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Hero Avenger Among Shooter Arena IO Battle Fight 1.0
Daeshim Jun
Aim at the hero and shoot. Don't die. Try to survive for alongtime, kill all other heroes, can't stop playing !!! Survivethebattle Enter the Battle of Hero Avenger easily, just by tappingabutton you will be paired with a Hero. Fight Avenger youropponentin seconds. Get ready for the ultimate battle against yourenemies- this is the real Hero Avenger Among! Heroes are fightingin epicbattles, which is a masterpiece for those who loveplayingsuperhero games Hero Avenger Among: The Great Battle inwhich theHero Avenger are ready to fight each other using ShootingtechniqueHave you seen many Hero Avenger Among Shoot Arena IOBattle FightUS fight shooting and epic battles? This time you willbe playingan immortal superhero fighting game by yourself in acityenvironment where they will shoot against incredible villainsinthe battle arena. There is a real time fighting environment.Withstunning graphics where you can choose the Hero Avenger AmongShootArena IO Battle Fight US you want and the real action tofight.Choose a smart strategy to get as many kills as possible!Movearound and find weak opponents and victory will be yours! Killyouropponent and try not to die! Improve your skills and trytosurvive! Don't die for a long time and climb as high as you caninthe live leaderboard! Do you want a fast game with a varietyofstrategies to choose from? This is the game for you! Give it atry!==== Game Features ==== ● Experience the best mobile control.●Infinite fighting in the arena, so do enemies follow! ●Challengethe champions and rise to the top in the seasonalrankings! ● Playnew heroes with special skills added every season.● Fight againstreal enemies ● Level up to get special abilities ●Simple controlsDownload now for free !!!