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Halloween Runner 1.6
This halloween game isn't for little girls. But this one has nochoice - monsters are chasing and she has to run away from thehaunted forest. Run as fast as you can and stay away from Halloweenpumpkinhead monsters that want to take you with them.
Follow the Line 2 1.8.4
NOW AVAILABLE IN CHINESE, KOREAN, GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH, ANDPOLISH! -------------------------------------------------- FEATUREDIN OVER 54 TIMES --------------------------------------------------Follow the Line 2 is the sequel of a game that was a huge success(downloaded over 20 million times)! Now it's back - an elegant andsimple finger-runner in a new beautiful form. There are over 100mazes available - you will never be bored! Keep your finger on thescreen, stay inside the line and walk through randomly generatedpath. Don't let vicious obstacles get in your way and beat yourfriends' high scores. Use found power-ups wisely to get as far asyou can. The line never ends! FEATURES ● Game available in 7languages! More coming soon ● Over 100 mazes available ●Leaderboards integration ● Four power-ups - shield, crusher andslow-mo ● Infinite line to play on ● Facebook integration----------------------------- FOLLOW DISCOVER SUPPORT Are you having problems?Contact our team and we will do our best to help you!
Geometry Race 1.9.6
Race in the crazy world of geometry shapes. Aim towards the settingsun and watch out for obstacles that will try to push you off thetrack. FEATURES ★ Beautiful bohemian art style ★ Fast paced actionwith 'just one more try' feel ★ Three distinct worlds full ofcolorful obstacles and enemies ★ Three wacky music tracks ★ Lots ofships and upgrades ★ Powerups to be picked up along the way ★Online leaderboards and achievements
Jump Buddies 2.1.5
------------------------------------------------- FEATURED IN OVER38 COUNTRIES -------------------------------------------------- NOWAVAILABLE IN MULTIPLAYER MODE-------------------------------------------------- Jump Buddies isa challenging game that lets you jump with the character of yourchoice through the colorful maze full of shadows, traps andobstacles. Compare results with your friends and check who'sbetter! If you're bored of playing alone you can jump onmultiplayer with your buddy. You can join a random game onmultiplayer or join a game hosted by your friend. Everythingcollected in multiplayer stays with you in single player as well.Hint: when your opponent dies he drops coins! If you want to changeyour character in multiplayer you have to unlock it on the singleplayer mode first. You can't imagine how different all thecharacters are! Test your skills and help your buddies escape theendless cave. And remember, don't stop jumping! FEATURES ✔ Gameavailable in 7 languages! More coming soon ✔ Multiplayer co-opmode! ✔ Beautiful world of dangerous caves to explore ✔ 39unlockable characters with dozens more coming soon ✔ Each characterchanges the entire game scenery ✔ Leaderboards to compete with yourfriends ✔ Exploration marker to track how much of the world isstill to be discovered ----------------------------- FOLLOW DISCOVER SUPPORT Are you having problems?Contact our team and we will do our best to help you!
com.crimsonpine.driftychase 2.1.1
Imagine that you just robbed a bank and the police is on your tail.Jump into a car and try to shake off the pursuit! This game is notabout racing, it’s about drifting with a trunk full of cash throughan insanely crowded city! You are being chased by the police thatwants to get back each cent from the stolen money bag. Don’t letthem take it back from you! Test your skills, drift across the cityand find out if you can be faster than them. Let the drifty chasebegin! Robbing a bank has never been easier - you just need tohandle a simple one tap mechanics to hit the road. A working thumbis literally everything you need. Beware of the police though asthey won’t stop chasing and trying to smash you. If you hit anothercar or a building during the chase, you're busted. You have a longway ahead of you and plenty of time to develop your skill and tofind out if you can beat your friends on the global leaderboards.In Drifty Chase the longer you play the faster you go. Each car hasdifferent speed and handles a little bit differently so the gameexperience is never the same - it differs the more you play! Bettercars let you earn more coins which lets you unlock other cars witha totally different game sceneries. If you like drifting, racegames or high tension, this game is definitely for you! Because ofthe one tap mechanics, it requires only one hand to play, so youcan play Drifty Chase while taking a walk with your dog, riding abus or during boring classes. Just don’t play it while driving areal car! FEATURES - Available on Apple TV - One tap mechanics -Easy to grasp controls - Addictive drift-based gameplay - 10 carsto unlock with more coming soon - 10 different cities to explore -Stunning 3D graphics - Music seamlessly adapting to the currentarea - Online Leaderboards and Achievements - Cloud sync betweendifferent devices - Realistic sounds, which will give you real hangof driving! ----------------------------- FOLLOW DISCOVER SUPPORT Are you having problems?Contact our team and we will do our best to help you!
