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Annoying Sounds
The sound of nails on a chalkboard or screams may send shivers downthe spine for a good reason. A new study shows annoying soundstrigger a highly emotional response in the brain. Researchers foundthe part of the brain that regulates emotions, the amygdala,appears to take over the hearing part of the brain when people hearan extremely annoying sound. This application includes 45 of themost annoying ringtones and sounds known to man. Some are includedjust for fun, while others are scientifically proven to be the mostannoying sounds to man. - 45 annoying sounds - Easily set any soundas ringtone, notification, alarm or to a person - Never miss a callagain with these annoying sounds as your custom tone Enjoy thesefunny and annoying ringtones and sound effects, free!
Super Loud Ringtones
Super Loud Ringtones includes some of the most loud sounds yourphone can make. You will never have to worry about not being ableto hear your phone ring with super loud ringtones. Easy to use andfree ringtones! Enjoy these free loud ringtones and sound effects!With this app you can set ringtones for: * all calls (default) * toa person * for alarm * for notification The loudest ringtones foryour android device. Works on tablets too!
Super Funny Ringtones
Super Funny Ringtones includes some of the most funny ringtones andsounds for your device. You will laugh when your phone rings.Simply select your favorite funny ringtone to save it a funnyringtone, notification and more. It's free! Enjoy these free funnyringtones and sound effects! With this app you can: Set FunnyRingtones for: All calls (default) To a person For Alarm ForNotification The most funny ringtones for your android device.Works on tablets too!
Telephone Ringtones
Loud classic telephone ringtones and sound effects for your deviceTelephone ringtones includes loud classic telephone ringtones andnotification sounds for your phone or device. Telephone ringtonesonly includes high volume ringtones so you never miss a call or atext message. Brought to you by one of the top rated ringtoneproviders in the world, download telephone ringtones today andpersonalize your phone with a loud volume ringtone. - loudtelephone ringtones - easy to use - free (ad supported) - safe touse Enjoy these free telephone ringtones, download today!
Funny SMS Tones
Funny SMS Tones includes perfect sounds and funny ringtones fortext message sounds, alerts, notifications or for a ringtone thatmakes you laugh. Funny SMS Tones includes funny sound effects andfree ringtones that you can use to personalize your device. Withthis app you can: Set a funny sms ringtone for: All CallsNotifications Text message sounds Alarm Person Enjoy these freefunny sms ringtones and sound effects!
Super Scary Ringtones
Super Scary Sounds includes realistic scary sounds perfect for ascary ringtone, notification, or alarm sound. With this app youcan: Set tone for all calls Set tone for a person Set tone fornotification Set tone for alarm Enjoy these free scary ringtonesand sound effects! Perfect for a Halloween ringtone or to scareyour friend with scary sound effects. Super scary ringtonesincludes some of the most downloaded scary sound effects and freeringtones perfect for a scary ringtone, SMS alert, notification oralarm sound. We sorted through tons of free scary ringtones andincluded only the best. Good for a scary halloween ringtone or justfor fun. Safe and fun to use.
Christmas Ringtones Free
Christmas Ringtones Free includes dozens of sound effects,Christmas music and melodies for your holiday entertainment. Easilyset you favorite as a customized ringtone, notification or alarmsound. Over 40 free Christmas ringtones, sounds and melodiesperfect for tones, ringtones, notification sounds or a Christmasalarm. - free Christmas Ringtones - Christmas artwork and buttons -free - set as ringtone, notification, alarm and more Enjoy thesefree Christmas Ringtones!
