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Super Skoool 1.1
Making education more interactive!Learning alphabets and numbers is often intimidating for kids.Super Skoool is a unique, feature-rich, & endless game to makelearning more engaging for your kid. You can use this gaming app tohone your child’s vocabulary, reasoning and math skills.There are two modes you can choose from – Alphabets andNumbers.The Alphabet mode is divided into two categories - Catch theletter and Fill in the Blank. For playing the Number-based mode,you can choose from three categories – Magic Maths, AscendingDescending and Odd Even.Features :• Get points to collecting the right alphabet in basket• If you choose the wrong alphabet or miss the right one, youlose a life and points• Complete number challenges within 2 minutes• Children get exposure to a wide variety of words and numericalchallenges• Get complete statistics for a child’s performance (fornumber-based mode)If you are looking for an educational gaming app to makelearning easier and simpler for your kid , your search ends withSuper Skoool!
Yo Taxi Passenger 1.0
Yo-Taxi is your driver finder no matterwhereyou go! Request a taxi on the go and reach your preferredlocationwithin minutes.Get complete details about your driver including theirhistoryand ratings. Interactive map-view allows you to get whereyourdriver is. Send booking request to multiple drivers.Features :• Support for Spanish and English• Register and create profile to login• View taxis near your current location• Map integration• Check driver’s profile• Book taxi in 40 seconds• Track a driver’s location• Pay fare after reaching the destination• Rate your driver• Option for pre-taxi booking
Yo Taxi Driver 1.0
Find your customers and grow your businesslikenever before! Seamlessly accept and reject booking requests onthego. Get pre-booking requests for a specific day and time.Manageyour transaction details easily.Features :• Easy registration process• View passenger’s details and pickup point• Get payment notifications• Give feedback and rate customers• View parts of the city with most number of passengers• Map records each taxi search and relays the information ontheapp
Zombie Slicer Deluxe 5
Eternal action game “Zombie SlicerDeluxe”filled with thrilling zombies, where in there will bevariousshapes zombies jumping out.Sense the new addictive fighter game in the gaming era bycuttingnasty chic zombies, instead of cutting fruits andvegetables likedone in several common games.Play the game in two different modes: Arcade and Classic.
Aqua Dive 1.4
DescriptionAqua Dive is a simple touch-powered game wherein you havetoascend and descend the penguin amidst missiles, deadly sharks,andsea mimes.You have to fly the penguin higher and lower, keep collectingthecoins and travel as much distance as possible. The game startsoffas soon as you tap the screen. As a Single-Player Game, AquaDiveallows you to immerse yourself in the fascinating seaworld!It’s an endless Game, beat your own score, use power-upsandavoid obstacles, everything controlled with just one touch! Ifthepenguin hits any obstacles accidentally, it dies instantly!Key features• Excellent background music and sound effects• Face three types of obstacles – Sharks, Sea Mimes &SubmarineMissiles• Collect fish coins to earn score• Use Nitrogen Booster to increase penguin’s speed• Get an extra life with the dolphin power-up• Share your achievements (score & distance travelled)withFacebook friends• Twitter integration
Virtual Rakhi 1.1
This Rakshabandhan send your Rakhiovercomingall the geographical bounds digitally via Virtual Rakhiapp forMobile and Smart takes an initiative to digitize the Rakhi andhelpbrothers and sisters around the world to share their loveandaffection across the globe.We want to help you celebrate the essence of thisrelationshipand sustain the eternal love on the wonderful occasionofRakshabandhan. All you have to do is login via Facebook and youcanconnect with your brothers and sisters to send andreceiveRakhis.
SaveMyGift 1.1
Addictive Physics-based Game for Fun&EntertainmentSaveMyGift is a simple, strategy, tap-based game wherein youhaveto unlock the gift within a fewseconds. The game comes with three modes namely – Wood, RockandIce.How does the game work?You have to start the game playing the Wood Chapter. Goontapping the wood blocks and make surethat the gift unlocks on a wooden block within seconds. Onceyousuccessfully play the 12 levels inthis chapter, the Rock Chapter gets unlocked.In Rock Chapter, you will have to unlock the gift on triangleora rock by tapping other rocks. Here, too,the time limit is in seconds. Remember, you have to avoidtappingon the triangles. After you pass the12 levels in this Chapter, the Ice Chapter gets unlocked.For Ice Chapter, you get in seconds to unlock the gift onwoodenblock. Here you have to go on tappingon the ice cubes.Game Over if level is not completed on time or if thegiftunlocks on ground.You can share your achievements, statistics on Facebook.
My Lifestyle 1.2
My Lifestyle is yournew-generation,augmented-reality based shopping app engineered tooffer a 3Dimmersive experience right on your device.Walk through the fashion store and buy your favorite attire inacompletely different way.How it works• Download the app andmarker(• For better results, take a print out of the marker• Point the app towards the marker• Start shopping in your own virtual fashion storeFeatures• Have a 360° view of the store• Point your device in various directions to access differentpartsof the store• Choose from 4 different types of dresses• Select your favorite color• Label displays the price of the clothing• Add to cart option• Make payment from your device via credit cardNote: Your mobile device must have the gyroscope feature for3Dimmersive experience.
Go4Cabs Driver 1.0
- Help people move around your city, andmakemoney on your schedule.- Download the Go4Cabs Driver app, and contact the nearestGo4cabsOffice. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify youwhenyou’re all set to drive.- We’ll explain how to use the app, provide navigation andHelpsupport. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safetyandsecurity.- You can see how much you’ve made any time after every trip.You’llbe paid directly to your bank account instantly or receivecash oneach trip- depending on the country you drive in.
CyberArk 1.5
CyberArk is the global leader in privileged account security,acritical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructureandassets across the enterprise, in the cloud and throughouttheDevOps pipeline. CyberArk delivers the industry’s mostcompletesolution to reduce risk created by privileged credentialsandsecrets. The company is trusted by the world’sleadingorganizations, including more than 50 percent of the Fortune100,to protect against external attackers and malicious insiders.