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Sniper Assassin: Gangster City 1.07
Sniper Assassin Gangster City 3D is a Missioncombat sniper shooter game. You are sent in to this modern city ofgangsters which is full of terrorists, gangsters and gunners. Ganghas taken control of the city and you must save the civilians fromthe shooting and terrorism in the city. Jump into apocalypticmodern warfare totally for free in this Sniper Assassin Battleshooter game.Imagine yourself as the top secret undercover agent whosemission is to attack and save the city. A city where, crime rate isincreasing day by day and the security forces are forced tointervene in this situation. You are given best shooting controlsand top class sniper gun to fight against them. It would be thebest FPS sniper shooter adventure you would ever have.Each level is following the gangster story of the city. You aregiven proper instructions before each level so that you can targetthe right person not the civilians. Targeting cars, executingwithout notifying, targeting a specific person and many moreexciting sniper shooting missions.Sniper Assassin Gangster City 3D is the most realistic game of2016 having real time scenarios in combating and encounteringcriminal’s plans in multiple deadly missions, so be careful andinvade the enemies of humanity as a silent assassin hitman andhonor your commitment with your duty for country as its game of war& don’t let your people get in to fire age in this game ofwar.For all fans of action games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters),modern war games, and for all players who want to dominate thebattlefield! This is the game they were looking for. Hope you willenjoy the quality of graphics and game play we had made foryou.Game Features★ 10 fun to play Missions (more coming soon)★ Each level shows more skill set of the★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Full zoom capability for closer look★ Bullet follow effect when hit the gangster★ Best War based terrorist game play★ Real time sounds for superb shooter experience like neverbefore★ Smooth and realistic sniper shooter effects★ Exciting 3D Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression★ Professionally designed and expertly created shooting game appthat you will love★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.★ More features will be added in the next updateHelp Us: games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, please report it
Commando Terrorist Shootout 3D 1.04
Commando Terrorist Shootout 3D is a classicterrorist attack game where you are the lone commando to attack andfight against terrorism. This would prove to be the best 3Dshooting game of 2016. You are armed with various high tech weaponslike Ak-47, shotguns and RPG. Your mission is to fight in the waragainst terrorism. You are the fearless Assassin commando in thislone war against terrorists.Move wisely because these terrorists are highly trainedattackers. They are equipped with advance Intelligence to make yourlife shorter. So attack them from hidden points and take them whenthey are alone. Use all the weapons like AK-47, shotgun, RPG andPistol to take them down. Each level makes the terrorist morestronger and increase there attack ability as well, but don't worrycommando, you are also given medicine packages through out the gamethat you can use to recharge your health in the war.You're a modern army shooter commando sent on this combatkilling mission. Your military has sent to you to strike theterrorists so know you should make sure you win the war againstterrorism. against now you should counter strike to take the battleto the adversary! You're in for the best first individual shooterexperience!Game Features★ 12 Missions full of explosive warfare combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Short & long shooter rifles★ Best war based terrorist game play★ Smooth and realistic commando shooter effects★ Exciting 3D map with realistic fighting arena environment★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression in commando terrorist shootout 3D★ Use anti-terrorist 3D pistol to fire your gunshot★ Professionally designed and expertly created shooting game appthat you will love★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.★ More features will be added in the next updateDownload Commando terrorist shootout 3D now!Help Us: games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, please report it
Jungle Lion Sniper Game FREE 1.4
