Cyber Development Apps

Blue Call 1.0
Talk to friends/people in your proximity at no cost over Bluetoothand Wifi. Blue Call Allows for full-duplex voice communicationaccomplished over WiFi (connected to the same hot spot) or a secureBluetooth connection.Perfect for close proximity communications, does not use your airtime minutes.WiFi users: Your wireless router has to support multicast packets.You will not be able to discover each other if it doesn't.Features:- Contact list- Allows associating of a phone to a specific contact- Uses encrypted Bluetooth channel to transmit voice data- Ping a contact (long hold on contact for option)- Receive notifications when someone pings you- Receive notifications when an available contact comes online forWiFi communications- Customizable settings- A specific BlueCall entry can be associated to both a WiFi &Bluetooth device at the same time
Agricom 1.0
Agricom - An interactive mobile communicationplatform where Agricultural sector practitioners and stakeholdersmarket and sell their products & services, network, managetheir resources, sector events and have access to latest news andweather forecasts.Problems Identified:There is no robust mobile adverting platforms for theagricultural sector to use in the countryFarmers have no mobile shops to sell their produce on this highlyconcentrated cellphone market.There is no specific network platform on mobile where publicsector, farmers, sector suppliers and consumers can network andshare ideasAs almost all farmers have mobile devices and more r now buyingsmartphones, there are no applications that they can use to keeprecords and manage their resources and produce.There is a lot of Agricultural news and events of which some aredessiminated through print media, radio, internet n TV. Manyfarmers miss this news before of lack of cellphone platforms tobroadcast news on audio and text. Including weatherforecasts.There is no database accessible by mobile device to see a list offarmers and agricultural products and services suppliers.Any suggestion are welcome to enhance the app and make it morebeneficial for farmers.
MyHealth OTG 1.2.6
MyHealth On-The-Go (OTG) is anAndroid-basedapplication for end-to-end comprehensive patient carevia asmartphone mobile platform.This mHealth system can perform the followingkeyfunctionalities:Manage personal health record on a mobile device.Collect comprehensive data via the mobile device - from textdata,to images, audio and video.VoiceSMSGPSBarcode and QR scanningInternet/CloudAccess Social Media Networks.MyHealth OTG can work on all form factors runningtheAndroid-platform, including different sizes of smartphonesandtablets.
Loxion SA 1.2.1
The application uses the Android’s GPScapability to locate POIs within 5 miles from your location. Greatlocation features and easy to use design including lots ofcategories. Can be used both online using Google Maps with thatlocation pinpointed Information is well integrated between multiplefeatures of the application or offline using downloaded vectormaps.Loxion displays your position on the map and showcases point ofinterests around you. You can find what your friends and othersthink about the place before zeroing in. The app also tells you thelocation of any particular spot you may choose, along with theroute and distance and calculates the time you might need to reachthat spot.The app that allow you to ride with . One of the most excitingfeatures of this app is how it lets you switch on the camera andinstantly discover places of interest and landmarks around you thatare in the camera’s field of vision. As you change direction orposition, Loxion too dynamically shifts focus and displays placesof interest in the new field of vision.Try out exciting features like tracking your lost phone, kids,friends and spouses respectively.Categories for POIs include:sustenanceeducationtransportationfinancehealthcareentertainmenttourismhistoricnaturalshopleisuresportAnd many more tourist attraction places.
HitMeUp 1.0
This App will help you translate to andfroml33tsp33k (hacker-lingo).After translating your favorite phrases, you might choose tosharethem on your facebook status, tweet or exchange sms withyourfriends in this lingo. Its pretty easy language like short-handtounderstand, it does take a smart person to decipher thetranslatedmessage. This language will help improve your messageexchangeprivacy somehow, that is the main intent and havecommunicating inl33tsp33k.
