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Jigsaw Puzzle: Create Pictures with Wood Pieces
Jigsaw Puzzle is here! Now on your android device as a free game!Are you ready to start a puzzle and complete the pictures? JigsawPuzzle is the perfect match for any puzzle lover, we guaranteeyou'll fall in love with this game fast! Open the first book, pickone of the pictures, and start having fun with the classic woodpuzzle! Let the Jigsaw wood puzzle amaze you as you solve thepictures! Enjoy the largest, most beautiful collection of puzzlesin the world, and play FREE jigsaw puzzles every day! Each photoand difficulty are different. You can start with easy puzzles of100-piece and, step by step, achieve glory in a fun puzzle of 1,024pieces! Are you ready to create a woody puzzle masterpiece? Thiskind of game is good for memory, brain training, and anti-stress.It is not as easy as a pixel coloring book and color by numbers, oras difficult as a chess game. Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfectdifficulty level to increase your memory without increasing yourstress level. Have fun and create pictures piece by piece.Different themes are available from animals, real photos, or 3Dpictures to landscape and portrait in this brain game. Don’t letthe imitation jigsaw apps fool you. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only appmade by the jigsaw puzzle experts! Sorting your pieces, moving yourpieces around on the board, filling in the edges – it feels justlike the real thing! Relax and feel the stress leaving your body asyou solve each picture. Only now you can take the puzzle with youanywhere you go! We hand-pick every image to ensure the highestlevel of quality. Check out some of our favorite puzzle packs, likeWorld of Color, Americana Summer, and British Life. We'reconstantly creating new puzzles that we know you will love! Try theJigsaw Puzzle brain games and create your first masterpiece today.Jigsaw Puzzle is great for puzzle enthusiasts everywhere! Just pickyour number of puzzle masterpieces and play. It's that simple!Relax and relieve yourself from stress with this wood puzzle.CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF PIECES FOR YOUR JIGSAW PUZZLE GAME • Relaxwith 4 to 1,024 piece puzzles (Tablet). Different games withdifferent numbers of woody puzzle pieces. • 4 to 400 piece puzzles(Phone). A lower number of pieces to adapt the game to your androiddevice. FEATURES • Over 20,000 masterpiece, high quality puzzles! Arelax experience! • A new FREE puzzle every day! A different braingame to solve each day! • FREE downloadable Puzzle Packs. A maze ofdiversion on each page! • New wood Puzzle Packs released each week.Relax and enjoy the puzzle art pictures! • Earn rewards bycompleting each block puzzle! • Use the Jigsaw Credits that youearn to get new Puzzle Packs! • Puzzles from your favorite jigsawartists. A different board game! • Turn your personal photos intoyour own custom puzzles! • Play on your phone or tablet. Relax yourbrain everywhere with this woody puzzle. • Play large puzzles andswitch different pieces! • Music soundtracks and references toarcade games. • Scatter pieces on the puzzle area. • Rotate piecesfor a greater challenge. • Randomized pieces -- no two wood puzzlesare the same. • Work on more than one puzzle at a time. Relaxingyourself! • Saves every puzzle you've ever solved. Everybody canplay this calming game. • Share completed puzzles with yourfriends. Try it! It's the best game in the brain teaser gamesuniverse. • Create Game Center leader boards - Compete with yourfriends! • 40+ different objectives to unlock. Check back to jigsawpuzzle often to see all of the new puzzles we've added! Create yourmasterpiece with a wood puzzle!
Sudoku Puzzle World 1.3
Enjoy the most beautiful Sudoku puzzles ever.Stunning backgrounds, simple gameplay, and classic Sudoku fun arejust a few reasons to enjoy this gorgeous game.Includes:- Endless, Free Sudoku puzzles- 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert- Earn achievements- Beautiful background images- Ability to "set" backgrounds, or cycle them every puzzle