Mascot Dunks
Dribble, jump and score! Put on your favorite mascot uniform andmake some craziest dunks the world has ever seen! We’ve gotWhirling Dunks, Boxing Dunks, Face-Palm Dunks, heck - even SupermanDunks! If you dream all nights about dunks then hop on, dress up asPitbull and show everyone how to do AirWalk Dunk like a King! Not adog type-of-person? No problem - we’ve got Cats, Lions, we’ve gotAstronauts and Bears. We’ve got Diablo if you’re into that kindathings and we’ve got Zombie if last night was a bit too much foryou! Let’s show the world who is the ULTIMATE DUNK CHAMPION!FEATURES ★ One tap mechanics ★ Easy to grasp controls ★ Simple andaddictive gameplay ★ More than 25 High-Flying Jumps and Dunks ★Great dunking experience ★ 31 customizable mascots to unlock ★Stunning 2D graphics and animations ★ Realistic music and sounds ★Online Leaderboards and Achievements
Sheep Frenzy 2 1.0
Sheep Frenzy 2: Arcade RescuerThe sequel to the insanely frantic "handheld-electronic inspired"Sheep Frenzy! title is here!Rules are as simple as they used to be. Use just two "buttons" tomove the bar and the bar is what prevents sheep from falling intothe abyss. They will just bounce right off the bar to the otherside. They may seem a little suicidal, but at least you earn pointsfor rescuing them, right?Wait a minute - did we just mention points? Some of the sheep areholding gems and gems are really worth it! With gems you mightunlock Special Sheep and there are 12 of them. And each sheep got 2upgrades available - each of them having unique sheepalicious looksand points boost ups. Gameplay has been enriched with "Levels" -which enable players to unlock new worlds and earn even moregems!Chase your high scores / unlock new Sheep & new worlds! Learncrazy patterns for your Special Sheep and become ultimate rescuerof these innocent creatures!Features:- 2 tap mechanics- Easy to grasp controls- 10 different worlds to unlock- Over 200 levels to complete- 12 Special Sheep to unlock and 24 upgrades to complete- Music seamlessly adapting to the current world- Cloud sync between devices-----------------------------FOLLOW you having problems? Contact our team and we will do our bestto help you!
Bubblegum Hero 1.0.7
A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rather normalview, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny at the gymchewing a Protein Gum? That's something new! The beginning isbasically 'How to blow a bubblegum balloon 101', in case yousomehow never done that. It teaches where to tap the screen andwhen are you suppose to release your finger if you don't want thegum to pop on your face. It's easy and fun, but you will advancequickly to the next worlds and trust me, by the time you reach the4th world you will become a Bubble Gum Specialist. And oh boy,there will be a lot to discover yet! Your main goal is to release afinger from the screen the moment it appears within the dashedcircle or it will blast on your face. If you release your fingerthe moment your balloon hovers over the yellow circle, you willscore a perfect bonus and get some coins. Also, if you do this afew times in a row you get a combo multiplier. Beware though, thehigher combo you score, the more difficult the game will get. InBubbleGum Hero there's also a 'realistic mode'! The ‘normal’ way ofplaying this game is by simply tapping the screen and trying not topop the balloon. In settings, you can change the mode and literallyblow in the microphone. Guess what, you will blow the balloon fromwithin the game! There are over 20 heroes you can pick from. Eachhero is only a skin, they don't affect the gameplay, so you don'tneed to buy them. Let's be honest though, playing with a differenthero is where the joy comes from. Especially when you pop theballoon and a gum blasts on its face! As you may have expected,gums are the most crucial items in this game. On each world, youdraw from a different gumball. Each of the gum has a differentname, flavor, and skin, but it's not something that affects yourgame. The gum properties that you need to focus on are: * points -multiplier for your score, you want it to be high if you wish to beon top of the leaderboards * speed - which is (unsurprisingly) thespeed of how fast the bubble grows * perfect - how wide the perfectcircle is * range - how wide the normal circle is * cash -multiplier for the cash you earn from hitting the perfect circlesThis game consists of many worlds, heroes with custom sounds,colorful gums with many flavors and different properties. Work yourway through the tasty balloons and become the hero. No sweetwithout a little sweat! ----------------------------- NEWSLETTER FOLLOW DISCOVER SUPPORT Are you having problems?Contact our team and we will do our best to help you!