Islamic Ringtones
Salam alaikum! We are proud to present you Islamic Ringtones app,made for all the people who praise Islam. Stay in touch with yourreligion, set some of the best religious songs as ringtones andfeel the presence of Allah every time your phone is ringing. Thisis a collection of hamds (songs in praise of Allah), naats (songsin praise of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and other songs related toprayer times and celebrating Ramadan and other religious holidays.From Wiki: Islamic music is Muslim religious music, as sung orplayed in public services or private devotions. The classicheartland of Islam is the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, CentralAsia, Horn of Africaand South Asia. Due to Islam being amulti-ethnic religion, the musical expression of its adherents isvastly diverse. The indigenous musical styles of these areas haveshaped the devotional music enjoyed by contemporary Muslims. If youbelieve in Allah and live according to Quran, these free Islamicringtones are for you! There are no invasive permissions, just freeIslamic Music Ringtones. Sound clips used in Islamic Ringtones appare under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license.Sounds from this app are not commercial sounds from video games.
Classical Music Ringtones Free
Classical Music Ringtones Free features some of the most popularclassical music at the touch of a button. You are sure to recognizeyour favorite classical music in this collection of the bestclassical music. Easily set your default ringtone, notificationsound, alarm and more with any of these classical music ringtones.- 48 of the best classical music - Hi quality ringtones - Easy touse, beautiful interface - Free Enjoy these free classical musicringtones!
SMS Ringtones
SMS Ringtones features high quality free funny sms mp3 ringtonesthat you can use as the perfect tone for short notifications, emailalerts, customized ringtones or for SMS text messages. Features 60popular SMS ringtones with a beautiful interface, easy to use andeasy to set any mp3 sound as: Tone for a person Default RingtoneNotification Ringtone Email sound SMS ringtone and more! Noinvasive ads, just crystal clear ringtones, enjoy these free SMSringtones!
Free Scary Halloween Ringtones
Free scary halloween ringtones features some of the most downloadedand popular free scary ringtones you can use for a Halloweenringtone, to scare your friends or just for fun. Easily set anyscary Halloween ringtone as a scary sms, notification, ringtone,alarm and more. - free scary halloween ringtones and sounds - safefor all ages - easy to use - cool scary halloween theme - freeEnjoy these free scary halloween ringtones and sounds of terror!Happy Halloween!
Cat Sounds and Ringtones
Cat sounds and ringtones features free cat sounds you can use asyour ringtone, notification, alarm, sms alert, text message soundand more. Easily listen to any sound then use your favorite as acat sound ringtone. Tap the cat icon to hear the sound. Tap thegreen check to open the ringtone menu. Cat sounds and ringtonesfeatures: - free cat sound ringtones and sounds - easy to use - tapthe cat - free Enjoy these free cat sounds and ringtones.
Sound Effects
Sound Effect Ringtones includes some of the most popular soundeffects you can use as ringtones for your device. You are sure tolove these cool and unique sound effects. Enjoy these free soundeffect ringtones! With this app you can set a sound effect for:Tone for calls Tone For a person Tone For Alarm Tone ForNotification The best sound effect ringtones for your androiddevice. Works on tablets too!
3D Sound Effects
3D Sound Effects is free and includes 3D ringtones and sounds thatyou can use as your: ringtone notification alarm SMS text messagesound email alert tone or ringtone for a specific person (contacts)Best of all, it's free. Simply tap a sound to hear the 3D ringtone.This app is easy to use and always free. Enjoy these free cool 3Dsound effects and ringtones. With this app you can set ringtonefor: Tone for calls Tone for notification Tone for alarm Tone for aperson No invasive ads, just free ringtones.
Text Message Sounds
Text Message Sounds is a collection of sounds perfect for textmessage ringtones, email alerts and notification tones. Easily setany sound as your notification for text messages, ringtone, alarmor to a person. You can also use them as your ringtone. With thisapp you can set: Tone for all calls Tone for a person Tone for anotification, text message Tone for alarm Key features: Over 70short sound effects perfect for any type of notification alert Easyto use Free Enjoy these free text message sounds and effects! TextMessage Sounds
Car Sounds and Ringtones
Car sounds and ringtones features various car sound effects you canuse as a ringtone, notification, alarm sound and more. Simplyselect your favorite sound and enjoy. - free car sounds andringtones - new and updated - easy to use - free Enjoy these freecar sounds and ringtones.
