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Highway City Sniper Shooter 3D 1.0
Do you love FPS shooting games? In this 3D sniper shooting game youare equipped with the latest gun aiming at the vehicles in a verybusy road in the middle of the city. You are required to hit thehighlighted vehicles pointed by arrow and don't let them escapefrom the scene. Prove yourself the best traffic hunter sniperman.Features:* Beautiful game play with great environment* Amazing3D graphics* Shoot the targets to get max score* Shoot the bonuscars to get extra score
Mountain Climb Dirt Racing 1.0
Hill climb car racing lover? In this game you have to balance thevehicle on bumpy and rugged mountain roads. It will give amazingand adventurous experience by driving your car on the steep anduphill and downhill paths. It's not that simple, you have to brakeand accelerate intelligently so that the vehicle is notun-balanced; otherwise fast speed may collapse your car. Collectthe coins to upgrade your vehicle and cover great distances andlevels.
Offroad 4X4 Jeep Dirt Racing 1.0
Do you think that you are the best offroad racer! then there ischance to prove it.Extreme 4X4 Offroad Jeep Race is the best gameto test your skills,abilities,strength and passion about it.howadventurous you are? its time to do some adventurous things.Extreme4X4 Offroad Jeep Race is the most thrilling,challenging game youhave ever seen. Try it and make some records. goodluck!features!*Amazing video Quality and sound quality.* Easy controls.* Easy toplay.* Best 3D effects.* Auto and manual gear shifting.* Mostaddictive game.* Most realistic effects.* High definition and 3dimension stunning graphics.* Smooth physics simulation.* Varietyof different off road vehicles with unique upgrades. * Share youscore and compete with friends and make it more amazing.* Fullysimulated suspension.* its free.
Greed for Speed Bike racing 3D 1.0
Greed for Speed Bike Racing is the most thrilling bike racingaction game ever. Show your racing & bike driving skills andprove yourself that you are a great driver ever. Its the bestopportunity to prove yourself just take this opportunity and showthe world that you are the most stunning racing bike driver ever.Good luck!Features:* Amazing 3D effects.* Lots of maps available.*High Definition graphics.* Easy to control vehicles.* Bestenvironment of racing.* See replay after playing from differentangles.* Record your replay.* share score with friends.* competefriends to get rewards.* Break all records to get special awardsuch as trophies.* play with friends.* Easy to play.* Greatsuspension.Don't wait just download now and keep playing. HappyGreed 4 Speed Bike Racing!!!
Swift and Speed Jeep Racing 1.0
Do you love 4x4 jeep racing simulation? It's time to prove yourselfin a very faced paced environment. Try your driving and driftingskills and challenge your fellows to come ahead and beat you inscores. Game Play:* Tilt your device to control jeep.* Touch gaspedal to accelerate.* Touch brake pedal to slow down.* Set besttime records and compete with friends.Features:* adventurous andspeedy offroad jeep racing game.* High quality 3D * beautifulstunning graphics.* Excellent realistic 3D environment.* Extremelyfast and addictive gameplay.* The most realistic 3D 4X4 jeep racingsimulation.* Manual and Auto Racing.Dont wait just download now andkeep playing. Goodluck!!!
Escape the Police Thief Chase 1.0
You might have played lots of games whereyouare a police officer chasing some thief. But in this gameactuallyyou are a thief and you have stolen a superb car frompolicestation and now you are on highway. Police got it noticed andnowthey are chasing you.Fasten your seat belts you are inside a very powerful speedcar.Be confident to clear your levels before police officer reachesyouand says "You are under arrest". Avoid hitting with thehighwayracers. The moment you get slow down or you are stuck somewherepolice officer will be on your head and you will be in Jail:)Features:* High quality 3D with HD graphics.* High quality 3D environment.* Extremely fast game play.* Amazing 3D car racing simulation.* Amazing sound effects.Controls:Tilt your device to turn left or rightPress pedals to brake or accelerate
Real Football: Top Soccer 2015 1.0
Get ready to play the best ever Footballsoccergame in 2015. It has very easy controls and best 3D effects.Therealistic graphics and sound effect for football player,footballfield, stadiums will make the football match moreinteresting.Choose your favorite team and challenge your opponentteam and scorethe max goals. Make this game the best every freefootball soccergame in the year 2015.Amazing features!* Select the team from following countries (Brazil,France,England, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, German, Italy,USA,Indonesia, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal)* Manage your own team.* HD graphics.* 3D effects.* See replay after shoot.* See the game from different angles.* play with friends.* Send challenges to friends.* Easy controls.* Easy to play.* Show your skills and get rewards in form of trophies.* compete your friend's team and increase your rank.* Share your rewards and results.* its free.Dont wait just download now and keep playing. Goodluck!!!
