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Alphie the Squid 1.1.2
Free-to-play for 4 levels, then downloadtherest for only $2.99!Featured in App Store's "New and Noteworthy" in 36countries!"...Simply adorable...A real treat for the eyes...Abrilliantgame for the entire family." (5/5stars) Alphie, a cute baby squid, as he embarks on hislifeadventure to become a giant squid.Explore the wondrous ocean, its tidal pool, coral reef anddepthsby riding currents, beating sharks, navigating mazes andgrowing allthe time. Enjoy the vibrant art, funny animation,immersive gameplay and beautiful music.Help Alphie eat and grow by touching the screen to lead himtoswim and explore the ocean, discovering mysterious seacreatures.As you move through each level of ocean, collect alldifferenttypes of food and fish. Help Alphie dodge, ink, and trappredators.As you strategize to survive, hypnotize your prey andcamouflageyourself in colorful seaweeds.Quick reflexes will help you navigate through the mazes andmovepast predators in order to eat enough and pass throughgrowthgates. Throughout each level you'll earn points by findinggoldtreasure chests and uncovering treasure fish! For high score,earneven more points by eating lots of fish consecutively.As you meet new prey and predators, be sure to check thegalleryand read the fun facts which highlights the diversity ofseacreatures in the game.The game also features music from award winning andEmmynominated composer David Ari Leon, whose original scores forgametitles include Superman, Snoopy Coaster, Contre Jour andWoodyWoodpecker.View the gameplayhere:,Women,Learn,Education,Homeschool,Science,Squid,Explore,Fish,Nemo,Nature,Ocean,Journey,Aquarium,Maze,Shark
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