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Easy Clean Lite - Speed Cleaner & Phone Boost 2.0.2
Easy Clean Lite is the lightest android phone cleaner and boosterapp. It can automatic clean phone memory and junk files with reallyone-tap. A super speed cleaner app with junk cleaner, phone boost,CPU cooler to free up much more memory, just speed up your androidphone. 🌟Super speed cleaner (speed booster & cleaner) doeseverything to speed up phone performance.🌟 👉Junk Cleaner * cleanjunk files and junk apk full free, free up RAM and boost phonespeed in ONE TAP! 👉Cache Cleaner * clean up useless applicationcache files. 👉Phone Booster * optimize memory(RAM) and speed upphone. 👉CPU Cooler * detects overheating apps, and closes them tocool down your phone immediately. 👉WhatsApp Cleaner * free up spaceand pictures, music, videos for cleaning 👉Notification Cleaner *compile all useless notifications and keep your device clean.====== Key Features ====== 🌪Super Speed Cleaner – Lite &Powerful Cleaner  Just 1-TAP, Easy Clean Lite can clean up ram andjunk files full free.  Super speed cleaner to clean memory, cleanjunk, clean cache with full powe that take up your memory, whichcan help boost and optimize your phone's speed and performance.🚀Speed Booster – Easy & Fast  Can stop and hibernate appsthoroughly, even put auto-start apps into standby mode to reducepower consumption and speed up phone.  A speed booster & phonebooster app to clean up RAM, clean background tasks, just speed upphone. Boost mobile to get it running faster and smoother. ❄️CPUCooler  Easy Clean Lite can scan your CPU status and temperature,find overheating apps and close them.  Cool and leave your phonealong for 30s, then CPU status will reach the best condition.💭WhatsApp Cleaner  Delete a specified WhatsApp media file (image,video, status, stickers, audio, voice note, document...) or allmedia files by an easy click  Preview all WhatsApp media filestypes before doing a clean 📪Notification Cleaner  Manage andorganize notifications effectively, get rid of all annoyingnotifications. If you like our application, please give usfive-star praise, your encouragement is our greatest motivation!Thank you! If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome tosend an e-mail to contact us, we will be honored to help you!(Email address: easycleanlite@gmail.com)
Super Security – Antivirus, AppLock, Virus Cleaner 2.2.8
Super Security – Antivirus, AppLock, a professional mobile securityapp with antivirus software (virus removal) for free. 💯 securityprotection for android phones with antivirus, virus scan, virusremoval. Also Super Security provides more powerful features: speedbooster, phone cleaner WiFi security and AppLock. It meets all yourneeds of cleaning and security protection. ===== Main Features===== ☂️ Real-time Protection * Provides 24/7 security services,protect your device from potential threats, detect virus in time. *Real-time protection with antivirus, precisely virus scan and virusremoval for your privacy Security. Reliable security app alwaysprotecting your data privacy. Super Security - professional freeantivirus app. 🛡️ Antivirus * Virus scan & virus removal tosecure your phone. * Providing the security service. Powerfulantivirus for Android offers you the professional virus protection& virus cleaner. It is the professional antivirus app withprofessional antivirus engine. 🔐 AppLock * Lock sensitive apps andsnap intruders with camera permission to protect your privacy. *Setting an additional pattern or PIN password. Also fingerprintlock supported on specific devices that has the fingerprint sensor.🚀 Cleaner & Booster * Scan and remove junk files automatically.Clean junk files including system cache, apps cache, useless APKs,residual files, AD cache free up storage space. * Super Security isalso a phone booster app, it helps you boost phone speed andoptimize Android mobile phone performance. 📶 WiFi Security * SuperSecurity detect current WiFi connection to keep your phone safefrom insecure public WiFi. * And detect WiFi intruders and encureyour network safety whenever, wherever. 🔕 Notification Organizer *Block annoying useless notifications, get rid of junk notificationfrom jamming and slowing down your phone by blacklisting apps thatpush annoying junk notifications. * It will keep your phone fromdisturbing and make your notification bar clear. Get theprofessional free Security App, Antivirus for Android phones free:Super Security NOW!
