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Pongal Beautiful Cards &Wishes 1.0
This is nice app having cards with Pongal /sankranti wishes. share these cards with your friends in watsappalso. May this ponal will bring happiness to all our users. Pleasesend feedback on this app
Romantic Shayari on Love 1.0.3
Romance is in the air. Love is floating aroundwith this valentine day. Copy romantic sharayi and share with yourloved ones on this v'day. Express your love with beautiful words.Make this valentine day special for your girl friends, wife, andpartnerHow to use this application:1. Download and install this Romantic Love shayari application forfree2. Select any shayari and tap on share button to send it directlyon social media apps3. Express your love and careDo not forget to rate our application and share this applicationwith friends and family members
Live Disco theme 2016 1.0
The Best Live wallpaper Application for Newyear 2016. Disco lighting theme with 2016 written with preciousdiamonds on Live wallpaper. Theme is the symbolical representationand expectation of your happiness and prosperity for 2016 Happy newyear.How to use this Live wallpaper:Download and Install this Live wallpaperof Happy New year. Tap on Set as Live wall paperbutton. The magical Disco Lightening Live wallpaper is ready todecorate your mobile screen. Share this live wallpaper with familyand friends and do leave your comments on rate me page
Free Calling by Lover – prank 1.0
Make this valentine day special and unique byarranging or scheduling a fake call from anyone of your choice. Youcan select the photo from gallery or from the list of hot girls orsmat boys and schedule a fake call. This will add up spice to yourlove life. Try out and don’t wait any lover.Are you looking for a lover girl / lover boy to call you onvalentine day? Don’t wait any lover, use this app and arrange afake call and prank your friend that you have a lover girl.Do you want to tease your lover? Download this free lover teasingprank fake call app and schedule a fake call and tease your loverthat you got call from hot girl / smart boysShare this application with your friends and relative who want totease their lover o pose in front of friends about fake lover. Donot forget to rate our application
Girl Name Ringtone Maker 1.0.1
Lover name ringtone maker is a differentapplication for calling out the name of your lover as a ringtone.In this application we can keep our loved ones names or their nicknames as a ringtone . This can be done by entering name as textwhich will be converted into audio file by android app.Now your loved ones name can be heard as ringtone.Do not forget to comment on this application on rate us column andshare this application with your friends and relatives.
Chicken Recipe Indian Taste 1.0.1
Chicken recipe for Indian taste app containsnumber of recipe with Chicken as base ingredient. Impress yourlover this valentine with variety of chicken food. It’s a sayingthe “Stomach is the direct way to reach a man’s Heart”. So startmaking Chicken food and serve it hot to your guest, friends,partner, girl friends or family members. Some of the most popularChicken dishes mentioned in this application are Chicken TikkaMasala, Chicken Butter masala, chilly Chicken, Hyderabadi Chicken,Handi Chicken, Sheek Chicken Masala, And many more
I hate love DP creator 1.0.3
Love is a beautiful whether its from one sideor both the ends. For those whose love was never accepted here wehave I hate Love DP creator. Place this DP creator for valentineday and make your lover girl / lover boy knows what they have lost.Love is beautiful feel but when love is lost there is nothing moreinteresting in life. The best DP creator for love failure is here.How to use this I hate Love DP creator app:1. Download and install this love failure or I hate love DPcreator2. Select the photo from gallery3. Select the I hate you DP creator on your photo4. Adjust the image on your photo and save it or share it5. All the saved photos can be viewed from my creationfolderShare this application with your friends and family members. Donot forget to rate our application
Support Indian Cricket Team 1.0.4
India !!!! India !!!! is the eco in thestadium by Indian cricket team supporters and digital smart peoplewill place their social networking DP or profile pic as IndianCricket Team supporters. World cup is On and T20 will be live soon.Be a true fan and change your social networking DP as SupportIndian Cricket team. All you need to do is download Indian Cricketteam supporters DP creator app from market. Select your photo fromyour mobile phone. Select the layout you want on your photo. Saveit and share it. You can see all you saved photo in your mobilegallery and also in my creation folder in this app.Share this app with as many Indian as you can and do not forget torate this app
