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Mega Pocket Carrom 1.5
Carrom is a "strike and pocket" table game game popular in Southand East Asian countries. Carrom is very commonly played withinfamilies, including the children, and at other social functions.Different standards and rules exist in different areas. MegapocketCarrom brings this popular game to Android Deices. The touch basedgame controls give the players a realistic game play. You can playCarrom on it just like you own old Carrom board. There are 2 playmodes. Single player & Multiplayer. The Single player mode istime bound and in multiplayer mode you can have 2 or 4 playersaround the board. Main attraction of this Carrom game will be theeasiest control. Do simple drag and shoot control to to hit thecoins with the striker. Rules:Black coins are assigned 1 point andwhite coins assigned 2 points.The red coin or queen, is assigned 5points.Pocketing the queen must be followed by pocketing anothercoin on the same or subsequent strike.Pocketing the striker willcost you a coinHighest scorer wins the game.Features:Multiplayer onsame deviceSmooth and very easy controlsDifferent play modesFutureUpdates:Online MultiplayerMutiplayer on multiple devices
Jewel Match 1.9
Match the Jewel triplets to fuse them and score. You can eithertilt the device to rotate the grid or swipe the screen to move thejewels to a direction. Set your control in Settings. Explode allJewels to advance levels. You have limited life and the timer isticking.Try solve and enjoy the jewel puzzles in 50 levels in twopack.Find the iOS game athttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jewel-match-by-csharks/id624527761?mt=8
Quash Board 1.1.4
Quash board is a puzzle board game. Game is simple in look andplay, but the levels will challenge your puzzle solving skills asgame progresses. Try solve the 80 awesome puzzles. The objective issimple, remove all balls except one from board by knock each other.Drag any ball to next ball for knocking it off the board. Youcannot drag a ball to a ball placed in the block adjacent to it.You cannot drag a ball directly off the board. Game Features : * 80puzzles * Touch controls * Simple play mechanics * Addictive TimeKiller * G+ Leaderboard * Facebook SharingGame link in iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quash-board/id597388387?mt=8FacebookLink:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quash-Board/169000363250091?ref=ts&fref=ts
PlatformGolf 1.6
Csharks' award winning game now available in Android tooPlatformGolf* Simple to learn* For all age groups* 25 free levels* SmoothPhysics* Google+ leaderboardPlatform Golf is a game in which weplay the golf ball through platform to knock it into the hole.Touch anywhere on the screen, drag to adjust the power anddirection of shot and release to shoot the ball. Game category:Golf Game, Sports Games, Simulation Game, Platform GameiPhoneversionhttp://itunes.apple.com/in/app/platformgolf/id534475263?mt=8
Kraken Attack 1.0.1
There was a legend about a huge monster in thedeep sea.No one knows what is it like. No one was alive after seeingit!They called it “Kraken”.People were terror-stricken hearing its name!No one knows who controlled the monster!The Kraken has been held prisoner in the dark depths for a longtime.Now, it has been summoned to unleash its fury on the world.Kraken Attack is a side-scrolling sea warfare game. The hero ofthe war is a huge sea monster in the deep sea. Player controls thehuge monster destroying anything that comes in its way, be it aship, planes or innocent dolphins. The goal is to stay alive &score the maximum.Features★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Appropriate background music makes you feel moreimmersive!★★★★★ Numerous power-ups give you more fun!
Finger Golf Free 1.2
The most exciting and playable golf game in2013! ! !It will give you different visual effects!Different game control feelings!It has advanced physical engine!Let’s enjoy the real golf!Finger Golf Free is very easy to start playing! It will give youall the wonderful experience that other golf games can give you!The realistic game scenes and amazing graphics make the game moreinteresting! Tap the screen and move your finger to adjust thestrength and angle! Hit the ball into the hole and enjoy the smoothgame!Please try Platform Golf for easier levels.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csharks.platformgolfFeatures★★★★★ Easy to learn★★★★★ For all ages★★★★★ Perfect combination of puzzle game and entertainment★★★★★ 15 levels for you to challenge!★★★★★ Real golf physical engine★★★★★ Share with your friends on all platforms!
