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Pregnancy planning is crucial for those who are hoping to get ababy .Before everything started you need to have a healthylifestyle, developing a pregnancy plan is one way to help ensurethat your baby has the greatest chances of having good health andthat you have a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth is a veryspecial time in the life of a woman. It is unique, exciting andoften the joyous moments of a lifetime. The nine months ofpregnancy, labor and delivery are filled with many physical andpsychological changes. Therefore, pregnant woman needs also to beresponsible woman so as to best support the health of her futurechild and herself. This Smart Pregnancy Planning Guides apps willhelps you to achieve and guide you through the process to conceiveand even try your luck to a natural gender selection. Featuresincludes: - About the Apps - Pregnancy Tips - Gender Selection -Food to Avoid - Do's and Don't - Recommended Gain Weight - Knowyour Ovulation Cycle - Ovulation Calculator - FAQ - Apps Info -Apps Share By the way, don't fuss over it too much, everything willbe smooth and fine :) So take it easy & enjoy a relaxed andHappy Pregnancy! Disclaimer: All of the information and photo inthis application is not our trademark. The information is intendedfor educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitutefor professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It isrecommended that you seek legal counsel for specific matters. Weonly get the information and photo from the search engines andwebsites. Please let us know if your original content or photo wantto be remove from our application. Thank you.
Best Tennis Guides for Beginners 1.2
Tennis is one of the most well-known sports todays. Tennis is asport played among two players or two pairs of players competingwith each other in a rectangular tennis court with fixedboundaries. The two sides of the court are separated with a net.The sport involves shooting a tennis ball towards the other side ofthe court with a tennis racket.Playing tennis will help you get ingood shape, moreover, it also stimulates your mind in ways thatother sports do not. Great tennis players are all mentally strong,and playing tennis will only fortify your mind, helping you out inother areas of your life as well!Tennis is great for all ages.Children can start very young, often as early as three years old.All you need is a racket, balls, and one other person to go have agreat time on the tennis court. Can’t find a partner or opponent?That’s ok! Most public tennis courts also have a backboard. Gosmack the ball against the wall for a while. It will help yourstrokes and your timing. You will be even better off for your nextmatch!Thus, this apps is created as guidelines for playing tennisespecially for beginners.Features includes:- About Tennis-Understanding the Basic Skills for Playing Tennis (with Animatedimage to shows variety of tennis techniques)- Equipmentpreparation- Types of Exercise to increase endurance, speed andstrength and also improve agility and flexibility- Scoreboard(understanding the scoring system)- Rules and Regulations ofplaying tennisStarts playing tennis today! Good luck and have fun!
Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan 1.3
Introducing Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan apps! These apps containslist of benefits about Eggs consumption and the summary about theDiet. Boiled Egg Diet Plan claim to lose weight up to 24 pounds injust two weeks! The main ingredients in this diet are eggs. Theeggs are healthy food which contain lots of nutrients,high-protein, good fats, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, eggsprovide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your body. Thisdiet has simple rules. You must not eat junk foods or snacks suchas burgers and sweets. Limit the salt and sugar consummation andavoid alcohol. This apps provide you 7 Days Meal Plan which aresimple, repetitive and easy references. New features available forusers where you can have healthy snacks while on the diet. Consumethese snacks between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.Avoid eating anything post-dinner. Apps Features: - About the Diet(Overview, Ways to prepare different types of boiled eggs, fruitsubstitutions for citrus fruits) - 7 Days Repetitive Meal Plan(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Best time schedule for each meal) -Food Substitutions (Alternative ingredients you can use in thisboiled egg diet) - Easy Healthy Snacks (Food List) - The benefitsof Egg (Why eggs is good for you?) - Apps info (Apps guides/Privacy Policy / Disclaimers/ Apps Share) Important notes: ThisBoiled Egg Diet plan is very high in protein, therefore, you shouldconsult your doctor before you begin with this type of diet. Thetwo weeks menu is very simple and repetitive. You can also add someworkouts so you can have even better results. Make sure you useonly organic eggs during the diet process. We wish you good luckand all the best in this diet program!
