DAE Studios NV Apps

Tap My Twin 1.0
Tap My Twin - Not as rude as it sounds.Tap My Twin is a reflex based game where you have to matchcolored shapes to their twin before the timer runs out.It's a fun, casual but challenging game to play whenever youhave a minute of time to spare.Try to beat your friend's scores or get to the worlds number onespot!Learn about our other games at: www.tapseries.net
Tap And Dodge 0.951
In Tap And Dodge you have to avoid theincomingbricks by tapping left or right. Look out, it gets fastreal quick!- The controls are very simplistic: tap on the left side ofthescreen to dodge left, tap on the right side of the screen tododgeright.- Try to get an insane score and show all your friends yourTapAnd Dodge skills!- The further you get, the harder it will be to dodge.- A great game to play when you have a few minutes to spare.Learn about our other games at: www.tapseries.net
ZombieSwipe 1.17
ZombieSwipe is a new typeofdefensive game. Here you have to keep Stacey - ourbeautifulyoung damsel in distress - safe from all the zombiesand otherkinds of monsters that want to eat her! Save Stacey byusingfast swipe actions and crazy weaponry!Smash Zombies, unravel mummies and rip werewolves apart byusingdifferent swiping techniques, swipe as your life depends onit(well Stacey's life does depend on it)! An arsenal of extremebutfunny weaponry will be at your disposal in the store and combosofyour obliterating actions will push your scores and cointreasuryto new heights!Game Features:► New kind of defensive game!► Full 3D gameplay!► Completely interactable enemies.► Smash, unravel, rip apart monsters.► Cool traps and weapons.► All weapons and traps are completely upgradeable.► Funny combo system