Social Jigsaw 1.2
A cool social media integrated jigsaw gametoplay around with photos from your instagram, facebook,pinterestand your phone gallery or camera.After you play the game you may share, comment, tweet, post,onall social media networks
Khayalethu Game lite
This is a crossword puzzle game withadifference for Android smartphones and tablets!In ordinary crossword puzzle you need to guess the wordsandplace them horizontally or vertically to appropriate cellswithinthe game field. Of course, each pair of crossing horizontalandvertical words must have the same letter in the cellofintersection.Unlike the cross-word puzzle, the game uses numbers in placeofwords. More then that, all numbers, that need to be placed onthegame field, are known in advance. However, you don’t know thecellswithin the game field, to which each number should be placed.As incrossword, you can place numbers both horizontally andvertically,and each crossing pair of numbers must have the samedigit in thecell of their intersection.Remember, that the objective of the game is to fill in thegamefield from the offered set of numbers.Don’t be surprised, if after filling in all of the free cellsyoustill have unused numbers. They are check numbers. If the gamefieldwas filled correctly, you may find them in one of the columnsorrows of the game field. After this you will need to place theminthe appropriate position.For best experience of the app install it on your tablet andforyour information there are no ads on the app.
Posh Models 1.0
This is an ideal mobile app showcasing allPoshInc. models and their portfolios. Top model around the worldwant tohave their portfolios seen in mobile apps and have theirportfoliosgo viral throughout all social media stream, eg.Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. To becomesuccessfulmodels and all types of modeling including glamour,fashion,photographic, teen and many others should be seen on mobileappstailored for a high end brand orientated Company which bringsyouquality that has the originality of our countryBotswanaencompassed with international appeal and class such asPoshInc.
Lookidup 1.0
This project is to take the existingonlinemobile directory and convert it to a mobile directoryapplication.The benefits of this project are to be able to use amobile deviceto make business listings of Botswana more assessable.The goal isto make it as easy as possible to search and viewbusiness listingswith anyone using the application. This will allowfor users tosearch and view business listings on the go anassistive mobiletechnology to help user find the GPS location ofbusiness listingwithin radius of their own proximity inkm/miles.
CardEzi 1.0
CardEzi is a solution developed to convert your traditionalbusiness cards into digital business card contacts through scanningwith added features of choosing a template and creating your custombusiness card design. The app will automatically update yourinformation on other people’s devices when you update your details,and it will update your contacts directory when other people’sdetails change. CardEzi is a business card reader and creator whichmakes the cards you get easier to travel with. CardEzi can alsoshare your own digital business card straight from your phone withanyone, so you never get caught without a card again. So next timesomeone gives you a business card - scan it - and give it back tothem! Feature: • Business Card Scanning ♣ scan paper business cardsyou collect at events and add them to your contact list. (scanningof both the front and back of the card). • Cross-platform BusinessCard Sharing ♣ share your digital business card with people nearyou via SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc. • Contact import ♣ import yourphone contacts into the app. • Contact search ♣ search through thelong list of contacts in your list to find who you are looking for.• Group management ♣ list all your contacts in their groups forquicker communication. • Sort ♣ arrange your contact list toconveniently find your most recent contacts. • Sync ♣ businesscards synchronized onto the website. • Notes ♣ add notes to yourcontact as a reminder. • Edit your business cards for a moreaccurate contact Key advantages: As soon as you scan the businesscard, CardEzi reads the business card and converts it into adigital contact in seconds. All you need to do is take a picturewith your mobile device camera, and the card will be transcribed toyour contact list within the app. ♣ Create multiple Business cardsfor any business and personal setup. ♣ Great for networking events,seminars and conferences. ♣ Always have your digital business cardwith you – and never run out. ♣ Your card can be viewed and savedon any device with the same account. ♣ Automatic updates – whensomeone changes their office details or address, that contact inyour directory gets updated automatically. ♣ Access to the web userportal from any device. ♣ Add personal notes to the business cardsyou scan. ♣ Share your virtual business card to any platform –Android, iOS, Web ♣ Import phone contacts directly into the App. ♣Create as many business cards as you like from the templatesprovided Recognition languages: At the moment CardEzi offer cardrecognition in English. Stay tuned for more Languages yet to come!500e4f2bc1
Blue Call Pro 1.0
Talk to friends/people in your proximity atnocost over Bluetooth and Wifi. Blue Call Allows forfull-duplexvoice communication accomplished over WiFi (connected tothe samehot spot) or a secure Bluetooth connection.Perfect for close proximity communications, does not use yourairtime minutes.WiFi users: Your wireless router has to support multicastpackets.You will not be able to discover each other if itdoesn't.Features:- Contact list- Allows associating of a phone to a specific contact- Uses encrypted Bluetooth channel to transmit voice data- Ping a contact (long hold on contact for option)- Receive notifications when someone pings you- Receive notifications when an available contact comes onlineforWiFi communications- Customizable settings- A specific BlueCall entry can be associated to both a WiFi&Bluetooth device at the same time- Pro version no ads.