Splashy Dots 1.3.5
Imagine yourself in a cozy art gallery, with the sounds of a livejazz act in the background, brush in your hand and a canvas infront of you. You're all set. Create beautiful splatter artpaintings while solving Splashy Dots puzzle! This is so easy -swipe your finger (or a brush!) correctly so that all the streaksform a smooth & artsy way to the very final dot.
My Pixels - Numbers Coloring Sandbox 1.2.3
If you love coloring pictures, My Pixels is for you! My Pixelsprovides a relaxing and entertaining experience for both, childrenand adults. You’ll find hundreds of original pictures to choosefrom, all of them created specifically for My Pixels in cooperationwith pixel artists from around the world. By playing My Pixels yousupport pixel artist community and help it grow! Whether you are anartist, or you just love coloring pictures, we value your input.Help us make My Pixels even better and contact us We're constantly updating the app withnew features and content - in next update you can expect brand newSandbox Mode where you will be able to design pixel arts of yourown. Leave us comments and let us know which features you wouldlike to see in the app apart from Sandbox Mode - we're listening toyou! Features: - Hundreds of pictures to choose from - Color bynumbers - Only original pictures, no random pirated content -Unlimited content - No subscriptions!
Idle Skies 1.19
Have you ever dreamed of being a king of skies? In Idle Skies youcan do it! Buy new planes, upgrade them and visit amazing worlds.With every step you are getting closer to your desired empire. Overthe clouds there are plenty of secrets and it only depends on youwhether you are able to discover them!FEATURES- idle mechanic-addictive gameplay- simple and intuitive user interface- 60aircraft to unlock- 6 different worlds to discover- more than 25aircraft upgrades- historical references- relaxing music
April Coloring - Oil Painting Color By Number 2.26.0
🎨Get April Coloring, to relax and calm yourself with this oilpainting coloring book. Enter the world of coloring pages foradults and relax like never before.🎨 Color by number tons of paintby number kits and create artistic oil paintings with AprilColoring coloring book. Download your favorite color by number gameand challenge your inner artist with the best coloring app: AprilColoring. Unlock free color by number daily paintings, completevarious paint by numbers categories, color the natural way andremember - one painting a day keeps the doctor away! AprilColoring, a free color by numbers coloring book for adults, takesyou on an exciting journey back to your childhood, and thanks tothese free paint by number coloring pages the fleeting moments willstay in your memory forever. DOWNLOAD APRIL COLORING NOW AND NEVERRUN OUT OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES! APRIL COLORING COLORING BOOKFEATURES: 👨‍🎨Key Features: + enjoy anti stress and relaxationcoloring spa for your mind + color 1000+ free paint by numbersillustrations + select different color and paint by numbergalleries + enjoy Daily paintings - be fast and enjoy a differentspecial paint by numbers painting on a daily basis + experienceunique April Coloring paint by numbers coloring pages system -coloring by numbers with swipes with loss-free quality no matterthe zoom level! + share oil art paint by number masterpieces withyour friends + gain coins and extend your freemium coloring pagesgalleries available for coloring 👨‍🎨Premium features: + Accessexclusive coloring pages + Get rid of interstitial ads + Get accessto all past and present daily paint by numbers paintings for free!
Idle Skies 1.0.9
If you like aircraft or spaceships, are interested in theirhistory, and have a knack for business - you’ll love IDLE SkiesWitness the history of air travel from its earliest days to thedistant future. IDLE / CLICKER game mechanics allow you toprogressively unlock subsequent wonders of technology in a laidback manner, to satisfy your curiosity. Explore the fascinatingworld of aviation, from its humble beginnings, through its goldenage, and far into the future that still lies within the realm ofscience-fiction. The game will feature 10 languages to make iteasier for the majority of players to delve right into developingand upgrading their aircraft or spacecraft, as well as increasingtheir knowledge about them without worrying about the languagebarrier. For instance: did you know that the oldest parachutedesign appears in a manuscript from the 1470s? The game is full ofbeautiful, fully animated 3D models, with shadow and light effects.Every age has its unique atmosphere, and it is very satisfying towatch your sky empire grow and fill with newly unlocked machines.You should definitely check out IDLE Skies. It is deceptivelysimple, yet challenging and rewarding, as unlocking all ages andmachines is quite a feat indeed! Features: - First Idler witheducational aspect nested on the Google Play! - Simple, Casualgameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself - Lots ofaircrafts and spaceships to unlock - Dozens of Upgrades - 6 Eras toexplore - Prestige system - Wonderful 3D graphics with pixelperfect UI and animations - Achievements