DNDGames Apps

BalloBoom 0.0.2
Funny ballon gameHelp the balloon to travel and test yourskillsAvoid the arrows and collect the stars to fly
Alien World 1.0.3
Run, jump, and shoot on your way and collect coins and beware ofenemies!+ Music and sound effects+ Wonderful high-resolutiongraphics+ Easy, intuitive controls+ Suitable for all ages+Different enemies+ Challenging level design+ Game is free, nopurchase required.To play you simple touch the screen to jump andtouch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemiesto kill them and your goal is to guide him to the end.Features:-Rich animations and in-game graphics- Moving background music andsound effects- 60 Levels- 8 Different World Themes.- 9 challengingenemies: red snake, giant snail, spear etc- 5 magic item: baseball,burger, Cole, spike shoes, battle shoes
Mouse Hexa Puzzle 1.3
Puzzle Game Beginner to Expert levels240 Levels