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Pop Cake 1.0
Pop Cake is a beautiful and fun match 3game- Fun Challenging Match 3 game-play- Beautiful HD Graphics- Great Music and Sound EffectsMagic Gem:+ Bomb Gem: Clear all Cakes in row and column+ Dice Gem: Make random Cakes position on the board+ Plane Gem: Pop the Cake on their way+ Vortex Gem: Their like a black hole, swallow Cakes around+ Star Gem: Clear all Cakes in board+ Time Gem: Increase or decrease level time+ Ice Gem: Freeze Cakes surround them+ Skull Gem: Keep away them, or they will blind you
Fast Moto Racer 1.0
Fast Moto Racer is a Moto traffic racing typewith simple control, cool graphic and addictive sound effect.* Tilt the phone to control the Moto* Use nitro to boost your Moto* Collect Nitro boost to increase nitro time* Collect Magnet to get coin easier* Collect coins to unlock new Moto
Pop Pop Dragon 1.0
Pop Pop Dragon is best relax mini game, Withvery very addictive sound and great graphic,Game-Play:Very simple with pop the cube and save all Dragon from wizards.+ Pop two or more linked cubes to break the cube.The Dragon is rescued when hit the ground.+ Move and double click to launch the missile to pop all thecube on their wayHave fun
Hero Twist 1.0
Hero Twist is simple game with requirementsforyour agility.GAME PLAYDon't let your hero fall down, jump and twist the platforms. Taponthe left of the screen to jump left, and on the right side ofthescreen to jump right.
Wizard Touch Control 1.0
Defensive duties from the attackofenemies.Drawing the enemy's characters on the screen to control thewizardto destroy enemies.4 kinds of enemies: Orc-Warrior, Orge-Hitter, Trol-CurerandTroll.Each enemy has a unique skill:*** Orc-Warrior, Trol-Curer the common enemies,they have thesymbolis also relatively easy, moderate movement speed.*** Orge-Hitter, with stout shape, moving speed is slow, buttheyhave relatively difficult symbol.*** Troll, be careful with this enemy, they ran withlightningspeed, quick attack, but they bring very simplesymbol.***Thank you for play our game.
Smashing Balloon 1.0
A Funny and addictive game forrelaxtime!Balloons will fly and you have to pop balloons of the same colorasmuch as you can.Try to pop 10 or more balloons with the same color togenerateAwesome combos!
Smashing Bottle 1.0
Smashing Bottle is a fun and addictivegameswith very cool sound and graphic effect.Let's shooting as many bottles as you can in the fixed amountoftimeGame rules are just simple: You have to throw the tennis ballbyswipe your finger to break bottles.There is also combo to get higher score.
Wonderland Run 1.0
Wonderland Run is a fast, simple controlandsuper addictive game.Avoid obstacle and try to collect coin on your way,Swipe to the left, right, up, down to move right, left, jumpandroll.Thank for play our game!
Wall Runner 1.1
Game play:+ Just tap on the screen to change character's direction+ Collect gem for your challenge+ Don't let me fall, How far can you go?
Christmas Gift Link 1.1
This game is a very addictive and bestPuzzleGame!How to play:1. Connect three or more same items to score points.2. Archive the target points to level up.3. Eliminate the more items line quickly can get extrascores.4. you can link 2 items together but your score willbereduced.
Memo Escape 1.0
Memo Escape is an addictive Jump Run gamestylewith great sound and wonderful undersea view.How to play:* Tap and hold to move up (float).* Release to move down(dive).* Avoid rock and wall.* Achievement and Facebook sharing supported.
Gangster Moto Racing 1.1
How to play:Try to overtake your rivals by speed or by force (punchingandkicking).Be careful to avoid obstacles on the road; if youcollidewith an obstacle more than three times then you will fall.The game has two racing modes: Single Race and Championship.Gangster Moto Racing is an addictive battle to the finish lineasyou race opponents to become the ultimate streetracingchampion.Single Race:Defeat your opponents and race to victory one track at a time.Earngold for your achievements to upgrade or replaceyourmotorcycle.Championship:Race in Championship mode for even more opportunities to wingold.Complete the course to become the ultimate Gangster MotoRacer!We are working to upgrade the number of laps, numberofopponents, and multiplayer as soon as possible. Please contactuswith any feedback or compatibility issues.Thanks for playing!
Jewel Match Deluxe 1.0
Jewel Match Deluxe is a match 3 style puzzle game with excellentgraphics and magic sounds of jewels. Objectives differ in over somany levels. Game's rules is just simple, match three or more ofthe same jewel to reach level's objectives Game will more harder asmore higher level. Let's fun!!!
Banana Warrior 1.0
Banana Adventure is action adventure game, each map has uniquelandscapes with impressive details and each landscape contains manykinds of animals and monsters. Maps range from city, suburb,desert, snow, forest, and even the moon, etc... In addition, birds,rabbit, dinosaur, crocodile, scorpion and other scary creaturespopulate each map. Your task is simple, navigate through the mapand collect banana and buy useful items (Axe, Rocket andsuperheroes) that can help you service. Control is very simple,click everywhere on the screen to jump and double click to jumphigher. Try to avoid obstacles, monsters and the birds flying inthe sky. Hope you enjoy playing the game.
Heavy Weapon II 1.1
The player guides a powerful atomic cars through several stages ofopposing enemy forces. The Car moves only left and right and weaponconsist of: Main weapon is a MINI GUN, can be aimed in a 45 degreespan FIRE ORB: can be aimed in a 45 degree span. ROCKET: can befind and destroy enemys LASER. THUNDER DEFENSE ORB, NUKE which candestroy enemies off the screen The Game Features: A total of 19levels/missions along with two game modes (mission and survival).In mission mode, one must blast through countless enemies anddefeat a boss at the end. (will be update in the near future).Survival mode one survives through never-ending waves of enemiesuntil the car is destroyed Menu: · Enable/Disable sound, music -Achievement. · Share Facebook.