Easy Workout Exercises on your Office Chair 1.3
Simple & Effectives steps for your workout exercise in theOffice! Sitting all day long in the office chair may be tiring andcould hazardous your body health especially on our lower back part.Office spaces might not be a place to your normal exercises causeits set up to require little movement, making it easy to gainweight as your spend your half of your total ages on it. Before youknow it, you've added your kilograms on your frame. Besidesincrease the strain on your back, wrists, eyes and neck, and canresult in a general loss of muscle tone. However, with a littlecreativity, you can take advantage of the few minutes you havebetween pending deadlines and learn to exercise while you work.Introducing Easy Workout Exercise on your Office Chair Apps! Theseapps features; - About the Apps and its Benefits - List of WorkoutSteps in the Office - Daily Office Diet Tips to stay Healthy Simplyfollow the instructions provided on the workout steps with animatedillustrations provided on each types of exercises. Go Tell yourBOSS! That’s for your company's benefit, squeezing in a littleexercise improves concentration and actually makes you moreproductive on your daily office basis. Simple ways to move yourbody and focusing on your muscles not only feel great but also canmake you in your good shape. Finally, we wish you all the best,stay healthy and have a positive productive day always!
3 Days Intense Gym Workout & Fitness Meal Plan 1.2
Introducing 3 Days Intense Gym Workout & Fitness Meal Planapps! This apps is designed to help you to plan your gym trainingbetter with many workout plans. Use our 3 days intense gym workoutplan as your personal trainer, see your body improve faster on yourearly body building journey or taking your weight lifting to thenext level! This workout plan apps features concise and straight tothe point instructions with animated illustrations on each workout.After the third day of workout, take a day off and eat lots offoods that are rich in proteins which is necessary to build up andrepair muscle tissue. You can repeat the same workout processwhenever you want or day after the day-off and this time byincreasing the number of repetitions for each sets of workoutplans. Furthermore, this gym workout plan contains various types ofworkout exercises which you can add to your 3 days workoutschedule, this will helps you to create gym workout plan and worksas you gym coach and trainer. These workout plan focuses on bodyparts which includes: - Chest - Abs - Back - Legs - Triceps -Biceps This apps also provide you 3 days Fitness Meal plan guideswhich are useful for you to achieve great result in this 3 daysprogram. Simply select the meal plan diet on the main page of thisapps to follow the guidelines provided, Easy to prepare meals withstraight to the point instructions. Be sure to drink plenty ofwater (at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day). Warning: Thistype of fitness diet is not recommended for people that havechronic health problems. If you are in doubt, please consult withyour doctore before going on a diet. Finally, we wish you all thebest and a great success on your fitness journey!
Good Friday Quotes and Wishes 2018 1.1
Introducing Good Friday Quotes and Wishes 2018 apps! These appsprovide you varies best collections of quotes / messages / wishes /greetings E-Cards to share with your friends and family. ForChristians, Good Friday is a crucial day of the year because itcelebrates what we believe to be the most momentous weekend in thehistory of the world. Ever since Jesus died and was raised,Christians have proclaimed the cross and resurrection of Jesus tobe the decisive turning point for all creation. Jesus died for oursins, was buried, and was raised to life on the third day, all inaccordance with what God had promised all along in the Scriptures(1 Corinthians 15:3). This apps are created for everyone to shareand remind each other the utmost importance of remembering GoodFriday. Simply select your favourite images / E-Cards and clickshare button on top of the right corner of the image and send toyour friends and relatives. You can use these wishes message asyour special status on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and etc.) Feature includes: - Very easy interface - Shareby email or through social networks - Support multi-devicesFinally, May your day be strengthen with the faith and hope inJesus and may the blessing of the Lord be with you on Good Fridayand always! Amen.