Cyber Call 3.66
Make cheap voip calls from your mobilephoneusing Cyber Call. Make calls to any country you desire atthecheapest rates.Register by contacting email below to get your login accessandSIP information.Contact: to find out more about theratesand DIDLocal Access Numbers.In some countries we offer you a local landline numberwhichallows you to make calls via this account through anormalphone.With this service you don’t need a computer to usethisaccount.Please enter your phonenumber(s) (or that of your familyandfriends) on this page and check out the access number foryourcountry.How does it work?From any phone, call the access number (you will be charged byyouroperator at the price of a call to a landline).If your number was recognized as one of the numbers youenteredhere you will hear a message asking you to enter the numberof theperson you wish to contact and then press the # (the call tothisnumber will be charged to this account).
Cyber Connect 1.2.0
Cyber Connect you with the very mostpopularsocial media networks you use on a daily basis. Instead ofhave tolaunch all of them on your smartphone draining your batterylife.Then Cyber Connect widget is the solution to tweeting,updatingyour social media timeline status and reply text messagesdirectlyfrom one App. Cyber Connects free version supports forsocial medianetwork , Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter.Set yourpreferred widget on your home screen, enable your socialmediaaccounts and get realtime push notifications of all socialmedianetwork you add to the app.Add the widget 4x4 to your home screen and enable yoursocialmedia account you would like to receive activity feeds. Forthefree version you can get Twitter and SMS feeds. Also youcanretweet, post tweet upload photos to Facebook. Features thatarenot available on the free version, will be available on thepaidversion.Note; Any feature that is not working on free version is notabug of the app. Full features of the app are available onpaidversion without any ads also.
Vaya Driver 1.11
Vaya is a South African company, 100%black owned which providesaservice and hailing app. Vaya puts the people’s interest firstbytaking less from our drivers commission to make sure ourdriver’sneeds are met, empowering local employment. Vaya alsocharges lessfare price R6.50/km 90cents/min with no cancellationfee and surgeprices, which is much less than our competitors. Vayais operatingall over South Africa and expanding gradually. As Vayathe safetyand well-being of our passages is our priority that’s whyVaya hasadded unique features to our app that gives the passenger awidevariety of options to choose from for security purposes and forthepassengers comfort. We have the following features that willmakesure you remain easy with Vaya. 1. Option to choose male orfemaledriver when you request Vaya for your daughter for examplethis issecurity reasons. 2. Free Chat feature to help driversandpassengers to communicate 3. Split fare option 4. Streetpickup(Driver App version feature) to pick users without the app.5. Longdistance hitch hike booking option 6. Business/ Groupshuttlebooking request option 7. Save and request only favoritedrivers 8.Car Surveillance security option to protect passenger ofall ages.As Vaya we have ensured that all your safety needs aremet, withdrivers you can trust and vehicles you can rely on and anapp thatis simple to use. We ensure you the safety of your lovedones andyour safety, reliability, convenience and your rand goesfarther.Disclaimer for Vaya Taxi: If you require any moreinformation orhave any questions about our app’s disclaimer, pleasefeel free tocontact us by email at All the information on this website ispublishedin good faith and for general information does not make any warranties aboutthecompleteness, reliability and accuracy of this information.Anyaction you take upon the information you find on this App,isstrictly at your own risk. Vaya will not be liable for anylosseseither physical or assets and/or damages in connection withthe useof our app. From our website, you can visit other websitesbyfollowing hyperlinks to such external sites. While we strivetoprovide only quality links to useful and ethical websites, wehaveno control over the content and nature of these sites. Theselinksto other websites do not imply a recommendation for all thecontentfound on these sites. Site owners and content may changewithoutnotice and may occur before we have the opportunity toremove alink which may have gone ‘bad’. Please be also aware thatwhen youleave our website, other sites may have different privacypoliciesand terms which are beyond our control. Please be sure tocheck thePrivacy Policies of these sites as well as their “Terms ofService”before engaging in any business or uploading anyinformation.Consent By using our App, you hereby consent to ourdisclaimer andagree to its terms. Update Should we update, amend ormake anychanges to this document, those changes will be prominentlypostedhere.
