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Deip.io 1.1
DGlassUS .Ltd
Deip.io one of the io game!This is simulate tank combat, you will control a deip in abattlefield to destroy other tanks(deip).You start with a small red deip and you grow stronger as youlevelup.Try to improve your skills by eating colorful objects and try nottodie.Drive around and farm to gain experience and level up! Upgradeyourtank based on the strategy you choose.Kill your opponents or get killed!Move, slither and search for the weak opponents and the victorywillbe yours!Do you need a fast game with multiple strategies to choose?Thenthis is the game for you! Try it out!
Snake.is - Snakes Battle 2 1.1
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Try to become larger, dodge obstaclesanddifferent snakes.Can you become the biggest? Size matters here!Collect the maximum amount crystals as attainable and catchprizebeetles to become larger than anyone else!Even tiny snake contains a sensible probability to beat huge one-become additional agile than anyone else!Develop all your skills longer and take a look for survivethemaximum amount as you'll and take a look at to be themostimportant claw. you begin as small snakes worm , and take alook atto urge larger with intake others WHO try to try anddoidentical.FEATURES:• Free for everyone in every age.• Eat boosters to maximise your speed• Earn awing achievements• Activate the mighty Super feedings frenzy Snake mode• Block craft to have funny skins for your snake slitherio!• Split your venom and kill as several snakes as attainable
Stickman Fight Legend 2.0
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If you are fans of stickman, you lovematerialart, love fighting Stickman Fight Legend is for you.Features:- Amazing sound and animation- Upgrade skill, power to fight against Enemies- Single Player or Multiplayer- 2 different Modes (Endless mode and Adventure stage)- Easy to control