Super Food to Fight for Cancer 1.3
Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormalcells in any part of the body. These cancer cells will keep ongrowing which eventually will causes problems in the part of thebody where the cancer started which also can lead to lethal if theperson doesn’t take any action to seek for doctor in an earlystage. Therefore, these apps is created for an easier and conciseinformation about list of super food that are proven which canprevent or fight for cancer. Introducing Super Food to Fight forCancer apps! These apps made simple for you as easy references atthe tip of your finger! These apps contains list of foods, fruits,herbs, supplements and more effective ways to help you as a guideto prevent or fight for cancer. Each super food contains elementsor components that is highly beneficial to the body that either canstop the development of cancer cells or kills the cancer/ tumorscells that is growing abnormally in our body. Simply select themain menu button according to your preferences as your easyreferences to kick start your healthy lifestyle food which willbenefits you and your family! Apps features includes: - Overviewabout Cancer - List of Foods Increase Cancer Risk - List of Fruitsfor Anti-Cancer - List of Super Food Fighting Cancer - List ofCancer Fighting Supplements - List of Others Ways to Prevent Cancer- More: The Apps Guide / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy / Apps Share /More App by Developers
Top Rules to Travel in Foreign Country 1.1
Introducing the Top Rules & Advices to Travel in ForeignCountry app. If you are planning a vacation or trip away, you mustread these traveling tips before you go. This app is filled withimportant air travel tips and law, Maybe it is the first step foryou to take actions if you don't travel enough. If you are afrequent traveler you will love these tips. All of the informationprovided is intended for educational purposes only. This app arehandy and equip with concise information at your fingertips! AppsFeatures: - About the Apps - Top Advices to Travel Abroad - Do'sand Don'ts to Travel in Foreign Country - Apps Info (PrivacyPolicy, Disclaimer, More apps by developer, Apps share) Simplyselect the Top Advices to Travel Abroad button on the main page toview the countries that you want to learn and read their simplifiedinformation on what to do or don't do in the foreign country. Inaddition to that, this apps also includes the general Do's andDon'ts tips in Foreign Country which might help to stay out fromtrouble when you reach there. Travel Safely! List of countriesincluded: -United Kingdom -United States -United Arab Emirates-European Union -Australia -Japan -Thailand -Brazil -China -India-South Korea -Singapore -Malaysia. There will be more adds-oncountries on the next updates of the apps! So stay tune. Enjoyevery moment of your travel journey! Have a nice day :)
Best Flexi-Vegan Meal Plan Diet 1.3
Introducing Best Flexi-Vegan Diet Meal Plan apps, also known asFlexitarian Diet. Flexitarian diet is a plant-based diet with theoccasional addition of meat. Flexi-Vegetarian diets are popular.The diet has been proved to reduce the risk of heart disease,diabetes, cancers and other chronic diseases. This meal plan dietprovided is not only reduce the risk of health problems but alsohelps to lose weight since this is a low-calories types of diet.The main key of this type of diet is to be aware of essentialnutritional elements needed in our body. There are simplifiedinfo-graphic in this apps provided to help you to understand thedifferences between Flexitarian Diet and others type ofvegetarians. This apps provides 7-day Flexi-Vegetarian Meal Plan tomake it easier for you to plan on your veggies and meat onalternate day. By incorporating more plant-based foods into yourdiet is a great way to boost your health. This plan include thetotal of calories intake on each meal throughout the day whichhelps you to stay on track to achieve your diet goal successfully.Simply select the Meal Plan Menu button on the main page of theapps to follow the 7 days meal plan diet. If you need to substitutethe meal provided in this apps, you can simply replace with yourfavour meals but take account the total number of calories intakesand nutrients in the meals that you want to substitute on your 7days diet journey. BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator also includedin this apps features as your references and guidelines for you toensure you stay on track on reaching your BMI to the normal basedon your weight and age. Apps Features: - Overview - Meal Plan Menu(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) - BMI Calculator (Underweight,Normal & Overweight) - Apps Info (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer,Apps Share, More Apps by Developer) Important notes: Please consultyour doctor before consuming any type of diet plan especially thosepeople that are diagnosed with other types of chronic diseases orunder medications. Wish you a great success on your diet journey!Stay Healthy! Download now for FREE!
Easter Sunday Quotes & Wishes 2018 1.1
Introducing Easter Sunday Quotes & Wishes 2018 apps! These appsprovide you varies best collections of quotes / messages / wishes /greetings E-Cards to share with your friends and family. ForChristian’s beliefs, Easter is the day to honour and recognizeJesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, and His gloriouspromises of eternal life for all who believe in Him. The meaning ofEaster is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrectionsymbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe inHim. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the completeverification of all that Jesus preached and taught during Histhree-year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, if He hadmerely died and not been resurrected, He would have been consideredjust another teacher or Rabbi. However, His resurrection changedall that and gave final and irrefutable proof that He was reallythe Son of God and that He had conquered death once and for all.Simply select your favourite images / E-Cards and click sharebutton on top of the right corner of the image and send to yourfriends and relatives. You can use these wishes message as yourspecial status on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and etc.) Feature includes: - Very easy interface - Shareby email or through social networks - Support multi-devicesFinally, May the blessing of the Lord be with you on Easter Sundayand always! Amen.