Automatic Change Lover Photo 1.0.1
Automatic Change Lover Photo app is a simpleapplication in this you can select images from gallery and keep asauto changing live wallpapers and we can set changing timealso
Holi Color Magical Theme 1.0
Happy Holi to everyone. This is abeautifullyanimated colorful live wallpaper of Holi. A boy isstanding in thislive wallpaper with pichkari in this hand andreleases color ofhappiness and togetherness. Upon sprinkling thecolor on the wallit displays Happy Holi. This live wallpaper willdecorate themobile wall for the Holi occasion. Beautifully animatedand simpleand easy to use. All you need to do it download andinstall thislive wallpaper of Holi on your mobile and set it aslive wallpaperand it you can see the animated boy appear on yourmobile screen asthemeShare this colorful live wallpaper theme application withfriends and family members and do not forget to comment onthisapp. If you like this app then do rate this application
Voice Changer HD with Effects 1.0.1
Best HD Voice Changer with effects is a funnyapplication to listen to your voice in different funny voices. Saveyour modified voice and share with friends and family members andhave fun. Record your voice or others voice and listen in manydifferent modified ways. Below are mentioned few effects1. Robotic Voice Changer2. Female Voice Changer3. Girl Voice Changer4. Little girl5. Mature Lady6. Old female7. And many other funny voice modeShare this application with friends and family members and do notforget to comment on this application on rate us page
Cricket Photo Suit Editor 1.0.4
T20 World Cup fan have something new to dowith their old profile pic and dp of whatsapp. Its time to use thisphoto editor app and see yourself in cricketers dress. Support yourteam by dressing like your favorite team cricket dress and placethat as you profile pic. Download and install this app and select aphoto from gallery or click a fresh photo. Select the team suit andplace it on your photo. Tilt and adjust the cricket suit on yourphoto. Save it and use it for sharing it with friends andrelatives. Do take time to ate our app and do not forget to sharethis app with other cricket loves
Holi Color Photo Frames 1.1
Give your photos a new feel and look thisholi. Variety of Holi photo frames are provided in this holi photoframe app. These photo frames can also be used as Holi Greetingswith photo. You have option to write on photo. Select the Photoframe of your choice. Place your photo and save and share withfriends and family members. Holi color effect of happiness will beshown on the pics. Wishing you all a very happy and colorful holi.Share the messages and greetings with your loved onesDo take time to rate our app and do not forget to share this appwith friends and family
Beer & Alcohol detector Prank 1.0
Alcohol detector simulator prank app willshowyou the level of alcohol consumed. This app is to be useforfriends and family members for prank. This will randomlydisplaysome level or no level of alcohol consumed. You can playdifferentkind of pranks with your brother and sister. For anexample:(a) When you brother comes home late then you can use this appandshow the level of alcohol he consumed to your parents(b) You can test this on your love, boy friend or husband thattheyhave consumed alcoholShare this prank based alcohol detector simulator app withfriendsand family members and take time to rate this app
T20 World Cup Supporters DP 1.0
To all T20 World Cup fans, here is waytocreate your Profile Pic and place it as your DP or profile picofsocial media apps. Show the world and your friends which teamyouare supporting. In this Supporters DP you have speciallydesignedDP layer of all the country who have participated in T20World Cup.Let us cheer our favorite cricket team. Download andinstall thisT20 Supporter Dp creator app and select your photo fromgallery orclick a fresh selfie. Placewith friends on DP creatorlayer of yourfavorite team on your photo and save it. Your DP isready to toplace it as profile pic or share the same on facebookposting ordiferectly on whatsapp or other social media web portals.Do taketime to provide rating to this app and share this app withallcricket T20 lovers and let them support their luckycricketteam
T20 Cricket Live wallpaper 1.0
World Cup T20 is live and this is the bestlivewallpaper theme for all the cricket loves. In this livewallpaperyou can see a batsman hit the ball which will display T20in thesky. See the magical effect of batsman on the sky. The ballreachesthe height. Share this app with all the T20 Cricket lovesand do notforget to rate this app
Ram Navami Magical Theme 1.1
