Downtown Casino - Holdem Poker 0.0.18
Additive new way to experience Online Poker...welcome to the world of DT CASINO... enter the city of pokerlegends and work your way up to the big leagues. Join now and provewho's the biggest and baddest of them all... the biggest shark ofpoker.DOWNTOWN CASINO - Texas Holdem Poker - Online RPG* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *Download now and claim the free poker Chips in Holdem Poker -DOWNTOWN CASINO!There are many casinos and poker rooms to choose from and unlockeven more at the higher levels.Play in various beautifully designed Casinos in Downtown LasVegas to compete against playersfrom around the world in the game of Texas Hold’Em poker.✔ Downtown city visualisation with vivid graphics✔ Up to 9 person Texas Hold'em Poker tables 
✔ FREE daily gifts and collect bonus poker chips hourly !✔ Top-notch graphics, engaging sound-scape, intelligent userinterface and smooth performance.Features:★ Unlocking various poker achievements and collect greatrewards
★ Experience beautiful and luxurious Texas holdem pokercasinos
★ Intuitive interface for easy game play with best Texas holdempoker experience.★ Send in-game gifts to other poker players in the same room.★ Personalised profile with avatar support★ Make friends online... send & receive gifts, poker chipsdaily!★ Live in-game chat and room feed★ Voice assisted poker dealer with unique experience★ Login via Facebook Connect or Gmail... experience your sameHoldem Poker - DOWNTOWN CASINO account from any device★ Individual profile view with personal poker stats, comments wallfor all players★ Gain XP by winning poker hands... & even more XP for winningwith rare poker hands.★ Global leader board for most wins, level etc★ Detailed FAQ & Texas holdem poker hand reference tables★ Helpdesk tickets, poker community support and ability to contactthe developers directly with the DEV wall.★ Texas holdem world series & poker tournaments comingsoon!
Holdem Poker - DOWNTOWN CASINO is a great way to meet new friendsand enjoy a round of Texas Holdem Poker live!- - -Holdem Poker - DOWNTOWN CASINO - FACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/DowntownCasinoGame- - -Developer: DYNAMICNEXTContact Us: android@dtcasino.mobiVisit Our Website: http://www.dynamicnext.comLike Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DYNAMICNEXT- - -DYNAMICNEXT is makers of one of the biggest and most popular Mafiabased RPG on Android - DOWNTOWN MAFIA. Our other titles include:Battler Cry (War Game), Empire Islands (Strategy Game).
Empire Islands - Rise Of Clans 0.0.25
BETA RELEASE!Empire Islands is a new real time strategy PVP game where youclash with other players to build an empire of Islands.Download Now!FEATURES* Harness precious resources from sea and land to build your EmpireIslands* Train an army of heroes with diverse fighting skills* Use strategy to defend your Islands from attack.* Clash with other players, raid other Empire Islands forloot* Fight for control of precious resources to make your IslandstrongerFEATURES✔ Free to Play: Multiplayer Online PVP war✔ Vivid Graphics✔ Enjoy the PVP action on your mobile phone or tablet!Our Group on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Empire-Islands/1530634530547769
Battle Cry - World War RPG
Addictive text based RPG game with Ops,Battles, Alliances, Alliance Wars, Total Domination Wars, WeeklyTournaments and lots more.* You can build your own Army, Air Force, Navy and Outpostsunits.* You can recruit your Commanders to command your units.* You can upgrade your Federation Captains and defend their zone inFederation battles.* You can manage your Economy to build your income.* R&D, Military Drills and lot more features to build up youraccount and to become the best.Join now, build the greatest military force, and rule the theworld!(More than 500,000 downloads in Android)Battle Cry - World War Game- - -Plot: In a future world of war and chaos, a hero rises to lead hisforces to victory in epic battles with the enemies to bring backorder and to dominate them all.Game Features- - -Battle Cry is one of the most feature rich and diverse world warRPG ever created. It offers players a unified gaming experience,whether you are on Android devices, iOS, Facebook, Chrome-Store oron your browser, this allows you to run your same account fromanywhere,★ Engage OPERATIONS at various parts of the world... capture theland back and clear out the enemy sectors.★ Build your vast military force (ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY andSPECIALS) with a large set of units to choose from.★ Build up your defense with OUTPOSTS.★ Show off your military power in BATTLES, defeat and decimate yourrivals, destroy their defenses and capture their resources, gainexperience and progress through unlimited levels.★ Update your your military strategy with Skill Points, TacticPoints, R&D and various military drills.★ Recruit Commanders and assign them to command your units duringbattle.★ Build INFRASTRUCTURE, INDUSTRIES and POWER units to manage yourECONOMY and gain cash flow.★ Defend your FEDERATION ZONES, defeat the enemy waves and level upyour FED CAPTAINS.★ Infiltrate enemy lines and engage in SPECIAL OPS to capturestrategic locations and gain critical advantage.★ Use your COMMAND CENTER to switch your command to various warfronts around the world.★ Earn unique Honors (Achievements) Medals and win respect for yourforces.★ Order commissioned Strike on your rivals to make them restlessand bring fear into their minds.★ Declare DIPLOMACY with your neighbors and keep them close.Game Features (ALLIANCES)- - -★ Join powerful ALLIANCES and rule the WORLD as a team.★ Chat with your ALLIANCE and equip powerful ALLIANCEARSENALS★ Engage in ALLIANCE WARS and win exciting war rewards.★ Earn Alliance's respect become the GENERAL... Or start your ownALLIANCE and recruit your members build a new team★ Capture other ALLIANCE STATES and assign your own GOVERNOR tocollect hourly payouts send to all your alliance members.★ Capture other STRATEGIC BASES to collect payouts★ Join TOTAL DOMINATION to war 3 other ALLIANCES simultaneously...winner takes all the rewards.★ Send and receive powerful ALLIANCE BACKUPS.★ Find matching alliances with SEEK N DESTROY★ War against automated AXIS ALLIANCES to win exciting rewards andnew ALLIANCE ARSENALS.★ Use COUNTER STRIKES to revenge rivals who messed with youralliance members.★ Take part in weekly TOURNAMENTS and win respect in the game foryour alliance and yourself.Account- - -✔ Sync your account with Facebook, Google, Google Play Gameslogin✔ Custom Avatars with Gravatar, Facebook✔ In-game player profile & live comments.✔ Live leader boards (Commander-level and Global) to see were youstand against the rest of the players.✔ Real-time in-game notificationsOther Supported Platforms:- - -Desktop Or Mobile Browser: https://play.battlecry.mobiFacebook: https://apps.facebook.com/battlecry_liveiOS (iPhone/iPad): Search for "Battle Cry" in the AppstoreHelp and Support- - -Email: android@battlecry.mobiHelpDesk: http://helpdesk.battlecry.mobiOfficial Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/BattleCryLiveDeveloper: DYNAMICNEXT (http://www.dynamicnext.com)
Poker Legends: Free Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments 0.3.00
Poker Legends: Texas Holdem Poker ☆☆☆☆☆ Best Free Texas HoldemPoker Game with In-Depth Pro Features ✅ WEEKLY LEAGUES TOURNAMENTCompete in League Based Poker Tournaments & use your TexasHoldem Poker strategy to reach the top. ✅ HAND REPLAYS Confusedabout a particular hand win or loss at the table? Now get aninstant replay of any game and investigate what happened. ✅SIDE-POTS: LIVE Check the exact distribution of all the pots atstake and check what everyone in the table stands to gain at anypoint in the game. No more scratching your head figuring out thewin amounts. Feels like Celeb Poker. ✅ GREAT USABILITY &EXPERIENCE Poker Legends is designed with simplicity to the core...intuitive design meant for PRO, Big Fish, and New Poker Playersalike. 100% free Texas Holdem. ✅ FAIR PLAY GUARANTEED Be assuredthat the hands dealt are purely random and are bound by our 100%Fair Play Guarantee. Best among all Texas Holdem Poke Games. ✅SOCIAL IN-GAME PROFILES Pick your custom Avatar or pick one from avast galley of characters, feature your Best Hand and Best Wingames, communicate with other players through profiles walls andTable Chat. ✅ EXTENSIVE STATISTICS Get detailed stats to track yourprogress and status in the game! Gain experience points tolevel-up! Visit the profile of other players and friends to seewhere the competition stands! ✅ CONNECT ONCE PLAY ANYWHERE Takeyour poker account anywhere you go. Connect once and play from anyof your devices on the go. ✅ NO HIDDEN RAKE Get free from hidden,uncertain rake system. Completely free online poker no real moneyinvolved. ✅ DAILY BONUSES AND FREE CHIPS Get daily free poker chipsthrough the Bingo type Spinwheel and the Slot Machine. ✅ 100% FREEPoker Legends is 100% free to play 5-person table game. Awesomeworld series of poker tour experience. Multiplayer Texas Holdemjust for fun Live the excitement of Vegas Casino, experience TexasHold’em Bluff, Raise or go All-In to win Hugee on the table,improve your poker skills, gain experience, make new friends fromall over the world! House of real Fun! Free to play Texas HoldemPoker. Are you looking for the best 24/7 free poker games? PokerLegends brings the authentic poker experience to your mobile andweb alike. Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack coming soon! Free OnlinePoker no download of additional files. Best free Texas Hold'emONLINE Looking for free live Texas Holdem? It doesn’t matter if youare already a poker star or a rookie, learn as you play with ourreplay feature to learn the strategies of your opponents and tobecome the ultimate vegas poker king 24/7 free Poker Holdem expert?Put your Texas poker strategy to the test, watch your pot size ofwinnings grow and compete to be the ultimate governor of poker inthis just for fun online poker game No hidden Rake! Fair PlayGuaranteed! 100% FREE to play! Get FREE Daily Bonus Chips and getrewarded for your achievements - FREE Texas Hold'em Poker! Help andSupport: Email: dev@dtcpoker.mobi HelpDesk:http://helpdesk.dtcpoker.mobi Official Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/DTCPoker Developer: DYNAMICNEXT(http://www.dynamicnext.com) Please Note: The collection and use ofpersonal data are subject to DynamicNext's Privacy Policy availablein the Application License Agreement below. Social NetworkingService terms may also apply. This game is intended for an adultaudience and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It does notoffer any real money gambling or an opportunity to win real moneyor prizes at any time. Practice or success at social gaming doesnot imply future success at real money gambling
Downtown Gangstas: Gangster City - Hood Wars 0.4.99
Ever wanted to become a big-time Gangsta? go ahead... install now!Here is what we have (short version): * All-new, early-stage,gangsta themed strategy game * Lot of stuff to blow up * Lot ofrivals who want to blow up your stuff We also have (long version):* Hood for your to Build/Defend and get more powerful * Mansion, aLimo, some businesses * Badass Mercs to blow up your enemy city *Mob Members that you can Recruit/Train/Assign * Boss Fights, whojoins your Crew if you beat'em for good * Challenging Jobs whichcan make you scratch your head sometimes * Hit List so that you canplace a bounty on that guy who annoys you * Rival List so you don'tforget who messed with you * Your own Gang (preview) * Police Carswhich can bust you during a Job * Air Dropped Mob Gifts * DailyShipments with Speed Boats Some other features: * Attack Replays *Crime Family * Profile Wall * Profile Respects * Street REPS *Attack Squads * Layout Editor * Saved Layouts * World Chat *Leaderboards * Skill Points * Power Boosts * Day Mode and NightMode worlds-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Official Customer Service email: dev@dtgangstaz.mobi HelpDesk:http://helpdesk.dtgangstaz.mobi Official Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/DowntownGangstaz/ WiKi:http://wiki.dtgangstaz.mobi Developer: DYNAMICNEXT