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Space Adventure 1.0
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Explore a new world with Space Adventure.Inthis game astronaute will be in the space where he confront alotof dangers.All that the player should do is help astroneer topassthem. It is possible to collect money to buy shields thatwillprotect you from enemies and magnets to collect moneyeasily.Thereis so many challenges : planetes, aliens, and otherthings that youwill discover while you playing
Zoo game 1.0
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Zoo game is a free game for kids where youwilldiscover a new world. In this game nick will be in differentsworldswhere he confront a lot of enemies and dangers. All theplayershould to do is help zootopie to pass them. During thisadventure itis possible to collect money to buy shields to protectyou fromenemies and magnets to collect money easily. There is somanychallenges like animals, monsters and other things that youwilldiscover while you’re playing.
Quote of the day 1.2
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Quote of the day it's an application content alot of arabic quotes has been said by scientists, philosophers,poets...You can get a list of different proverbs, or you can get proverbsranked by you preferable character, also it's possible to create alist of your favorite quotes by simple click on the favoritebutton. click on quote of the day and get a new motivational quoteevery day