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CallALawyer-Pocket Lawyers 1.0 helps consumers connect with injury, criminaldefense and bankruptcy attorneys for a no cost free consultation.Now you can have an attorney on speed dial! Available 24/7, we onlywork with most experienced, successful attorneys.
No Smoking - The Best App to Quit Smoking 5.1
The US Surgeon General has said, “Smoking cessation [stoppingsmoking] represents the single most important step that smokers cantake to enhance the length and quality of their lives.” It’s hardto quit smoking, but you can do it. To have the best chance ofquitting tobacco and staying quit, you need to know what you’re upagainst, what your options are, and where to go for help. You’llfind this information this application. No smoking application willhelp you to stop smoking totally. This app will remind you everytime. You will save money with this app. You will love life morewith this app. You will be healthier. Brought to you by the goodfolks at Creatively Smart The US Surgeon General has said, "Smokingcessation [stopping smoking] represents the single most importantstep and quality of their lives." It's hard to quit smoking, butyou can do it. To have the best chance of quitting tobacco andstaying quit, you need to know what you're up against, what areyour options, and where to go for help. You’ll find thisinformation this application. No smoking application will help youto stop smoking totally. This app will remind you every time. Youwill save money with this app. You will love life more with thisapp. You will be healthier. Brought to you by the good folks atCreatively Smart
Creatively Smart 1.1
Manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles onTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, all from one app –Creatively Smart!Creatively Smart is free with a 14 Day Free ProAccount and also available on the web. It is one of the top appsfor Android to help you manage social media and track social mediaanalytics.Publish and schedule messages, monitor mentions andconversations about your brand, and track analytics plus muchmore-all from your Android device.Creatively Smart allows you to:*Publish and share photos to all your social networks at once*Manage multiple social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn* Schedule a post to Facebook or a tweet to Twitter to besent at a later time or day* AutoSchedule messages to automaticallypost them at the best time of day* Monitor your brand on Twitterand FacebookCreatively Smart for Android complements your accounton the Creatively Smart web platform. You can easily add yoursocial network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn andFoursquare to your Creatively Smart account to get started.Simple,efficient, and powerful, Creatively Smart for Android allows youto:-Tweet from multiple Twitter accounts or schedule tweets forTwitter accounts.- Post to Facebook Profiles and Pages or scheduleFacebook posts.You can also post to LinkedIn and Pinterest. Plus,you can easily manage campaigns & analytics, schedule updates,and even translate and publish messages to/from over 50languages.Get the top app to build your audience, manage Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare from anywhere and tie analyticsback to your goals.Sign up for Creatively Smart for free:http://CreativelySmart.comIf you experience any issues or want togive us feedback, tweet to us @CreativelySmart... We're happy tohelp!
Jungle Zoo Racing 1.1
In the Jungle Zoo Racing game, you will compete with otherJungleZoo residents! You must be able to defeat all enemies thatareblocking. Avoid enemy attacks, be vigilant! There aremanycharacter choices with very cool cars, you have to collectcoinsand buy them. You can also use skills at this racecompetition. Inthe Jungle Zoo Racing game there are many verystrong enemies.Defeat everything to win the race competition at theJungle Zoo.Show your abilities, play Jungle Zoo Racing now.Features: * HDgraphics * Beautiful music * Choice of characters andcool cars *Choice of skills *A Creatively Smart Game ;) Downloadnow !!