Christmas Cake 1.0.4
It's Christmas time! Time for cakes! Don't you love cakes? Designyour cakes and share it among your family & friends. You candesign your own cake and share. If you are not patient enough todesign a cake from scratch, you can select one from the “Ready toShare” cakes on the menu. Unique Features:** Lots of combinationsto experiment with** Share using any social app on your device**Ready to share cakes are available
Sheep Farm 1.0.5
Ben is employed in a Sheep Farm. His job is to run the farm withoutany hitches. Every day he must take care of the sheep and theassociated units of farm. Ben must also go to the market to buyitems for the farm and sell the products from the farm.Ben needshelp from the players to run the farm. Feeding the sheep, shearingthe sheep, buy new sheep, sell old sheep, restock the sheep feed,grass & medicines are the some of the activities involved intaking care of the sheep. The farm has got a wool cleaning unit, ayarning unit and a dyeing Unit
Mumbai Metro Parking 1.0.1
As the name suggests, it's a parking game. The objective is simple,park your car in the space marked for you. The game tests yourconcentration, precision & reflexes as you try to make aperfect park. It's not that easy to park your car without muchscratches and crashes. You're allowed to make some but not morethan 5. Get Mumbai Metro Parking for free and let's see how goodare you in parking your car in a metro city. For feedback andsupport please write at games@csharks.com
Sheep Hunter 1.0.5
It is a puzzle game with 25 levels. Game is about managing aspaceship which is in a mission to collect sheep specimens from aplanet. Spaceship has to pick all sheep to find its way out andunlock the level. It requires moves with some tactics to pickallsheeps by avoiding the traps in the level. Spaceship move can becontrolled by swipe through screen. # Easy to learn game play #Challenging puzzle game # 25 unique levels # Unique space theme fora puzzle game
Jungle Jump - Kids game 1.0.3
This is a fun game designed for kids.The Jungle Cafe which used tobe an all-monkeys' cafe has opened its doors to all. Animals wereeagerly waiting for the grand opening. When the news hit theforest, they started rushing towards the Jungle Cafe. There is ariver on their way. The goal of the game is to help the animalscross the river safely. Help them bounce across the river to a safeplace.Earn a life on every 1000 points. There are lots ofcollectibles. Lives and fruit points are few among them. Collectingrotten fruits will make the wooden paddle smaller. There are someinteresting and funny power ups for the paddle.Jungle Jump is agame for kids with cute characters and funny sounds. Have a funwith your kids and their cute animals.Unique Features:• Fun gamefor kids• Simple controls. Cute Characters• Funny Sounds• IdealStress Buster
Pulimurugan 3D Game 1.1.10
Pulimurugan Official 3D Game!Pulimurugan in a simple 3D casual gamefrom Csharks Games based on the movie ‘Pulimurugan’ starring theSuper Star Mohanlal. Its free game with action game play.Pulimurugan Hindi Version - Sher Ka ShikarPulimurugan KannadaVersion - Manyma PuliThe game targets the fans of Pulimurugan &Super Star Mohanlal. Being a promotional game, it is designed fornon-gamers with simple & easy controls & rewarding gameplay. This game is not for any hard core mobile game or casual gamelovers.Pulimurugan is the hero of the movie where he is a tigerhunter. The game is an action game featuring the fight betweenPulimurugan and the tiger as game play. Game features unique gameplay mechanics using swipes to attack & dodge. The player getsto unlock different concept models which are featured in the filmlike the tiger, Murugan’s Vel, Mayil Vahanam etc. The game may aswell be the first 3D game to be created based on a Malayalam film.It is also a successful collaboration between the Film industry,Game Development Industry & Media Industry as it was alsosponsored by ClubFM, the leading media company fromKerala.  The movie directed by Vysakh and produced byTomychan Mulakupadam under Mulakupadam Films banner. The moviereleased on October 7th, 2016Game Official Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/PulimuruganGameOfficial/Csharks GameFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/csharks.games/Find theAugmented Reality(AR) version of this game athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csharks.pulimuruganarGameFeatures*** Unique Game Play *** Simple controls, easy to master*** Play as Mohanlal *** Unlock achievements and share*** No ads,No IAP, Completely free *** Action for all ages*** More featurescoming soon
Big Block 1.0.9
BigBlock is another arcade puzzle game by Csharks. The main themeof this game revolves around an African tribal man & hisfamily. Voodoo masks have become integral part of the tribalfamily. The family is trying to make their moves for the benefit ofall. But things can go very wrong if they let the voodoo get thebetter of them. The goal is to match & destroy as many voodoomasks as possible & release all the positive energy.The gameplay involves removing tile blocks by taping on it. A tile blockcan be removed if its adjacent tile blocks are similar. Tap &Swipe LEFT/RIGHT on moving tile blocks will change its path.Thisgame is basically an infinite level game where the player has tosurvive as long as possible by reaching higher levels & scoremaximum points. Big Block uses the well known match 3 mechanicswhich is easy for all age groups. The pace of the game does not letthe player relax & the player needs to be fast to make his/herchoices
Jungle Cafe 1.4
Jungle Cafe is a time management game with a jungle restauranttheme. You have to manage the restaurant by helping the waitermonkey to serve the customer monkeys and timely deliver the fruitsas customers demand. Use the money earned to purchase new fruitsand add to the cafe menu. Also you can purchase upgrades for theshop which improves customer satisfaction and help you to earn moremoney.