ClicknDeliver Driver 2
Click n Deliver allows customers to instantaneously order acourierthat will come and pick their parcel and have it deliveredto theirselected location. How to drive with Click n Deliver:Become yourown boss with Click n Deliver. Click n Deliver allowsyou to jointhe team by becoming a driver. Both individuals andcompanies canbecome eligible to drive be a part of the Click nDeliver network.With the below steps you can become a driver inGauteng: 1.Download the App 2. Sign Up 3. Upload the relevantdocuments 4.Wait for your application to be vetted 5. StartDelivering For moreinformation visit
ClicknDeliver 3
Click n Deliver is an application that simplifies deliveries attheclick of your fingertips. Click n Deliver allows youtoinstantaneously order a courier that will come and pick upyourparcel and deliver it to your selected location. The app givesyouthe live location of the driver, from the time they come andpickup your parcel to the time that they drop it off. You willalsoreceive notifications of the estimated time of arrival andonceyour recipient has signed for the parcel. How It Works 1.Downloadthe App 2. Sign Up 3. Describe Your Parcel Details 4.Provide uswith your pickup and drop off locations 5. Place yourorder and wedeliver! Expected Time Of Arrival The time of arrivalwill bedependent on your location and the location of your deliverydropoff. Our courier drivers will ensure the swift and safe arrivalofyour parcel at all times. With our live tracking technology,weprovide you with the comfort of seeing the exact location ofyourdelivery at all times. Why Click n Deliver? We understandhowurgent your demands may be, and how valuable your belongings aretoyou so at Click n Deliver we ensure that the safety ofyourvaluables while saving you time. Find Out More Still abitconfused? You can give us a call on 011 552 8230 and speak toourdedicated team who will guide you through the downloadingprocessof the app, all the way down to payment. We have a dedicatedteamof experts who will ensure that you receive the bestqualityservice from us. Visit
MulaVIP 1.5
MulaVIP rentals is a premier luxury company, specializing inthefollowing areas; Top models, Luxury private jets, LuxuryCarHire/Rental, Luxury Yacht Hire/Rental, Luxury ConciergeServices,Media production. Our luxury services include but are notlimitedto: Private Jet Charter Personal Meet & Greet ServiceConciergeServices Chauffeur Services Point-to-PointTransferCorporate/Executive Transportation Airport TransfersCloseProtection Car Rentals Our flexible scheduling andpersonalisedservice will ensure that whether you voyage through theair, sea orroad, your experience will be effortless and relaxed.Our clientsmostly musician and celebs trust us not just with theirexecutivevideo/travel plans, but with their VIP reputations. It’sour job toreflect the quality of your organisation in thepresentation ofours. We also take security and safety veryseriously indeed – suchas handing confidential information to yourcrew/mates/spouse, andthen arranging for secure disposalafterwards.