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Durak 2.1.7
Durak is a popular Eastern European card game. The objective ofDurak is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Thisversion of the game includes classic Durak and its most popularvariants. Other game features are:- 3 difficulty settings, good forbeginners and experts- 2 to 4 Players- Classic 36 card deck andfull 52 card deck option- Transfer variant of classic Durak-Variant of Durak that includes jokers in the deck.
Marble solitaire 1.2.0
Marble Solitaire is a puzzle game that resembles checkers. Thisgame is popular around the world and is also known as PegSolitaire, Solo Test and Brainvita. The objective of MarbleSolitaire is to jump over game pieces until only one remains on thegame board. Solving the classic puzzle is not an easy task andrequires strategic thinking. This game offers you eightprogressively increasing in difficulty puzzles leading up to theclassic version of this puzzle. Once you complete the classicMarble Solitaire puzzle the game offers additional seven boards.This version of Marble Solitaire includes:- 16 game boards ofvarying difficulty- Customizable user interface- Google Play globalleader boards and achievements
Spades 1.2.5
Classic Spades game with free online play and strong computer AIopponents. Download this Spades app and compete with people aroundthe world via our global ranking system. This Spades game comeswith free unlimited online play, no need to collect chips, tokensor make in app purchases, just tap Online mode and get instantlyconnected with Spades players around the world. If playing Onlineis not your thing you will find computer opponents to be worthychallengers.Features:- Free unlimited online play- Strong computerAI- Global leader boards- Customizable game play settings- Unlockachievements and avatars for online bragging rights