Happy Ram Navami to everyone. Ram Navami isbasically the celebration of birth of Lord Rama. Let Celebrate theHappy Birthday of Lord Rama on the auspicious occasion of RamNavami. This magical theme live wallpaper is beautiful animation ofRam darbar. Download this free live wallpaper app of lord rama andstay blessed. Share this app with all the hindi friends andrelatives and do take time to rate this app
Heart Shooting Game 1.0
Shooting is a passion and heart shootinggameis best game for lovers. You need to shoot the heart incombinationof 3 or more heart to break the layer and win the game.Simple andeasy to play this heart shooting game. More than 400+excitinglevels to be unlocked. The game play is simple and easy.You needto select the level you would like to play. There are 3DifferentStages namely beginner, Intermediate and ExpertStages.Each Stages has many sub levels to be unlocked. You can unlockthelevels by winning each lower level game. Have a greatexperienceplaying this heart shooting game for lovers.Do not forget to share this application with friends andfamilymembers and specially with your lover. Share your experienceandcomments on rate us
Penalty Shootout Football Game 1.0.3
Soccer game is the most famous and best gameplayed worldwide. We are presenting you the Soccer football penaltyshootout game. You need to hit the Goal by select the speed of yourkick and selecting the direction of the ball. The goal keeper willtry to protect the goal. Second chance you will be the Goal keeperand android will play the kit shoot. You need to safe guard thegoal and win. There will be 5 chance to hit the goal to eachplayer. All you need to do is download this free penalty shootoutgame and have fun. Share this app with friends and family membersand do take time to comment on this app
Car Race Superfast Game 1.0
The most thrilling, electrifying,excitingpower booster Car Race is for free download on app store.Downloadand install this car race mania and start racing. Racing inmiddleof City, on highway and chasing other car , truck whilecollectingpoints oon your way is all about this car racing. Anendless carracing for you to score as much as you can. Get Set Goand startthe race. Like Never before, this mini car race has gotall thepower to boost the speed and travel long way. The speed ofthis carrace will gradually increase as you keep racing. Make ahigh scoreand share with friends and relative on whatsapp,facebook, google+,twitter and so on. Do leave your comments on rateme page. We willtry to make more exciting game in coming time foryou. Share thisgame with friends and loves ones
Pet Animal Photo Frame Editor 1.1
The best photo frame for pet animal lovers.This photo frame has frame of dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, teddy andmany more cute animal frame. Place your photo in these photo frameeditor and share with friends and relative on whatsapp, facebook,twitter, google+, instagram and so on.You need to select the frameof your choice after installing this free photo frame editor app ofPet animal. The selected frame have a space of placing your photo.Tap on the space and select your photo from gallery or click afresh photo using camera. Tilt and adjust the photo in the frameand save it. All the saved images can be viewed from My creationfolder. Share this image and share this app with friends and familymembers and do take time to comment on this app
Holi Greetings & Holi Messages 1.4
Wish you all a Happy and Colorful Holi. Let uswith our loved ones and family members in a unique style. This Holigreetings and messages app contains wonderful Holi messages andbeautifully designed greetings cards. Select any message of yourchoice or greeting card and share them with your friends, familymembers. Holi is a occasion of happiness and is denoted withcolor.Share this app as holi color with friends and do not forget to rateour app on app store
Brightest Led Torch 1.0.1
This is an interesting application that wecanturn on torch light by installing this app.There are manyotherfeatures like police siren which is usefull forsecuritypurpose,color full screens etc.This torch will be helpfullintheaters etc,as we carry our android phones with us.It is easy to install and use from play store. Share this appwithyour friends and please don’t forget to comment onthisapplication.
Romantic Love Quotes &Messages 1.0
we are giving beautiful quotes andmessagesshare these on valentine day. Here each day some manyquotes arethere.
Love Proposals Latest 1.0.2
This proposal ways app contains thousand ofbest proposal ways. Propose your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, boy friend and make them feel special. Love is in the airand being loved is the best feeling ever. This app will help youexpress your feeling. Love express is the love cared. Do not forgetto express your feeling of love with your partner. Share thisapplication with friends and relative and help them share theirfeeling with their life partner or valentine.