Adventure Jack 0.1.0
Jack is an adventurer. He was flying over the sea with his smallaircraft. When he was over a jungle island, his aircraft's enginefailed and he lost the control of the aircraft. He escaped beforeit crashed and safely landed on the island. Now he has to escapefrom the island and the only possible way is to find a boat. Heknows there is an old boat house on the island, but he don't knowhow to reach there.Your objective is to help him to reach the boathouse by guiding him through the jungle. In each level, you have tohelp him to find the required objects to proceed and the way to theboat house. Tap to guide him to the objects to interact with themor collect them. Keep an eye on his energy level and get the foodwhen its goes down to avoid losing his life.
Bouncy Squirrel 1.0.6
Bouncy Squirrel is super excited. Help him to collect the fruitsand reach the sky. Squirrel can jump through the platforms and pickthe fruits. He will lose the life if fall down from any platform.Squirrel can jump higher if touch on the screen while he jumps andaccelerometer can be used for sidewise moves.# Addictive game playwith accelerometer control # Unique art style # 25 levels withchallenging designs # G+ Leaderboard # Social sharing
City Encounter 1.0.8
This action game set in the streets of Mumbai City. Inspector Vijayis an encounter specialist in Mumbai Police Department. Ananonymous tip has taken him to the streets of the city where itturned out to be an ambush. Goons & terrorists had planned itperfectly but Vijay was not going to let it be the end of it. Heneeds help to stand against waves of enemies across the streetsbefore the backup arrives. The goal of the game is to shoot all theterrorists and keep Vijay safe from their attacks. The weapons canbe changed while playing. The game gets very challenging &interesting at higher levels. Guns, grenades, bullets, armor &helmets are available for purchase. To survive the enemy waves theplayer has to be very agile & make some strategical upgradepurchases.The character Inspector Vijay is heavily influenced bythe Bollywood film Dabaang.
Pulimurugan AR Game 1.1.1
Augmented Reality(AR) version of Pulimurugan Movie Official 3DGame. It may be the first AR game based on a movie in India!Pulimurugan is a 3D casual game from Csharks Games based on aMalayalam movie ‘Pulimurugan’ starring the legendary actorMohanlal. Its a free action game featuring the fight betweenPulimurugan and the tiger. The game targets the fans of Pulimurugan& Super Star Mohanlal. Being a promotional game, it is designedfor non-gamers with simple & easy controls. How to Play >Take 10 Rupee Indian Currency, preferably the latest one releasedin years 2014, 2015, 2016 > Open the game and scan the back sideof the currency with tiger image > The 3D world will appear onthe currency ( but it may depends on currency quality, lightingconditions and device camera features) > Play the game as perin-game instructions
Highway Driver 3D 1.0
This is simple fun driving game for kids. Game helps players toknow Indian highways.Player starts with an Auto-rickshaw and theywill get promoted higher roles taxi driver, politican etc based ontheir driving skills. Avoid hitting other vehicles, dangers on theroad and pick collectibles. If you hit other vehicles, police willchase you. - Fun driving game - Simple game controls- Play as 1.Auto-rickshaw driver 2. Taxi driver 3. Ambulance driver 4.PoliticianHave fun in Indian roads!