A wild and angry Lion hunting simulationgame3D City sniper lion attack is here with extreme fun and adventurousshooting around the forest and city. Pick up your sniper rifles andhunt down the deadly and bloody jungles and city. Run and kill thefurious lion, the king of jungle for your survival. Shoot the wildlion before it attacks you. Listen to the roars of the lion insafari jungles and finish the dangerous beast. Amongst all wildlifeanimals like tiger, fox, Cheetah, bear, goat etc. lion is the kingof jungle. Now it’s time to show your expert hunting skills andsave the people in the city from the escaped deadly predator. Trythe best lion and tiger fighting game now!Kill and make your way to the league of the legends, the legendaryshooters. Angry lions escaped the zoo and now it’s a huntingchallenge for you to save the city for the killer animals. Shootthem before the hunt down the innocent civilians. You must alreadyhave played many wild predator hunting games like wolf, crocodile,deer and many others. This game is extreme revenge shooting game.Hunt these giant carnivores in a limited time then you will bepromoted to next challenging missions. To win this competition youneed to show ultimate sharp shooting skills. In this game you willshow your amazing skills to kill the rhino and ancient crocodilesalso.Game Features:★ Best 3D City sniper lion attack shooting game of 2016★ FPS shooting and animal hunting game★ Missions and objectives to complete in time★ HD and 3D graphics all over the game★ Crocodile and rhino are also on the run shoot them★ Hunt all the escaped animals before media knows3D City sniper lion attack is the best free wild animals huntinggame of 2016. Buckle your belts up for the extreme thriller!Feedback: games run on each significant android telephone and tablet. Inthe event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn't giveyou a chance to make the most of our work, please report it
Farm Heroes Fruit Game FREE 1.01
We make certain that you all set to playhard, consequently we made a remarkable Tutti Frutti matching 3puzzles for you. Prepare to be the highest the strange Tutti FruttiForehead kingdom. Play your way of solving and also gliding FunMatch 3 puzzle maze across 100+ interesting levels in adventureworlds filled with sugar fruit islands, old holy forest, wonderfullands and also more shocks.Switch and also match in between 3 or more Beautiful & sweetfruits of the same kind and also make a clash of fruit jam to slicethem and achieve your objectives in great blasts. Maintain theprize of the best fruit safe to get rid of all fruits prior to yourlack moves. Produce Super power increases by making wise matchmoves to make a larger blast with impressive animation effects andalso flying Tutti Frutti fruits to gain huge quantity of score.Take pleasure in the expert arcade method with 100+ spectacularlevels and the traditional mode.The Tutti Frutti Puzzle game isentirely totally free to download, install and play, and does nothave in-app purchases. Crush your Tutti Frutti for real fun.☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ How you can Play ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆* Switch as well as match 3 Fruits to be the King of this VideoGame.* Swipe as well as match 4 fruit to get a discount Tutti fruitwhich could remove complete line or row of Frutti.* Slide and suit 5 Fruits to obtain a Rainbow Fruit Sweet whichwill certainly blow up one type of sweet from the whole TuttiFrutti place.* Attain the target rating to win the levels.* Utilize all power enhances to blow up even more fruits.
Rally Moto Racer 1.8
Rally Moto Racer is all about racing game inwhich there are heavy bikes for racing through various levels andchanging difficulties. The rally is about to begin new concept ofmotorbike racing so be ready for a new racing experience and achallenge. Dare to race with legends and do not be afraid ofslippery roads. Just keep your thumb on the boost of your heavybike because you may need it at any time in the rally moto race.You as a motorbike racer in rally moto racer experience one ofthe adventurous game with excellent bike and motor controls andgood racing environment. You have to simply follow these rules;- Tilt phone to control moto direction
- Tap boost to accelerateHow to win highest points
- Keep accelerating!
- Watch out for sharp turns. Vehicles may turn left or right.Help Us:Our game run on every significant smartphone and tablet, if youface any problem regarding its working please leave a review orcontact us at
Counter Black Ops Strike 2 1.1
Counter Black Ops Strike 2, is the sequelofCounter Black Ops Strike. In this shooting game one canenjoyrealistic combat skills and close calls to death.Black Operation Force was created by secret service agenciesofour country to attack the enemy forces and to destroytheirstrength. Black Ops were provided with most advanced guns,rifles,shotguns, snipers and machine guns. Black Ops Force was alsousedto attack enemy sensitive compounds for stealing their warsecrets.All of a sudden Black Ops were caught by UM army. Black Opswerebrain washed by UM army secret programs. We immediately startedamission to prepare Counter Black Ops Strike Force. Our allthesecret army, commando, ranger and SWAT hideoutswerecompromised.

