Avariety of drift games: Three game modes: survivalmode, arenamode, and time challenge mode. Survival mode: You needto reach thedesignated checkpoint within the specified time tocontinue thegame. When you reach the checkpoint, you will add timeuntil thetime is zero, and you will be rewarded according to thedrift time.Arena mode: In the ring stadium, the driving car arrivesat arandom checkpoint within a certain period of time; Timechallengemode: You need to complete 2 laps for the same track, andtake thefastest lap time for your final match result;※ variety oftop rallyracing cars: 12 top-level rally cars are waiting for youto choose.Each car has its own distinctive appearance, includingpowerfuloff-road tires and roll cages. Four kinds of racingattributes:speed, drift, torque, tire, the higher the property, themoreeasily the car can complete some extreme drift on thefield;※Multiple map challenges: 6 unique track: 3 track loops, 3mountaintrack, 3 types of climate, sunny days, rainy days, and snowdays.Each track will record your highest score, you can repeat thegameon each track, and constantly refresh your score on the track;※Noneed to use the internet to play any games: No WiFi, noproblem,want to play anytime, anywhere, no time andgeographicalrestrictions. All 3 modes and 6 tracks supportofflinechallenges.Download X-Drift now and create your own driftlegendenjoy the extreme drifting feeling!It's time to drive yourcar tomake nice extreme drifting and leave your brakes on thetrack!
Wild Fishing 4.1.0
🐟 🐟 A variety of vivid fish, amazing realistic 3D effect! If youare a big fan of wild fishing, what are you waiting for? Let's setsail now! Know nothing about fishing? Don’t worry, wild fishing issimple to operate, and you can enjoy the pleasure of fishing bygently sliding your fingers! Game Features: ◆ More deep-sea fishwaiting for you to collect: A total of 121 species of deep-seafishes are distributed in the 11 most famous fishing grounds in theworld. The fish in each fishing ground is divided into severallevels. If the star of fish is higher, it would be more difficultto catch fish. It seems that these fishes are jumping around infront of you. They will splash water side to side when you clickthem with your fingers. ◆ Professional fishing tools: As aprofessional fishing expert, of course a professional fishing toolis essential: hooks, fishing rods, reels, baits, fishing lines,feeds, etc. all of them are essential; if you want to catch thebiggest fish in this fishery, you need better tools, as many as 92fishing tools are available for you to choose from. Of course, thebest tools are all behind. If you want to get it, you can quicklyfish and earn coins. Every tool can be made stronger and get moreattributes through smelting . ◆ Powerful fishing props: In additionto some necessary tools, we have added a number of powerful itemsthat will make it easier for you to catch big fish, such as timecapsules, experience capsules, gold coin capsules, strengthincreasing, reel speed increasing, and more. How to deal withcatching fish: There are 3 ways to deal with the catching fish:Sell, sell the fish directly to get the gold coins and experiencevalue immediately; release, if you do not want this fish, you canrelease it immediately, won't get the gold coin but can get moreExperience value; into the fish tank, if the size of these fishdoes not sell well, you can temporarily put the fish in your fishtank, use the feed to help the fish grow, and sell it when it isbig enough. You can get a huge amount of gold coins and experiencevalues; Enjoy fishing in the wild and see the real perfect fishing,give you the same fishing experience in reality! Play the ultimate3D fishing game for FREE! Download Wild Fishing and show yourfishing mania skills in this fishing adventure game. Come andexperience it now!
Dead Reaper🔪 3.3.1
🔪As a road hero and zombie destroyer of the last days, you mustkill a way out of the zombie group! Choose powerful weapons andachieve zombie destroyer achievement and make zombie dead! Driveyour chariot through the roads filled with zombies and become thereal zombie destroyer! Game Features: ☞ A variety of gameplay:Create a new shot and drive two gameplays. Shooting You will usemachine guns and turrets on your tank to block the zombies that youhave enclosed from all directions. Driving skills need to drivethrough the ruins filled with zombies and obstacles to ensure safearrival at the destination; ☞ 2 game modes: Story mode and endlessmode 2 game modes. The story mode has 8 levels, each level has 10levels, including a boss level, shooting mode and driving mode areincluded, a total of 80 levels waiting for you to challenge.Endless mode includes 2 kinds of gameplay, shooting mode anddriving mode. The shooting mode resists constantly attacking yourzombies. Driving mode drives through the battlefield to see how faryou can run. ☞ Top game screen: Use the most advanced game engineto create the perfect game screen. Realistic zombies, tremblingwhen attacked, truly feedback your shooting position. Drive yourchariot on the road of zombies, the most realistic driving impactexperience; ☞ Simple gameplay: Shooting mode, moving the bull's eyeto target the zombies, hit the shooting button to attack, theturret has a huge power, but the number of shells is limited. Inthe driving mode, click on the left and right sides of the screento control the left and right offset of the chariot. Click theshooting button to automatically shoot the zombies on the road. Ofcourse, you can also use the handlebar to crash the zombie. Forreal sharpshooters and dead reaper destroyer, these zombies on theroad are your target! Destroy all zombies, show your skills on theextreme zombie battlefield! 🔪
Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting 1.1.0
Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting gives you realistic battlescenes,smooth game operation, and rich weapon system. Be aware,all of themare different from other shooting games!Train yourshooting skillsto improve the proficiency of differentweapons!This is not a simplebull's-eye shooting. The enemy willkeep moving and they will movebehind you, be careful!GameFeatures:◆ Multiple game maps waitingfor you to challenge:Thereare 4 maps: Deserts, Middle east,Industrial areas, and Chemicalplants. You will become familiar withthe surrounding environmentby constant fighting, and there may beenemies underneath theabandoned cars. These areas are veryunstable, and conflicts mayoccur at any time. Your enemies will behiding in these areas.Destroy all enemy people by using Gatlingmachine guns.◆ Simplegame operation: Slide the left screen tocontrol the character'smovement, slide the right screen to move thequasi-center, and whenthe enemy is found, click the aim button toopen the sight andclick to shoot the firing bullet. Grenades andfirst aid kits canbe used on the right side of the equipment.◆ Moreguns: 11world-famous classic guns, from Desert Eagles to AK47s andAWPsniper rifles, are all well-known world-class guns. EventheGatlin's heavy weapons can be used. Do not worry about the lackofbullets. Using more backup clips to satisfy your shootingdesire;◆Real war effect: High-definition 3D graphics, immersivebattlefieldenvironment, take you into the absolute realbattlefield. Perfectsound, the sound of different footsteps canhelp you identify thelocation of the enemy, recorded from realfirearms guns, and youwill fall in love with these guns.Soldiers,it's time to join areal war and achieve your shooting masterdream!What are youwaiting for? Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting isthe rightshooting game that you are looking for!