Illam Escape VR 1.3
"Illam Escape VR" is an escape game developed as a demo withvirtual reality environment created on Google Cardboard technology.Get ready with your VR goggles. Find your way to the exit andescape from the locked Illam 'Illam' is a type of house used bysome particular castes in South India, particularly in Kerala.Usually Illams built in the form of 'Nalu Kettu' (quadrangle) -Kizhakkini (eastern part), Thekkini (south), Padinhaatti (west) andVadukkini (north), as seperate structures. Some lllams has complexstructure. In this demo game we used a simple Illam structure forVR escape game. * VR Game Play * Google Cardboard * Very simpleControl * Challenging Puzzles
Robogoyo is a engrossing puzzle involving a simple series of ringsand a long oval pin. Using the minimal number of locking andunlocking moves, weave the oval pin through all the rings in theshortest possible time to solve the puzzle. Despite just 8 ringsand only two possible moves at any time, you will have to thinkhard to plan your sequence of moves. Engage your mind and challengeothers too! The Robogoyo Game App was developed from a unique 3Dpuzzle toy, a gift with truly ancient origins. It has delightedgenerations of players, both children and adults, well before theage of smartphones and even paper. The puzzle itself buildsconcentration and problem solving skills by forcing you work outthe quickest and most logical order of moves. Enjoy solving thepuzzle with 8 rings for free - simply download and get started onsolving it. Once you master this, you can pay and play the morechallenging versions with more rings too! Have fun! We start thegame with the oval piece being separate from the interconnectedrings. Let’s understand the rules of locking. The rings areinterconnected with one ring standing free. Number the free ring 1and the other rings in order from 2 through 8. Now, Ring #1 can belocked and unlocked at any given point of time in the game. Anyhigher numbered ring can be locked or unlocked if the previous ringis locked and all lower numbered rings are unlocked. For example,to lock ring #5, we need to have ring #4 locked and all lower rings(#1, #2, #3) unlocked. As another example, if rings #6 and #7 arelocked while #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 are unlocked, and then at thispoint, #7 ring can be unlocked. With only two moves (locking orunlocking) possible at any given time, it's up to you to figure outthe correct order of moves. You will have to make exactly the rightmovement in each of the steps to finish the puzzle in the shortestpossible manner. Any mistake during the game will increase thenumber of moves, as the wrong steps have to be retraced before theplayer can continue on the right sequence of moves. Once all ringsare in locked position, the same sequence has to be reversed tomake the oval piece free. The underlying algorithm dictates thatfor each additional ring that need to be locked, the number ofmovements (locking or unlocking) doubles. 8 rings require 170 movesand 9 rings take 341 moves! Are you ready for the ultimate brainteaser? The game available in following languages too 1. Hindi 2.Chinese(Mandarin) 3. Russian 4. Spanish 5. Japaneese 6. Arabic
Odiyan - The King of Darkness
Odiyan - The King of Darkness is a 3D interactive app fromCsharksGames based on the malayalam movie ‘Odiyan’ starring theSuper StarMohanlal. This entertainment app is for the promotion ofthe movieand the Odiyan character. App features ** ExperienceOdiyan Actions** Take Photo with Odiyan ** Become the Odiyan bychanging Odiyanface with your face ** Share your Odiyan imagesthrough socialmedia #Odiyan #Mohanlal #MalayalamMovie#OdiyanRaising #Malayalam#App #Game
Odiyan - Demo
Odiyan - The King of Darkness is a 3D interactive app fromCsharksGames based on the malayalam movie ‘Odiyan’ starring theSuper StarMohanlal. This entertainment app is for the promotion ofthe movieand the Odiyan character. App features ** ExperienceOdiyan Actions** Take Photo with Odiyan ** Become the Odiyan bychanging Odiyanface with your face ** Share your Odiyan imagesthrough socialmedia #Odiyan #Mohanlal #MalayalamMovie#OdiyanRaising #Malayalam#App #Game
Mamangam 1.0.4
Mamangam is multilingual movie based on historical Mamangamfestivalin 18th Century. The movie is directed by M. Padmakumarand producedby Venu Kunnappilly in the banner of Kavya Films. Thisis theofficial movie game developed and published by CsharksGames.#Mamangam #MovieGame #Mammootty #MPadmakumar#VenuKunnappilly#KavyaFilms #Csharks #AndroidGame