Now the Black Ops with the enemy forces joined, attackourbases killing every soldier, commando and army person. Theygotskilled commando and snipers who does not even make amistake.Latest weapons are provided to them to attack us. Now thismissionincludes you and only you as a silent killer to one of ourprimebase that holds up the super computer with all otherbaseblueprints. You need to go there, kill them to save computerfromunlocking. If you fail at least you kill the computer.

Features:- Realistic 3D environment- Latest guns, rifles and snipers- Cool animations- Fantastic Gameplay- Great Sound effects
Bus Driving for Kids FREE 1.03
Bus Driving, best passenger coachsimulationgame for kids. Bus simulator has always been thefavorite game forkids since the era of smart phones. Cyber Villagepresents this kidsgame for free. In this bus driving mission gamekids and elders canenjoy realistic city environment, easy andsmooth coach controls andexcellent passenger animations. Pick anddrop passenger on this busdriving simulator throughout thecity.Children have always been inspired by the big vehicles andcoachis their favorite since school times. They dream aboutcoachdriving and picking up passenger and dropping them totheirdestination as bus driving person.Features:+ Top adventure through riding
+ Excellent Coaches to drive
+ Smooth and easy controls
+ Excellent city environments+ Different passenger pick and drop missions
+ Eye catching passenger animations
Army Commando Warrior FREE 1.0
Army Commando Warrior, first personshooterFPS game which allows you to attack and shoot enemy rangwarheadquarter hidden for years in the jungles. You are anarmycommando warrior so of SWAT team member born to fight foryourcountry and honour. One of our satellites have been searchingforthe leader of terrorism in all over Iraq. It’s been years thatwewere monitoring his movement through the country and in June oneofour satellite picked up his heat signature in the woodsandrealised that he is commanding all the militant operationsfromenemy hidden bases in the jungle for years.Our satellite has detected a hidden enemy headquarter inthewoods and the army has appointed you as an army warrior toattackon that war base lone. The structure of the war base is justa roofover ground so land on that roof and kill every armycommandowarrior that come in your way. Get into the war base andkill allthey enemy force, militants and their master mind. Destroyall thecomputer and firearms there and put all the files onfire.Features: 
+ Best FPS addiction GAME+ Extra shooting adventure
+ 12 missions full of action
+ Assault rifles and snipers
+ HD graphics and sounds
+ Good environment to play in
Commando Strike: Last Mission 1.03
The army is on a chase mission oflargestterrorist group in the world. Operation is named as “LastMission”and is part of action mission “Commando Strike” againsttheseterrorists. World peace was compromised when terroristsgotinformation about the nuclear assets. Inside, intel informedusthat they are planning for a big attack on our nukes.You as an Army Commando and part of Commando Strike areassignedto themes secret and dangerous operation “Last Mission” ofcommandohistory. These terrorists are hiding in their most securecompound,heavily guarded by trained snipers. The area is crawlingwithterrorist and they are equipped and ready to fight to anyinboundattack. You as part of Commando Strike has to fall lone intothearea, kill all the sniper guards on their watch towers. Killeveryterrorist in that facility and leave no one. Take their planofattack and take our asset from their hands, and burn the placetoashes for the last time.There are heavy chances that you would not return alive fromthislast mission, but still we believe in you and you are our lasthopeto save the world so do not lose it. Be fast and active allthe timeand this battle can last for many days as terrorists havea verystrong position in there. Fight as a hero and die as a hero.GoodLuck, soldier.GAME FEATURES• Touch the screen to shoot down the enemies
• Amazing 3d environment
• Challenging operations
• Read 3d sound effects
Counter Terrorist Police Force 1.0
Counter Terrorist Police Force, you asalone survivor of a SWAT commando in the Police Force isresponsibleto kill all the terrorists. Hit critical in thiscounter waragainst gangsters and fall as a professional commandoPolice. Donot stop shooting them or you will be dead. Attack, shootand killthem by noon.