Independence Day Live Walpaper 1.0
Happy Independence Day to all Indians.Themagical Indian Flag with setting a pigeon free is the theme ofthislive wallpaper for Independence day. Set this as your mobilelivewallpaper for 15th August Indian Independence Day and Be proudtobe an Indian. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai dharti Maa. Theanimationused in this live wallpaper is a pure symbol ofIndependence.Download and install this free independence day livewallpaper fromapp store. Set it as live wallpaper. Do take time tocomment onthis app and rate our app. If you live this livewallpaper ofIndependence then share it with friends and relativeson whatsapp,facebook and other social networking apps andwebsites
Independence Day Selfie Camera 1.0
This selfie camera picture perfectaddsbeautiful quotes on your photo related to Independence Day.Thisapp contains number of Independence Day frame with quotes whichcanbe used as greeting cards and can be shared on whatsapp,facebook,instagram, twitter and other social networking apps. Beproud to bean Indian and place your profile Pic using this selfiecamera. Letthe whole world know that you love your country and keepyour DPwith Indian Flag will prove it. These frames and quotesaredesigned by our developers and framed beautifully. Click aselfiein style and make your photo a perfect selfie photoforIndependence MonthJai Hind, Jai bharat… Share this app with all Indian and docommenton this app
Bar Code Scanner / Reader Pro 1.0
This app will convert your mobile to barcodereader and bar code scanner. You can scan and check the barcodeprinter on any good. You can search for the relevant thinginsearch engine using the search option after bar code isscanned.This app is very helpful for you. Download and share thisapp withfriends and family members and do take time to comment onthis app.You need to download this app from app store. The scannerbar willbe displayed once you start this app. Place the bar codeinside thescanner box displayed in the app. Click on scan button toscan thebar code. It will display the scanned result. Using the barcodeyou can search in search engine
Love Stickers 1.0
Share your love through these beautifullovestickers for chat on whatsapp, facebook, twitter , instagramandother social networking app and websites. We will be addingmoresticker in upgraded version of this app. Download now andstartsharing the stickers. Tap on sticker to see full image ofstickerwith sharing optionsDo rate this app and share this app with friends andrelatives
Janmashtami Live Wallpaper 1.0
The birth of lord Krishna shown inthisJanmashtami Live wallpaper theme. Place this as your livewallpaperfor Janmashtami and show that you are real follower oflordKrishna. Janmashtami is celebrated as birth of lordKrishna.Download this beautiful live wallpaper of lord Krishnabirth andset is as your mobile live wallpaper. Do comment on thisapp onrate us page and rate this app. Share thisJanmashtamilivewallpaper all with friends and relatives on socialmedia appslike whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram and leteveryone placethis live wallpaper on their mobile screen for theholy month ofJanmashtami
Janmashtami Greeting Cards 1.0
Jai Shree Krishna and Wish you all ahappyKrishna Janmashtami. This app contains beautiful JanmashtamiCards.Celebrate this festival by downloading this Janmashtami appandalso share the bestwishes with your friends and relatives on whatsapp,facebook,twitter, google+, instagram and other social networkingapps andwebsite.This is a special app of Krishna Janmashtami sofriendsplease use this and share between your friends.Do take timetocomment on this app and rate this app.