Photo Lock & Vault, Hide Video - Privacy Space 2.0.5
Privacy Space is a private app with Photo Vault to hide your pics,videos to protect your privacy. Also Privacy Space provides AppLockfeature, lock up apps to ensure your security and keep your privacysafe. Security app protect your video, photo, chat & privacy.========= Core Features ========= 🖼 Calculator Vault * Disguise onhome screen as a calculator, avoid people know you install PrivacySpace as gallery lock * Privacy Space can transfer pictures andvideos from Gallery to a photo vault with read/write externalstorage permission. You don’t have to worry about others seeingyour private photos and videos with Calculator Vault 🔐App Lock *App lock for all apps, lock up sensitive apps with passwordlock/fingerprint lock. Prevent unauthorized access and guardprivacy with lock pattern 👀Private Browser * Privacy Space alsoenables private browsing. You can search and view any videos orphotos in a private browser ========= Highlights ========= *Private Lock: photo vault hide pictures and videos * Icon Disguise:disguise on home screen as a calculator lock * Files Folders: Sortfiles or folder, better organize hidden photos and videos ingallery vault lock * App Lock: lock up apps to protect privacy *Fingerprint Unlock: supported on specific devices that has thefingerprint sensor * Intruder Selfie: snap anyone who try to breakinto your privacy ========= FAQ ========= ☞Forgot Password? → clickon the forget passcode button on the right corner of the applockscreen and reset your passcode by Email validation ☞Open The HiddenPrivacy Space? → Visit this url “privacyspace.show” in your browserto open Privacy Space ☞Where can I find my hidden photos/videos →If you have Privacy Space installed, you can find them in thevault. If you have Privacy Space uninstalled, please reinstall ourapp, unhide all the photos/videos, then you’ll find them in yourgallery. ================================== Contact Us Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/102481561588097 Email:privacyspacefeedback@gmail.com
Space Clean & Super Phone Cleaner 1.0.4
▶ Your device has become freezing, lag and slow when usingDualSpace? ▶ Your Android has run out of space for apps? ▶ NeedAppLock to protect your privacy apps? Space Clean & Super PhoneCleaner is your right choice to free up space and speed up yourphone FREE! Space Clean & Super Phone Cleaner is a powerfulAndroid mobile clean app. It can automatic clean cache to helpDualSpace running quickly, free up more storage space with junkcleaner, speed cleaner, notification cleaner and WhatsApp Cleaner.One-Tap to free up space and speed up your phone by removing junkfiles including system and app cache, useless apk files, residualfiles, AD junks. 💥Light - The package only 4MB 💥Easy - Free upspace and optimize your phone with really one-tap 💥Fast - efficientwith low memory and CPU usage ===== Highlights ===== ★Speed Cleaner– one-tap phone cleaner to free up space and boost your phone★AppLock – Lock sensitive apps and snap intruders with camerapermission to protect your privacy. ★Booster – Speed booster Giveyour phone all-side speed boost, never worry about lag of phone.★Notification Cleaner - compile all useless notifications andsilence them ★WhatsApp Cleaner - clean WhatsApp junks ★Junk Cleaner- clean junk files, app cache files, useless apk files, residualfiles, AD junks Main Functions: · Scan in depth - integratesadvanced scanning engine, fast and efficiently find out system andapp junk, without any residual · Comprehensive junk clean -intelligent clean useless files, free up more storage space,improve the performance of your phone. · Automatic clean - fromscaning to cleaning complete, you really just need to clickone-tap. How does the advanced engine work? · Clean apps' data -batchly clean uninstalled apps & auto clean their residualfiles. · Memory storage cleaner - phone memory cleaner boost devicespeed & running space. · Clean cache - clean system cache, adscache & apps' cache junk files. · Obsolete APK cleaner - cleanup the uninstalled APK files on your device. · Residual filecleaner app - auto clean residual junk from detectable apps. · Bigfiles cleaner - selective clean useless photos, videos, etc. Howdoes Easy Clean professional cleaner help to speed up your phone? ·One-tap boost for slow phone - fast clean phone junk, speed upphone with one-tap. · Storage cleaner - optimizer for phone memoryspace & effective memory cleaner. · Clean RAM - RAM cleaner& RAM booster to clean phone RAM & speed phone. · CleanerBoost - advanced phone speed boost that clean phone junkthoroughly. If you like our application, please give us five-starpraise, your encouragement is our greatest motivation! Thank you!If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to send an e-mailto contact us, we will be honored to help you!(Email address:ludashiinternational@gmail.com)