Terrorists have invaded the military area and hadkilledeveryone in there. They had secured the area with barracksand havecaptured all the advanced weapons of the army. They areplanning toinvade the Police Force headquarters in next few days.You as aPolice Force member had to counter these terrorists andshot themdead. They have endless weapons so do you. No fall in andkillevery terrorist you see at first sight and clear the area.Restorepeace in the country and be called a Counter TerroristPolice ForceHero. The nation is looking and hoping for you tocounter terroristas a true hero.

How to Play:1. Touch and move the screen to aim the terrorists2. The enemy will attack immediately as you appear there3. Use your Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance.4. Use fire button to shoot.5. Aim for the head; shoot once and accurately6. The gun reloads automatically.
Faily Brakes Shooter 1.0
Faily brakes shooter is a realadventurousride. A two in one shooting and racing combat! Shoot anddestroythe traffic as a real traffic hunter. Do not let the carsescapefrom your sight. Destroy them all before they lay a hand onyou!This game is a real addiction among the best shooting gamers.Areyou ready to steer your jeep and destroy the highway traffic onanendless assault run?Faily brakes shooter is a car shooting game with endlessracingadventure. You are sitting in a furious and fast gunner jeep.Butthe problem is that your brakes are totally out of order. Soyouhave a speedy car shoot out going on around you. You have tokillfor your survival. Dodge the other vehicles firing at you andblowthem of their rubbers. How long can you survive?- HD Graphics- Unique faily brakes shooter game- Different cars- Smooth controls- Destroying cars- No brakes!Faily brakes shooter is the best endless racing game. Downloaditfor free!Help Us:Our games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.Inthe event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgiveyou a chance to make the most of our work, please report ittocybervillagestudio@gmail.comFacebook:
Army Counter Strike 1.07
Withstand Army counter strike is here with thebest critical attack action! It's your time soldier to work as acounter strike power for your army. Blast all the terrorists as ananti-terrorist squad and fell such as a SWAT. Destroy the mobsterson the battlefield and win the war. Snipe and capture your enemybefore they hunt you down. The mission is to eliminate theterrorists and secure the area. Are you ready to strike?You are in the town of crime. Criminals have used over themetropolis in addition to killers, killings, robberies and thieveryeverywhere. Your mission is to shoot the champions and recover thelocation. You will have to expel each put in a level place. Youwill have multiple guns with you. Heavy machine weapons and apistol for just one on one close battle! You are a fearless soldierand there is a lot ofanticipation from you.- Unique counter terrorist strike game- Best shooting action game of 2016- Best dazzling simulator and simulation environment- Heavy machine guns and pistols- HD graphics with smooth control- Real critical counter striker force simulation
Help Us:Our game run on every significant smartphone and tablet, if youface any problem regarding its working please leave a review orcontact us at
Super Bike Racing FREE 1.8
Have you ever dreamed to be a super bikeracer?Super bike racing is the No. 1 perfect physics-based freemode bikeracing game ever. Super bike racing is fast paced racinggame out ofcity traffic and noise where there is no point to stop.Feel thethrill of authentic racing action bike racing. Drive thefastestmotor bike with*HD Graphics*Best ever steering controls*Perfect engine soundsHelp Us:Our games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.Inthe event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgiveyou a chance to make the most of our work, please report ittocybervillagestudio@gmail.comFacebook:
Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016 1.8
Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016You are one of the best shooting combat soldier and commando ofMexican Army for the year 2016. This time officials are going tohire you in battlefield of crime city which is crawling withgangsters. Aim and shoot enemies with your pistol and assaultrifles in combat battlefield. Alliance will be available soon buttill then you had to fight alone and earn bounty.In 2016 Walled modern city was biggest city of Mexico and it wasguarded by skilled armed soldiers and other alliance, secret andundercover forces. One most skilled undercover soldier of allianceforces found guilty for playing double agent role and sellingbiggest secrets of city protection plan to enemy forces. WhenMartial court tried to arrest this skilled soldier he escaped withblueprints of security plan from modern city and asked enemy forcesto come for his help and attack the modern city because he knew theskill of commando of modern city that they will find him at anycost and will shoot him. Enemy forces were already ready to attackthe walled city and take control of modern city resources.Walled modern city is guarded by especially skilled snipercommando on its walls and protecting city from wildlife attacks aswell as enemy intensive military attacks. After the enemy soldiersgot the blueprint of security they invaded city with every type offorces, snipers took snipers at the great wall and tank andmissiles helped them to break the walls and commando compounds. Nowthe buildings stand alone without its citizens. Hunting enemysoldiers gave control of this biggest city to criminal shootinggangster.Enemy forces shoot down every soldiers and commando in the cityand took every citizen as hostage. Now people call it Crime City.People in their houses’ basements are being hunted down andhumiliated intensively. These gangsters are using resources ofcrime city and hunting innocent citizen turning the city intobattlefield. The enemy perks aim for every man, woman and child andshoot them on the spot. Gunshots are heard every day in the cityand battlefields.All of our soldiers are hunted down and now you are beingappointed as bounty hunter and brutal killer. Kill every gangsterand every enemy soldier in battlefield of crime city. There is noalliance for time being and we are working to get some snipercommando for your hunting help. You have to aim and shoot alone inthe battlefield and show criminal terrorists and shooting gangstersyour gunshot skills. Giving you the best FPS game controls. Destroytheir entire biggest hide out posts and shoot all of them before2016 ends.Game Features★ Several battlefield to fight in with terrorists★ Realistic gun simulations and animations★ Full zoom capability for closer look and shoot★ Pistols and rifles to buy in the store from bounty★ Highly intelligent criminals to fight against★ Smooth FPS game controls and view★ Live Radar map to show criminal positions during gameplay★ Real time sounds for superb shooter experience like neverbefore★ Exciting 3D Map with Realistic battlefield and fire show★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ More features will be added in the next updateDownload Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016 now!Help Us: games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, please report it
Wild Wolf Hunter Simulator 1.01
Wild wolf hunting simulator is a shootinggamefull of adventure and hunting action on the run. You are inyoursafari jeep and crossing through scary jungle ad wolf attackonyou. You with assault rifle and sniper with infinite ammo havetocombat those scary creatures. Do not let them attack you.Attackfirst and shoot them before they rip you apart.Wild Wolf hunter simulator is the best game of its kind withunique3D graphics and addictive night time environment with fullmoon onits peak allowing wolves to see you clearly and attack youwiththeir sharp jaws and paws. Be careful and active in thisaddictivegame of wolves attacking from your right and left.Help Us:Our games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.Inthe event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgiveyou a chance to make the most of our work, please report
Moto Traffic Racer Highway 1.5
Moto Traffic Racer Highway is for you if youare a fast paced racer on highways. You never dare to drive thatfast if you are not a moto traffic racer on the highway. Drive fastand prove your guts to be the fastest moto driver going though allcity traffic and rush time.Drive super fastest bikes on the highway through traffic. Becareful while riding these super bikes as it is rush time andtraffic all over the highway.