Tattoo Design Maker Boys Girls 1.0
The best way to see yourself withbeautifultattoo on your photo. Place tattoo on photo and share withfriendson whatsapp, facebok, twitter, instagram, google+ and so on.Bydownloading this tattoo on photo app you get see tattoo onyourbody without any painMain Features:1. Easy to place tattoo on photo2. Save and share option provided3. You can adjust the tattoo on photo using your finger tips4. Tattoo can be resized, zoom in and zoom out5. Transparency can be adjusted of tattoo on photo6. Thousand of tattoo to select and paste on your photoDo take time to comment on this app and if you like this appthenshare it with friends and family members and do not forget torate 5star to our app
Valentine Week Special Frames 1.0.2
Valentine week photo frames is a collectionofbeautiful photo frames for each day of valentine week.Thisapplication contains photo frame for rose day, proposeday,chocolate day, kiss day, hug day, valentine day.Beautifullydesigned photo frames for each day for lovers. Photoframes you cansave and share with friends and family members.Sticker’s is anadded feature in this application. Decorate thesephoto frames withstickers and send them as personalize greetingcards. You can writeon photo frame and send me as greeting withyour lover1.     Download and install this freephotoframe application2.     Select the photo frame foreachoccasion3.     Photo frame for rose day,chocolateday, promise day, hug day, kiss day and valentineday.4.     Select a photo from galleryorcamera5.     Stickers can be used todecorateyour photo6.     Save these photo frame and youcanview them in my creation folder7.     Share them with your loverasgreeting cards
Cut Paste Photo Editor 1.1
Cut and paste your photo on beautifulbackgrounds and give a new look to your photos. These photos canbesaved and view from my creation folder in this application. Youcanedit any photo using this photo editor application. The bestphotoeditor application on app store. Option to cut and paste yourphotoon various back ground. Simple and easy to use cut pastephotoeditor app.How to use this application:1.       Download and install thiscutpaste photo editor application2.       Select your photo whichyouneed to cut and paste on different back ground3.       With the use of yourfingertouch you can cut the photo4.       On tapping the nextbuttonyou will be redirected to again cut or use the samephoto5.       If you want to cut andgivemore perfection to photo you can select for morecuttingoption6.       Select back ground ofyourchoice7.       Paste this photo onbackground and save the photo8.       All the saved photos canbeviewed, shared or deleted from my creation folderShare this cut paste photo editor application with friendsandrelative and do take some time to rate this application
Love Clock Valentine theme 1.0.3
Valentine Clock is a beautiful animated clockwith a cupid hitting the arrow and a heart shaped clock with abutterfly on it. In this Valentine Love Clock you have options tochange the hearts. The cupid with arrow shooting is a addedbeautyHow to use this app:1. Download and install this valentine clock / love clock2. This is a live wallpaper clock3. You need to select the clock of heart shape4. The selected clock with appear on the live wallpaper of yourmobile5. The animated of cupid and butterfly will be displayed on yourmobile screenShare this love theme valentine clock with friends and familymembers and do not forget to rate our application and leave yourcomments
Happy Holi - Color your Photo 1.0.4
Color your photo this Holi using Color myPhotoapp. Happy Holi to everyone. This is a special Holi app usingwhichyou can color photo and keep your skin safe and allergy free.Keepyour social network app DP or pofile pic colorful thisholi.How to use this Color my Photo – Happy Holi App:1. Download and install this free app from app store2. Select your photo from gallery or click photo using camera3. Select the color you want on your photo4. Save and share the pic5. You can place this pic as profile pic or DPShare this app with everyone and do not forget to comment onthisapp
Shivaratri Live wallpaper 1.0.3
Om Namah Shivaya!!! The best Live wallpaperforMaha Shivaratri of Lord Shiva and Parvati wedding. Download andfeelblessed with this beautifully animated live wallpaper. Theimage oflord shiva and parvati is appealing. The occasion isspecial andlets our mobile screen be decorated with this livewallpaper.How to use this app:1.     Download and install this livewallpaperof Lord Shiva and Parvati2.     Set it as Live wallpaper3.     Animated Live wallpaper ofShivaratricelebration appears on your mobile screen4.     Share this app with friendsandrelatives5.     Do not forget to comment onthisapp
Weight Finger Scanner Prank 1.0.2
Now check your body weight using thisweightfinger scanner prank app and fool your friends. Downloadandinstall this prank scanner based app now and Enjoy. You justneedto place your finger on the scanner button to check yourweight.This app is a very good simulator type. Share it withfriends onwhatsapp, facebook and other social networking apps
Indian Flag on Photo 1.0.1
Happy Independence Day to all Indians !!!Thisis a special photo maker app for Independence Day. You canapplytheme of Indian Flag on any photo of your choice and sharewithfriends on Independence Day, Republish Day or any other day toshowyou are proud to be Indian. Show Independence Day App Show howmuchyou respect and love your country by keeping different flagpatternimages on your photo. Lets decorate our whatsapp dp,facebookprofile pic with this new pic of Indian Flag on photo onthisIndependence Day. This application has many other optionslikewriting text on photo, changing text colour of ourchoiceetc.Share this photo with friends and family members. Do not forgettorate our application.
