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Blackboard Radio (BBR) - Learn English by Speaking 1.7.0
Blackboard Radio or BBR App is India's first voice-based platformfor students in grades 3-12 to learn and collaborate together.Students can create their unique portfolio by recording theirlearning moments. They can participate in on-going projects withother peers from across the country and share their opinion. ★India's First Voice-based Interactive English Speaking Course - ForChildren in Age 7-18★ Learn from Expert Language Trainers at yourhome. Blackboard Radio English program focuses on making your childa 21st century global citizen. It develops strong public speakingskills, builds confidence, improves communication skills andfosters creativity. - Get a curriculum tailored adjusted to yourEnglish level, so you can focus on the right words. - Learn tospeak over 2000 of the most popular English words with perfectpronunciation - Receive feedback from expert BBR Trainers on how tomove your tongue and lips to correct your words - Our course makesyou practice common phrases used in everyday life, like at work,during interviews, and while traveling - Our training allows you topractice in a relaxed environment without fear of embarrassment infront of other people - Track your progress and come back topractice any words you’re still stuck on - Get results, fast! 30hours with Blackboard Radio (BBR English Training) is equivalent toa 6-month spoken English course in an offline centre to gainexcellent pronunciation and reduce accent. - Get DiagnosticAssessments based on international CEFR-levels Improve yourspeaking skills to prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC. Speakconfidently with your friends and teachers.#NotAfraidToSpeakEnglish Why do we need it? Classroom time is forteaching, there is no time to personally evaluate speaking andlistening abilities of an individual student. Moreover, there is nocomfortable and safe environment for students to practice speakingthe English language as most households speak native languages.Language learning labs in schools & content-only apps areinconsistent and do not focus on speaking practice. Whateverlimited speaking activities some apps have do not understand Indianaccent. ★Our Focus★ - Students become confident in speaking English- Improvement on real-life English skills: pronunciation &articulation - Tangible outcomes measured using continuous spokenEnglish assessments based on international CEFR levels If you are aschool: Contact us at or +91 9111 444 636 to knowhow to get School Radio by Blackboard Radio (BBR) in yourschool/institution. About Us: An award-winning initiative by IITalumni funded by CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad & Michael and Susan DellFoundation (through Villgro Innovation Foundation)
BBR Teachers 1.1.6
INVITE ONLY. Currently in Beta. Teachers can use this app to assignspoken English homework to students on the Blackboard Radio app. Ifyou want to sign up for beta trial of this app, please reach out tous at +91 9111444636.