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Quantum Flare Intelligent Firewall & Security 1.1.2
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NY Times: “The most thorough in blocking trackers” FinancesOnline:Rising Star Award 2019 | Premium Usability Award 2019 BlockAppsEASILY With Quantum Flare! Quantum Flare helps you takebackcontrol of your devices. Easily monitor data usage,internetconnections and WiFi usage in Real Time. View and controlwhichapps are slowing down your device, or wasting your mobiledata.Install now, and see what your device is really doing.⭐Keyfeatures of Quantum Flare - 1 MINUTEINSTALL" -AndroidFirewall: Use the automatic setup to block and disallow allknownunnecessary apps & connections - Control every appandbackground app by using the built-in VPN to block/allow accesstoWi-Fi & mobile data - Save upto 50% of your mobile data! -Seea Live View of the current connections to your device, andblockany apps/trackers automatically (or manually via Sentinel) -Getnotified instantly when an app tries to connect to theinternet,and block it before any data is used - Get notified whenany appattempts to use/modify another app, and block the actioninstantly- Get daily automatic updates to the malware definitionsandmalicious trackers/sites - Speed up your device by switchingoffbattery & data draining useless background apps -Globallyblock apps or opt to block by location (country) ✔ WorksPerfectlyWith All Network Providers No matter which company you usefor yourmobile data or call package, Quantum Flare worksflawlessly. Weknow there are many choices when it comes tofirewalls for Androiddevices, and we know it can be confusing. Wewanted to set our appapart from our competitors. Our features areunique to QuantumFlare, and our ongoing mission is to provide thevery best privacyand security controls for every user. You shouldchoose yourAndroid firewall carefully, and we hope that once youhave triedour free firewall and security suite, you will put yourtrust inus. We believe there is no better protection, and we thinkyou willtoo. ➕More Features - Anti-Phishing &Anti-RansomwareProtection Quantum Flare protects you against appsthat steal logincredentials & credit card details. - Faster,Safer and BetterBrowsing By blocking unnecessary apps and traffic,you will see adramatic improvement in performance on your device,whether you arewatching videos, playing games or just surfingwebsites. - FreeForever Features Yes! We offer a ‘free forever’option, withStandard firewall and live real-time backgroundactivitymonitoring.*** Paid version allows for advanced featuresforvisibility, control and protection, such as anti-phishing,blockinternet by app, device manufacturer & system appscontrol,GeoIP, advanced firewall protections & customsettingsmanagement. There will never be ads shown inside our appeither! -When We Say Privacy, We Mean Privacy You can installvarious datamonitoring applications, such as Wireshark, and seethat QuantumFlare does exactly what it says,protecting your deviceand securingyour privacy at all times. Our Promise to YOU: 🚫 Wedon’t track ormonitor you. 🚫 We don’t sell out to advertisers ordata brokers.
Cloak - Secure Encrypted Messaging, Media & Calls
CybX Security
Private, Secure and Reliable Communication for every Androiduser.Cloak Communicator is now available to the general public,afterextensive use by: - • law enforcement & legal sector•financial services • charities, • security services • doctors•reporters & journalists We believe EVERYONE shouldhaveABSOLUTE privacy & security when communicating. FEATURES ✓100%ANONYMOUS, ENCRYPTED MESSAGING ✓ No Sign-Up Required – UseAnyEmail (even fake email) ✓ Multi-Layered Encrypted Messages,VoiceCalls and Media Transfer ✓ QUANTUM SAFE MESSAGING ✓ GroupMessagingChannels ✓ Obfuscate Chats (Hide Chat Text) ✓ Send/ReceiveMedia ✓Biometric / Secure Password Access ✓ Delete messages locallyAND onrecipient device ✓ Delete entire chat channels ✓ NO PLAINTEXT EVERSTORED ON SERVERS ✓ NO PRIVATE INFORMATION STORED OR USED✓ NOBACKDOORS – YOUR DATA IS YOUR DATA ENCRYPTION Cloak usesmultiplelayers of encryption to encrypt EVERY CHARACTER you type,everyIMAGE/VIDEO you send – and even VOICE CONVERSATIONS arefullyencrypted. • AES/CBC • AES/GCM • AES/EAX • Blowfish • bcrypt •HMAC• SHA-256 • SHA-512 • ECDSA/P-521 • PBKDF2 • HKDF IN DETAIL:Cloakuses a newer version of symmetric cryptography called “SecretKeyObfuscation”. The secret “key’ is not physically stored anywhere-it is created when needed with strong cryptographic algorithms.Thecryptographic algorithm takes the secret key, splits itintopieces, and then distributes to encryption systems; as such,eachsystem must be authenticated to give you a piece of the secretinorder to be able to re-create the original secret key. Contactusfor more information on our patented data encryption. USE CASES•DOCTORS: Our clients in the medical industry use Cloaktocommunicate securely with colleagues and patients, sendingsecuremessages and images with total privacy. • JOURNALISTS /FOREIGNCORRESPONDENTS: When communication is restricted in certainpartsof the world, our clients in the media can SECURELYcommunicatewithout fear of reprisal, censorship or breach ofprivacy. •CHARITIES/NON-PROFIT: We are very proud to be able tooffer ourservices to charities and non-profit agencies, where thosewho aremost at risk can communicate securely and privately, withoutfear.• LAW ENFORCEMENT / LEGAL SECTOR: Attorney / client privilegecannow extend to electronic communication with Cloak; our clientsinthe legal sector communicate effectively, securely andprivatelywith their clients and vice versa. • FINANCIAL SERVICES:Ourclients in the financial & investment banking sector areableto deal direct with clients and share sensitive informationthatwas time critical. FREE TRIAL & ENTERPRISE Cloak does nothavea free trial option. We do not provide ad supportedapplications,as we believe in absolute integrity and privacy withinour apps. Wedo, however, offer discounts and use case trials forEnterprisecustomers, and can provide single tenant options (where aCloakServer is installed on your premises). AVAILABLE OPTIONS •SingleTenancy – We can install a Cloak single tenancy at yourpremises oron your preferred cloud solution, where you can controlallcommunication operations internally. • Enterprise Solutions –Wehave worked with large and small enterprises, providingcustomsolutions that meet NIST and CIS Top 20 standards. •CustomIntegration – Our development and engineering team canintegrateCloak into existing solutions such as mobile andproprietarydevices. Contact us if you wish to discuss options foryourorganization – / Tel: +1 866 750CYBX(2929) ALREADY A CLOAK USER? Add as aNewContact, to communicate in a secure Cloak Channel.