Funny Alarm Sounds
Funny alarm sounds is a free application that includes some of themost downloaded funny loud alarm sounds and ringtones from theinternet grouped together in one easy to use application. Easilyset any of these free funny sound as a loud alarm sound, funnynotification, loud ringtone and more. Funny alarm sounds is a free,easy to use application. - Best funny alarm sounds - Easy to use -Set a cool funny alarm sound - Loud alarm ringtones Enjoy thesefree funny alarm sounds!
Funny Ringtones 2.6
Set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notificationor alarm. Hundreds of funny ringtones! Funny Ringtones featuresunique funny sounds perfect for a funny text alert or notification.Easily set any of these funny ringtones for your SMS, alert,notification, text message sound, email and more. - Set contactringtone - Funny Ringtones - Easily set ringtone, alarm, ornotification sound - Free! - Updated often with new funny ringtones- Works on tablets too! Read/Write Contact permissions are neededto change the ringtone for a contact. Storage permission is neededto save ringtones. System tools is needed to change ringtones. Allother permissions are needed to display unobtrusive banner ads. Wedon't save, collect or use any user data. (period) Sure to make youlaugh every time you get a text or email. Download Funny Ringtonestoday, it's free! Enjoy these free funny ringtones! They're funny,they're free, and make for great fun! Certified malware free. Wevalue user privacy and use industry standard methods to protect it.
Scary Sounds
Long press for features Scary Sounds features one of a kind scarytones, scary music, and scary sound effects that you can use as ascary ringtone, alarm, notification or assign to a contact. Manyhigh quality licensed tracks you won't find anywhere else.Handpicked to only provide the scariest ringtones, sounds and toneson the market. Long press to save any sound as a scary: RingtoneNotification Text message sound Alarm sound or assign a scary soundto a contact. Enjoy these free scary sound effects and ringtones!
High Volume Ringtones
Are you tired of missing calls? Do you want to finally hear yourphone? Then download High Volume Ringtones now for free! There are50 very loud, high volume ringtones and sounds. Never miss a textor email again! These free ringtones and sounds are the loudest andclearest on the market, and in stereo sound! So, for those who donot want to miss another call, email, text or now!Free, easy to use and supports most devices, including tablets. Youcan even set a free ringtones for a specific contact so you canknow who is calling without even looking! Popular free high volumeringtones include: Whistle and Ring Cash Register Boxing Bell BombWhistle Crickets Tinkle Super Alarm Space Song Siren Alarm Fog HornElegant Tone
Loud Volume Ringtones 1.7
Loud Volume Ringtones includes some of the most downloaded loudringtones available. We've gathered only the highest ratedringtones so you don't have to sort through everything just to finda loud ringtone for your phone, or loud text message sound so younever miss a text, call or notification. Millions of happycustomers have already downloaded Loud Volume Ringtones so what areyou waiting for? Are you tired of missing calls? Do you want tofinally hear your phone? Then download Loud Volume Ringtones nowfor free! There are 70 very loud, high volume ringtones and sounds.Never miss a text or email again! These free ringtones and soundsare the most loud and clearest on the market, and in stereo sound!So, for those who do not want to miss another call, email, text now! Free, easy to use and supports all devices,including tablets. You can even set a free ringtone for a specificcontact so you can know who is calling without even looking!Popular free high volume ringtones include: Annoying Alarm Sirensand Horns DJ Air horn and other Airhorn sound effects Loud Sirensand sound effects Emergency sounds!
Super Loud Siren Ringtones 1.3
Super Loud Siren Ringtones includes some of the most loud sirenringtones for your device for those important times when you can'trisk not hearing your phone. We've sorted through hundreds of sirenringtones to only provide the highest quality and top ratedringtones. Sounds include police, emergency and fire siren soundsand many more. We actually remastered the sounds to provide highvolume sounds. - loud siren ringtones - trusted developer with many4 star reviews - free (ad supported) - easy to use, simpleinterface Download Super Loud Siren Ringtones and never miss a callor text message again!