Features:- tap to accelerate- auto speed ups- collect coins and magnets to buy better motos- ride your bike through city highway traffic

Help Us:Our game run on every significant smartphone and tablet, if youface any problem regarding its working please leave a review orcontact us at
Racing GT Car FREE 1.09
Traffic Car Driving Simulator, is herewithendless racing simulation. Drive your car through highwaytraffic,earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be oneof thefastest and furious drivers in the global leaderboards.Endlessracing is now redefined! Steer as a bad buy and dodge thepolicecops. Don’t bump your ride into any truck or other vehicles.Avoidthe dangerous curves and deadly driving of Moto trafficracers.You have a chance to rush and drift on the roads with therealracing fever. There is no end to it if you do it right. Therearecoins which you can collect on the run and buy new cars withthem.Avoid road accidents and drive as a professional through theheavytraffic. Take your car to garage if it needs repairing. Areyouready to be the best traffic racer in town?- Stunning 3D graphics with smooth car handling- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs- Amazing Traffic racers 3D simulator and simulation- Realistic racing and parking- Different cars to buy- Different laps and maps like city, mountain and deserts- Addictive game playTraffic racers 3D is one of its own. Enjoy the rideonhighway!Help Us:Our games run on each significant android telephone and tablet.Inthe event that anyway you experience any issue which doesn'tgiveyou a chance to make the most of our work, please report ittocybervillagestudio@gmail.comFacebook:
Zombie Mission: Highway Squad 1.1
Soldier this mission of you mustcompletedead or alive. Kill zombies and act as a highwaysquad todeliver cure for zombies to headquarters in thiswarfare ofzombie apocalypse. You have chosen your battle and now itis timeto show your faith in humanity and by this save rest ofhumanityand make every dead really dead.Zombie mission is a game about a highway squad runningintowarfare and slaughter zombies. This is era of zombieapocalypsewhere you fight as a frontier commando elite soldier andcombat thewarfare dead or alive. Travel on your fancy and deathrace cars andtrucks rolling over zombies and firing them with loadsof guns youhave will you. Complete the mission zombie highway squadto deliverthe medics to headquarters for zombie cure experiment.You areprovided with a variety of cars and guns to fight againstzombieson this mission. Keep your eyes open and fire zombies ifthey getstick to your car or kill those zombies by hitting themwithobstacles dead or alive. You as an elite and assault commandoareresponsible for the delivery of cure to headquarters escapingfromzombies.After apocalypse doctors were experimenting on zombies to findacure. You as an assault commando have been assigned to deliveracure to headquarters for further experiments on zombies andyourchallenge in delivering this cure is highway. Dead are all overthehighway because many people try to cross highway in searchofshelter or life. Escape from these dead alive and make your waytothe end as a highway squad.Attributes+ Apocalypse environments to kill dead or alive+ Many cars to select and kill the dead as highway squad+ Variety of assault guns to kill attacking dead on cars+ Realistic apocalypse dead animations for flipping car over+ Real damage to car by dead attacks+ Stunning fire shots and death animationsHow to Play+ Select your apocalypse car to ride on zombie missionhighwaysquad+ Choose from variety of fire arms for warfare ashighwaysquad+ Drive by tilting your device and shooting them bytouchingscreen+ Make your way as far as possible and try to deliver curetodoctors
Dead Target Zombies 3D 1.5
Dead target zombies 3D, best zombiekillergame! Pull the trigger to hunt down the deadly zombies beforetheybreak your defense. Shoot like a professional shooter becausethesewild creatures will scare you and peel your body in on time!Pickyour guns and sniper rifles to take on the wild and deadlyzombieattack! The city is under a big threat. Scary creatures areallover the town and you being the best hunter are last hope ofthecitizens. Time to be a real hero in this war!The city is drowned in horror. There are zombie sounds andzombiescrawling everywhere. People are really frightened fromthedangerous beasts. You are the last hope and a real hero ofthecity. So there are eyes on you. You have to target and shootallthe horrible dead walking creatures. You will have best weaponsandguns to assault your target. You can also collect bounty andbuynew guns with them. Are you ready to be the real superhunter?- Best graphics and realistic sounds- Realistic controls- Different missions and objectives- New levels to come- Amazing dead target zombies 3D gameDead target zombies 3D is the best free zombie shootinggame.Download it for free and have a killing ride.Feedback:If you have any suggestion or complaints feel free to contact usat:cybervillagestudio@gmail.comOrFacebook: