The official Dubai Police App is your access to all our smartservices. Our app just got more intuitive with the newly addedDrive Mode and Police Station Mode to enhance usability. Our newDrive Mode feature allows for faster and safer commute in Dubai. Wehave also made your visit to our police stations much smarter withthe Police Station mode. Download NOW! And be an effective part ofthe community by contributing toward safety & security. Awards# WINNER OF BEST M-GOVERNMENT SERVICE AWARD 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019 # WINNER OF WORLD SUMMIT AWARD–M-GOVERNMENT 2014 #WINNER OF HAMDAN BIN MOHAMMED AWARD – SMART GOVERNMENT 2013, 2014,2015, 2016, 2017 Main Features: - SOS - People in emergency can usefeature so that operation department can promptly respond to theuser. - Police Station Mode - Allows you to check the number ofcustomers waiting at each police station including the averagewaiting time. You can also issue a ticket before reaching thestation to avoid standing in line. - Drive Mode – Drive smart byreceiving instant traffic accidents information including thetraffic status. - Police Eye - Report any suspicious activity withease and anonymity.. - My Map – Interactive map with informationabout traffic accidents, police station locations, 24/7 pharmaciesand more. - Report Traffic Violation in Dubai via "We Are AllPolice" - Report Traffic Accidents - Fill a simple accident form injust 3 minutes, take pictures of damaged areas and receive yourreport via email or SMS. - Activity Feeds – View all yourtransactions timeline in one view. - MYID - Sign-in using your MYIDaccount and access your profile assets. Bring all your assets underone screen & view all your vehicles, pay all your fines, viewcases status & application request. - Interactive MessagingCenter which is a new interactive channel to easily apply for ourservices by text or voice chatting. - Business Mode: if you are anowner or PRO of any company you can now apply for our services formany employees one time. - Smart Reporting Camera: which makesreporting more easily, all what you need to do is capture anythingand send it to us using proper service (Police Eye, We Are AllPolice and Feedback). "From a Smart Police to a Smart User." DubaiPolice Team Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved, Dubai PoliceGeneral HQ * Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life. Dubai Police App needs SMSpermission for SOS(Emergency) feature.
Event's Security Committee 2.51
Event's Security Committee App will give information to usersattending the big events that is done by the Event SecurityCommittee in Dubai, it presents information like (the event Time-information about the event- Duration- location- map to reach theevent- Facilities the event provide like the police office lost andfound parking, Taxi, metro stations, and bus station locationsinside the event and all this through a clear map), and alsoability to call for emergency and notifications
Dubai Police Academy App 1.1.2
The Dubai Police Academy mobile application combines varioussources of information from the Dubai Police Academy at yourfingertips. The application presents information about recent news,events and academic details directly to your phone. Log in to youraccount and get notified about details regarding your system, suchas, when your grades have been entered.Browse through our campuslocations and much more just by downloading the application.
