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Cover Red Spot Challenge 1.03
America's #1 Quick Play CompetitionCover Red Spot (CRS) is anincredibly addictive puzzle game, that fewer than one percent ofall new players can solve within the first 100 attempts. This is apuzzle which is clearly not for the faint of heart. It willchallenge your ingenuity, and, test your manual dexterity. Unlikeso many other games/ puzzles that require 10, 20 or even 50 levelsto be interesting, CRS invites players to take on their ultimateadversary...themselves. The object of CRS, if not the game-play, issimple. Use the five silver discs to cover the larger red disc. Onehundred percent coverage is possible, but it won't be easy. And itwon't come quickly. Once you've solved the puzzle for coverage, thereal battle begins. Can you beat your time? Can you solve thepuzzle at 100 percent coverage, three times in a row (an extremelyunlikely event)? More challenging still - can you find the solutionin less than 10 seconds? How about 5? 3? A feat so statisticallydifficult, that were you able to accomplish it, it would put you inthe top 1/10 of 1 percent of all players...ever! CRS is for thosewith patience, cunning and an unyielding level of determination. Afun puzzle when you find occasional success. A maddening one if youdon't. APP FEATURES: * Gorgeous Graphical User Interface -Industrial theme is functional & attractive. * PinpointAccuracy Meter - Measure disc coverage out to hundredths of apercent. * Precision Timer (New) - Displays time down to athousandth of a second. * Sharp Resolution - Graphics are sharp,crisp & easily discernible. * Rapid Fire - Single-motion startfor quicker play and greater accuracy. * Real-Time Leader Board -Compare your results with other players. www.coverredspot.comCoverRed SpotDownload. Play. Win.