CrossJab Studio Apps

Spiral Helix Jump Tower 1.5.1
One tap easy to learn controls.Exciting adventure of the bouncingball through the helix tower labyrinth. Helix Jump is easy simpleand with an addictive gameplay mechanics! Spiral Jumping Ball ! Agreat time killer action platform free game.Collect diamonds,unlock new balls !In this endless game play, you aim to fallbetween helix tower control full ball of sparks, avoid cheeseenemies platforms and go score the highest, Falling through 3 ormore platforms at a time you’ll destroy the landingplatform.Falling through 6 or more platforms at a time you’lldestroy the landing platform and win 1 diamonds per combo. Twist,Slope, and Bounce down the ball as far as possible!
Jumping Monkey: Jungle Adventure 1.5.12
Jump and get some bananas to the hungry monkey. Its a simplefreegame where your cute monkey need to jump and collect bananas.Lookfor special red bananas to get a chance to make a heavy jump.Thisgame is for all ages to lets start collectingdeliciousbanana.Supports Android Phones and TabletsJumping Monkey:JungleAdventure !
Space attack: Endeavour Fighter Plane 1.1
Come in the sky battle adventure !Enter the intense andexcitingworld of military games, shooting games, fighting games andbecomethe greatest battle boss with this best aircraft. flygame!Shoot’em up! Plenty kinds of spaceship to fight with. Go andseethe colorful graphics and beautiful pictures of planes inFlightWarrior Battle Plane.If you are a fan of space shooting gamesandlike to simulate sky shooting this free game is for you !Asthegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspaceship!Flight Warrior Battle Plane have a wonderfulexperience,smart control space, super cool air combat! re coolgorgeousfull-screen barrage, epic movie-like gorgeous effects,smoke filledthe battlefield, more fun than Thunder Striker! How toplay:*Holdand drag your ship to avoid obstacles.*Break the gates toscorepoints*Collect power-ups to help your out*Use your creditstounlock new ships