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Jump Chicken 1.1.1
"Jump Chicken" is a worldwide popular gamethat is easy to get and the players just can't let it go.You need to make the chicken jump along a bending and narrow roadwithout making a single mistake. And yes, it is not that easy todo. Are you ready for the challenge? Then go and make your chickenjump the furthest. Go and try your best to make your chicken rankinto the TOP list of the "Jump Chicken".
PopingBox 1.1
Have a try on this puzzle game! Are you tired of playing all thosesimilar elimination games? Are you looking for a game which is anintellectually challenging way to pass time?Come and play POPBOX!It is a brand new puzzle elimination game, which has more than 180levels for you to challenge. You can have fun in this game withoutany annoying ad coming out. What's more, you play the game forfree! No need too much describing. Come to play and you will fallin love with it!