Best Chinese & Lunar New Year Wishes 2019 1.3
This apps provide you beautiful pictures with Happy Chinese NewYear / Lunar New Year / Lunar Calendar Quotes, Wishes, Greetingsand Phrases as an E-Cards that you can share with your friends andfamilies and everybody you care just by clicking the share button.Features; - Free Design Collection of Chinese New Year Wishes 2019/ E-Cards - Quality image (HD wallpaper / E-Cards) - CountdownTimer Happy CNY 2019 - Share functions – via WhatsApp, Facebook,Email, MMS, and other social media. - Save E-Cards images in yourphone Gallery Wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year 2019 foryou! May this year bring you joy, prosperity and success for thisyear of Pig always!
Palm Sunday Quotes & Wishes 2018 1.1
Introduce Palm Sunday Quotes & Wishes 2018 apps! These appsprovide you varies best collections of quotes / messages / wishes /greetings E-Cards to share with your friends and family. PalmSunday is the Sunday before Easter that begins the Holy Week. Thisis the most precious day we remember and celebrate the day of Jesusentered into Jerusalem as our Saviour and King! Simply select yourfavourite images / E-Cards and click share button on top of theright corner of the image and send to your friends and relatives.You can use these wishes message as your special status on yoursocial networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.) Featureincludes: - Very easy interface - Share by email or through socialnetworks - Support multi-devices Finally, the blessing of the Lordbe with you on Palm Sunday and always! Amen.
Super Japanese Diet Meal Plan 1.3
This apps provide a very basics Japanese Diet meal plan for thosepeople who want to try these types of diet. This Japanese Dietemphasise on its small portions of fresh seasonal food and ways toeat like Japanese lifestyle. It is un-doubly that Japan has some ofthe longest life expectancies in the world and also well-known oftheir lowest rates of obesity (only 2.9%) in modern cultures. Themain rules to achieve the best results in this Japanese Diet isthat to control the portions of food intakes, eat slowly byenjoying the flavour of the food, and most of all eat until 80percent (%) full. In addition to that, sugar, alcohol, salt andjunk foods intakes are strictly forbidden in this type of diet. Theconsumptions of water (at least 8 cups of water per day) isessential in between the meals. To achieve the best results, DO NOTmake any changes to the meal plan menu provided in this apps. Thistype of diet claims to lose up 15 pounds or even more depending ontheir initial body weight and metabolism if they follow the mealplan strictly. However, it is important to be aware that there isno magic to Japanese foods and the meal provided in this apps thatis so called Japanese Diet is not people in Japan daily meals it isjust a resemblance to their ways of eating habits and lifestyle tomaintain their body weight and health. Simply follow theinstructions provided to prepare your meal plan for this dietprogram. The schedule of each meal plan provided with Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner and best time to eat. Feature Includes: - Aboutthe Diet (Overview , Food Substitutions) - 14 Days Meal Plan(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) - Japanese Diet Booster (DietPreparations, Exercise, Japanese eating lifestyle) - Apps Info(Apps Guide, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, More apps by Developer)Finally, we wish you all the best and Good Luck on your dietprogram! IMPORTANT NOTES: This is a low calorie diet. Pleaseconsult your doctor before going on a low calorie diet. People withchronic diseases and also pregnant women and nursing moters iscontraindicated in the Japanese Diet.
