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Space Happens, the Game. 1.0.3
In this Level One demo release, you are sneaking your way throughthe Aliens gold mining operations to remain undetected. You mustdodge enemy missiles, laser gates and avoid obstacles. With onelife, make the most of it by collecting coins and power-ups. Thechallenge increases as you cross more gates. Every 100 gates adds1000 to your score.***** ***** ***** ***** *****This is a firstversion demo release. Updates such as more power ups, downs,enemies, etc... are coming soon as this game continues development.Please request future features and upgrades by and I will get them in a future demoupdate or the full release (coming soon). Thanks.***** ***** ********** *****Update 8/14/15 - v1.0.3: various non-specific updatesreducing the download size by 60%Update 8/11/15 - v1.0.2: added aQuit button to conserve battery on game exit if user applicationmanager is inconvenient. The laser gates now begin to changeposition after gate 9. Added Demo branding to start page.
Keep Breathing - Squares 0.0.1
Inside each of us is a being with a very important job. This beingsjob is to push buttons. These buttons in turn keep your mindthinking, your heart beating and your lungs breathing.In KeepBreathing - Squares, you take on the role of this imaginary buttonpusher. In order to keep breathing, you must memorize the litbuttons before they expire. After they expire you must push thebuttons in the correct sequence to stay alive.With 4 difficultylevels Keep Breathing - Squares provides a challenge for even themost adept memory masters. *** *** *** *** *** ***Keep BreathingSquares v1.0.1First release version. Please provide feedback andfeature request for future improvements.Coming Soon in futureversions...Leaderboards - High ScoresMore LevelsMore ShapesMoreColors