Sai Baba Live Magical Theme 1.1
Om Sai Ram!!! Sai Baba blessing be showeredonall the user of this app. This is a beautiful animation Livethemeof Sai Baba blinking his eyes. This is a miracle for all thetruedevotes of sai baba. This is a free animated live wallpaper.Thislive wallpaper theme of sai baba glitter and magical rays areseeon the mobile screen. The OM symbol is show on Sai baba’sforeheadand hand which rotates and emit magical rays as blessings.Staybless and let your family and friends be also be blessed withsaibaba grace. Share this app and do take time to comment onthisapp
Tirupati Balaji Magical Theme 1.1
Lord Tirupati Balaji is world’s richest Godandthis is a beautifully animated live wallpaper magical theme istherefor you. Download this free magical theme live wallpaper oflordbalaji and stay blessed. Set it as your mobile live wallpaperandyou can see the magical live wallpaper.
Indian Flag - 3D Effect 1.0
This is a live wall paper.There is atouchanimation effect in this app.Download and install this app toseethe awesome 3D flag and animation effects of aircraft andcelebratethis republic day with this animated live wall paper onyourmobile.Do not forget to rate our application and share thisapplicationwith friends and family members.
Love Quotes on Photo Editor 1.0
Love Quotes on Photo or Photo in photo inphotoeditor is a photo editor tool of Text on pic or Writing onphoto.This application has many quotes in image format withtransparentback ground. Place these quotes on photo and expressyour love onvalentine day with you lover , girl friend or wife&husband.How to use this Love Quotes on Photo – PIP editor:1. Download and install this photo in photo editor applicationorLove quotes on photo2. Select your photo from your mobile gallery3. Select from the quotes you want on your photo4. Resize or adjust the place of quotation on your photo5. Valentine theme quotes on love6. Save and share the same with lover, girl friend or partnerAll the saved imaged will be in My creation folder ofyourapplication. Share this wonderful photo in photo editorapplicationwith love quotes with friends and family members. Do notforget tocomment on this application
Magical Shake Lover Photo 1.0.1
The best live wallpaper for lover todecoratetheir mobile screen with magical shake theme. Select yourloverphoto and upon shake of your mobile you can see your lovephotobeing changed on mobile live wallpaper. The best valentine daygiftfor your partner. The best chance to express your partner howmuchthey mean to you.How to use this Magical Shake to change Lover Photo:1. Download and Install this Lovers Live wallpaper appforfree2. Select the photo of your lover from mobile gallery3. Set as Live wallpaper4. Shake to change photo of your lover5. The best way to express your love for your girl friend / wifeorpartnerShare this application with friends and family members and letthenget the chance to impress their partner. Do not forget tocommenton our application
Nail Art New Designs 1.0
Check out the latest design for Nail Art.Thesedesigned and method of how to decorate your nail help you todesignlatest fashion of Nail art at home for free. These designsare madeby designer of our company for you to look more beautiful.Now adays nail art design is trendy and fashion sign. Downloadthis appnow and design your nail. Share your special Nal artdesign withfriends and relatives on whatsapp, facebook and othersocialnetworking apps and website. Do take time to comment on thisapp andwrite review. We will be including more Nail art designs intheupgraded version of this app
Lalbaug Ganesh Shake to Change 1.0
Collection of Last 10 years photo ofLalbaugGanesh photo magically changes on shake of mobile. Downloadthislord ganesh live wallpaper app and shake your mobile. You canseeLord ganesh photo of Lalbaug changes magically. Happy GaneshChauthto everyone. Share this app with your friends and relativesand leteveryones mobile theme be Lalbaug Ganesh shake to changetheme. Dotake time to comment on this app and leave your commentson rate uspage. Enjoy Ganesh Chauth with lots of Lord Ganesh songsand havemusic and have fun