Best Couple in Christ Quotes & Bible Verses 1.3
“Relationships should draw you closer to Christ, not closer to sin.Don’t compromise to keep anyone, God is more important.” Couple inChrist Quotes apps is about love and faith to God in theirrelationship goals. Easy to share on Whatsapp and other Messagesharing applications. Apps Categories: Couple in Christ Love QuotesBible Verses about love Bible Verses about Marriage Love Quotes forHer / Wife Love Quotes for Him / Husband Romantic Love QuotesInspirational Love Quotes And many more… App Features: - Free appswith new collection of couple in Christ Apps - Share option forsharing love quotes. - Save your favourite love quotes in yourgallery - This apps works perfectly in offline mode
Easy Fun Flash Card for Kids 1.0
EASY FUN FLASH CARD FOR KIDS apps is designed for children asaneducational tools to help kids to recognize things aroundthem.This apps provide flashcards with bright images and sound ofeachimages according to it's categories. Flash cards are suitableforvery young children and those up to 7 years of age!Simplyselecteach category provided in the main page of the apps andstartplaying with your kids by showing them flashcards 2 or 3 timesaday by asking them to guess each of the flashcards. Observeyourkids level of engagement while playing the flashcardgames.FlashCard for Kids Categoriesincludes:AlphabetAnimalsKingdomColoursFruitsNumbersTransportationFlashCard for Kids is oneof the way to stimulate brain activity for kidsas well asimproving their memory and attention span. Download appsnow forFREE!
Top Natural Remedies for Birth Control 1.2
Introducing Top Natural Remedies for Birth Control apps. These appscontains list of top natural remedies description and instructionswhich are believe to prevent pregnancy and which are also can beeasily prepare at home. This apps is easy to use with a concisereferences!Birth control, also known as contraceptive and fertilitycontrol, is a method used to prevent pregnancy. Using birth controlmethod is called family planning. As we all know, children areloved by all but every couple wants to have them at the right time.It’s a beautiful phase and should be planned carefully only whenboth the married couple are ready for parenthood.PLEASE TAKE NOTESTHAT: If the pregnancy test is positive, do not use these remediesas it may result in a miscarriage.Apps features includes:-Introduction of Natural Birth Control Summary- List of Food / HerbsRemedies for Birth Control- Do’s & Don’ts / Precaution- About (The Apps Guide / Disclaimer / Privacy Policies / AppsShare)Disclaimer:All of the information and photo in thisapplication is not our trademark. The information is intended foreducational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute forprofessional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It isrecommended that you seek legal counsel for specific matters. Weonly get the information and photo from the search engines andwebsites. Please let us know if your original content or photo wantto be remove from our application.Please do not hesitate to E-mailus via cylonblast for further enquiry. Thank you.Sources creditedto Websites from:Momjunction & homeremedhacks
Smart Water Diet Plan 1.2
Introducing Smart Water Diet Plan apps! As we all know, drinkingclean water is the fundamental thing that we need in our dailylife. Water lubricates your joints, protects your spinal cord andother sensitive tissues, and helps to regulate your bodytemperature. This would make sense since 60 per cent of the humanadult body is made up of water. In addition, researchers has foundthat people who did this type of diet lost about 5 pounds more thanthose who skipped the water. This apps is created as guidelines andreferences to drink water in the right way at the right time tolose weight. When you drink water, your stomach is filled with it,so you do not feel hungry. Besides, you can eat everything but mustfollow the Water diet rules in this apps. This Smart Water DietPlan is strongly recommends us to drink plenty of water. So one canreduce the consumption of foods that contain lots of sugar. Withthis new habit you will reduce the calories in your body. Inaddition, by consuming fruit and green vegetables on your dailymeals with drinking plenty of water helps to balance out your bodymetabolism and cleanse your body from toxins. Simply follow thewater diet plan guides and rules provided in this apps to help youto stay on track on your daily basis. In a short time, you will seethat this water diet is very good and it works fast. Also, if youexercise while being on this diet, the results will be even faster!Apps Feature Includes: - Overview about the apps - Water DietGuides Plan (Sample of Meal plan) - Benefits of Water Diet - SideEffect of Drinking Water too much - Water Diet Tips - Apps Info(Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Apps Share, More apps by Developer)IMPORTANT NOTES: The water diet is best for a short amount of time.It is safest when combined with a normal diet, and can be dangerouswhen combined with fasting. The water diet may not be safe foreveryone. When doing a water fast, you risk symptoms of low bloodsugar like dizziness and fatigue, not to mention constipation,dehydration, and an intolerance of cold temperatures. If you knowyou struggle with low blood sugar, the water diet may not be foryou. This type of diet is a short term diet means once you lose theweight, as soon as you go off of it, the weight comes back. Finallywe wish you a great success on your diet journey! This is asimplified version of the Smart Water Diet Plan. Download now forFREE!