Law Contest المتسابق القانوني 1.3
عبارة عن برنامج قانوني تثقيفي لطلبة القانون، يتم من خلاله تعزيز فهمالطالب للقانون وتنمية مهاراته القانونية، ويعتبر البرنامج فكرة رائدةعلى المستوى الجامعي حيث يقوم بصقل وتثبيت المهارات والمعلوماتالقانونية لدى الطالب مما يعزز فكره بكم كبير من المعلومات بطريقةبسيطة وسهلة ذات مردود إيجابي Is an educational program is legal forlaw students, through which enhance the student's understanding ofthe law and the development of legal skills, the program is apioneering idea at the university level, where the refining andinstallation skills and legal information of the student, whichreinforces the idea of ​​you great information simple and easy waywith a positive impact
My Rights and Duties 1.1
The game My Rights and Duties developed by Dubai Police is one ofthe games that represents importance of educating future youth inthe best way and aim to raise children's awareness of personalrights and duties towards their family and society. Play this gameto raise your level of awareness and responsibilities towards thecommunity. Learn about your rights in a fun and simple way. Thegame contains four types of interesting games and three worlds withmore than 100 fun stages. Download the game now! Monitor your levelof rapid development as an active member of the community and acontributor to the society. # Complete an Image - Slide puzzledimages to form a correct one. # Match Color - Choose the correctcolor for the selected place from the three colors that appear toyou. # Color an Image - Choose the image that reflects you andcolor it properly. # Memory Match - Select the image and link itwith the appropriate text. # Over 100 fun stages. # Child Rights #We know our rights # Child etiquette
Sign Language - لغة الإشارة 1.5
تطبيق لغة الاشارة الذي تم تطويره في شرطة دبي هو أحد التطبيقات التيتم تطويرها تنفيذاً لإيمان شرطة دبي بأهمية خدمة ورعاية اصحاب الهمم(ذوو الاحتياجات الخاصة ) بالطريقة الأمثل حيث يهدف التطبيق إلىالمساهمة في تعليم الجمهور بكافة فئاته على لغة الإشارة . استخدمبرنامج لغة الاشارة كي تقوي مهارتك في التواصل مع الشريحة المهمة فيالمجتمع . تعلم لغة الاشارة عن طريق معلم مختص ومحترف. اختصر الوقتوالجهد واستمتع بسهولة البرنامج في طرح المحتوى. يحتوي التطبيق علىباقة متميزة من الفيديوهات التعليمية تغطي أكثر الاشارات استخداماًمصنفة بطريقة واضحة تسهل طريقة التعلم . حمل التطبيق الآن! وراقبمستوى تطورك السريع كي تكون فرداً فعالاً في المجتمع ومساهماً فيتقوية قنوات التواصل في المجتمع. # إشارات الارقام – تتكون من اشاراتالارقام تبدأ بالواحد حتى المليار. # إشارات الالوان – تتكون منالشريحة الاكثر استخداماً من الالوان. # إشارات الدول والمدن – تحتوياشارات عدد كبير من الدول وعواصمها والمدن الشهيرة. # إشارات الأحرفالأبجدية – تحوي كافة اشارات الاحرف العربية # إشارات أيام الاسبوع #إشارات الشرطة – تتكون من إشارات أكثر العبارات استخداماً عند التواصلمع الشرطة # إشارات العلاقات الإجتماعة – تتكون من اشارات تعني مسمياتوصفات الاقارب والاصدقاء مثل أب وأم وأخ.... # إشارات الإتجاهات #إشارات الكلمات الاجتماعية – اشارات التحية والسلام والاجابات عليها.2018© جميع الحقوق محفوظة, القياده العامه لشرطه دبي. إدارة التطبيقمسؤولية القيادة العامة لشرطة دبي. The application of sign languagethat was developed in the Dubai Police is one of the applicationsthat have been developed in implementation of the belief in theimportance of the Dubai Police Service and the owners take care ofmotivation (with special needs) the optimal way where theapplication aims to contribute to public education in all classeson sign language. Use the sign language program to strengthen yourskills in communication with the important segment of society.Learn sign language by a competent and professional teacher.Shorten the time and effort easily and enjoy the program to ask thecontent. The application has a distinct bouquet of educationalvideos covering more signals used are classified in a clear way tofacilitate learning method. Application Download Now! And watchedthe rapid level of your development in order to be effectivemembers of society and contributing to strengthening the channelsof communication in the community. # Signs figures - consists ofnumbers signals to start up the One billion. # Signals colors -made up of the most commonly used segment of the colors. # Signalsstates and cities - have a large number of signals states and theircapitals and famous cities. # Signs letters of the alphabet -contains all Arabic characters signals # Signals on weekdays #Police signals - consists of the most commonly used phrases signalswhen communicating with the police # Signals Alajtmaah relations -consists of signals mean the names and attributes of friends andrelatives, such as father, mother and brother .... # Signals trends# Signs of social words - greetings signals and answers to them.2018 © All Rights Reserved, Dubai Police Force. Applicationmanagement responsibility of the General Command of Dubai Police.