Greed 4 Speed Car Fast Racing 1.0
Here is the best thrill to drive your car ever. This game is veryfast so you have to show your nerves to control the steering in thebest way. Choose your favorite tyres and car colors from the manyavailable and give the best shape to your car for best racingexperience. If you are a 3D car racing lover then there is noreason to wait, download and enjoy for free.** Best 3D car racingexperience** Use brake and accelerate controls ** Tilt your deviceto move left or right
Greed for Speed Highway Bike 1.0
Greed for Speed Highway Bike is the game for passionate motor bikeracing lovers. Drive your super motor bike through busy traffichighway in 3D fast racing action and avoid striking with othermotor bike racers and traffic vehicles. Collect coins on your waysand use these coins to buy other thrilling bikes from within thegame. Make the best scores and challenge your friends by sharing iton facebook and twitter.Hurry up download and enjoy.And below isthe the official facebook page of Crystal GameStudios!
Farm Tractor Extreme Simulator 1.0
Amazing driving experience with farm tractor chained with trolley.The challenge is to not wood pieces let dropped from the trolleywhile driving through hilly tracks. Realistic physics and easycontrols. Use acceleration and brakes to balance your farm tractor.
Greed for Speed car racing 3D 1.0
Greed for Speed Car Racing is the most thrilling car racing actiongame ever. There are variety of vehicles available to make your carracing dreamcome true. Show your racing & car drifting skillsand prove yourself that you are a great driver ever. Upgrade yourvehicles to increase the power of your vehicles. Its the bestopportunity to prove yourself just take this opportunity and showthe world that you arethe most stunning racing car driver ever.Good luck!Features:* Amazing 3D effects like drifting andwheeling.* Lots of maps available.* Variety of vehicles there.*Upgradable vehicles.* High Difination graphics.* Easy to controlvehicles.* Best enviornment of racing.* See replay after playingfrom different angles.* Record your replay.* share score withfriends.* compete friends to get rewards.* Break all records to getspecial award such as trophies.* play with friends.* Easy to play.*Great suspension.Don't wait just download now and keep playing.Happy Greed 4 Speed Car Racing!!!
Greed for Speed Highway Car 1.0
Greed of speed highway car is the best platform which we are givingto you to prove yourself. Be the most intenseand quickest car racerand make some unbreakable records.Avoid crashing with other trafficvehicles.Customize your car to the best! Use nitro to go as fast asyou can. If you are really a lover of speed car racing on thehighway track full of traffic then why are you waiting. Go aheadand download this addictive game.Features!* Amazing sports carsavailable in store.* Customize your car to go at fastest speed.*Different city and desert laps are giving you more energy.* Crashthe police car and try to go without crashing with other traffic.*Near miss give you extra points.* User friendly controls.* Easy toplay.* Amazing sound quality.* Best 3D enviornment and HDgraphics.* Multiple car parts are available in store.* Specialnitro helps you to go fast.* Variety of missions and laps get youmore energetic.* Extremely addictive game play.Just install andplay,its free and always will be.And below it the the officialfacebook page of Crystal GameStudios!
Gunship Helicopter-Air Shooter 1.0
Helicopter shooting Air Strike, is the game for you to prove yourshooting and commando skills. Enemy has attacked your army basewith their latest helicopters and you are here to defend with theminimum possible loss. You are equipped with the latest RPG guns,focus your guns at the target and hit fire. Bring all thehelicopters down. There are many missions, be ready to completethem all.Features:* Amazing 3D effects.* Best military fightingmaps environment.* High Definition graphics.* Easy to controlweapons.* share score with friends.* compete friends to getrewards.Don't wait just download now and keep playing. Goodluck!!!