Top Funny Love Quotes Ideas 1.1
Have some problems finding some unique wishes / quotes / or / SMSto share with your love ones? We have all heard that love ispatient and love is kind. But have you ever heard how hilariouslove can be as well? That's right, love can actually bring achuckle or a side-splitting laugh out of anyone. Because when youare in love, you are automatically having a good time. You are withthe person you adore the most and anything you do brings a smile toyour face. So naturally, there are going to be some entertainingmoments, hopefully summed up by the best funny love quotes around.If that so, this apps might be the right for you! How to Share?Just select and copy your favourite quotes and paste anywhere youwant on your social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat and etc. Apps Features include -Hilarious Love Quotes -Cute Funny Love Quotes - Silly Love Quotes -Funny Quotes About Love- Funny Couple Captions We hope this apps is very helpful to you.
Fast & Easy Weight Loss Detox Recipes 1.0
Introducing Fast & Easy Weight Loss Detox Recipes app! Detoxisone of the healthy ways to lose weight fast. There are varietiesofdetox recipes provided in this apps which will help you toimproveyour body metabolism as well as better digestion which willcleanseyour body thoroughly. By combining detox drinks with healthymealsand exercises will help you lose weight fast! There aremanybenefits of detox water, these includes, boosts your energy,getrids the body of any excess waste, helps with weight loss,strongerimmune system, improved skin, better breath, promoteshealthychanges, clearer thinking, healthier hair, lighterfeeling,anti-aging benefits, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces therisk ofdiseases, improved sense of wellbeing and many more. Alltheingredients and preparations in this list of detox recipes iseasyto find and prepare, simply follow the instructions providedinthis apps. All of these recipes are can be made easily at home.ForSmoothie and Juice recipes, blend all the ingredients welluntilcreamy. For Detox Water recipe, just combine all theingredientsprovided and can be served right away after few minuteslater. Hereare some extra information of main ingredients that youcancombined with water for delicious detox recipes! Lemon or Lime-High in Vitamin C, lemon or lime water helps createdigestiveenzymes. Either squeeze the lemon or lime juice into yourwater oradd thin slices into your water. Apple Cider Vinegar -Adding 2 or3 tablespoons of vinegar to your water can remove toxinsfrom thebody, improve digestion and boost your metabolism. It canalso helpbalance the pH levels in the body. Fresh Mint Leaves - Canimprovebile flow and functions of the salivary glands. They alsoproducedigestive enzymes, which help absorb vitamins and nutrientsinfood. Mint leaves can also help relieve an upset stomach.Cucumber- Cucumbers are high in fiber and water, which aidsdigestion andhealthy bowel movements. Add half of a thinly slicedcucumber toyour glass of water. Apps Features - Overview aboutdetox Recipes -List of Detox Recipes - Share this App - App Info(Disclaimer,Privacy Policy, More apps by Developer) Finally, wewish you agreat success on your body detoxification weight lossjourney!
Hollywood Diet for Weight Loss 1.0
Introducing Hollywood Diet Plan for Weight Loss App! This diet isa1 week / 7 days meal plan which includes Breakfast, Snacks,Lunchand Dinner. The instructions is simple and easy to follow.Thistype of diet often used by famous celebrities for emergencydiet,and whenever they need to be in shape with fast results whichofcourse for more effective results is with the combinationofexercises to boost their weight loss journey! The mainobjectivesof this Hollywood Diet Plan is to reduce cravings, getrid ofbloating, belly fat, and helping you to adopt healthiereatinghabits after 7 days journey. Make sure to take 8 to 10glasseswater per day. It is important to stay hydrated always!Avoideating junk food and foods that contain high in sugar. Do notskipmeals. App Features includes: - The Diet Overview - 7DaysHollywood Diet - Share this Apps - Apps Info (PrivacyPolicy,Disclaimer, More App By Developer) Important Notes: Pleaseconsultyour doctor before following any types of diet plan. Thistype ofdiet plan is not suitable for people who have risk inchronicdiseases. Finally, we wish you all the best and good luck onyourdiet journey.