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Drag Racing 4x4
Drag Racing 4x4 is the hit spin-off from Drag Racing, it featuresbigger and badder 4x4 trucks and SUVs, from the legendary FordF-150 to the huge Monster Truck. You’ll get awesome burnouts andcountless upgrades all on your Android device! Unlike other carracing games, this is real truck drag racing on the street and onthe track. Challenge your friends and rivals online. LOTS OFTRUCKSWe know you love trucks and SUV's and 4x4 tires, so we'veincluded the hottest brands in Drag Racing 4x4. That's right;Dodge, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Land Rover, Nissan, Range Rover, VW andmore! Sport SUVs? Check. Pickup Trucks? Check. Monster Trucks? Youbet! The best part? There's always more of them coming.FAIR PLAYInDrag Racing 4x4 there's no "fuel" that you have to wait for. No"delivery time" for trucks or upgrades. Every vehicle iscompetitive and there's no "premium" upgrades. It's all about yourskill and dedication. In Drag Racing 4x4 you can get Gold nuts tofix your truck when it breaks down, insurance to prevent futurebreakdowns and shields to save your tournament progress. Playerscan make the best 4x4 by testing the autotune feature to boosttheir performance.REAL RACERS Some people like to keep their truckin the garage, we like to race and be seen racing. Drag Racing 4x4give you the best free online racing games can offer: there'salways an online rival waiting for you. Pick your preferredlanguage (English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, Indonesian), Race any distance from 1/4 to full mile,win tournaments, work your way up the rankings, or test your nervesin wager races. EPIC UPGRADESWe have a lot of respect for stocktrucks, but we also respect your desire to floor it and BURN SOMERUBBER! In Drag Racing: 4×4 there's literally thousands of upgradesthat will satisfy your need for speed. Ever thought about smoking aMonster Truck in your F250 Super Duty? Happens every day on thestreets of Drag Racing: 4×4.PERSONAL TOUCHMost games let you paintyour truck. Some even let you apply a design made by someone else.How many games let you add Neon glow, chose from dozens of cooldecals, arrange them the way you like and choose your own color forevery bit? That's right - this one! GET UNDER THE HOODAre you agearhead or a truck nerd? We have the most realistic physics enginein the genre, meaning that everything works the way it does in reallife. Try to find the right balance between power and grip whilestaying in your class. Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to shaveoff precious milliseconds. Oh, and don’t forget to add in somenitrous oxide to give your ride an extra kick!AWESOME COMMUNITYIt'sall about the players, connect with other DR4x4 fanatics who enjoythis cool game:Drag Racing Website: If the gamedoesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, get in touch and we'll doour best to help.- If you have any questions, make sure you checkout our FAQ at need additional support please contact us through our Supportsystem: or to our e-mail© 2014 Creative Mobile OU. All RightsReserved.
Basketball Shots 3D (2013)
Show your skills and challenge your friends inthe most addictive basketball game for Android!Your goal is to score as many shots as possible from each of thefive different positions on the line. Each ball that hits thebasket brings you 1 point and each "money ball" adds 2. You haveonly 1 minute to take all 25 shots, so there's no time to waste.Simple as that, this game captivates MILLIONS OF PLAYERS around theworld for hours.FEATURES:- Cool 3D graphics- Lots of game modes, including 1 on 1 battles- Multiplayer competitions and leaderboards- Ability to challenge your friends- Stylish avatars with unlimited customization options- Different courts and balls to choose fromPut simply, this is the most complete 3-point shootout game yourcan get for your smartphone, a MUST-HAVE for any basketball fan oranyone who enjoys fast-paced arcade games.You can exercise tactics by using sneaky POWER-UPS that bring youthe edge over your opponents. But don't rely solely on them as itis the SKILL that determines the winner in the end.Be sure to try the BATTLE mode, which allows you to blockopponent's shots by putting your basketball in their path withperfect timing and execution!As you develop your skills, don't forget to check your ranking onglobal or national leaderboards, customize your avatar andchallenge your friends!